Category Topics

Welcoming Circle

A place to introduce and share about yourself. Join in to get to know others through relaxed conversation.

Channeling Discussion

This category is for discussion of Confederation channeling, including the Ra contact and other consciously channeled contacts.

Metaphysics & Spirituality

There are numerous experiences that cannot be objectively and empirically verified. Share your views of spirit, consciousness, realms in time/space and beyond. Definitionally these topics can not be proven, so try to keep respectful of other’s beliefs.

Science & Technology

We are currently living within an exponetial growth curve of scientific discoveries and technological achievements. Come here to discuss the formidable efforts of humans to understand and manipulate the world around them.

Arts & Culture

Come all ye bohemians, beatniks, thespians, punks and those of high society. Post your interests and personal expressions in music, film, video, literature and any other media that is used by the human spirit to communicate thoughts and feelings.

Well Being

As Third Density beings we have bodies, and this forum is dedicated to keeping them healthy. Discuss aspects of physical or psychological health, exercise routine or diet.

World Events

There are 7.7 billion people living and 195 countries on this beautiful planetary globe. Surely, there must be something happening? Yet you can’t spell civilization without civil, so this is a place for civil discussion.

Site Feedback

Nobobies perfekt, here we can discuss all aspects about the forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it in the future.