What transient questions would you like answered?

While we know the confederation likes to focus on non-transient questions and information.

I was curious about what kind of transient questions people might have.

Maybe questions that they refuse to answer, or maybe these questions might become clear when we leave this incarnation.

For me:

  • Are there any secret continents or islands that are being hidden from the public’s information?
  • What is the spiritual significance of Earth’s green aurora polar lights?
  • How close is the Matrix film to being our reality? Could we have an outer body that’s plugged into a machine, and we operate avatars in a detailed simulated universe that’s essentially a copy of the outer one? This seems like an ideal way to quarantine humans, or for a time lateral as Q’uo calls it.

I think this exercise of looking at the transient questions we would like answered is great. Like a balancing exercise of looking at the antithesis of a thing.

First I think of questions that are temporal and personal. Such as, why did that person do this/that or what road I should take when I come in a fork in the road. Similar to the questions you ask a psychic.

Then there are the mysterious world events. Is there really a cabal and if so, what are their plans? (This would obviously detune an instrument as you now become part of the “game”, and I doubt you would get reliable information, but I’m still curious enough to know). I would ask a lot about aliens and alien civilisations, because that stuff fascinates me as a Star Trek nerd. I would also be interested in knowing about Orion activities, like how their empire is structured, what they get up to (maybe I really don’t want to know if it’s really horrible). Stuff like that, not because I want to join, lol, but just more to hear of the epic space drama that could be happening in our celestial space as we speak.

I could go on… who wouldn’t just ask a million questions if there were no considerations of transient, non-transient, tuning and detuning? :slight_smile:


For me I would probably like to ask more questions about how alien technology works. I am fascinated by the ideas of gravity manipulation and fusion energy. Would love to know how to get that working!

I would also like to know which (if any) of contactees have legitimate stories. Over the years I have read many accounts, and subsequently researched many backstories and am still not particularly convinced by any…


Ok if we’re gonna get really messy here:

Are those of Ra inadvertently responsible for the creation of any networks, sects, or secret societies of negative entities stretching over thousands of years that manipulate human society?


So true! What happened at those pyramids that made you turn away and leave, huh Ra?

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@Louise, what happened at those pyramids, stays at those pyramids… :rofl: :joy:


When Ra talks about Egyptian pyramid-related people who offered themselves in sincere service, but whose manifestations were misused for STS purposes, are they referring to mummies?

Like, not mummies that stay asleep. Ones that walk around

There is one part in the material where, if you read between the lines, you can hypothesize that Ra is saying that mummies were people who offered their bodies for magical use. and maybe those bodies got possessed and then they walked around like a classic scary mummy

Since we’re answering transient questions just thought I would ask. Are mythological horror-movie mummies based on real events? And did the pyramid power bring them to life?

Two crow sightings for yes, 1 owl sighting for no


Thanks for this thread, that somehow was not possible at bring4th. :sweat_smile:

Yes - the mysterious world events are very interesting indeed, to understand the matrix and fiction we have to carve our existence within.

I am interested in the question of our near history, specially the last period of about 2000 years.
So this is timeless information and only dedicated indirect to the Orion activities.

There is this really interesting website:

that is proposing a stolen history beginning only some hundred’s of years before now.

At this time i am reading some books of Jan Erik Sigdell specially around the Annunaki and the manipulation of the history and religions.

It would be very interesting to get some informations from the Q’uo, if we should not trust to the history we have learned at school and if possible in what direction we have to seek.

History has much to do with what we are.


:laughing: I was not expecting this. An interesting and slightly terrifying theory. Really puts the line “the crystallized healer has no will”(66.15) in a different light.


This is so much fun.
My transient questions would be:

  1. How authentic is the Hidden Hand Q&A in 2008?
  2. How authentic is the Eracidni Murev Te Q&A in 2018?
  3. What’s relationship between SMC of RA and SMC of Lucifer?
  4. Had the Bloodlines (Luciferians) concluded their mission and left earth as mentioned in the Eracidni Murev Te Q&A?

I read Hidden Hand and Eracidni Murev Te after RA material and ever since these 4 questions have always been on my mind.


I found a guy called Shane Sedore (previously Shane Bales) after discovering the law of one, and in my opinion what he says lines up these sources. He was raised in the bloodlines, and also claimed that their leadership left the planet. But regardless, the momentum and effects of their parenting of this planet’s people still remain.


Thank you @Fish
That satisfies my curiosity completely. I think the effects will take awhile to dissipate. But just knowing that now we are at the beginning of the “Golden age” of earth as described by Eracidni Murev Te gives me great comfort.


It is as authentic as u wish to make of it. Meaning most of it is true but also personal biases are there mostly concerning the lucifer vs yhvh issue. It is el9him vs seraphim conflict.

2018 is significantly more iseful for seekers.

  1. They exited their incarnations. Or to be more precise they were forced to do so. Meaning someone killed them. Others left voluntarily.

Now that is an interesting q.

They use the same language. I think they are related but the lucifer group is not the azurites of the confederacy. But ra is raw is ray. It is the khundaray, light. Heyl el is light and 12 strand christ is sound. Heyl el is ths true name of lucifer.

Antarctica and hollow earth has those secret lands.

Aurora is the higher matrix trying to smash the earth matrix free. I heard.

Matrix 1 was mostly true as metaphor. Matrix 2 and 3 was the qabal s version and not written by 1 s silophia 9racle author.

There are et souls that say they wake up in a ship after their earth life ends. Strange.