What does it mean to "Open the Heart"?

Above Q’uo-te was take from this post: What is the Heart of the Confederation's Message to us? - #9 by Jonathan

I am bringing this up because it’s been playing on my mind now for a while.

What does it mean to just “open up the heart”? Phrasing it this way makes it seem like some conscious action that one can do. Personally, that is not my experience of it at all. Universal love/compassion feels absolutely wonderful, who wouldn’t just choose to feel it if they had the option?

We can’t just “open ourselves” because we are interpreting, on one level or another, a threat. Either this threat is the “well-meant unintentional slavery being imposed on us by others”, sometimes the threat is our own lack of centre or integrity, which causes us to lose trust in ourselves and seek external validation.

So how does one “open the heart” without confusing it with dissociation, escapism or fantasy-thinking that will crash just as fast as the idea was conjured up?


I think it’s a matter of staying in a place of loving acceptance no matter the circumstance and having forgiveness for yourself and other selves in your interactions together.

The Confederation has the following to say about the subject:

Exercises of the Heart:

Q’uo - October 17, 2015

Is there a more particular set of exercises that you could recommend for purposes of opening the heart?


I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We would recommend that you find those passages of a particularly expressive nature concerning the heart written by other authors who have made a study of such, concerning yourself perhaps with a few paragraphs, and then contemplate the meaning of these messages upon a regular basis, perhaps daily. When you feel you have digested in a mental fashion the gist of the message then, within your meditative state, take this fruit of your mentation and allow it to have its center stage, shall we say; allow it to move from the mind to the feelings, to the intuitions, to more of the arena of the heart.

Find more than one or two such passages. Use these in conjunction with further mentation and meditation until you feel that you have equipped your heart center with the trappings, shall we say, of unconditional love, of the giving and receiving of this love. Perhaps you could make it a personal experience in that you could then find a friend or family member who would perhaps enjoy and appreciate further discussion and elaboration of a mental nature upon these crystallized feelings and expressions of unconditional love.

Use the responses of family, friends, and so forth to further enrich the heart center activity so that there is a kind of priming of the pump, shall we say, no pun intended. Then you are able to feel the flow beginning in the heart center so that there is the automatic response within this center to your daily round of activities. When you see or hear a situation that, as one might say, tugs at the heart strings, allow the heart its response. That which perhaps has been neglected or repressed in past experience, allow it to come forward and to be able to share this burgeoning energy of acceptance, of love, within your own being before another being or situation. Your world, my friends, has many such situations easily accessed through your news media, if necessary. However, we are also quite sure that each entity has within its own realm of personal experience those areas that could benefit by receiving the love offerings of your heart center.

What we are recommending is that you become more and more familiar with the qualities of love in an unconditional sense, and what they might feel like after having considered their mentally descriptive parameters. It is the feeling that is most important here, for as you move from the mind of the world to the mind of the heart, you are dealing with the emotions that can be expressed in no other center as in the heart center. The heart is indeed of the same nature as a muscle. As you exercise its qualities of unconditional and all compassionate love, these qualities are enhanced and your ability to experience and express them are also enhanced.

Authenticity and Self-Disclosure:

Q’uo - February 9, 2019

Yes, Q’uo. Could you talk about authenticity and self-disclosure as it relates to opening the heart?


I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. The terms “authenticity” and “full disclosure” are indeed quite relevant in the process of opening one’s heart, for in order for full disclosure of one’s beingness as the One Creator to be able to be felt by the self, the self must know itself in its authenticity. That is to say, the truth of the self is as we have spoken before in the previous query, far more than what seems to be such a limited creature here within the third-density illusion. The authenticity of each seeker of truth is that which is a spark of the great fire of the One Infinite Creator that burns as each sun in the sky seen as stars at night and suns in the day, each entity is intimately connected with the intelligent infinity that is the One Creator with the intelligent energy that is the formation of this universe in which we all live and dwell and have our being.

Thus, as in meditation and in contemplation in an action you discover this authentic self that is you at the heart of your being. You are able to utilize this realization in order to fully disclose the love and the light that is within you, that flow forth freely from you when you are able to realize who you are in truth, that you are but in this illusion a limited portion of the infinity of yourself that exists beyond all illusion, for authentically you are the love and the light and the unity of the One Infinite Creator. There is nothing else in the universe but these qualities formed in such and such a way in many dimensions of being in order to allow the One Creator to experience itself in ways which are more intense in variety and more pure in quality so that it may know itself more fully through each experience which you, as a portion of it, may have in any density or illusion of this infinite creation in which you dwell.

In Relation to Depression & Anxiety:

Q’uo - February 1, 2020


I’ve got one Q’uo. I asked a little bit about this recently, but to explore it from a different angle, can you talk about the metaphysical origins and implications of depression and anxiety, and about how a seeker might utilize these experiences for their growth and opening the heart?


I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. The mental and emotional conditions that you have described as depression and anxiety have a connection, in that there is the dimmer outlook, shall we say, due to inner and outer events within the seeker’s realm of experience, due to a history, shall we say, of certain kinds of experience that go awry, perhaps upon a seasonal basis. It may be assumed, then, that there is a kind of momentum of indecision or difficulty which has accompanied these experiences.

When the experience of the seeker is led by the inspiration to investigate further into the causes of such experience, the experiences tend in the beginning to intensify in order to give the seeker a more magnified image of the situation. When the seeker begins to investigate in a more intensive manner, after this magnification of experience is noted, then there is the possibility that the anxiety that accompanies this process of dealing with difficulties that go awry might be enhanced by the continued processing of a catalyst that has gone awry.

There is also the suggestion by many who have had these experiences that it is well to engage in the meditative state when processing the catalyst that is associated with the depression or the anxiety. Within the meditative state, oftentimes, there are various levels or layers to the anxiety and to the depression that results when the anxiety’s fear is borne out. The levels of experience then can be seen more clearly and felt or apprehended more profoundly within the meditative state. There is the assistance available within the meditative state of the subconscious mind that can reveal to the seeker many aspects of the depression and anxiety that have been hidden from the seeker thus far.

When the meditative state is utilized, it is often well to offer a prayer, shall we say, within that meditative state that other entities that are associated with the seeker, such as the higher self or guides, be available for inspiration or information that can point a direction to the seeker, whose heart is pleading for that which it desires to know and to be more and more of the One Infinite Creator—for each of us, as seekers of truth, contain the Creator within, and each of us have/has the ability to reveal more and more of that Creator as we process this catalyst that is so rampant upon your third-density illusion at this time.

This catalyst, whether it be depression, or anxiety, or trauma, or difficulty of any kind whatsoever is intense, because the intensity is a means by which the nature of the spiritual journey can be revealed to one who goes forward fearlessly into the fray of its own perceptions of depression, anxiety, jealousy, anger, and so forth. These forays into catalyst then are the movement of the seeker along the path of truth. For this third-density illusion has within it the potential to release the greater and greater apprehensions of the One Creator that exists within each seeker of truth. At each energy center there is a reflection of types of catalyst that the seeker may utilize to move forward along the energy centers or chakras. Thus, it is suggested that the catalyst of anxiety and depression be located by the seeker in their correct position according to the seeker’s estimation, so that there can be an activity there in meditation that attempts to allow an expansion of the apprehension or perception of what is occurring in the seeker’s life at any particular moment.

Visualization for Opening the Heart:

Q’uo - April 16, 2000


One more. Do you have any suggestions that you could give that would assist me on personal healing in the areas of doing conscious out-of-body experiences and in opening the heart so that the love of God can simply be shared in a humble and consistent manner?


I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We would recommend that in addition to the offering of yourself in the early portion of your day to the one Creator, as you now do, that there be given over at this time a special meditation in which you visualize the heart being able to open to the extent that it can encompass greater and greater need from others for the love that can flow through it. That you see in your mind’s eye the green-ray energy center vibrating with a greater and greater brilliance of an apple green. That you see this center becoming bright, vivid and crystallized. That for a few minutes of your time you offer yourself without condition, with the open heart, for the service of the one Creator in the face of each entity that you see in your daily round of activities.

Opening the Heart as a Natural Loner:

Q’uo - December 18, 2015


I have a final query for you. In regards to what you were just talking about in forming communities and in general on the spiritual path, it seems like opening the heart also tends to be associated with forming bonds with other people. But some people are what we would call loners, or have solitary tendencies and might feel more comfortable apart from communities or on their own, and experiencing life in a more solitary way. Do these people have a role within this transition to a social memory complex, or are they at a disadvantage on the spiritual path some way?


I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Each entity of the nature of which you describe—that entity which seeks the solitary experience, is an entity which has within its own being the means by which to use the solitary experience to make a connection within the heart of all beings if this is the desire of such an entity. This is the path of the adept.

Many times, however, entities seeking solitude, are seeking solitude to be away from other entities, in which case there is hopefully within the preincarnative choices of such an entity the opportunity to have an experience that will move the perception of the value of solitude further and further along or toward the joining with others in group efforts. The adept, however, is the entity which moves in a seeming solitary pattern in order that it might find within itself that great communion of all entities that is found within the heart of one who knows the One Infinite Creator. This seeking and finding of the one within, then, is oftentimes achieved in the solitary journey.

However, when this joining with the One has been successful, there is, at that point, the desire to share this feeling of the presence of the One Creator with all entities about it. Thus, such an adept has programmed for itself the path to unity with all through seeming separation from all. Thus, there are two possibilities for those who seek solitude: one seeks every entity within the self that is the One Great Self, though the other entities who seek the self only for the self, the small self, shall we say, are with the possibility of remaining in a solitary configuration. However, there is always the opportunity for each entity to find another path to the surrounding community when the solitary path does not yield the sustenance to the heart that has been hoped for as it was chosen as the life pattern.

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Great topic for a thread. Good work there, L.

For context, I think we should read the full paragraph the quote in the OP was snatched from.

As we allow these pauses, we are hoping and asking
that you may begin to feel a presence, a presence
called to this group from beyond us. We practice at
this moment the presence of the one infinite
Creator. Allow your heart to open to the greatest
amount it may stably open. Do not ask it to become
brighter or more crystalline than the power that is
moving into it, but allow that to bloom. Allow the
feeling of being in the presence of the Creator to
bring to you praise, worship, adoration and
thanksgiving. You sit with the Father and Mother of
All, infinitely available to all, infinitely loving and
infinitely unable to speak.

What’s happening here is that the groups constituting Q’uo are invoking the vibration of their own experience of the Creatrix/Creator, and they are advising those present to open their hearts to this vibration and drink it in, but only to a manageable degree. So, when they say, “Allow your heart to open to the greatest amount it may stably open,” they mean at that time, in that context, not in your life in general. Additionally, one may note, they are not talking about going from a closed to an open position, but about coaxing the somewhat opened heart to further open.

This leaves a very important question outstanding, “How does one coax the heart open?” In this instance, what they are talking about might be comparable to listening to an heart breakingly beautiful piece of music and allow your heart to have the full experience of that beauty. It’s similar to sense of paying out more line, allowing more room for operating or releasing one;s grip. One allows the experience of heart level conscious to predominate, similar to how one might allow survival level consciousness to predominate if the room you’re in were to suddenly catch fire.

Some people are sensitive to such things and can go to a place of ritual worship and feel the beauty of the longstanding dedication to love there. In such a place, one can open the heart as fully as possible to commune with those vibrations and possibly drift off whither those energies might take you.

I might add here that allowing the heart to open as much as it desires in a balanced manner is a first step in learning to “do work in consciousness,” that is, in allowing the consciousness to move to higher levels at will independently of the influence of the immediate circumstances. For example, if one found self in the midst of a knockdown, drag out brawl on an internet forum, if one had the wits to make a choice, regardless of the contentious circumstances, one could choose to slip into those feelings of the influx of energies from the Creatrix and possibly release an impulse to contend in the melee.

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I would add another comment pertaining to the general question of opening the heart. Sir W. Churchill is supposed to have said something to the effect that Americans will always do the right thing once they have exhausted all other possibilities. This reminds me of the idea that after we move past responding to catalyst in the lower energy centers, this leaves us with the alternative of responding with through the heart.

Bon chance, mes amiee.

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I recently was in a state of confusion, and while going about my duties in a contemplative manner I asked the question… “How do I know what the truth is regarding the alignment of the influences on me, my mind, and my actions, here and beyond?” I realized constructing the clear question helped release the answer.
The answer I got was… “When your heart is open you will know…”.
So I guess maybe it is the connection to self that is the barometer or guide, I do know its not like an on / off switch, more like a chakra balancing ball on another balancing ball, stability is maybe an indicator.

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I think you may be on to something “pivotal” here.

This is a great question. Thanks for sharing. :pray:

To me, the key to avoid dissociation, escapism or fantasy-thinking while opening the heart is to integrate consistent honesty with unconditional trust. Honesty helps us correct delusional thinking over time while unconditional trust helps us find joy in any situation.

³Only the trusting can afford honesty, for only they can see its value. ⁴Honesty does not apply only to what you say. ⁵The term actually means consistency. ⁶There is nothing you say that contradicts what you think or do; no thought opposes any other thought; no act belies your word; and no word lacks agreement with another. ⁷Such are the truly honest. ⁸At no level are they in conflict with themselves. ⁹Therefore it is impossible for them to be in conflict with anyone or anything.

(ACIM, M-4.II.1:3-9)

Unconditional trust is developed through faith to continually seek to trust in every situation. Over time, one learns to remember that the choice to trust worked before and indeed better than attempts to act without trust. The experience produces confidence in the idea of trust.

⁴The teachers of God have trust in the world, because they have learned it is not governed by the laws the world made up. ⁵It is governed by a power that is in them but not of them. ⁶It is this power that keeps all things safe. When this power has once been experienced, it is impossible to trust one’s own petty strength again.

²Who would attempt to fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow when the mighty power of an eagle has been given him? ³And who would place his faith in the shabby offerings of the ego when the gifts of God are laid before him?

(ACIM, M-4.I.1:4-6;2:1-3)

Consistent honesty is developed also through trust, but this time the focus is on learning truth rather than trust. It is not possible to be honest if one doesn’t know the truth, and it is much easier to learn the truth if one has trust because one is much less likely to give up too early.

The key to finding truth is to to differentiate between truth and error by having a good definition of truth and comparing ideas to the definition. This is my favorite definition of truth:

Truth is unalterable, eternal and unambiguous. It can be unrecognized, but it cannot be changed. It applies to everything that God created, and only what He created is real. It is beyond learning because it is beyond time and process. It has no opposite; no beginning and no end. It merely is.

(ACIM, Preface.2:4-9)

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I stumbled across this video that also appears relevant to the topic: How To Keep Your Heart Open In Hell - Ram Dass - YouTube

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me too…
Stumbling is a wonderful thing, if I knew where I was going and what I was doing and what I would find I don’t think stumbling is possible. Perhaps stumbling our way through 3d, finding all the little treasures and guideposts and all those little easter eggs we left ourselves along the way is a way to open the heart. If you don’t know where you want to go… stumble… I don’t think anyone can get stumbling wrong… thats a good thing.

Ironically, by building this human trust over time, you don’t need to rely on faith anymore

Trust and faith are strangely opposites but then in another sense are the same thing. It’s a weird relationship

Trust is easy when you know someone – you know what to expect. When climbing a mountain, you trust your ropes, because you’ve used them for years and know exactly what they can do

But when you trust the ropes, you don’t need faith

But then to trust in faith… well… what does that mean?

Isn’t the greatest faith to just cut the ropes? Is that trust in something?

Of course, when we drop the ropes, we are trusting the One Infinite Creator. So we are indeed trusting. And having faith. But then this puts us in a state of unknowing because there is no way we can understand the creator (without becoming him/her fully) and therefore the things we are doing. What logic could there be in cutting your ropes?

Even when we’re trusting in the OIC – having faith – we still need to find the right actions. The right feelings. The right harmony in our actions. So even in total faith we still have a struggle – but then how can that be total faith?

Have faith but then at the same time “God helps those who help themselves”

The best answer I have is that there is some kind of flow state where you maximize both faith and right action in some harmony. The harmony is created when the wind of the creator flows through your chimes and you allow that wind to move you just enough but not too far, not too little

not too stiff, not too soft, just right


To be honest, I found this channeling to be lackluster. It seems odd to ask a channel a question about love (to an instrument that is channeling a fourth-density social memory complex no less) and that instrument respond by advising others to read passages from other authors that have studied the topic. Overall, I think the essence of what the instrument is trying to say is that perhaps fourth-density/loving energies are those expressed through practice and action vs energies that can be expressed conceptually. And that would be inline with the below quote from Ra:

The other channeled passages had the idea of “opening the heart” as peripheral to the response in my estimation, or contained visualizations that one can do when picturing a heart opening in the abstract, which doesn’t feel very much different to me as just saying the statement “open your heart”. I’m not saying that the channelings quoted only offer platitudes, but I am looking for a direct opposite of what could be considered a platitude.

This analogy does not fit in my mind, as survival concerns such as tending to life-threatening emergencies, such as the case of a fire, is automatic and instinctually takes over any higher order concerns. Very much like trying to hold one’s breath consciously, eventually the conscious mind will be overridden by bodily intelligence. The adept is one that has made more and more of their deep mind conscious, or perhaps put more accurately - entrenched deeper conscious connections into their deep-mind. So it is an adept skill to have conscious control of all these factors.

However, I understand the sentiment that it is a choice, to a degree, where one puts their focus. Yet, what if one sets their gaze on being the more loving creature and finds that… they just don’t feel like it.

This is bordering close to the suppression/repression of catalyst in my mind. How is not “contending in the melee” being loving? It can just as easily be considered dissociated and distant. Actually, I find the gloating messaging that one is more “advanced” because they care not to “dirty” themselves with the “yuckiness” of human struggle and considerations of self and other-self’s integrity and ethics in practice to be the epitome of arrogance. Much more loving in my estimation, to engage in melee (especially if one is called emotionally to engage) while also integrating loving energies in one’s communication. Therefore the discord is carried in loving arms, and not just swept under the rug. But perhaps this level of communication is considered blue-ray work.

I think this touches on an important key here, and perhaps even speaks to the discipline of the personality. I remember a quote from somewhere which said that the most loving statement you can say to someone is “tell me more”. This denotes a caring and true investment into knowing another. Perhaps it is the journey of self-discovery that is the truer sense of what one does to “open the heart”, for at the heart of self, one finds love. When the nature of this love is truly felt, it can become almost silly to think it could be manifested through mentation alone, without having done the preliminary work.

Thank you Cory for bringing in a different textual analysis into this conversation, something that I think helps immensely. What I bolded above, I just love, and it speaks to something that has progressively become more important to me as my life has progressed, and that is building and practicing personal integrity. This consolidation and strengthening of one’s internal consistency, in both thought and deed, can be thought of a path towards adept-hood and the single-focus service and being that it entails. When we operate more sub-consciously, we react and do things without truly understanding their origins within our psyche. Justifications for our questionable actions are more believable to us, we do not question ourselves. We project the pain of our own cognitive dissonance and lack of integrity onto others, as though they are the problem when all they are offering us are mirrors to ourselves, as distorted or starkly clear those mirrors may be.

Honesty truly is key.


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Can you flesh this out a bit more? What are you seeking in this context?

Consider this.

42.4 Questioner: Would a perfectly balanced entity feel an emotional response when being attacked by the other-self?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. The response is love.

How is this possible? Can one say that this is for the adept? Prof. Elkins did not say that. He said, “balanced entity.” What does this mean? I would say that the balanced entity observes the opportunity to respond to catalyst at a survival level, at an heart level or various other levels, then chooses what feels to be the most appropriate response. I don’t count this as suppressing catalyst, but using it to express the most meaningful emotional or other response one finds within self.

You may see it so. I was trying to illustrate The Choice as one might regard it in such a moment according to one’s sensibilities. One may choose the Path of Beauty or something else. It’s not for you to say I choose bellicosity over Beauty. That’s MY mistake to make…or not.

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The channels are human after all, they can (and have repeatedly) put their personal biases in the channelings. I’m pretty sure you have heard the endless Christian references that are added in by Carla’s own beliefs in these practices in almost every thing she channels. I find it slightly annoying at times, but that is why they say to take what you can from the material and leave the rest behind. I think once I read a passage about video games that clearly contained Carla’s personal biases about the topic, as well as using the channel repeatedly to ask health questions for her friends.

Visualizations can be very helpful for some. I have done guided meditations where you visualize your heart chakra filled with white light and then picture letting that light out into the world. I found it stimulated the green ray energy center immensely, therefore more easily able to keep that energy center open.

Isn’t calling something a platitude is the same as labeling/judging it, deeming it biased, trite or meaningless (which is the very definition of “platitude”)? What determines whether something is meaningless or not except a judgement? You are judging that information to be meaningless, therefore exacting your own biases onto the channelings and what they saying. It’s your free will to feel however you’d like, but by enacting judgements that specific onto information is just filtering what information you want to hear vs what you do not want to hear, based on where that information falls into categories you have chosen for said information.

I think it means that you know exactly how to show love in every situation as an adept, and you know exactly what that love may look like in each particular situation. The response is love, but what does love look like to you?

This is where I feel most do not get it. It’s not always loving to just accept what an other self does or says without question. It’s not unloving to have disagreements, arguments, and discussions as well if they are done is a respectful way. Some times it’s more loving to be a good mirror rather than an echo chamber of support. So yes, the response would be love, but how that love looks may not be how one believes love should look. It’s all a matter of individual need and perspective.

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Maybe these are more helpful.

Q’uo - March 28, 1996
Moving into the heart, the green-ray chakra, that heart energy center, we stop and ask each to think upon the way in which energy works. Now, if there is a tightness, a stringency or a blockage within red, or orange, or yellow, to the extent that that energy is baffled, energy into the heart will not be as much, for there will be the energy bleed-off before the energy of the one Creator reaches the heart center. The energy that reaches this center is, in practice, that energy that the self has available to begin to work upon consciousness. The disciplines of the personality—learning to communicate, learning to find the sacredness of all things—these lessons of love are not well undertaken by those who have not come to some degree of balance within the lower energy centers, and this situation is perhaps the most typically devastating to the wanderer of all situations we could explore, for wanderers yearn so for the vibrations, the feelings and associations of home that they do not have the spirit and the energy to clear those blockages to allow confusion to reign as it will without becoming enmeshed in that sea of confusion.

Q’uo - May 12, 1996
We had begun to discuss the green-ray energy center and its special challenges as the, shall we say, dissertative part of the previous gathering ended, and so there we shall pick up the subject, noting that with the heart energy comes, in one sense, a fruition, a place of rest and repose where one can gain an overview of the nature of being, the nature of being in an incarnative body, and the nature of that great road which the heart walks.

The heart is that seat of wisdom that is bathed in compassion. That is its eventual destiny, and often the wanderer is able to feel that deeper centrality which is the property of the tuned heart. Yet the heart energy is also very vulnerable to mismatches of energy which block, over-activate or in other ways distort the red, orange and yellow ray energy centers. Furthermore, even when the seeker has become balanced to a high degree in the lower three chakras, still the heart, in offering information to the senses, does in most instances generate a good deal of noise along with those deep and true signals that are the essence of the open heart information.

We pointed out previously how vulnerable the green-ray energy center is to low energy coming through the lower three chakras. This is a cardinal point, for each wishes so deeply to experience that blessed open heart energy and to move into the higher energy centers that the wanderer has the natural tendency to wish to move on from the work of the lower energies into the heart, then into those energies of communication and work in consciousness which offer so much blessing and are the balm to so many wounds experienced by the wanderer.

And so there are two reasons why it is well for the seeker to go slowly and to monitor the self so that the self does not spin its wheels, shall we say, attempting the work of higher energy centers while experiencing low energy into the green-ray center. The lessons of love seem to be more uplifting in the higher energy centers. To the intellect especially this is true. However, it is our opinion that the advent of true openhearted energy takes place only when the seeker has begun to value each energy center equally and begins any conscious work with a brief examination of each center so that imbalances can be seen by the self and attended to before the self takes the consciousness into those higher centers and asks it to function.

This group has spoken often of the feelings that the self has the dark side and each has worked with this dark side, seeing how it can unhappily distort red, orange and yellow-ray energies. We encourage each, then, to find more and more appreciation of and tolerance of those lessons that seem so basic, for in truth each energy center has the same degree of preciousness. Each ray of self is beautiful to the infinite One. So the task becomes that of attempting to clarify and refine the sense impressions that arise from catalyst as the present moments seem to pass. If there is work to do with self or with other self in clearing these lower energies, we encourage an attitude of enthusiasm for doing the work it takes to get to the heart of whatever distortion or blockage has taken place.

Judging not but only nurturing the self, finding out what you truly think and feel and then, without judgment, turning once again to the open heart. Each within incarnation shall make many errors. The illusion was set up to force errors, to bring about helpful challenges. The catalyst that seems so heavy is an expensive gift of the higher self to the self. When one can take this, shall we say, on faith, one has overcome a great stumbling block that stands in the way of the open heart.

Now, once one has made peace with the first three energy centers, once one can feel that full energy is moving into the heart, there is another consideration to deal with before further work is done. This is a subtle, careful, work. It is the sifting and winnowing of the feelings and thoughts within the heart. Each entity has within the heart center all the expressions of love from the most refined to the most inchoate, unorganized and distorted. All feelings of the heart are true at some level, but the upper levels, the surface emotions of the heart, can be as the red herring in a mystery story, clues that lead in the wrong direction. If each can see itself as a kind of distillery and can see emotions as the raw products which go into the creation of the wine, there might be a good analogy of what it is to explore, refine and purify emotion, for the grape, with its skin, its fungus and its stems, the sugar with its impurities, the water with its impurities, [these together] are wine. However, they do not yet manifest as wine but rather as a collection of ingredients, mishmashed together, not yet finished. These are the emotions that the heart receives to begin with when new catalyst comes. Seldom is the entity receiving catalyst able to listen, see, touch or feel clearly. Usually, there is some degree of confusion in the response.

Therefore, it is not well simply to advise the seeker to follow the heart and no more than that be said, for truly one needs to follow the heart, but first one needs to allow each experience to be refined and be purified by that distillery that is carried within that heart by each. It seems that each is a prisoner of time, and yet in the sense that we are using this analogy it is only in the freedom of the illusion of time and space that this first purification of self-aware emotion can be accomplished. These raw feelings that the heart senses instantaneously may be already pure. But it is well to ask the self to refrain from impulse and to honor all feeling by moving back to it when one can contemplate it, and in that centered and balanced mode allow the deeper truths of what has been felt to move through that refining fire which distills pure emotion from the dross of ingredients that are no longer needed.

In other words, the heart puts out a lot of garbage which needs to be placed where it can be removed. Let us say that you have within your heart a curb. Place the can at the curb, and when you feel you have found the dross of some feeling, that which was not fundamentally clear, the wanderer can visualize the action of physically placing those stems and skins of raw emotion into the trash to be removed by time, while the precious and pure emotion is filtered into the deep heart that contains purity, compassion and its own wisdom. Discrimination is such a valuable activity. Each has it. We encourage each in its frequent use.

Now we stand within the open heart, gazing backwards at those powerful energies that make us strong, and gazing forwards at those energies which more and more merge with the metaphysical. This green-ray center has but one true polarity, and indeed those who seek in the path of service to self must needs bypass the green-ray energy center. So, for each who wishes to serve the Creator by serving others, we say spend as much time as you can within the open heart, for it is central and the light that it sheds moves backwards to the root and forward to the crown of all possible energies. The word passion, like the word love, has far too many connotations to be a pure word, and yet we say to you that the passion-pure heart is the greatest power within the universe. It is that seat where manifestation moves from within your incarnational experience. Its keeping clean and clear is a task that cannot be overdone.

I totally agree, and that’s why I think it’s a good practice to freely analyze a channeled text (especially a consciously channeled one) in the context of human bias, without thinking it a taboo activity. Jim was channeling on that one, and I cannot help but see a representation of the trope of the “emotionally shutdown masculine” in his response, where the advice is centered on the practitioner remembering that they have emotions and to actively work to connect with those emotions. The advice to read sad news stories or listen to emotive music to illicit tender emotions does not resonate for me.

The human bias in channeling that probably gets to me the most is when, in my perception, I see an original concept trying to break out which does answer the question, but the channel is not able to really articulate it well and moves on quickly. Perhaps the strangeness of experiencing a thought alien to one’s consciousness makes the channel revert to familiar language patterning, phrasing and ideation that they are more comfortable with. This has the unfortunate effect of making the channeling consistently feel like it is “treading over old ground”. Whenever I read a channeling transcript, the question always arises in my mind of how much of the response actually answers the stated question. At times it is a surprisingly low amount.

I have spoken previously, in another time and place, about the importance of the questioner role in identifying those thoughts through the instrument which are relevant and original and bringing the focus back on those points. It is a conditioning that I feel is crucial to develop a channel. But I’m now going on a bit of a tangent…

In response to this question:

You can probably refer to what I said previously in this post to understand more of what I mean. I want to question our assumptions of what the statement “opening the heart” actually means and move the needle to a more articulated understanding. What is one person’s inspirational affirmative statement, is another’s cult-entrenching thought-stopping technique. Don’t we want to understand and balance both these concepts in order to develop our ability to understand ourselves/others and service?

Opening the heart, or as you stated, coaxing it to open a little more than otherwise, is on a continuum. Indeed, stepping away from any conflict may be the most loving thing to do when one feels like all they will do is cause harm. However, running away from any and all confrontation is no way to live! One must eventually learn to resolve conflict in the open heart. If there is a way seen by the seeker to offer healing, surely they will take that opportunity and engage where appropriate? Which brings me to what you say below:

Can you elucidate on this Path of Beauty? It may be referencing a known spiritual concept-complex, but I am unfamiliar with it.

Beauty is so intensely subjective, but perhaps less so in a balanced entity? I just so happen to be a sapiophile myself, so perhaps our idea of what beauty is may be in stark contrast. Bellicosity that is brutish and senseless is unattractive in the extreme, but a testing confrontation of powerful personalities which calls upon their greatest internal resources to meet the moment in their full capacity and awareness, is a beautiful sight to behold. Is it not? The devaluing of such a feat from bystanders who feel the need to remind the audience that they themselves remain unmoved, only takes away from the ability of other participants to reach their potential in that moment.

The perfectly balanced entity does not see a threat where no threat exists. So, there is no need to consider catalyst at a survival/personal/group identification level. No opinion or action expressed can threaten those things (if one is to take the eternal-life view in mind). Therefore the balanced entity can respond to the need of the other without making it about themselves, however subtle that may be. What that looks like in practice, in any specific circumstance, is anyone’s guess.

I have no shame in admitting that I do see a certain percentage of the published conscious channelling as trite, and why shouldn’t I? You ask what makes it trite. Well it is repetitive, it doesn’t answer the stated question, it contains circular definitions, it lacks any originality, it’s… dull. Why can’t I think these thoughts?

Without a full appreciation of what it is to be trite, how does one then have a full appreciation of its opposite?

Exactly… you can love the sinner while still responding appropriately. If a rhinocerus charges you, do you hate the rhinosaurus? Only a child or very immature person would hate the rhino. We understand that we should get out of the way – or shoot the rhino if necessary. But we still love the precious endangered species

The perfectly balanced entity feels love, feels unity with the other-self, feels the love of the creator, radiaties that love in all situations. This is not referring to actions. This is not incompatible with any action. This is a metaphysical statement. It’s about an internal situation, not an external one

What does the perfectly balanced entity feel like fighting a boxing match? While in a war? While being tortured? While playing chess? While performing surgery? It’s still love. Metaphysical love is compatible with all of these activities

The material says we should practice discernment, which is another way of describing judgement but with less emotional baggage

There is the kind of judgement where you judge that the bathtub water is hot enough and you can turn off the tap

Then there is the kind of judgement where you condemn someone’s soul to eternal hell because you think they are inherently a worthless sinner

Same word… very different senses

“Discernment” has less baggage, but it is appropriate (and recommended by the confederation) to exercise our discernment in all things. And Latwii I think said you do this using your intellect. That is the proper use of the intellect


I love that you brought this up because this is also one of my pet peeves with the New Age community

The New Age community can make such a big deal about “opening the heart” that they fail to notice that many people have opened it already, and that the work in question is less about “opening” for the first time but how to use that energy better, how to unblock it more, what to do with that, how to recognize it

There are many, many people upon our sphere at this time who have opened hearts. They are working with this energy with various distortions

The vast majority of people involved in positive spirituality have opened their heart to some extent. They may not know anything else about anything but every sincere Christian feels love and is trying to express that unconditional love for everyone. They are trying and they are succeeding, even if in small and varied ways, even if they aren’t making the harvestability grade

My other pet peeve is how occultists and deep new agers (like us) don’t realize we are working on indigo ray problems. You don’t get involved in mysticism if you aren’t working with indigo ray – I don’t mean consciously I just mean unconsciously or accidentally

It’s almost a requirement to have indigo ray activity to be willing to read this channelled material as anything other than something to mock. Like, if you read these messages from “aliens” and don’t immediately just laugh and mock it as if it were a totally insane cult – you are engaging indigo ray energy that penetrates the surface of the illusion. The silliness of it all is required to protect the consistency and integrity of the illusion for the vast majority of the population.