Wanderer Series on YouTube - For Wanderers & Spiritual Seekers

Well I feel I might as well share this here, so if there are any wanderers and spiritual seekers out there who are looking for an inspirational way to listen/watch Confederation teachings, I have put these together for your enjoyment. I find them very soothing myself, and enjoy listening them to keep me inspired as to why I am here. I resonate deeply with the material I share, as it has given me perspective on feelings I’ve been having my whole life. I have included links to all the videos, as well as shared a featured quote from each episode. I will add to this list as I make more episodes as I currently working on Episode 10. Thank you for taking a look, love & light to you all.

Series Trailer

Wanderers Episode 1 - An Introduction to Wanderers

Featured Quote - Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues Session 23, September 23, 1994
What is a wanderer on the earth plane? As simply as I can put it, it is a being that has begun its evolution on a plane other than the earth plane and at some point in its learning has made the decision to incarnate on Earth. It may have been in a physical form before on other material planes or it may have only existed previously on non-material planes.

To say material and non-material, in itself, is a bit confusing. Light is energy, so one tends to think of the light planes as non-material; but all material substance is made up of bits of energy, molecules of energy. What we are speaking of here is simply the degree of tightness of cohesion of those molecules. At a certain point we call it solid and move into the illusion of that solidity.

You are not solid. You only think you are solid. It is the illusion that establishes material body. Thus, the difference between material plane and light plane is less in the form itself than in your belief that the form is what you are. All of you are simply energy and light with enough density of molecules that you may become convinced of your form. At a certain level, the physical body and the emotional body are illusion. They are the gift of the incarnation.

Moving into Earth incarnation, you become actors in a play. The actor that walks onto the stage unprepared says to the audience of which it is also a part, “This is illusion; just a play, not real life.” That actor deprives the audience of the opportunity of learning from the script, from the play. The actor must believe in the play if the audience is to feel the meaning with its heart, yet that actor must not be lost in the illusion to the point that it turns its back to the audience and forgets that it is a character in the play.

This balance between relative and ultimate reality is what allows the deepest learning on the earth plane. Some beings incarnate here become lost in the relative, blind to ultimate reality. Others find it very difficult to stay in the body and live the relative-plane experience. Wanderers have an edge here because you have lived, dwelt is a more accurate word, on other planes on which there was no veil of illusion. Many wanderers, then, are able to penetrate both realities. The difficulty you find, many of you, is that there is some aversion to the illusion, some attachment to resting in that ultimate reality, which is so spacious and joyful.

Wanderers Episode 2 - Wanderers & The Physical Vehicle

Featured Quote - Q’uo - March 13, 1994
In this situation where there is illness and the heart cries for healing, the healing is that intangible process where the mind becomes aware of a more powerful field of energy than that expressed by the sickness. The physician may work upon the mechanical and chemical aspects of a body, tinkering with the mechanism and oiling the dry spots, as it were, but the actual state of that body is quenched by what the entity knows, or is.

To put it another way, the highest energy an entity can access either consciously or unconsciously determines how much the ills of flesh shall move according to the rules of manifestation, in general.

The more sure awareness an entity has of the illusory nature of an illness, then the less this illness can actually create in the way of sickness. If there is a basic key to healing as opposed to curing, it is this: the awareness of the entity moves to that place where that entity feels sure this is reality, where that energy is when the entity states to itself, “This is who I am.” This is, indeed, who that entity is, where that entity will move, what limitation this will attend for learning and what suffering it shall enjoy as it learns.

Each of you controls the degree of healing within by that which you know, that which you are, that which you desire, those three things. We encourage each to make a practice of knowing the Creator in self. The Creator is all. We encourage each to be that loving vibration first, and words and actions second.

Wanderers Episode 3 - Refining Skills & Catalysts

Featured Quote - Q’uo - May 12, 1996
As we move into indigo ray we find that perhaps the greatest problem wanderers have is an obsession with and hunger for spirit to an extent which cannot be held in a balanced manner within the full range of energies. Work in consciousness seems like the hardest work possible to those who have not awakened. To the wanderer, work in consciousness is likely being done piecemeal, whether or not that wanderer has awakened, simply because of the various mismatchings of vibration between the spirit and the culture into which it has come. The great attractiveness of indigo-ray work is seductive. We encourage each to the great work of disciplining the personality and of doing that work in consciousness that better refines the self and its awareness of self, but we encourage each to do this work slowly, carefully and reverently, taking small steps and setting small goals, for work in consciousness is something that shall be more and more refined in higher densities.

Wanderers Episode 4 - Soul Bonds & The Social Memory Complex

Featured Quote - Q’uo - December 26, 2002
We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my sister. The terms “twin souls” and “twin flames,” in our limited usage of these terms, are equivalent. There are other systems of philosophy in which there are distinctive differences between these terms. However, in our usage, they may be taken to be general terms indicating that entities are part of the same soul stream, which is to say that they represent those who have worked together a sufficient number of times within the same group of wandering souls that they have become one.

In some lifetimes, this might express as being twins; in some lifetimes, this might express as a purely spiritual attraction having to do with that which is greater than both, such as those involved in a revolution or in the mission of sharing the healing or the comfort of spirituality with those about one.

In other cases, it might take the form of the star-crossed lovers.

And in many cases these relationships mingle and have undertones and overtones connected with the many experiences of learning and serving as companions of the heart and as those who are portions of the same social memory complex or those complexes which are allied. For there is a vast brotherhood of allied, spiritual entities, whether they are planetary entities or individual entities of your inner planes, that have banded together at this time and, in many cases, for several thousands of your years to work upon that which this instrument calls the harvest of your planetary sphere. We do not wish to cross that line from describing the nuances of being twin souls to defining the details of a particular joined relationship but would simply say that potentially all entities are twin souls. It is a matter of the two becoming so intimate that the barriers to shared thought are completely removed, and that which is an experience for one is an experience for the other.

It is seldom that entities within third density have the comfort of such companions, and we would suggest that each comfort is also a responsibility and each responsibility, a comfort.

Wanderers Episode 5 - Wanderers & The Densities

Featured Quote - Q’uo - April 17, 2005
So you see the processes of the energy body continue to be red, orange, yellow, green, blue and indigo. And relationships continue to be refined through the interactions of two entities who have joined together. Yet, the work is subtler and deeper and, in its own way, narrower. We who speak are those of fifth density and we carry the energies and the information of those within fourth density and within sixth density. In each density of those three, the physical bodies become more refined and in sixth density the bodies are what you would call photons. You are moving from heavy chemical bodies to lighter energy bodies to bodies of a certain type of light to bodies of limitless light, shall we say. This is very inexact and while we apologize for the inexactness, we can only express that there is information that would infringe upon your free will involved in attempting to explain to a more precise degree the evolution of mind, body and spirit.

We would ask in general that you simply consider the direction to be that of the refinement of the energy exchange between two entities. Your entity-ness shall not change. You shall continue to be you. As you form relationships within higher densities, your opportunities for learning and service shall be lifted and refined. This is not a difference in kind, but only a difference in quality. You are on the track which you shall continue upon.

Of seventh density, we cannot speak, for we have not yet experienced the density that is drawn directly back into the Creator to create the next octave of experience. We stay within this heartbeat of the one infinite Creator.

Wanderers Episode 6 - The Veil of Forgetting

Featured Quote - Q’uo - January 4, 2020
Each wanderer incarnates into the third-density experience, and goes through the same veil of forgetting that each other entity goes through. This veil of forgetting, then, seemingly hides the true nature of all entities that go through it, so that they appear, within the third density, to be ordinary mind/body/spirit complexes, with the simple desire to be and to move forward in some fashion of growth of mind, of body, and of spirit.

The wanderer has, as does any entity moving through the veil of forgetting, preincarnative choices that have been selected in order to provide the service that it wishes to offer, as well as personal opportunities for growth. These choices are manifested for the wanderer as they are for any other entity within the third-density illusion as the proceedings of the life experience, so that any entity, wanderer or otherwise, may look at those occasions of catalyst that come in the daily round of activities, as being that which is predestined, shall we say—predestined to provide opportunities for growth and service.

The wanderer has the, shall we call it, advantage of having a spirit complex that is advanced in progression so that if it desires it may be informed in some fashion through the intuition, by the spirit complex, to discover that it is, shall we say, not from here; that it is somehow different in a positive sense, not better, but different. This difference, then, becomes, for many wanderers, the seed that grows into conscious exploration of what this difference could be, and how this difference could be utilized in service to others, which the wanderer feels as an intuitive direction to travel.

Thus, the feeling of being here on a mission, shall we say, becomes a focal point for the wanderer, in that it expands the point of view. The point of view, then, becomes that which is discussed internally and examined internally in contemplation and in meditation. This, then, informs the mind, the body, and the spirit that it has a function to perform that is of great service to others, and this becomes the guiding light, shall we say, that inner light which shines upon the heart, and opens the heart, in a more dependable sense so that the wanderer may feel a kind of loving acceptance, not only of the self, but also of all other selves, that it finds in its daily round of activities.

Thus, the growing sense of love and sense of personal mission then combine to provide a kind of spiritual food for the being of the wanderer that then expresses itself through the mind, through the body, and through the spirit, thus aiding the wanderer in its chosen service, and in its own personal polarization.

Wanderers Episode 7 - Alienation & Awakening

Featured Quote - Q’uo - May 22, 1994
When the term “wanderer” is used the basic meaning of this word is that one is traveling without reference to a goal or destination. There is, implicit in this term, a feeling or emotional/mental mindset of aloneness, restlessness, shared solitude, and indifferent scenery. The winds blow cold and harshly for the wanderer. The sun beats down mercilessly for the wanderer. Few there are who use that term who feel that it is desirable to be a wandering spirit. All of the third-density instinct is towards putting down the roots, securing the home, and protecting the home and family. The wanderer is uprooted when gazed at in the cultural context that you enjoy upon your sphere. Therefore, it is natural that this term be chosen as descriptive of those who have come into the Earth’s sphere of influence and incarnated to become as one with all citizens of your Earth.

So, at the heart of being a wanderer is that feeling of dislocation, of being in the world but not of the world in which you find yourselves. Because this situation seems full of discomfort many who have wandered here are simply miserable without finding any comfort. To respond to that need for comforting some who have responded have leaned in their discussions heavily towards comforting wanderers by encouraging a sense of separation from native Earth humans. We do not encourage this line of thought because each wanderer, in coming into your Earth’s sphere of influence, took upon it the responsibility of citizenship of this Earth. As much as any other native inhabitant, wanderers will be expected to walk the steps of light when this incarnational experience is at an end, and, just as much as any native inhabitant of Earth, if the steps are walked to a point of comfort within third density the wanderer shall not return to its home vibratory nexus but, rather, shall continue in third density until graduation is achieved.

Therefore, we greatly encourage all wanderers to take up the burden of a dual existence, for that is precisely why you have put yourselves to this task. As difficult and disagreeable as it sometimes is to live with this double vibratory pattern, this difficulty is worthwhile and one hundred times worthwhile, for the basic vocation of every wanderer is to bear witness to the light and the love of the one infinite Creator. Therefore, the life may be seen to be full of everyday matters, yet offer ample time and space for the spiritual vocation to which wanderers have called themselves, that of bearing witness.

Wanderers Episode 8 - The Calling of Sorrow

Featured Quote - Q’uo - September 23, 2000
I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. We are members of those who are called the Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow. It is the sorrow upon the planetary surface and within the peoples of this planetary sphere that calls us here. This sorrow is expressed in many ways. That which you may call an intense desire to seek the truth is a shining light amidst the sorrow and that which gives great joy to all who beholds such light. And, yet, it is the sorrow that calls us here. The lack of knowledge of the one Creator. The lack of light. The lack of love. The heart that is closed. The mind that is beaten upon by the culture in which it cannot find expression. There are as many ways to feel and express sorrow in this third-density illusion as there are entities within it. And each seeks in some fashion that which may be called the truth. As we see those who express the kind of seeking and sorrow that we are able to respond to we are desirous in the extreme in moving to these entities in whatever way is possible. It is rare that we are able to speak as we do now, through instruments such as this one and others in a mind-to-mind contact that allows the expression of words. It is far more usual in our experience of serving entities such as yourselves that we would move in an unseen fashion, perhaps working in dreams, creating an opportunity in meditation to transmit a hunch, an intuition, a feeling, a direction, a thought, an image, a tone. In such a way are we most able to reach the greater majority, shall we say, of those who seek that which we have to offer.

Wanderers Episode 9 - The Mission & Service to Others

Featured Quote - Q’uo - December 2, 2017
Indeed, there are more wanderers who have awakened to the reality of their own nature as being from elsewhere, shall we say. There are also more wanderers who have incarnated upon this planetary sphere in the succeeding 36 years since those figures were given by the one known as Ra. There are also those entities with the doubly activated bodies that are harvested souls of other third-density planets who have been incarnating upon this planet since the early 1980s, as you may call it, who are wanderers of a sort, yet are those who shall become the population of this fourth-density sphere when the harvest is complete.

If you look upon all these three levels of experience, shall we say, the older wanderers, the younger wanderers, and those souls with the dual activated bodies, in general it may be said that approximately one-third of these entities have realized their nature as being from elsewhere, having come here with the purpose of being of service to this planetary sphere, as it goes through its own transitional stages, another roughly one-third having the feeling that they are somewhat different from most entities that they experience in their daily round of activities, and have the ability to penetrate the forgetting with further experience, the final one-third being more, shall we say, confused, knowing that they do not quite fit within the culture in which they find themselves, and yet have no real direction as to how to deal with this difference, or to find its significance in a personal sense.

The aiding of all such entities, whether they be wanderers, those of the dual-activated bodies, or those of third density who seek the fourth density within this planetary sphere, is done by simply taking advantage of the opportunities which come your way to share from the open heart in any way that is possible for you to do. It is not that you must construct a certain procedure or plan for awakening any entity, but that you simply open yourself in your heart and in your mind, to every possibility that presents itself to you at any time, and give of that which you have to give, as the moment requires and calls upon you to do. Each of you has the ability to share that love that is within you at all times, within your meditations as you radiate it outwardly to others, in your contemplations as you look upon that day that rests before you and awaits your insertion of yourself into it, and as you move through it to give that which is yours to give to those who ask in any way for it, simply perhaps as a smile returned, as directions given to the one who is lost, as providing a listening ear to the troubled soul, as giving anything that you have to give—willingly, openly, completely. Each of you is a teacher, my friends. Each of you is a student, and each of you can help to bring each other home. This is why you are all here at this time on Planet Earth.

Wanderers Episode 10 - Challenges & Fears

Featured Quote - Q’uo - January 19, 2019

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my sister. Indeed, this armor of light is that which is available to each wanderer by its own free-will choice previous to the incarnation, for each wanderer has garnered many experiences within third-density illusions serving as those who would aid other third-density beings in their progression towards the One. Each such experience has also included the knowledge that there is what might be called the “loyal opposition” which presents to each wanderer, and indeed, to each entity within the third-density illusion, the opportunity to reinforce the desire to seek the One in the positive sense of service to others. That this desire to seek positive service shall be challenged by the negative entities of the Orion constellation, for it is their right to present what we will call the “other side of the case” to each entity that they encounter.

Thus, the wanderer, with the knowledge of this function of negatively-oriented entities, being appropriate within the third-density illusion,may choose to create this armor of light out of the light of the One Infinite Creator, and store it within the spiritual complex so that within the meditative state, each wanderer which seeks to unlock the armor of light may feel its presence growing within the being as the image comes to the mind of the light expanding from the Infinite Creator and engulfing the wanderer in a sheet or armor of light, that may be carried into the waking state, and utilized in that state in a conscious fashion at any moment by freewill choice, so that the wanderer may shine this light before it whenever there is doubt as to the quality of the experience or the vision before the eyes, that is to be dealt with in some fashion. If the entity or entities or situation before the wanderer is of a negative orientation, this light, then, shall protect the wanderer from the incursion of the negative entity or energy into the wanderer’s being. This is the manner of which those of Ra were describing the armor of light and its use, for each wanderer has the ability to discern, through use of the armor of light, that which is appropriate or not appropriate within its frame of reference.


I think I am done with the Wanderer series as I uploaded my 10th episode of the series today, and I will look into making videos about channeling topics as a new series. If anyone has any suggestions on topics, please let me know.

So far I thought I could do an episode about Dreams, the Time Lateral, the Guardians, Crystals, and more, as I have been compiling Confederation quotes into categories to relate to the larger picture being shown here, it just requires a little digging. :wink:


Woah! This is really cool! Thanks for sharing, @anon58905096. I can tell a lot of hard work went into this, and I really appreciate the quality of the visuals. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for saying so, I actually uploaded these a few times because I kept upgrading them until they were better quality as I learned more about how Adobe Premiere Pro works. All I wanted was for this information to get to the people who needed it. Thank you for taking a look. :wink:

I am still watching Ep 8. I am impressed @anon58905096. This took a lot of time and energy, a labor of love?

Of course, when I hear a quote that resonates, then I pause your video and study, meditate. So, it’ll take me a while to get through all of these because there’s so much to savor.

As I become interested in a topic, I do a deep dive, and collect all of the sessions related to that topic: for example, 3D to 4D transition (which is related to the vanishing 3D energies thread here). I study, meditate and journal.


Yes definitely. For me it’s all about getting the information out there. I am all about promoting aritsts while sharing Confederation teachings with wanderers, so my videos are made purposely not to be monetized.

I am very happy to hear this because this was my intention. I watch them over and over again myself, listening to them, absorbing what is being said. There is always something to learn, to pick up from. That is the beauty of Confederation teachings, there is always something more to learn from the way things are worded.


1992-05-03 Q’uo

I read this one after watching your work/service. Delightful and provocative. Wonder.


thought I’d throw out a couple of ideas for comments.

While some of our awakenings are grand spiritual cataclysms, mine is not. I am awakening slowly and bit by bit. it could be the most boring awakening story for others to read. but for me, especially in the present moment, it is profound, mystical … it can feel vibratory or dizzying and umm, like my head area, or my awareness just expanded. in that present moment, when I wake up a little, it’s a sense of bliss and euphoria that I simply can not capture in our words.

The confederation discusses how wanderers are at various stages of awakening, and some get lost completely in the maelstrom that is 3D Earth. And then actual stats.

Despite this, I still presumed: wanderers probably have their stuff together and because I do not have my stuff together, I may not be a wanderer.

But I can’t ignore the preponderance of personalized “evidence” either. So, I’m in the midst of processing and exploring all of it.

anybody want to share your experiences?

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I feel like this is a very difficult place to even remember you are a wanderer let alone know what to do with that information. The veil on Earth is nearly impenetrable as part of the experiment of the sub-Logos.

Q’uo - April 14, 2007
The difference in planet Earth’s experiment is that the sub-Logos chose an experiment which was extremely rich in the full play and travel of free will, so that the veil was quite thick and almost impenetrable. This heavy veiling and full play of free will has resulted in entities turning not to the Creator but to their own intellects and to their own abilities to find solutions to what they perceive as challenges or problems.

In previous experiments, the veil was thinner because there was not so heavy a veiling and there was not so much free will. The nature of third-density entities upon your planet is, therefore, somewhat more primitive or has a tendency to remain primitive longer than on planetary experiments where the veil has been thinner and it has been more obvious to entities, by virtue of the thinning of the veil, that all are one.

On top of that, it’s very difficult even for wanderers to remember why they are here. But still, they always find ways to be of service, because some entities can express themselves more fully without the knowledge that they are a wanderer. Like most information, it has to be generalized because to speak of every individual situation would be impossible, so it’s best to use examples and apply them to your own situation and see how it works for you. Learn and adapt that information to what fits you through your own self exploration. It’s a process but it’s one worth pursuing.

Q’uo - April 14, 2021
Yes Q’uo, and this question comes from Stephen who asks: “Given the risk that each wanderer accepts in undertaking this service here on planet Earth, would you say that it is important for a wanderer to discover they are a wanderer so that they can focus on trying to understand what it is they’re meant to be doing here?”

I am Q’uo, and I’m aware of the query, my brother. We find in examining the population of so-called wanderers upon your planet, that it is a relatively small percentage of these individuals who become aware of their nature as a wanderer, and an even smaller percentage who then are able to utilize this awareness to refine their seeking and their service. However, we find in examining the remaining population of these individuals—those wanderers who remain relatively unaware or perhaps semi-aware of their nature—that indeed, there are many of these individuals who yet are able to serve and offer the love and the light of the Creator to this planet as they had intended prior to incarnation.

We believe that it is not necessary to fully grasp this nature. And indeed, in some ways, it was not expected by the self to fully understand and come to terms with this true nature of the self but instead to awaken to the biases and the distortions brought with the wanderer through the veil of forgetting. For the wanderer who has not awakened to their true nature, they may yet still sense that nature in an indistinct way and still feel called to perform the mission. And in some cases this lack of awakening to the nature of their wandererhood serves to allow them to integrate more fully within your society and your cultures and allow their true nature as the Creator to shine even more brightly.

However, we do believe it is true that for a wanderer to awaken to their true nature, to integrate this knowledge successfully and with humility, and to explore this aspect of their experience, the potential for such a wanderer is immense and rarely tapped by those so-called unawakened wanderers.

Speaking to the questioner’s mention of the dangerous aspects of incarnating into the third density as a wanderer, we do find that it is more common for those unaware wanderers to, in their confusion, generate what you might call karma or act in ways that then perpetuate their need to continue incarnating in the third density in order to balance that which was imbalanced. Though, we would like to offer comfort to those who may feel concern for these individuals, for such a journey is not a delay, it is not a sidetrack, but instead is another thread woven into the grand tapestry of that individual’s journey from and to the Creator.

We understand that from your perspective within the third density that continuing in such metaphorical darkness might seem as an extension of a form of punishment or imprisonment, but we encourage you to consider the point of view from outside of your veil of forgetting in which experience within the third density is a true gift that may have a great and enduring benefit for the individual on their own spiritual journey.