Vibrational frequency, Superpowers and evolution within the confines of density perspective

“No one here but us chickens…” [optional tag = supernatural]

A place to share the things you know but cannot prove within the confines of a density.

There have been countless “things” I have done in my life that elude words and descriptions, and as we gain in resonant strength, frequency, and harmonic balance, I see more and more “superpowers” around me not limited to “our density”, I also believe we are on a path to be able to share these new experiences of self discovery and self understanding with other and from other, without the suppression from a closed mind.

I was inspired to create a space about expression of perceptions and abilities from watching some resident Chickens this morning, I share much love and compassion with these little friends, they have become somewhat free, and odd. I noticed one using an odd noise like sonar to navigate through the darkness of a hay stack, and as I watched I saw they are using sonar to find the bugs and wormholes in the dirt all the time. I see hints of other density behaviors in their daily interactions as well. It is not just humans that are growing, it is all life. The pets I frequent with in particular evolve behaviors of the next class of lessons, I begin to see an increase in energy all around. Are we developing abilities beyond the confines of third density.

I am interested to know of your abilities and powers, proof is not required, just experience from your perception.


A good other example. I have similar experiences.

Slight deviation from the original topic but within vibrational frequency and ability suppression, I found this today:

I would like to know where 5g fits into this… Sleep and the electrical circuits of the house… Superpower suppressors? Resonance/Dissonance with ones ears ringing?
Incidentally back in the 90’s we used 415hz for historical musical performances.
Also Australian federal police commisioner refused to answer questions to a Senator regards the deployment of an LRAD during protests.

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By setting a to x hz, it allows another tone to hit a disharmonic. This disrupts the body s bio fields.

Military grade sonic weapond are basically microwaves. In fact as a tai chi user, i have been warned not to stand in front of microwaves as the radiation disrupts the gut chi.

5g is basically skin and wall penetrating microwave radiation. Radiation causes loss of life prana.

This will pop at 10/10 but i watched it early.

The other 4 parts are viewable. These are superpower secret societies. Most cannot verify it. I can however due to a few comtingencies or synchronicities.

  1. I also do similar work. Insertion on earth as a sleeper agent, deep undercover. I had a very strong instinct to hide my identity online since before 2001. I began to remember in 2016 why.

  2. Their powers are quite pedestrian to me. They dont surprise me. Nor do i need em.

  3. As an interrogator skill set, voice changers and black outlines do not block me. I can pick up emotions and surface thoughts just by someone writing to me o line. If u actually show urself to me in a video, i will definitely know if u are lyung to me.

I cannot see your unifyd tv link, paywall restricted.

Imagine a world where no one can be deceived, where ones intent is open for all to see…
I see third density experiences prominently revolve around deception where Love is not in balance, the heart yet to be awakened, primal urges of self protection and a fragmented mind.

But when we do learn to open the heart our own anxieties and boundaries become balanced allowing us to see past ourselves into other selves, of both the beauty within, and the deception.
Also, an open heart has nothing to hide, and the closed heart fears transparency, I remember thinking that it was only dodgy people who thought I was dodgy…

This “ability”/awareness makes many third density interactions obsolete, as the spoilers have been given away, which makes me think that this degree of knowing is a part of fourth density interactions.


It goes available on 10/10.

@the-stumbled-one I quite like this topic. I didn’t know what to expect reading the title.

I am, too, often inspired by and learn from the animals around me. Slowing down and watching them interact with one another, the environment, and us.

I don’t see ‘superpowers’ within me but I do experience a sensation that I describe as ‘coming through me’ but of/from much more than me. It flows through me, and comes from somewhere much deeper than this me.

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I am interested to know more of this, if you are willing to share please continue, or pm me. Sometimes understanding and watching aspects of other helps me to understand self. This topic is about any perception beyond what is explainable, I will share some of my own experiences eventually, I guess I was “testing the water” so to speak.

Something about hearing or seeing sound from a mile away. I read it on your Wanderer story that you quickly deleted. I don’t recall everything you said but I remember it was an interesting story. Why not just talk about it?

Mine are all psychic which I believe everyone has or will eventually tap into the more they explore it. I heard static with random voices a couple of years ago. Then a piano was playing earlier this year. The night before I heard men talking. They were all joking with each other. Clairaudience isn’t my main one. I am clairvoyant for the most part. My guides talk to me with images that I have to interpret using dream dictionaries. I found they repeat things that I am doing or thinking as I am doing them during the day. The dreams at night are more of a foreshadow of the day that hasn’t been experienced yet. Sometimes I feel sleepy during the day for no reason. I wake up suddenly while having remembered everything communicated. I think this is considered forced meditation but I have no way to prove it. Other abilities are being an empath which is probably why I like spending time alone. I sometimes can smell random things in my bedroom that I don’t eat or dislike being around such as cigarette smoke. And then there is the psychic knowing such as when I am acknowledging something that was never spoken or seen in the mind. It is as if I am continuing a conversation or agreeing with something. I sometimes catch myself doing this and I don’t remember what I was responding to.

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you and me both. :grin: it is elusive to me also.

these sensations may well only have significance to me – nobody else.

on random occasions, I feel hyper-connected to all … an intensified experience. I more fully sense the interconnectedness and oneness. Bliss.

hyper-empathy and sensitivity. seemingly way more than the average bear.

indescribable nudges and urges toward Love …

you? what observation inspired this thread?

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Perhaps it is the right time… On the pre-fragmented b4th I felt a dissonance I could not explain, hence the hesitation and withdrawal.
It also felt a little odd to write about myself without the interaction of other… I needed my other self.
This thread I remained a little quiet to test the waters so to speak, to see where my other was at…
There is a reason why I spam “imagine a world where no one can be deceived, where ones intent is open for all to see…” I believe the time has come where there can be no more hiding, the opening of the heart is transparent in its authenticity, delusions disolve and the world reflects who we are. To know and feel other, the energy within, the sharing.

For me this is very dependent on being in the nature without contact to other people.

This finds an resonance with me too.
For me this is dependent on on

@Makayla and @the-stumbled-one:
I would say you what you experience is clairaudience in difference to the second sight.
For me this is expressed in the smell.