Vanishing third-density energies

Regarding the discussion of the Time Lateral has come up an interesting statement of the Q’uo in the channeling from April 14, 2007, that has an aspect for a new topic:

Special meditation

“Evolving to the fourth density seems a distant goal. Is there a simple way to measure how close we are to the threshold of the fourth density?”


We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. From the preceding answer, you may perhaps guess that we shall inform you that there is a very easy way to judge as to how close you are to fourth density. You are in fourth density, my friends. You are in third-density bodies and so are not able to see the incredibly beautiful infant fourth-density Earth that interpenetrates third density at this time.

However, far below the level of conscious awareness, you are more and more aware of your power, your truth, and your beauty. The thinning of the veil has been occurring for some time, as these energies interpenetrate more and more. At this time there is virtually nothing of third-density energy left. There is just enough energy left for a few more of your years in which entities can make the choices that will place them in a position to be able to graduate from third density to the density of love that is your fourth density.

So the planet has been in the 4th density already in 2007.

What will be the meaning of that there is virtually nothing of third-density energy left?

What will happen to all third-density beings when this energy will vanish or does this energy come from the existant third-density beings, that have no dual activated bodies?

In this quote / channeling the count of over half a billion dual activated bodies (3. March 2018) has been stated - this beings should be able to handle the transition to the 4th density, but what’s about the rest of about 90% human beings?
Has every child that is born now a dual activated body?

Here i already elaborated about the question: What will be with the second density in the transition from third to fourth density?
Are all 2nd density beings already in 4th density or what will happen to these that incarnate now?
Are all new incarnated animals and plants 4th density beings now?

Special meditation (same chanelling):
Again, because of the fact that such activities are primarily metaphysical rather than physical in nature, the effects of the improvement in the vibration of planet Earth are not physically obvious except for the fact that your Earth is still functioning without the need to experience a polar shift. It was thought at one time to be probable that your Earth would, by the end of your twentieth century, have found it necessary, in order to express the heaviness of the vibration of Earth, to destroy the Earth once again in terms of it being habitable for human life, as you call your third-density species.

There is a kind of dependency between metaphysical and physical aspects in the nature, that has not been explained further.
What is the current status?


Q’uo - May 23, 2009
In this wise also, it is to be noted that when you are as close to the onset of your planet’s fourth-density activation as you are, there is an increasing amount of a kind of catalyst that is the reverse of the difficulties one has as a wanderer. And we feel that this increasing interpenetration of third-density light by fourth-density light has created for all of those upon Planet Earth, natives and wanderers alike, an ever-increasing sensitivity to issues of truth and clarity.

The progress for each seeker is, in a way, the progress of one who knows himself better and better. Within third-density life as it has been experienced upon your planet for many millennia there has been third-density light that shone, both physically and metaphysically, and helped you to work towards making your choice of polarity and then maintaining that polarity and increasing that polarity. Ever since perhaps forty of your years ago that situation has gradually changed and it has made things more difficult for third-density entities upon your planet. Your planet comes closer and closer to that time when fourth density shall be the active density and third-density light shall be exhausted.

We are not saying that the sunshine will go away. This instrument was speaking earlier today with those who thought that perhaps on the winter solstice in 2012 the third-density experience would blink out and there would no longer be a third density. We, however, do not suggest that this is the case. We would suggest that the case is that the light that created the spiritual or metaphysical atmosphere of third density in such and such a way shall be exhausted and that the light that is striking your third-density energy bodies shall be a light of fourth density which you, as a third-density entity, are not wired to be able to grasp without significant distortion.


Here is a nice german article about a water vortex with light column at Lake Constance (at 2. November 2020):

Please translate with for yourself, because i don’t want to post the result here.

This article does not relate directly to the vanishing of third-density energies, but it relates to the transformation on earth and possible alien influences.
For me this article is another indication that Central Europe is the heart chakra of the planet.