Transient/Non-transient Threads

My question is, why do most of the threads I see here seem to focus on transient topics? Just asking. Correlative with that, I suppose, why focus on non-transient topics (about spiritual evolution) if most of us are interested in discussing transient stuff (about how things work within the illusion)? I dunno, there just seems something odd about this…or is it me?

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When you say “threads you see here” what do you mean by “here”?

The reason I discourage discussion of transient channeling topics is for one reason: the channeling circle to which we have access disallows them explicitly. So no point discussing questions that will never get asked in a thread that is explicitly about asking them of a channeling circle.

A lot of those topics might be appropriate for some other category.

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I was just making a general comment based on the thread titles created on this website and contrasting that with the focus of what actually brings us together here. Confederation sources say explicitly and repeatedly that they will speak about spiritual evolution, but not about illusion-based matters, yet we seem to have the opposite priority of interest. I was just trying to bring attention to this and say that it feels awkward. But maybe it will turn around?

Ok I see what you mean. I think the jury’s
still out; we’re just past the 1 week mark as an open community. Please keep an eye on this, as I would love to discuss your findings as we accumulate data. :+1:


I just wanted to add that, sometimes it’s just a matter of what the definition of transient is to you. I know personally that words have always given me some struggle, as what I feel they mean is not what they always mean to another person, and yet the next person may have another definition. Maybe just show compassion and love to everyone who is expressing themselves instead of trying to police the boards in a way that makes them afraid to leave their opinion at all, for fear of it being in the wrong place and getting called on it. I know at Bring4th that always stressed me out, because most people will try their best but sometimes are still unsure as to what goes where the most appropriately. I say that maybe we should look at them with forgiveness and compassion and allow it to be okay to not be perfect, and you can also provide examples of what sort of thing you are looking for in specific categories or topics so people have more guidance on how to stay more on topic. Sample questions to show what you are looking for? Maybe that would help in case you are looking for a specific format.


I went digging looking for the non-transient thread you started, but… :slight_smile: To be fair though, I know you’ve injected some non-transient insights in your posts that I have not yet been able to reply to as yet. I would like to and am planning on it. It’s not just because of being busy but because of the nature of in-depth questioning that it takes longer to respond with any kind of corresponding depth or original thought. I like to add something new to the conversation.

My process is allowing non-transient questions to percolate in my mind for a bit and allow it to retrieve inchoate thoughts/feelings/impressions to the surface. Then there is the added intensive work of articulating those thoughts into words using a language, that quite frankly, was designed to speak on transient topics quite well, with a lot being left desired for the non-transient. Although linguistic visionaries and poets have certainly tried.

On top of all that, I simply don’t want to just add to the near infinite permutations that already exist on the basic sentiments of “it is good to be good”, “it is nice to be nice”, “love is the answer to every problem”, etc. I assume we all know this already.

Also the transient can be fun, build familiarity and gives us some grounding.

Edit: Jonathan was this question intended for the channeling circle or directed to this forum community? Because I think it would be more appropriate as an OP to its own thread.

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Yeah, you’re right, of course. I was sneaking it in here to see what happens because it is a bedrock question having to do with the tuning of the channeling and maybe with the tuning of a discussion group. But I face the same problem you do: it’s a very broad, deep and sensitive topic, a difficult thing to craft into language. Um, okay, I’ll work on that. I’m actually plotting a vaguely similar post in a similar space having to do with the topic of “Spiritual Principles” and what that might mean in a group discussion context. So, we’ll see how much of this I can handle.

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These posts have been moved to their own thread to continue the discussion. I was considering putting this thread in Site Feedback, however as I thought that the question also touches on broader observations of our experience on Earth in general, I thought it more appropriate in Metaphysics & Spirituality.

I do not make the rules here, but I can tell you how I think about it. When I reflect on why transient topics are problematic, it’s really comes down to only one reason: the tendency they have to distract from more philosophical topics that can be applied to one’s life. If transient topics can be discussed in balance with other topics responsibly, I have no problem with discussing them in principle. We can revisit this if the balance starts to detune things.

Just my suggestion.

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Should this place have a quieter tone like a library or feel more bouncy like a put-put golf course or something else? Clearly, the current aim is be inclusive and hope to balance these things. History suggests to me that a proliferation of non-transient threads can set a tone of amusement over spiritual focus. So you/we (??) can try to choose which tone will predominate…or not. I dunno. I’m just guessing here, to be honest. I mean, I have preference for spiritual dedication over transient chit chat, but I can’t say what is best for all.

You find that transient topics set a tone of less amusement? Do I have that right, @Jonathan? Or did you mean to say “transient threads”?

Oops! I got it mixed up. If people come to a spot to enjoy mainly “transient” information, then the tone of the place reflects this, naturally.

OK, gotcha.

One idea is that this site could help serve as a meeting place for different working groups around interests and agreements. So, maybe we could have a private group around the attitude and tenor you’re trying to achieve, Jonathan. That way we’re not shoving our rules upon anybody, but we can create “safe spaces” for opening up.


That has a classic ring to it. Contain the tumult of the outer world in the outer courtyard and create an inner sanctum for more focused working.

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The trick is to avoid elitism and obnoxious separation. The way to accomplish this, I’m starting to believe, is YOU get a working group! And YOU get a working group! And YOU! And YOU!

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I’m actually thinking that may come into greater prominence as that outer courtyard. It’s a staging ground for deeper communion and the practical organization of seekers. Remember: all of this online stuff is a way of coping with the fact that we cannot do this communion in person, so it’s all experimental.


Right. We’ll see what wants to emerge.


@Jonathan, do you believe that spiritual beings who do magical work are not allowed to have discussions about third density matters within the context of a spiritual community, or else it will detune them?

I don’t think there’s much correlation between when the Confederation says they cannot speak about transient topics, and humans speaking about transient topics. In fact, they say it’s not the specificity of the information that attracts negative targets and detunes the contact, but the importance placed upon it. This, of course, is during channeling that they ever refer to such a thing, as an instrument and group must show some ability to “let go” to make positive contact. I think they refuse “transient” subjects precisely because they are so important to third density minds - but who are they to make judgement of what we place importance on while incarnated and trying to survive? They know this, and this is why they refuse to comment, as their vantage point is much different than ours will ever be.

Anyway, fewer and fewer are the humans who have the entirety of their basic needs met and can therefore contemplate the Law of One with most of their day. I think this place was meant to be somewhat of a spiritual successor to the defunct Bring4th, which means it’s more of a landing pad for people to feel like they have a community of like minds to talk about weird stuff that they can’t talk about with most of the people around them. I think this is a natural part of the process, really, though most of us old schoolers may be past that part of our journey. It actually seems like Patrick and Steve’s new forum has a bit more restriction/focus, at least that’s my vibes after checking out both forums. I don’t know if you’ve checked them out yet or not. Of course, they also appear to be much, much less active, so I guess it’s, as always, a tradeoff.

I’d like to point out that Carla had an extensive collection of romance novels, an addiction to computer solitaire, and a love of food and drink that would say that even beings who sincerely place their spiritual selves at the front of their daily lives for decades can strike a balance between stoicism and amusement.

I would also like to offer this analogy: This space is still in its “gathering” stage, as the people meant to be here coalesce. This would make it more like the Friday evening before the real show at Homecoming begins. Things are a bit more social, people are bit more wound and excited, and the new balance of energies must find its glue before it can begin to settle and blend into a state of harmony.

If you want another analogy - why are you trying to bring this maiden to bed so quickly? Try taking her out to dinner first!


No, nor do I believe that people should be stoic, nor that they should forego the pleasures of life, nor am I taking anyone to bed. I thank you for offering your point of view, but I find it distracts from the central point. The commencement of this project happens to coincide with the wreckage of B4th and I feel we should try to learn from that experience.

Yes, this is a time of gathering. I’m sure that some are disposed to moving along thoughtfully and others not. So be it. I guess I’m wondering what sort of bed we’re all getting into together? Is it one which does or does not support self-reflection, self understanding? More to the point, I would say, is it founded upon love, mutual respect and solid spiritual principles or not? Experience tells me that if this is the goal, it must be done explicitly and deliberately.

No, nor do I believe that people should be stoic, nor that they should forego the pleasures of life, nor am I taking anyone to bed.

Sorry if that was in poor taste, I was just trying to make a light-hearted analogy with “courting the maiden”, which Ra says is a long and slow process.

I guess I’m wondering what sort of bed we’re all getting into together?

Oh, so you do get it. :smirk:

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You know the saying: “You made your bed, now lie in it.”