To Choose Some Focus or Mostly Randomisation?

This might feel a tad radical as it raises a soul-searching point.


  1. Channeling involves disciplined 3D denizens going into altered states and tuning as to the highest spiritual vibratory frequency they can hold together. Tuning of this sort is crucial for channeling because the more purely a group can tune, the more pure the quality of the contacts they make,

  2. Confederation members make contact with Earthlings to teach spiritual principles in an effort to catalyse spiritual evolution. Information not involving spiritual evolution, they specifically eschew, that not being their purpose here. (Obviously, there is much “transient” information which is of value to those of us who live here, but the Confederation’s focus is spiritual evolution.) So, they offer us words, feelings and concepts which might inspire us to commune with Divinity in our heart or reach within for deeper spiritual truths or to outwardly embrace joy & beauty and so forth. They tirelessly endorse spiritual practices such as meditation in silence and clearing energy blockages, self-defeating thoughts, etc.

  3. This raises a question, given the above, about how an online gathering of entities coalescing around Confederation teachings might choose to focus its energies.

----Does it make sense to actively encourage people to somehow focus their efforts while on this website more towards spiritual seeking than towards recreation?

----Should some effort be made to help one another directly with meditation or balancing or related things? Maybe over Zoom or something like that?

----Maybe study groups might want to sprout up exploring specific topics?

----Your proposal here

One can go on imagining such things, but the first question involves deciding in general terms if this is a Confederation-centric group and, if so, how far might we take this? Should (could?) the energy of this website be intentionally directed towards encouraging spiritual evolution–encouraging the flow of seeking upwards from the south pole–in its myriad forms so we can help one another improve our own vibrations as well as the vibration of our planet? Or should the energy here be accepted as it randomly comes and goes?

If the consensus regarding the general question is “yes,” then the next thread can ponder the details.

Food for thought.

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Important considerations Jonathan, thank you for raising these questions. I have some thoughts about channeling itself and the encouraging of a spiritual focus in a community. I wanted to get your opinion on how channeling applies to the magical reality spelt out by Ra in the below quote:

Can channeling itself be considered a type of spiritual aid? Does it not quicken and increase the rate of our learn/teaching and give us a greater understanding? I would imagine so, therefore it is quite the responsibility of taking upon the task of channeling, and it follows that if one does not review what they have channeled and apply it to their own personal life and development, then why even do the channeling at all? This last question taken within may allow some answers to surface as to what Ra meant when they said that “the usefulness of the training aid becomes negative”.

I am not accusing anyone who channels, I am just pointing out that there are many sides that need to be looked at. A greater spiritual focus and push towards spiritual service doesn’t necessarily = good. So while the below question may seem totally innocuous, is it?

It is one thing to offer people a space to focus their efforts towards spiritual seeking, it is quite another thing to actively encourage it. Unless you personally wish to take upon the Law of Responsibility for the quickened rate of learn/teaching of others? I know I don’t, all good things come in time.

However, even in the short time of this forum opening there have been preliminary efforts made by members to arrange a group meditation and a group project. Hopefully those come to fruition. There are also other spiritually focused working-groups that have similar thoughts to you and are thinking of ways that online community can come together to engage in these sorts of activities in a way that carries a high positive tuning.

If I was to be honest about where my passion for group work (even though I’m not in a position to conduct this as yet due to my current focus being on this forum) is to conduct an internal private study group for members whom have walked far enough along their path to have undergone the appropriate initiations to discuss high magic in experiential and theoretical terms, in the context of the Ra Material. That is just something that I feel I will eventually get to in my life.


Yes, there are many considerations which would need to be balanced and you bring up some good points. First of all, I would enquire, do people feel comfortable doing nothing in this regard? Much effort has gone into this website already, to be sure, and good things will come out of as it stands, I expect.

The simplest form of doing something actively, as I can see it now, would have to do with managing the tone of the website, and this would be more art than science. How to maintain some degree of tuning towards higher frequencies would be the question there. One general way would be additive: invite and encourage as much high vibration usage (whatever you might consider that to be) as possible. Another would be subtractive: trim off as much low vibration usage as possible.

I think a more ambitious approach comes down to that BIG word you mentioned, responsibility. On the one hand a person might feel that their commitment to spiritual growth and service to others compels them to take that responsibility. On the other hand, if they feel tenuous about it, then you’re right to point out that taking on such work and then blowing it off can be deleterious. (By the way, I don’t consider channeling an aid such as a special architectural structure, etc. I regard it as a discipline.)

In short, it would be counterproductive to take on an oversized project, while at the same time the point that a Confederation-oriented website should to some degree be tuned and focused on actively supporting spiritual evolution stands out to me in sharp relief. Are we not here to become lighthouses? When we band together, should we not focus our light and brighten it? Time will tell, I suppose.

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It is not easy to add an useful answer to this topic, because

  • every awakening and every development are individual
  • everyone has a different stage of development
  • an awakening takes place both within fiction and spiritually
  • the awakening takes place in a different order and at a different speed.

It is clear to see how different individuals feel addressed by different methods and paths, so there is no blanket answer to this.
In addition the perspective and methods from outside (time/space) are different than within an incarnation (space/time).

Looking at the chaos at this time on this planet, i would say everything is helpful, that helps an individual to wake up and to come out of the sinkhole of indifference.


I love this, as this is exactly how I feel. I can find a way to learn from every situation I experience for my own spiritual growth and development. As an example, yesterday, we went to renew our car insurance, and for some reason, every time we do so, ICBC has problems with their computer system. This first addressed an issue with our society’s reliance upon technology and how inefficient technology can actually affect our lives. Our need to be technologically advanced has actually caused so much separation. These days, you do not even need to talk to another human being to get stuff done. Just going into the office gave me interaction with many other selves, which I in turn, learned from those interactions.

An address change and renewal ended up taking over an hour. The lady helping us thanked us endlessly for being so patient, but we were not bothered by having to wait, even with a 2 year old who was testing his voice the whole time. I told her “Things will get done when they are done, there is no need to be impatient.” And she is like “I love that attitude!” There is a patience issue in this city, as people are always extra grateful when you show them patience and understanding, as opposed to the several here who get belligerent and grumpy when things are not done on their schedule. Even from that situation, I was able to assess a lot about how this city functions, what issues this city has (the impatience is noticeable in all aspects of life here), what sort of behaviour other selves may experience from others than cause specific reactions to that particular situation.

I am reminded of this quote also:

Q’uo - May 18, 2005
If you begin to receive bleed-through memories, especially within the dreaming, then you will know that your higher self has seen fit to begin informing you concerning experiences that you have had in past experiences of incarnation. And you can then ask yourself how this information might be helpful in grasping a current situation or in observing a certain pattern of thought that you have observed about yourself and are attempting to penetrate so that you may evolve as a spirit.

Basically that says to me, that your higher self will know when you need to learn something in particular in order to further evolve, so if you stay in a practice of connecting to your higher self, through meditation, dreams, contemplation, etc, you will always be given what you are needed to be given at an organic pace for your own growth. I say organic in a sense of what is organic to you. Do you feel more comfortable learning slowly and carefully? Or do you enjoy the intensity of quick learning and integration? It might be organic to you to rapidly grow, and it may be organic to you to grow more carefully and precisely.

As a last note, the Ra material and the conscious channelings mention frequently that they have to overgeneralize their information because there is actually no way to address every individual situation for why they are here, what they are here to learn, and how that learning shall occur. It seems the pattern aspect of life extends out beyond space/time into time/space, as it seems there is a pattern to each and every thing that occurs, and studying those patterns gives you a lot to learn/teach from. We all have a learning pattern that we follow, and trying to compare one to another is virtually impossible, especially behind the veil, as this is not the density of understanding.


I missed this. Is it discussed in a thread?

I missed it too, if that’s any consolation.

I’ve tried to tag threads discussing projects with the “project” tag.

I have been contacted by the local seekers in my province to have a local, mixed in with a remote, meditation circle, maybe this is what Louise was mentioning?


Those in Vancouver were discussing it, also the Ra AI project. Definitely a unique way to study the material that I would be interested in seeing happen.

Separation instead of community is the target.

What you have written is only the beginning.
The plan is a digital ID for each individuum, bound to an single financial account together with a social scoring.
Everything will be rated, judged and executed automatically by computers, no need of human interaction, evaluation and intervention - errors inclusive, they will be defined as guilt of the person.

Besides, here is a nice article for the roots of right.

Your experience of an “uninvolved” observer is well known to me.