Time Lateral, Quarantine & The Guardians

I have been reading through the channelings/Law of One and was drawn to a bunch that talked about the time lateral we were put on as a result of the difficult position we had ended up in on Earth due to outside influences and infringement of free will. This is what I pieced together so far.

First, Mars makes their planet inhabitable for the third density physical vehicle, they are genetically manipulated by the by the guardians of their planet, and are some of the first entities seeded on Earth. This is considered an infringement on free will, so the quarantine is put into place on planet Earth.

Then, in trying to help the planet, groups are sent to Atlantis, South America, and Egypt.

Atlantis sinks, South America uses Law of One teachings to include things like blood sacrifices, and Egypt uses Law of One teachings to form elitist groups for more power and control in the form of government.

What they teach to these groups is used to still used in how people are to this very day, and these failed experiments caused a stricter quarantine to be place on the planet as well as moving us into a “time lateral.”

This channeling refers to the stricter quarantine and the time lateral further:

What I have pieced together through these channelings and a lot more I have not included so you do not need to read a novel to enjoy this thread, is the following:

Our solar system is having a lot of difficulties. Maldek blew themselves up, Mars scorched their planet, and Earth has turned into an experiment planet with a lot of mixed results, but also have almost blown themselves up multiple times. Guardians are infringing upon free will of entities, high density entities are misjudging the populations readiness for spiritual enlightenment, and it got so bad they had to create a parallel reality in order to give us more opportunities to turn away from violence and towards the love of the One Infinite Creator. This isn’t even including the rest of the logos, as there are a lot of books published talking about various races from other star systems, such as the Orion constellation, where entities were at least as equally bellicose.

I think this time lateral explains why there are “conspiracy theories” (I dislike this term greatly) about this being a prison planet and about how we are stuck in a reincarnation trap. It just makes sense that that particular vibration would be sensed and misinterpreted by one who does not understand why that feeling would be there in a spiritual sense.

Maybe this is all a way of saying that the veil of forgetting was a bad idea? Or, that making any planet an experiment out of desperation is also a very bad thing. Not a mistake, but full of a lot of surprises as Ra would say. Seriously though, this logos has some issues. Apparently this time lateral experiment has been far more successful then the other attempts to help, but sometimes the energy of this place says something entirely different to me.

I conclude with this final channeling:


The second question is: “In such a vast Milky Way, did the time lateral experiment happen in other planets before? If so, are the results always positively successful?”


We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. Such experiments have occurred from time to time in the past and the results have been checkered.

There is, perhaps, nearly an even division between those experiments in which the various groupings of entities upon the planet turned from strife to a more unified view of the planetary population as one tribe and those that were not able to achieve graduation in either polarity.

Some of those experiments succeeded. There have been other attempts at, shall we say, cleaning up the energies of an entire planetary system where it was not possible to bring entities into one united spiritual being that could be called a social complex.

The difference in planet Earth’s experiment is that the sub-Logos chose an experiment which was extremely rich in the full play and travel of free will, so that the veil was quite thick and almost impenetrable. This heavy veiling and full play of free will has resulted in entities turning not to the Creator but to their own intellects and to their own abilities to find solutions to what they perceive as challenges or problems.

In previous experiments, the veil was thinner because there was not so heavy a veiling and there was not so much free will. The nature of third-density entities upon your planet is, therefore, somewhat more primitive or has a tendency to remain primitive longer than on planetary experiments where the veil has been thinner and it has been more obvious to entities, by virtue of the thinning of the veil, that all are one.

In the absence of any hint from the outer world that all entities are one interconnected being, the tendency has been, upon planet Earth during this cycle, for entities to find reasons to separate rather than unite and to disagree and come to embattlement rather than seeking with all diligence for points of commonality that become a consensus for gradual and global change. At this point, we can say that the probability is that your experiment shall, to some extent, be successful.

The outcome which those of negative polarity in higher densities would like to have occur upon planet Earth is that the majority of entities upon planet Earth decide that they are only safe and in proper spiritual alignment if they can live in fear and continuously find enemies to fight in order to express the feelings of winning the day and controlling what is seen as available sources of power, and we mean this not only physically but also metaphysically.

If a planetary social complex became involved in what you could call a “knot of fear,” then they might voluntarily choose not to rejoin the main track. This would mean that this particular planet would be locked in a permanent third-density cycle without the third-density energy needed to progress. This would make this planet a slave planet in which entities fought and suffered endlessly and created food for the fifth-density entities who have long eyed this planet with greed and the hope of conquest.

Again, we cannot know the outcome of that which is completely at your free will. We can only tell you that the probability/possibility vortices have greatly opened in a favorable way within the past generation or half century of this planet’s history. Things look hopeful, shall we say, that the rapidly increasing awareness of the need to choose a better way than strife for relating to one’s fellow beings is needed. And as this realization spreads and as the hunger for true peace, union and love among all people grows, there is very likely to be a positive outcome at the end of this time lateral.



What examples do you have?

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Well to start, this was in the original post:

I am Ra. The Law of One was named by these Guardians as the bringing of the wisdom of the Guardians in contact with the entities from the Red Planet, thus melding the social memory complex of the Guardian race and the Red Planet race. It, however, took an increasing amount of distortion into the application of the Law of One from the viewpoint of other Guardians, and it is from this beginning action that the quarantine of this planet was instituted, for it was felt that the free will of those of the Red Planet had been abridged.

Also this:

So at the start of this 75,000-year cycle we know that the quarantine was set up. I am assuming then that the Guardians were aware of the infringements on free will that would occur if they didn’t set this up at that time and therefore did it. This— Is this correct?

I am Ra. This is partially incorrect. The incorrectness is as follows: those entities whose third-density experience upon your Red Planet was brought to a close prematurely were aided genetically while being transferred to this third density. This, although done in a desire to aid, was seen as infringement upon free will. The light quarantine which consists of the Guardians, or gardeners as you may call them, which would have been in effect thus was intensified.

And some back story:

Q’uo - May 21, 2006
We shall tell you a story about a series of populations that arrives at Earth for the purpose of joining in the experience of sharing third density with those few people who actually graduated as natives from second-density Earth to the third density Earth.

The first and the largest of these populations was that of Mars. The entities of Mars had made some decisions in the practice of governments upon their planet which resulted in the nature of the surface of their planet changing from a planet which was relatively hospitable to third-density physical vehicles to a planet which was not at all hospitable to third-density vehicles. They were not able to finish the cycle of the Density of Choice in third density upon Mars.

The Guardians of this planet went before the Council of Saturn and asked for permission to move that population to Earth. The second-density vehicles available for physical use upon planet Earth at that time were late second-density great-ape bodies, which the guardians felt might be improved upon by articulating facial features a bit more carefully, by altering the set of the body so it would be able to stand upright, and by improving the dexterity of the physical vehicle, especially in the hands. And by creating a larger capacity within the mind that came with that biological species. In essence they created a new and improved great-ape body which looked a good deal like the one you are now enjoying.

The Guardians at that time found, within the space of several hundreds of your years, that they had made what they considered an error in creating the new and improved version of the great ape body used by the denizens from Mars and thereafter used by entering souls from planet Earth or from elsewhere, simply because it was indeed a new and improved physical vehicle that looked like it would be handier to use to the entering souls and their guidance systems.

The Guardians’ mistake was in creating better physical vehicle with the attitude that these physical vehicles were better and that the people that inhabited those physical vehicles were special. Naturally, the Guardians were very fond of the incoming population and felt great love for them, as they were placing them carefully and gently upon planet Earth to take up again their search for love.

What they did not anticipate was that the people themselves would feel that they were special. They were aware that their intellect [was more powerful] than other great-ape species that inhabited the Earth at that time. They felt privileged and special. And they created within themselves an attitude of “better than.”

The energy of the beings from the Red Planet was naturally somewhat progressive and fiery. They had demonstrated this aggression, this ability to wage war on their home planet and had succeeded in destroying the surface of it as an acceptable environment for third-density life. They carried these biases with them into third density upon this planet.

They did exactly what Ra did in Egypt, they misjudged the plantary populations ability to intergrate the Law of One with love and integrity.


What is wrong with our solar system? :sweat_smile:
One planetary sphere exploded, another ended up not being habitable… Here on earth, the harvest success rate is low, some continents have collapsed and the planet has been quarantined…

I don’t really understand why requests for incarnation on earth are so successful, considering all this, plus the chance of being vaporized by a nuclear weapon, when according to Ra, carries disastrous effects far worse than a simple death.


Let me say this in a very non-spiritual way.


Yes @Jonathan I posted a meme. Please get over it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


EDIT: Some further Q’uo quotes below this post have convinced me it is indeed the Guardians who were seen to be infringing. Leaving my original post here (that I no longer agree with).

While I understand why the OP concluded the Guardians were the ones who were infringing, read in context of a lot of other Law of One Ra answers involving the “quarantine”, it’s the Orion group that was felt to be infringing, and the Guardians enacted and enforced the quarantine after permission from the Council:

16.1 Questioner: As I ask questions, there will unfortunately be [inaudible] I think the direction I wish to go investigating the Law of One. However, I have ideas in mind of some questions [inaudible]. They may be stupid questions; I don’t know, but [inaudible]. [Inaudible] trying to construct a complete, unbiased book about the Law of One, one which itself takes into account the Law of One. I hope that you [inaudible] ridiculous.

I would like to ask, considering the free will distortion of the Law of One, how can the Guardians quarantine the Earth? Is this quarantine within the free will distortion?

Ra: I am Ra. The Guardians guard the free will distortion of the mind/body/spirit complexes of third density on this planetary sphere. The events which require activation of quarantine were interfering with the free will distortion of mind/body/spirit complexes.

16.2 Questioner: I may be wrong, but it seems to me that it would be the free will of, say the Orion group, to interfere. How is this balanced against the other concept you just gave?

Ra: I am Ra. The balancing is from dimension to dimension. The attempts of the so-called Crusaders to interfere with free will are acceptable upon the dimension of their understanding. However, the mind/body/spirit complexes of this dimension you call third form a dimension of free will which is not able to, shall we say, recognize in full, the distortions towards manipulation. Thus, in order to balance the dimensional variances in vibration, a quarantine was set up, this being a balancing situation whereby the free will of the Orion group is not stopped but given a challenge. Meanwhile, the third-density group is not hindered from free choice.

16.3 Questioner: Could these windows that occur… let the Orion group come through once in a while… does this have anything to do with this free will distortion?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

16.4 Questioner: Could you tell me how that works?

Ra: I am Ra. The closest analogy would be a random number generator within certain limits.

16.5 Questioner: What is the source of this random number generator? Is it created by the Guardians to balance their guarding? Or is it a source other than the Guardians?

Ra: I am Ra. All sources are one. However, we understand your query. The window phenomenon is an other-self phenomenon from the Guardians. It operates from the dimensions beyond space/time in what you may call the area of intelligent energy. Like your cycles, such balancing, such rhythms are as a clock striking. In the case of the windows, no entities have the clock. Therefore, it seems random. It is not random in the dimension which produces this balance. That is why we stated the analogy was within certain limits.

16.6 Questioner: Then this window balancing prevents the Guardians from reducing their positive polarization by totally eliminating the Orion contact through shielding. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. In effect, the balancing allows an equal amount of positive and negative influx, this balanced by the mind/body/spirit distortions of the social complex. Thus in your particular planetary sphere, less negative, as you would call it, information or stimulus is necessary than positive due to the somewhat negative orientation of your social complex distortion.

16.7 Questioner: In this way, total free will is balanced so that the individual may have an equal opportunity to choose service to others or service to self. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

16.8 Questioner: This is a profound revelation, I believe, in the Law of Free Will. Thank you.

This is a minor question further to make an example of this principle, but if the Confederation landed on Earth, they would be taken as gods, breaking the Law of Free Will and thus reducing their polarization towards service to all. I assume that the same thing would happen if the Orion group landed. How would this affect their polarization towards service to self if they were able to land and became known as gods?

Ra: I am Ra. In the event of mass landing of the Orion group, the effect of polarization would be strongly towards an increase in the service to self, precisely the opposite of the former opportunity which you mentioned.


Very interesting and compelling compilation! Thank you for sharing. :slight_smile:

I think it is very helpful to understand our history so we may learn from it and make wiser decisions in our future. Perhaps the greatest lesson I observe is to remember the power of free will both to create much joy (the archetype of Heaven) but also to create great suffering (the archetype of Hell).

It is our choices that define our destiny and not our history, but the only place/event we can change our choices is now. Perhaps with focus in the now to faithfully choose to seek our preferred archetype again and again, we can arrive in that archetype as our every now experience. And as we experience it, we can teach others who wish to learn to experience it as well.

The exercise is to consciously seek that love in awareness and understanding distortions. The first attempt is the cornerstone. Upon this choosing rests the remainder of the life-experience of an entity. The second seeking of love within the moment begins the addition. The third seeking powers the second, the fourth powering or doubling the third. As with the previous type of empowerment, there will be some loss of power due to flaws within the seeking in the distortion of insincerity. However, the conscious statement of self to self of the desire to seek love is so central an act of will that, as before, the loss of power due to this friction is inconsequential.


What would it take for us to love now? Marieme - Love Now (Lyric Video) - YouTube


No I have to disagree politely, as I think you are taking your posted Law of One quote out of context. The Orion group being able to influence them with an unfair balance of offerings of negative influences over positive was a consequence of the genetic manipulation that was done to their physical vehicles, making them think they were special, therefore automatically swaying their choice more to the negative polarity as a result. This is not a balanced offering of choice, which is why it’s seen as an infringement of free will. That is how they infringed on their free will. The quarantine was set in place afterwards, because they became targets to the Orion group as a result of their interference on their physical vehicles.

Q’uo - March 21, 2006
This nest or web of actions is basically the end result of the Guardians, 75,000 years ago, making too many improvements on physical vehicles and creating pride and arrogance as a birthright of the new and improved human species. You may still see those energies playing themselves out in your Earth world at this time.

They didn’t quarantine the planet because of the Orion group. The quarantine created windows of opportunity for them to go through as a result of the quarantine.

Q’uo - March 15, 2008
There are many other kinds of entities who seek to speak with the people of planet Earth, or who seek to influence their decisions. The so-called Orion empire is a kind of confederation of those who are negatively polarized and who are responding to the call of those who wish to graduate in negative polarity into fourth density. Insofar as they come in through the windows of opportunity that are part of the just and appropriate quarantine of planet Earth, they fully intend to infringe upon free will and therefore do not have any ethical considerations to hamper them as they offer their own thoughts for humans of negative polarity who wish to become harvestable in that polarity.

We are those of Q’uo, and believe we understand your query, my brother. It is so that as a planetary population becomes ready to be harvested, it calls for inspiration in such a way that those entities who are sympathetic to that call will come and visit. However, it is unusual for a planet so near to harvest to have visitations from both positive and negative sources. It is more common to see this pattern at the beginning of a major cycle.

By the second minor cycle there is usually the beginning of a planetary choice for the positive or negative polarity. With your planet, contrariwise, the majority of those choosing at all upon your planet have indeed chosen the positive polarity. There is far more positive energy upon your planet than negative. However, there is enough negative-polarity energy to create a dual call, both positive and negative. This has blurred and confused the situation, since instead of having one concerted planetary surge towards the light or towards the darkness, there is this continuing dynamic betwixt the light and the darkness as entities approach graduation.

Therefore, your planetary sphere is anomalous in having dual visitation. And the anomaly is serious enough that this entire planet has been, as we have said before, quarantined for this major cycle in order to attempt to regulate the mix of contact so that those of negative polarity are able to communicate with entities upon planet Earth only at certain randomized intervals.

I believe this says that because of the genetic manipulations, the quarantine was put in place in order to re-balance the offerings of positive and negative influence. I think the genetic manipulations is where it started. The negative influence could be a result to more negative callings coming from the entities who were genetically manipulated into thinking they were superior. Therefore one thing led to another, and to another, and here we now are. :woman_shrugging:t3:


I haven’t read much Q’uo, and indeed those Q’uo quotes indicate that it was the Guardians that were infringing. I’ve edited my earlier post to indicate I don’t agree with what I said, thank you.

On the line of thought that it seems like Logos is kind of “messing up” with this solar system, given Maldek being blown up, Mars’ surface rendered uninhabitable, and Earth having some trouble, I too have thought the same thing. This reality is just a brief one in the evolution of the spirit, so it’s probably viewed as no big deal experiment, and apparently better than what was before without any veil with its glacially slow progress.


The Wachowskis really understand what’s going on. They also made a show called Sense 8, which is basically a social memory complex of 8 people who can share all experiences, skills, language, etc. It’s very action-y like The Matrix, but it does simulate what it would be like to be a part of a small social memory complex through shared experiences, emotions, feelings, skills, etc. Thank you for sharing this. I personally believe anything made in media can be channeled in a sense from a higher version of yourself. I think that is why there is so much media that relates to these real issues. I started re-watching season one of Mr Robot tonight and that show reminds me deeply of all these issues at play in the world today. It’s a little unnerving how accurate they are.


Thanks for this compilation!

You have already written a summary:

I recognize the first time that Q’uo is speaking about “time laterals”.
Maybe i will open a topic what this should be exactly?

Is a “time lateral” an existing “parallel reality”, or is a “time lateral” only a possibility for another development?
In the New Age often “time line” is used and they are speaking about it, as if they exist parallel and you are able to change between.

This phrasing is much more familiar relating to Ra and the Q’uo.
For my part a probability/possibility makes much more sense in an environment bound to linear time than a “time lateral”.
“Lateral” has not the same meaning as “line”, so maybe this is just another phrasing for an “probability/possibility vortice”?


This is an interesting idea, but my understanding is that the matrix films focus on a fictional world that will keep us away from an real life.

From my feeling time is somehow elastic and indeed it runs faster within the fiction.

Yes - I can see this AI machine driving the world to keep the people in a loop of work, money, rivalry, war and desire for it. There is no extra “physical layer” needed like in the matrix films.

That’s what i try to say - the fiction only happen in the head.
When i am in a city i can see it like Neo walking in the matrix.

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There’s only one “h” in my name and, don’t worry, I am soooo over it. ha ha

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I fixed it. Forgive me, It’s been a very long week. :stuck_out_tongue: Monday/Tuesday is my weekend.

It’s no big deal, it just meant I didn’t get the notification and didn’t see it for a day or two.

I just read about this the other day and now can’t find it, but I recall Ra saying that the point was to slow down our experience of time–in some sense–to give a maximal amount of the experience of time in which to make The Big Choice. So, it’s not about a New Age time line, but delaying the deadline for choosing.


Channeling about the Time Lateral Concept

This is the entire answer to their question past their usual greeting and warning of taking what you need and leaving the rest behind. I thought it could add some extra insights to this topic.

Q’uo - December 19, 2005
You ask this day concerning the nature of the time lateral that we have talked about previously with this group. The creation of such a shunt or rail for an alternate track along space/time within your local sector, which you call your solar system, was created for the same kind of reason that a railroad switching station would employ shunts or lateral track systems to hold trains that have, for one reason or another, lost their initial engine. The formation of this sidetrack is that which is created to be precisely parallel to the main track of the solar system which is now finishing an important part of its evolution through its own part of the densities of creation. It was intended to last until your year, approximately 1998. It was provided with the opportunity to link back to the main track of your solar system’s development at that time.

Because of the energies of groups such as yours and many others across your planetary sphere, the ability of this shunt or time lateral to maintain traffic across the normal boundaries of your solar system’s and your planet’s development [has been enhanced.]

There have been energies which have been called forth amongst many of those upon your planet who have been inspired to help in the goal of maintaining the openness of this reconnection point which this instrument feels comfortable calling a bridge. It is a bit easier for us to give her images of a bridge and the way that bridges can be closed because of incoming traffic. For instance, if a bridge is across a river and is split in the middle, it may raise up and allow a tall ship to come through. This is the basic situation with your shunt at this time. It is on the verge of becoming time to raise that bridge and to allow other traffic and other energies to pass athwart or in such a way that that bridge cannot endure.

And let us be specific concerning the nature of this time lateral. It is not a time lateral that concerns the planet as a whole. The planet as a whole is unimpeded in its entry into fourth density. The energies of a living third-density system have been encouraged to continue for the approximate ten to twelve years further that this shunt can stay physically open in terms of space/time. This is to say that, by the energies of unconditional love which are generated by the prayers, meditations and visualizations of groups such as this one, the bridge or reconnection point has been maintained for those who would wish to awaken and make their choice of polarity by the date which has been set as the last possible date to keep this connection point open, which, as we have said before and still find to be true, is the date of the winter solstice of the year 2012.

This cannot be said to be precise. It is not known to us just when the last entity will be able to cross that bridge. The choice of many entities is involved in maintaining such a bridge. And indeed the traffic across the bridge of those who awaken and make their choice also has its part in keeping the bridge open until the last possible moment. The more traffic upon that bridge and the more guardians who stand watch along the bridge, holding and anchoring the incoming light of fourth density on the one hand, and acknowledging, honoring and blessing the waning light of third density on the other hand, the fuller the harvest may be. This is the entire core of the exercise of creating this time lateral.

Let us talk to a certain extent about this time lateral and how it came to be necessary. As the ones known as P and B are far more aware than this instrument, there is a separation that is inevitable between higher and lower energies. As fourth density has now completely interpenetrated [third density] and is as active as third density and indeed gaining in energy while third density wanes, the vibration of each of the entities upon planet Earth becomes more and more critical in terms of being able to physically remain viable and functional within the third-density energy that is so heavily overarched and under-girded with the interpenetrating fourth-density energy.

In this environment, third-density entities who have not made their choice become buffeted by the energies that are crashing upon your planet in waves at this time. These waves are all perfectly normal and completely benign: they are a part of the awakening of the morning of the fourth-density day. Nevertheless, these energies have the side effect for the people of the planet of encouraging polarity. If there is a slight choice for service to others, it creates enhanced opportunities to make deeper and firmer choices of service to others and the same is true for those who are service to self. There are increasing and markedly more attractive or seductive opportunities to choose the ways of service to self.

For those who do not wish to make either choice, there is the life[-style] lived precisely as the fifth-density entities who are enthusiastic about maintaining this time lateral wish to keep in place.

So on the one hand you have a well-meaning set of guardians of your planet who, gazing at the difficult time that your planetary tribe has had in achieving graduation, chose to create an enhanced opportunity for a last-ditch effort, shall we say. Wanderers came forward, some of whom have been here for fifty of your years, some forty, some thirty, and so forth. In addition you have entities who have come in the last twenty years or so who are approaching this problem from the fourth-density angle, sending entities such as the one known as P, who have certain activation within fourth density as well as having third-density activated energy. These entities also are those who would wish to maintain this opportunity for the harvesting of as many entities as possible before the time literally runs out.

On the other hand, you have opportunistic entities of a negative polarity from fifth density who have discovered that there is a characteristic of this planet which is unusual and of which they may take advantage. They are busily doing that and have been doing so for some of your time.

The situation about which we speak is this: as we have said before, the planetary population is made up not only of those entities who are native to your planet. For the most part and for the great majority, your planetary population [consists] of those who have been imported from other failed third-density planetary cycles. Many of those upon your planet, then, are those who have either destroyed their planet completely through acts of war using advanced technology or are those who have for one reason or another been unable to finish out their normal cycles upon their native earths. Therefore, you have adopted each other as a kind of mixed bag, shall we say, of many differing planetary origins.

This means that you have the attempt to integrate many differing subconscious or archetypical systems of looking at and structuring information. You do not have a homogeneous population. You have a population that has enormous difficulty in communicating because of the great variety of those groups, speaking in terms of planetary origins, among its tribe.

Nevertheless, the entire gamble of Earth in third density was to see if such a polyglot group of entities could mold themselves into a tribe [with] all embracing planet Earth, all becoming aware of their true situation as regards the need to make a choice of service to others or service to self, and all having a great desire to restore or reconstitute the planet Earth where there was a group karma, shall we say, to be balanced, as so many entities had been involved actively in previous planets where, by their own choices, the planet was damaged, as in the case of Mars, or completely destroyed, as in the case of Maldek.

The first and perhaps the most disastrous of the experiments of rebuilding the tribe of Earth and creating or recreating a level of technology which was well remembered by many entities from previous planetary experiences was that of Atlantis. In this pattern’s outworking, those within Atlantis came to power at a time when their technology had grown sufficiently to offer the opportunity for advanced applications such as crystal technology.

These leaders, instead of embracing the ideals of service to others, embraced what can perhaps be called the path of conditional service. This is a path of service to self which is overlaid heavily by the rhetoric of service to others. It is a situation which initially was innocent. Those involved did not see that rather than polarizing fully service to others there was a good deal of rationalizing and sophistic thinking which justified exceptions to various rules of ethics and [which] involved infringing upon the free will of entities which were considered less valuable or intelligent than others.

This pattern of exclusion and manipulation of entities considered as lesser is the initial point of departure from service-to-others polarity.

Because of these choices, eventually those who had previously created disasters on other planetary spheres created the first disaster upon the sphere of Earth, sinking the continent known as Atlantis. The wise and the clever—that is, those polarized positively and those polarized negatively—managed to remove themselves to other continents in sufficient number that these energies never left your planetary vibration. And if you will examine your written history, you may see a pattern of empire: its building, its maintenance, and its eventual and inevitable destruction, played out again and again.

Into the pattern of this repetitive, self-destructive behavior among the population of planet Earth came those who were watching for the opportunity to present itself to make use of this time lateral. For if entities such as your group are unable to clear the population of your planet from this lateral, there are ways in which the negatively-oriented entities have every hope of keeping the time lateral viable. It would no longer be attached to the main track. That opportunity shall soon be closed. Nevertheless, those that believe that they are in the appropriate place for themselves could choose to remain not polarized either positively or negatively but simply as those who would remain on third-density Earth as it reverts to late second density.

These entities would no longer be enlivened by third-density entities who have the power of free will that could make the choice of service to self or service to others. They would be instinctual, great-ape-type beings who look like you do because that is the genetic pool that now exists upon planet Earth. However, these entities would simply be slaves of a kind that spent their lives living a life much as you now experience it: a life without a good deal of variety, a life that is not concerned with coming into harmony as a planetary system but is only concerned with the tribe of its family and its clan, with protecting the resources of that family and clan, and of defending that family and clan.

What the fifth-density entities, which you may call, as this instrument has jokingly done, “space pirates,” have in mind is simply to have a continuing harvest of food, that food being fear. You may see [the creation of an atmosphere of fear] in your governmental systems in your present culture. Indeed, we find from this instrument’s mind there have been several conversations concerning this precise point recently among those who sit within this circle.

The goal, therefore, of those who wish to aid planet Earth at this time is firstly to express the situation of the choice, without concern for numbers but only with concern for making an appropriate effort to, as this instrument would say, get the word out globally; to share the information of the Confederation as regards this being the density of choice and there being time yet for making that choice.

A secondary effort at this time, but one which will grow increasingly stronger and which will, within the next several of your years, become more important by far than alerting the population of this planet, is the concern for the planet itself. For there are many, many entities upon this planet whose route or road to realization of their true situation involves becoming aware of and responsive to the sad plight of the planet itself and the fact that your culture and your way of life are gradually destroying the viability of this planet.

The desire to change this pattern is a key to the activation of the will to choose in many entities whose energies are unconsciously but deeply involved with connecting with restitution and the energies of stewardship and unconditional love, not so much to the people of the planet as to the planet itself.

That is the situation as we know it with the time lateral at this time. It is not a situation that will endure. We would, however, emphasize that there is no serious disturbance that is even possible to be balanced, either of the planet or of the solar system. There is in progress a desperate gamble on the part of negative entities, as we had mentioned before, to attempt to hijack the time lateral.

Getting information more globally available is the best means of creating a balance to the situation that makes it impossible for this gamble to work. The best help the negative entities have, however, is not negative entities as much as it is the deep sleep of those who are unawakened at this time. It is to the interest of the negative entities that that sleep be continued as untroubled and peaceful as possible.

Energies such as your religious bodies and what this instrument calls the “religious right,” those entities who lean heavily upon dogma and whose teachings are based on fear and judgment, are the leaders of the pack in maintaining the lack of choice among entities who indeed have translated spirituality into a religiosity in which the concern is simply to belong to the appropriate pack and to be a part of that pack by following blindly any directives given by the leaders of that group.

We realize that gazing at this situation, there is the possibility of creating within oneself an easy and seductive anger, or even rage. We would encourage each of you to take this entire situation lightly, to let it slide off your back. This is not a burden for you to pick up. This is not something for which you can be responsible or over which you have any control.

What you have, in terms of your ability to serve at this time, is primarily your own deepening awareness of what it is to choose; what it is to choose so deeply that the rest of your life becomes a joy. What it is to choose so completely that there is no longer the need to spend time questioning whether faith is the answer, whether service is the answer, or whether one particular kind of service is better than another, and so forth. When the choice for service to others has been absolute, there is a knowing that comes. It is a knowing that transcends planning. It is a knowing that includes the awareness that you really do not have control over anything but your own desires, your own will, and your own persistence.

We ask you who wish to serve at this time to look to your own self-awareness and self-knowledge and to be aware and trust completely in the fact that you are part of a web of love. Your work has been effective because you have chosen the very difficult path of working in groups. The energy of the group and the energy of groups of such groups is now that which is challenged to undertake what this instrument has called a new paradigm.

What is that new paradigm, you may ask. But it is not for us to answer the question. It is for you. It is certainly not building upon anything that has been seen before, for the old ways have failed. Yet there stirs within the hearts of so many the sure and absolute knowledge that there is a way to create harmony, power and balance once again at the dusk and the evening of third density. This instrument is fond of saying that she likes to leave a room tidy when she leaves it, as good as it was when she came into it or perhaps even better. That is your work at this time.

You are those who stand as guardians and anchors of light, holding that bridge open, and, by your vibrations and your thoughts, radiating the love and the light of the infinite Creator with your own coloration out into the ambient atmosphere. You are an agent of infection. You are infecting people with the highest and the best of your love. Witness your opportunity to offer your love. You will find, as you attempt to do this, that there is resistance down every path. This is inevitable and ever more inevitable at this fairly radical and extreme point at the end of your cycle that you are now experiencing.


Thank you for posting this channeling i did not notice and read before!

Thanks - that’s interesting.
This has happen before the time of the harvest 2012. :thinking:

And it seems that the effects can be divided among the densities.

This explains the ever increasing polarity that can be perceived.

This explains this great chaos that can be observed.

That’s really hard, because it shows that this is really like a zoo experiment.
And it is the second state, because the first was Atlantis.

What is soon when this channeling is from 2005?

This part exactly fits to the plans of the New World Order.

Nothing to add here.

But the hope will always die at last …


They were saying 2012 was when it was supposed to end, but they never asked about it again past 2007, so I am unsure if it’s still on a time lateral or not. My guess is we are still on it, but I could be wrong.

Here is one additional channeling about the time lateral:

Q’uo - April 8, 2008
When your mind is on serving the one infinite Creator, then you can slow life back down, because you have a center. You can take the time to dedicate your efforts, no matter how humble or how grand, to the one infinite Creator. And this normalizes your time. It may still go quickly, but you have more of a sense of being there and being an active and conscious part of your own life. Without that center there is a tendency to feel that life has overwhelmed and overtaken you and you can never catch up.

There is another way in which time is being distorted, and we can only touch upon this generally because of this instrument’s lack of knowledge of science, especially physics.

Two densities of Earth are existing simultaneously as they have always. However, up until approximately fifty years ago, by far the more powerful of the two densities that were shaping time/space was the third density, the density you now experience. At about that time, fifty years ago, the fourth-density planet Earth began to activate.

These things come in stages, coming from the very highest realms of manifestation and filtering down through the tree of life, shall we say, to individual galaxies, individual sun systems, and individual planets. But just as the turning of wheel that moves the clock from one o’clock to two o’clock, the hand of time began waking up fourth-density planet Earth, to activate and become, in its turn, the manifesting density of this particular planet.

So, you exist at this time in a between-time, where third density’s energy is all but gone and fourth density’s energy is bursting forth. However, this is still a third-density experience for each of you who is experiencing Earth on what is called a time lateral.

The nearness of fourth density to third at this time means that there is a bleed-through. When one is operating on default third-density values, such as protecting the home and tribe and being the winner and that sort of value, the experience of this intermixing of vibrations is simply a feeling of being weary, cranky, sick or in some way “out of kilter.” Rather than beginning to welcome these fourth-density vibrations they simply seem to be toxic.

The reason for this of course is that entities vibrate at a certain level. It is not a simple matter of the electromagnetic properties of your body. Your thoughts are very powerful and there is a kind of vibration that you create by your thoughts.

When you are tuning your thoughts towards thankfulness, joy and worship, your vibration is moving upwards. Your frequency of vibration is increasing. When you allow thoughts of depression, disappointment, grief, anger, resentment and other such negative emotions to persist in your consciousness, and especially when you allow them to become habitual, you begin to vibrate at a lower rate of vibration. You simply cannot enjoy fourth-density vibrations. They seem to be attacking the body.

Those who are conscious, awake and on the path of spiritual seeking do not feel these vibrations as toxic. They do not feel them as that which makes them sick. However, they may well feel them as challenging. For these vibrations are vibrations of shining truth. They demand truth. They live in truth.


What a lovely passage. Thanks for posting it.

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From a 3rd density perspective I do not know the truth of things, but I believe there is some information from “The Looking Glass / Yellow Box / White Hats” regarding the desperation of the negative entities to avert the direction they so fear.
Every change made to avert the one path, always seems to lead back to the one path. (“That which we resist, persists…” - And that goes for negative entities as well…)

“Of all possible possibilities, there is only one path” this path is what the negative entities do not want. I listen to the words of Noah Yuval Harari and can only assume that what he wants is the opposite of that one path, that one path which I believe is a service to others world. This gives me much hope for the world. [edit: In a way, they will resist themselves out of existence.]