This is a test topic

I am writing a test post. What fun.

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Test is the best - nobody can test enough.

Interesting forum software.
But a little preceptive with questions like

Does your reply improve the conversation?

This post of course not ! :innocent:

Ahh - the post can be edited. That’s good.
And the registration did work either.


tadeus is that you from Bring4th?!

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Where should i get the link, when not from your email. :rofl:

I thought just test it …

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Hey cool, I’m not Jeremy, I’m Louise. I’m just building out the site. Thanks for coming over, I thought I was all alone here :sweat_smile:

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Hello Louise.
We are never alone - we are One.

Besides a “Social_Memory_Admin” would be really perfect in this illusion.


:rofl: Indeed! Do have a look around so far, feel free to make suggestions. I think we’re pretty close to launch.

This forum software seems to work good and intuitive.

The main question for a launch is if i shall share the link to it in the forum of bring4th?
Then it would be good when the categories and topics with the most posts would be mirrored here (Not the content, only the structure).

Yeah, that would be great if you could share it once we launch.

I can do it now - i don’t think that really many users will directly register.
I would write that this forum is active and still in configuration, but already usable.

So there will be maybe more ideas and proposals if there are some more users …

I would check with Jeremy first as he runs the server.

I already answered his email with the question.

Tomorrow will be a day to do it too …

I did wonder how to make a quotation.
It is nice just to mark a text.

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Hey, learn something new everyday. Thanks for letting me know. We should be ready soon. Maybe in 24 hours hopefully.

O.K. Waiting for your go.

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Here is a nice introduction with tips and tricks for discourse:

I did not read all for myself, but this can maybe added as hint for new users.