This board needs

A “view first unread” feature (clickable icon) for each thread.

A “view my posts” icon would be useful for following specific conversations.

Also, a clickable icon for “return to forum home page” should be at the bottom of every page of every thread.


A way to preview new posts before posting would be helpful.

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When you click on “Unseen” then you can select over the numbers the “unread posts”.


The admins could enable something close to what you ask in Discourse, by adding the “unread” feature in the bar.

The other thing is that when you click a topic (thread) it auto brings you to the latest unread post (unread by you).

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@Patrick Is there a difference between unread and unseen?

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Yes, the unread only displays threads you are following already for which there are new posts.


Thanks for all the suggestions. I’ve added Unread and My Posts to the main menu.

When a thread is opened it should automatically scroll to the first unread post. We can look into getting an icon for it as well.

I agree that this would improve the usability of the site. It’s currently not something I can do, so will take a little longer to get sorted.


You can already do this by clicking on the “home” icon. The default Discourse icon for this is indeed a House icon. :wink:


Great work everybody!


Just wondering, no real need just a thought,
Does clicking a link intentionally do it on the same webpage, or is it intended to open a link in a new tab?
My query is just for link stats, as I am not sure if the user “opens link in new tab” is it the same statistically as clicking the link. I hope my distortion is clear enough.
More importantly:
I love this website and the people in it, I am very, very grateful. Without L/L and the offshoots that have become, I would have no communication of this type of connection. It is a real blessing…

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Go to your profile and click on Preferences then on Interface. See what you have marked under Other. Is it checked or unchecked to “Open all external links in a new tab”

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Super! I didn’t realize I was given the power all along, it was right there under my nose…
Thank you.

This is also something the admins (@Jeremy) can change for all users, as in change the default setting to open in another tab for new users (and for existing users if they wish too).