The use of optional tags

When opening a new topic then optional tags can be used.
But it seems not to be possible to type and add words there.

Any ideas how to use this feature in a sensefull way?

I can create tags. Any suggestions for what words I should use?

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I would suggest general terms like

  • Ra
  • Q’uo
  • confederation of planets
  • channeling
  • spiritual
  • fictional
  • meditation
  • tarot
  • chakra
  • conspiration theory

Thanks tadeus, more tags have been made! (Sorry it took a while, I was going to wait for more suggestions), but otherwise, I have made a list that I think makes sense. Cheers.

Do you need more suggestions?

If you go into your profile settings, you can ignore certain tags. This is another way to filter out things that bug you. It appears that you can also assign custom notifications for tags, too.