The source of it

Now i found the source for this software.
Great that it is Opensource!

First i did stumble about the pricing but it is for support only when someone want’s to order it.

Here is the Homepage of Discourse

Discourse is a JavaScript application that runs in your web browser, using the Ember.js framework.

The server side of Discourse is Ruby on Rails backed by a Postgres database and Redis cache. You can deploy our standard Discourse Docker container on any virtualized cloud server (digital ocean, amazon ec2, rackspace, azure) with 1 GB RAM.

Yeah I wouldn’t choose anything without a good open source license. Additionally, I’m a Rails developer by trade so choosing this software allows the possibility for custom extension if I’m crazy enough.

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By the way, Discourse give 85% rebate to non-profit organizations. This makes the option of having them host the environment a little more appealing.

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