The prophesied return of Vedic knowledge

Yesterday I have seen an interesting interview with Armin Risi.

The prophesied return of Vedic knowledge

Biographie & Bibliographie | Armin Risi
1980/81 travels and stays in nature, leaves the Gymnasium directly before the Matura (“in protest against the course of today’s society”)

from the beginning of 1981 until the end of 1998, as a monk for eighteen years, study of the Sanskrit scriptures in Vedic monasteries in Europe and India; during this time, mainly active as a translator, collaboration in the translation of twenty-two works of Sanskrit literature (from English into German)

The two are discussing the actual situation of lies and deception in the world and how this fits to the vedic prophecy.

The vedic scriptures prove that we are in the transition of an age that will end up being dominated by lies and deception. This phase will pass and end, because there will be no energy for it any more.
The assessment of Armin Risi is that the current state can only be maintained for additional 10-15 years (until 2037). (video @ 17:20)

A nice explanation of the interplay between energetic positive and negative phases is given.
The knowledge of wholeness has always existed and will return.

Chapter 2. Who is 8? THis is a good way to view prophecies