The old Egyptian system of power (Maat) in connection with the sun cult of Ra as religion working up to now

This topic/thread is attended to bundle the informations that startet here:

It is about the videos and the material “DAS SYSTEM” made by ILLUMINATI-NEWS TV is ongoing and this is really interesting (but in german so far).
It is much basing on the understanding of religion and history - the core message so far is that the system of government has not changed in principle since the time of Egypt and that the symbolism has been preserved to this day.

In addition much is provided in written form.

Up to now the material has this content:

Chapter 1 Preface (Ignorance)
Chapter 2 The situation
Chapter 3 The right questions
Chapter 4 RELIGION is your life
Chapter 5A Basic Historical Knowledge - The Empire of the Sun Worshippers - (Gaining the Great Knowledge)
Chapter 5B Basic Historical Knowledge
Chapter 5C Basic Historical Knowledge
Chapter 5D Basic Historical Knowledge
Chapter 5E Basic Historical Knowledge
Chapter 5F + Chapter 6A Basic Historical Knowledge + Symbolism
Chapter 6B - Correctly interpreting and understanding symbolism
Chapter 7A Hieroglyphs of the present (focus on the solar hieroglyph of the RA)
Chapter 7B Hieroglyphs of the present (focus on EU)
Chapter 7C Hieroglyphs of the present (focus on FED + UNESCO))
Chapter 7D Hieroglyphs of the present (focus on UN United Nations - King Cult)
Chapter 7E (Addition because of video length) Follows at the beginning Chapter 8
Chapter 8 - The cosmological TRIANGLE of the RA

The complete structure of this documentation was at the time of the first chapters because of the endless extent, as well as the organization and conversion unclear… Thank you for your understanding.

This is written as planning in the future:

Chapter? Antarctic Treaty of the RA
Chapter ? - The worldwide sun cult (probably omitted because of the volume)
All countries (Up to now at least 80 countries prove the affiliation of the sun cult)
“Supplementary learning to understand the system”…
Chapter ?
Chapter ? (Chapter 8 must be shortened since the extent of the data set is no longer
Chapter ? The sun priests of the system - goes along with the fire cult (supplementary)
Chapter ? (attaining wisdom)
Perfect wisdom

Here is an overview over the playtime of the videos and additional there are 176,6 MB informations as pdf in form of the Video Production Template.


The author writes about it:

The complete research, which has now already taken more than 2 years without the subsequent time of the video production, which takes now already approximately one year, and the resulting video production was carried out by Illuminati-News TV.
The author does not belong to any religious sects, mock parties or any kind of denomination.
All information is in all conscience and as neutral as possible. Nevertheless, I give no guarantee of completeness, which was also not possible, since the complete extent would not be more than video to produce. Especially not on my own. Therefore, you dear reader should consider this information as a foundation, independently further research, all information to expand and as a signpost understand.

Copied from this post:

Maat - Wikipedia
Maat represents the ethical and moral principle that all Egyptian citizens were expected to follow throughout their daily lives. They were expected to act with honor and truth in matters that involve family, the community, the nation, the environment, and the god.[15]

Maat as a principle was formed to meet the complex needs of the emergent Egyptian state that embraced diverse peoples with conflicting interests.[16] The development of such rules sought to avert chaos and it became the basis of Egyptian law. From an early period the king would describe himself as the “Lord of Maat” who decreed with his mouth the Maat he conceived in his heart.

The significance of Maat developed to the point that it embraced all aspects of existence, including the basic equilibrium of the universe, the relationship between constituent parts, the cycle of the seasons, heavenly movements, religious observations and good faith, honesty, and truthfulness in social interactions.

Honestly I am not complete sure how to interprete this for the current time.

Moved from this post:

Why this must be considered sinister?

This is only information about history that keeps ongoing.

No one will stop you - you will be welcome by the system.

Conform to the video documentation every religious system is leading back to the sun cult of Ra and has only the purpose to keep the Maat. (This is sometimes very vague to follow.)
The different religious systems were adapted to the actual requirements of the time and mentality.

There is no talk of good or evil in the documentation, only of power and control.

You know about the masonics within the hierachy of the system.

Here is a translation from the text of the documentation regarding Minerva:

Inanna / Ishtar embodies the goddess of sex, love, war, justice and political power.
Inanna in her aspect as Anunītu has been associated with the eastern fish of the last of the zodiac constellations, Pisces.
See the links for examples of the conflations.
Inanna - Wikipedia
Egyptian she corresponds mainly to Nut and her variations Isis, Maat, Neith, Hathor, etc…
So a personification of the mother. Egyptian likeness would be Nut and her consort Geb.
Roman: Venus, Minerva, Justitia etc.
Greek: Aphrodite, Athena etc.
The assignment corresponds also again to a trinity and the most important 7 gods (planets)… Ishtar therefore Venus.

The connections to satanism were not treated.
But Baal is part of the pantheon of the religious world.

That’s what I found in the documentation for Baal:

Baal as Adad (Hadad) - is the god of weather, hurricanes, storms, thunder and of rain, also goes along with Zeus. In the Bible Hadad is several times referred to as a god referred to by unbelievers as being worshipped by Yahweh, the god of the Israelites.
Names of God in Judaism - Wikipedia
In the Book of Exodus, the Israelites worshipped a cult image in the form of a golden calf, and they called it “El (God) the Bull,” which is related to the term Elohim and also to the eponymous Canaanite god or simply connected, simply “El”. “Hathor” also “the Golden” or “mistress of the sky” and “mistress of the stars” is said to dwell with RA and other sun deities dwell in the sky. The counterpart of RA. This also goes with the Capitoline Triad associated with. RA or Amun RA, embodiment of the father, personification of Zeus as king and. Hathor as Minerva, Isis Venus…etc. Personification of the Mother.
Goldenes Kalb – Wikipedia
Hathor - Crystalinks
Hathor - Wikipedia
Baal is related to Hadad with the sun god Utu as brother. Egyptian RA. This again corresponds to Amun-RA. Baal is also referred to as the winged Baʿal.
Greek equivalent of course Zeus, king of the gods.
Roman Jupiter, Nordic Thor, Hindu: Indra etc…
So the H can be interpreted 2-fold. As Hadad and Hamon of Baal Hammon.
H symbolizes thus clearly the father role of Baal, Adad and/or (Hadad).
Assignment likewise trinity as well as the 7 Gods (planets)…like Zeus or Amun RA an indirect embodiment of the sun.

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Basically the stuff of the videos gives new aspects to think about the system we encounter now.
The main purpose of this video documentation is to show that the global system can be traced back to the sun cult of Ra since the Egyptian area.

But the author of this video documentation is not aware of the channeling material from Ra and the Q’uo, so there is an really interesting coincidence with leaving the question who is Ra?

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Part of the pdf documentation is a big template (DAS-SYSTEM_KALENDER_Illuminati_News_TV.pdf).

Here is the part that shows Ra as father and central god of all the other gods:

Ok will power and control is evil, but how does using religious symbolism equate to power and control?

The US government has always used religious symbolism but we usually consider it to be a benevolent democracy, a good system not an evil system

Where does it get evil?

Sorry I don’t speak German, is there an english?

This should to be seen in a different way.
The use of special symbols can be seen in every government, justice or state bank over the world.
This shows that there is an overlying control and the corresponding politics act only under this guidance.

The main symbol is the solar disk, like in this examples:

Look at the picture of the Washington State Capitol, specially the disks on the walls, the round ceiling vault with stylized sunbeams and the window arches:

Here is an example specially comparing an emblem from the US with an old egyptian symbol:


You will find it on every One Dollar Note.

Another great example is the oval office with the central sun circle in the middle as emblem:

or the symbol of the alliance on the mantelpiece and in the curtains in the previous picture:

or the triangle about the doors

You can compare this with the pictures of the Federal Reserve Bank:

The emblem of the Federal Reserve System needs an explanation alone, because there are a mass of details encoded in it.
Like the temple of saturn, alliance, the eagle, the sun disk, …

This video documentation has the intention to show up the global unified connection of control over a really long time and not what is good or bad.

This documentation is quite new and i don’t know if it is planned to translate it.
It is a really mass of material. I am showing the highlights here because it is really interesting.

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Please read this article:


The yellow or red disk-like sun emblem in Egyptian art represents the Eye of Ra. Because of the great importance of the sun in Egyptian religion, this emblem is one of the most common religious symbols in all of Egyptian art.[8] Although Egyptologists usually call this emblem the “sun disk”, its convex shape in Egyptian relief sculpture suggests that the Egyptians may have envisioned it as a sphere.[9] The emblem often appears atop the heads of solar-associated deities, including Ra himself, to indicate their links with the sun. The disk could even be regarded as Ra’s physical form.[8] At other times, the sun god, in various forms, is depicted inside the disk shape, as if enclosed within it.[10] The Egyptians often described the sun’s movement across the sky as the movement of a barque carrying Ra and his entourage of other gods, and the sun disk can either be equated with this solar barque or depicted containing the barque inside it.[9] The disk is often called Ra’s “daughter” in Egyptian texts.[1]

As the sun, the Eye of Ra is a source of heat and light, and it is associated with fire and flames. It is also equated with the red light that appears before sunrise, and with the morning star that precedes and signals the sun’s arrival.

From the documentation of chapter 5:

Lucifer is the name of several figures in folklore, which are officially connected with the planet Venus (or Saturn). (Wiki itself is never quite sure whether it is Venus or Saturn).
As name for the devil in the Christian theology morning star called.
Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery - Wikipedia
Generally as morning star the brightest before sunrise emerging star is called also bringer of the dawn. In the Egyptian mythology morning redness called. Here again is a thought starter:
Quote above:
As the sun, the Eye of Ra is a source of heat and light, and it is associated with fire and flames.

"The fourth star is that of Venus, Luciferus by name. End of quote.
Venus which is identified in its origin with ISIS. Protective goddess of Ra, thus of the sun.
Accordingly, the symbolic interpretation also coincides with wings of Isis. Likewise the torch with which one interprets Lucifer. Harbinger of the sun god Ra in form of the dawn. etc…
In the Roman folklore Lucifer (“light-bringer” in Latin) or as an adjective: light-bringing although he was often personified as a male figure carrying a torch.

I’m pretty familiar with mediterranean pre-christian religion

It’s also a well known mainstream fact that symbolism from pre-christian religion persisted into Christianity and later into all the “spiritualism” adjacent religious movements which include things like alchemy, Kabbalah, masonry, theosophy, Mormonism, and every trendy revival of pre-Christian concepts like Baal, Moloch, Minerva, Lucifer

Sir James George Frazer covered this in great detail 120 years ago. It had been well known among the educated and is not controversial or scandalous

The fact that symbolism from ancient times persisted is not a conspiracy theory and is acknowledged in mainstream history. The aristocrats who intentionally used these symbols often public writings where they discuss why they made those choices

The modern conspiracy alarmism is coming from Baptist Americans who view any non-Christian – in fact non-Protestant – religion as “satanic”

For example, Christians have a panic attack when they hear about “Baal” or “Moloch” but this is because they interpret those deities as synonymous with “Satan” which is ahistorical and ignorant. Neither Baal nor Moloch were evil deities. They were harmless mediterranean deities no more scary than Diana or Hermes

If you don’t come from a Protestant background, why should you panic at the use of pre-Christian symbols?

The use of those symbols themselves does not prove or even imply any of

  • that their uses were evil
  • that their users are all coordinated
  • that their users have some special control over the world
  • that their use has any connection to the past other than the symbol itself

For example, I might get an Ankh tattoo because I think it’s a cool symbol and I like the meaning. This does not prove or even imply that I am part of some formal institution with a connection to Egyptian Pharaohs from 6000 years ago

The more likely explanation is just that I like the symbol and what it represents. To jump to the conclusion that there is some meaningful continuity is just foolish without evidence of that

You also have many occultist scammers and frauds constantly claiming some lineage from every historical concept or event or person. They cannot be believed, as this is the oldest scam in history

It’s far more likely that they are just making stuff up for self aggrandizement

I have met occultists who claim connections to this and that and even have books and relics they claim prove something. This proves nothing. The more likely explanation is that someone like Joseph Smith made up a fake story and produced some fake relics and fake documents.

I don’t find any claims of continuity with ancient societies credible except for the ones that are public and obvious and uninteresting–kings and queens and churches

The Catholic church has plenty of documented crimes and conspiracies. I don’t need to fantasize that Baal worshippers are the real culprits. In fact, it is offensive to Mediterranean paganism that modern protestants are constantly slandering Baal and Moloch and Lucifer as evil. These are not evil deities.

We know who the culprits on Earth are. It’s all out in the open. They aren’t sincere Baal and Moloch worshippers. They are Christians, Jews, Muslims, and occasionally atheists and occultists of a fundamentally boring variety.

The criminals are obvious kings and queens and governments and churches and billionaires. Their crimes are public. Worshipping Baal, if they did so, is not what makes them evil. It is their deeds that are the problem. Furthermore, the evidence suggests they don’t sincerely worship Baal and are instead usually Christians or Jews.

Let’s demonize the right religions, the ones that the perpetrators actually are part of and have made use of for thousands of years

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That’s absolute correct and I agree.

But after about 17 hours of presentation of astonishing indications in this videos I cannot reject them. So it can be seen as evidence that the use of the symbols is coordinated.
It is not so that by this information a completely new world picture appears, but it rounds it in the context to other informations. For example if one thinks of the stories of the Annunaki.

As an example I read yesterday a text about the “music-code” that is part of manipulating social developments and there appears the installation/initiation of the the Isis cult. Now it is possible to sort this better.

When you know the symbols and meanings of them then you will hesitate and think about them when they come up. The “problem” of the videos and theory within is, that it makes really sense.
The author of the videos used the sentence more than one time: “Only the pharaohs and scribes were able to read and understand the hyroglyphs.” This is correct and comprehensible up to the time now.

That’s a good example which I join.
However now the question arises, whether the preferences and thought patterns are not only a consequence of education, programming and religion?

I did have the same thought at the beginning, but the (de)programming of the videos is to good. :rofl:

Yes - of course.
At least I see the presented informations as an interesting supplementary/alternative method for the interpretation of this world government. As the Q’uo would say: Take it or leave it.
When these are taken into consideration, some interesting possible findings can emerge.

Maybe this are only groups that are used as showmen - and much speaks in favor of it.

That’s not new and I think the intention of this video series is to awake the people to be aware of this. The goal is to expose the global theater (in a little different way).

That is the intention of the videos - we can consider/believe it or not - the result of awakening is the same.

What irritates me is the demonization of non-Christian symbols while spending no time on Christian symbols

If pervasive social use of Egyptian symbols proves a conspiracy of Egyptian cultists, what does the even greater and far more widespread use of Christian symbols tell us?

For every Egyptian obelisk at The Vatican there are 100,000 Christian crosses

Maybe the real illuminati global government is a conspiracy of Christian cultists, which is why they put their Christian symbols and words on every building, every penny, every courthouse, school, government, contract. The Illuminati has put their Christian religion on everything, they are rubbing their Christian conspiracy in our face and showing us how they rule the world and everything in it.

The Christian Illuminati controls every government and university, every church, every school, and the majority of all books and institutions. They have been ruling the world secretly for thousands of years and they worship an evil scary demon whose true name is Yahweh

The video documentation only want to point out the symbols (and the probable correct interpretation of them) that are used by the system, specially at the places of their power.

I have no idea - the symbolism has only been taken so extreme, because it provides the indicia for the global system of power.

That’s correct - but the more interesting question is why there is a obelisk at the Vatican?

Illuminati is only a synonym for the sun cult, as every other created religion in a more hidden way.

I agree with you that this video documentary is too one-sided in its labeling of religions, even questioning the existence of Mary and Jesus.
Therefore I consider only the aspects of influence and abuse of real enlightened beings, whose message to us has been twisted, so that they ultimately lead back to the sun cult of the gods of the system now.

I agree to this result and I would see the City of London as real center of the power, not showing the real beings behind it.

The video documentation specifically omits these questions and only point out the global interrelationships and their origin.

Here are some possible interpretations regarding Corona/Covid-19.

From the documentation of chapter 5:


An obelisk ends in a pyramid-like shape at the top. Obelisks were also used as sundials (which illustrates the origin of the religious solar time).
Obelisks played a prominent role in the architecture of the ancient Egyptians, a very important role in their religion, placing them in pairs at the entrance of the temples (their churches).
For today’s comparison: Washington and Vatican decorate themselves in front of the entrance to the “temple” with one obelisk each, however, with considerable difference.

The “Washington Monument” in comparison to the apparently fake “Vatican Monument” on em Petersplatz. (So exactly they don’t even know their own history… or don’t want us to know it…)
The oversized obelisk in Washington, which was built by the Freemasons, does not symbolize the center of power, but what power rules and what they worship.
This obelisk symbolizes power and strength of authority.
Inside the Washington Monument we find the most important symbol the wings of the sun Behdety corresponding to the sun god RA. Often it is associated only with Freemasonry, if at all.
Classical Egyptian with sun disk and cobras as a symbol of sovereignty and kingship. A star in the center speaks for itself all alone.


The exaggerated size, as well as the uninterrupted presence of this obelisk which we constantly see in news, Hollywood movies or in connection with presidents speaks its own language.
Nevertheless, this huge obelisk has much less meaning than a real obelisk like the “Cleopatra’s Needle” in London. Because it is not an ORIGINAL obelisk only a reconstruction in the color white.
For this reason, this famous media site on which the whole world SHOULD look, is only secondary!
Decisive with this Obelsik is more the symbolism, or what exactly this authoritarian symbol represents.
The obelisk stands today in 2 itself cutting across each other circles. 2 empires 2 pharaohs which have united. Accordingly symbolize a “alliance”.
A united alliance which is represented in the center with the sun obelisk (and small pyramid at the top) on an additional sun disk. The sun disk corresponds 100% to the Egyptian sun hyroglyph with the obelisk of the RA as a central point.
The double circle of the so-called vesica piscis is a “sacred” (religious) symbol.
It is brought in connection with the “flower of the life” besides there is again the Babylonish-Egyptian connection.

Most striking is London, which is the only place in this listing to have 4 genuine Egyptian obelisks (and very important: in pairs).
“They played then as today an important role in their religion, by placing them in pairs at the entrance of the temples.” What points in London to 2 temples, 2 rulers.
Tradition must be preserved!

Whether the obelisk in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican is a real one or a replica is deliberately kept a secret.
But what is important is what it symbolizes, why it occupies the most important sunny place of the religious authority of the Vatican.
During the religious processions in the Vatican, all the people gather around the obelisk, around the symbol of the RA, the symbol of the sun. And this is Important…

Obelisks are used still today in morderner form of heads of state and government as grave monuments. Thus also the servants e.g. Rockefellers or Abraham Lincolns grave… is decorated with obelisks as a symbol of honor of the unrestricted cooperation of the system.
According to the official version almost always as commemorative monuments.
In truth, they are religious symbols of the sun, according to which obelisks represent the most important “god” RA of the rulers.
Everywhere where an obelisk dominates the cityscape, no president or politician rules… There the system, the sun cult, the reigion… rules. Your authority.
Solar symbols that are still photographed and worshipped with full enthusiasm.

Vesica piscis In Latin, “vesica piscis” literally means “bladder of a fish”, where one could interpret the Piscean age out. At this point, however, not decisive.
Also to be found in the religious Mastercard logo…

Cleopatra’s Needle (in New York City) which is associated with the Freemasons, is one of three similarly named Egyptian red granite obelisks. This genuine solar symbol of the RA is also decorated with Egyptian hieroglyphics.
Originally, according to official history, it was erected around 1475 B.C. on the orders of Thutmose III in the Egyptian city of Heliopolis.
The real obelisks are made of reddish Aswan granite and were erected under Thutmosis III (18th dynasty, New Kingdom) in Heliopolis in front of the pylon of the temple of the sun god RE/RA.
They bear inscriptions with hieroglyphs of Thutmosis later from the 13th century BC, Ramses II (19th dynasty).

A dynasty is a succession of lineages from the same family, usually associated with a feudal or monarchical system.
The word dynasty derives from the Latin dynastia , which comes from the ancient Greek( dynastéia ), where it refers to “power”, “rule” and “dominion” itself.
The official list of dynasties is highly interesting because it is easy to see which personalities come from the cult of the sun or represent the servants of the cult of the sun. A look at it is worthwhile in any case.

From the documentation of chapter 6:


Supplementary to the halo already mentioned. The nimbus or gloriole (Latin nimbus ‘cloud’, specifically ‘brow bandage’; ‘halo’; German 'Tenne, roundness, court around sun or moon, circle of rays, wreath of rays…) is a luminous or light appearance around the head or whole body of a person depiction.
Similarly, sun gods such as Mithras and Helios were often depicted with a radiance or solar crown around their heads; here the aureole is apparently a symbol of the radiant sun that these gods symbolically embodied. It is a symbol for powerful ones, enlightened ones, saints or gods.
Used with all the so-called “sacred” solar figures, Sol invictus, Helios, Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Shiva, on coins, portraits, churches or the symbol of the EU itself.
Halo, called halo or corona is the disk of the sun or moon; ring of light around sun or moon.
The feeling of light around the head of a person. Not only in ancient times, but still used today by politicians, and puppets of the system.


So the so-called leaders, authoritarian personalities become “Holy” in your subconscious, which is based on an optical programming of your religious subconscious.
Thus, today more than ever, authority is a symbol of “holy gods” (at least you are supposed to perceive it that way).
Your deepest subconscious connects such images of the media, which are chosen quite consciously, with religion.
This system worked in all religions in all epochs in every age until today.

This post is a little bit off topic, because it refers to another source from Jan Erik Sigdell.

Manipulation der Anunnaki: Satanismus, andere Dimensionen und der Ursprung des Bösen -


Between Russia and China, north of Afghanistan, lies the vast Central Asian country of Kazakhstan, rich in oil and gas, with an area of more than two point seven million square kilometers, in whose capital Nursultan an imposing futuristic architecture with striking Masonic symbolism is currently being built, worthy of a sun god.

Construction is still underway, but essentially the city should be finished. Our media rarely, almost never, report on it. An acquaintance of mine who works for an airline has been there several times on business and reports an almost eerie atmosphere. I would just like to point out some breathtaking oddities here.

On Google Maps, a huge pentagram is clearly visible on the ground in that country, with the tip pointing down. This is a symbol that plays a major role in Freemasonry, magic and Satanism. In this case, it is supposed to be archaeological remains of an ancient culture - an explanation that does not convince me.

Up to now the pentagram could not be found, but instead directly an overwhelming symbolism as described in the videos:

Link to Google Maps

The sun wreath around the palace, which is located in the middle between the “Bajterek Tower” and the “Pyramid of Peace and Concord”, that could stand for the two columns/obelisks of a temple.
Around the pyramid there is a stylized scarab and a dagger symbolically pointing to the “Peace and Concord”.
Due to its assertive and masculine qualities, the athame is also considered a representation of God.

The knife is also one of the four essential tools of modern Wicca; the other three are chalice, wand, and pentacle, and its handle is believed to store magical energy. The magical energy is raised in rituals to be used for certain tasks later on, such as for performing spells.

The double edges of the blade are considered to represent the dual nature of the universe, such as good and evil, positive and negative, masculine and feminine, and projection and reception. It also symbolizes the dual nature of magic or the purpose it is used for, i.e., protection and attack, healing and destruction, or good or evil.

Lastly, the athame knife also symbolizes the ability of a person to make choices and distinctions, to separate things, to bring change, and to kill falsehood to reveal the truth.

When you translate the (german) article, you will find additionally informations, like milestones of the formation of powerful organizations:

In a sense, milestones on this path of humanity are above all the foundings of

  • the Council of Foreign Relations (1921)
  • the Bilderbergers (1954)
  • the European Economic Community (1957), which became the European Union in 1992
  • the Trilateral Commission (1973)
  • the International Trade Organization (ITO, 1995)
  • the Club of Rome and
  • the Royal Institute of International Affairs, also known as Chatham House.

An actual example for an extended symbolism of the system:

The table is the sign of the sun cult / Ra with seven members.
Around in the paneling you can see all the relevant symbols with pyramids/triangles, shells, columns.
The sign of the G7-meeting itself includes the arising sun.

Every symbol of the sun stands for the System.
This page of Wikipedia is showing a good overview of the possibilites:

Mostly this symbol stands for the sun cult with Ra / Re with or without dot in the middle:


Here is an overview over the main symbols in this context: