The Function of Emotion

This appears to be an highly misunderstood topic among forum-goers whose energies in regard to spiritual topics seem to be mainly driven towards determining facts rather than towards personal transformation. In fact (so to say), I expect some will respond to this posting–if at all–in terms of facts rather than in terms of the journey of individual consciousness transforming into Divine consciousness.

Personally, I think that’s fine. I’m just pointing this out to encourage those whose main task is to seek Divinity to do so with total freedom. My hope is that these paragraphs will inspire you onwards in your journey.

Here follow excerpts from a Q’uo reading on NOV 12, 1989.

Purified emotion, whole and unblemished divine love, is the very axis upon which infinite intelligence built the myriad illusions which lead each imperishable soul along the path of inspiration, closeness to the one Creator, and an infinite capacity for compassion and service to others. Without emotion of a deep nature, the life experience lacks vividness, and it is more difficult for the seeker to make the choice of service to others or service to self with firmness of heart and intensity of passion.

We encourage each to seek the holy ground within, to find praise and give thanks for the glory, for beauty, the infinite majesty of the one great original Thought. The heavens sing with His glory, the trees and mountains dance, and all stars and planets sing a song of passionate love for the Creator unmanifest, and for each of you, the Creator made manifest and given complete free will.

We encourage you each to seek the deeper truths within, to allow negative emotions to be balanced and to fall away, as it is natural for them to do in the light of unconditional love. May each of you discover within the inner room the infinity within oneself, the purified emotion which in full strength is the Logos.

What is the function of emotion? It is intelligence which produces profound and fundamental transformation. Only the heart, when released from stricture, may be so. The approach of intellect, the approach from the outside in, the approach of believing this or that, is most frequently fruitless. It is the opening of oneself to free-floating and abstract faith, the faith that all is as it was planned to be, the faith that that which was planned is helpful and full of love, which moves the seeker onward most swiftly upon the path of spiritual evolution.

Rejoice, each soul who finds release from numbness or surface addictions. We rejoice with you as you seek the heart of the self which is the greater Self. Respect deep emotion. Realize that the vital energies are based upon one’s ability to have faith and to dwell in an emotional state of unconditional love. Daily meditation, daily contemplation, and what analysis the brain may perform, is suggested for all who seek, for you are seeking to change into the awareness of the self which is imperishable.

Forgiveness is an emotion, not a mental process, and it is the key to the advancement of the self in polarization of service to the one infinite Creator.

May you respect and encourage intense, loving emotion. May you find it acceptable to release numbness and surface emotion as meditation matures and strengthens the deeper self within.

This line brings to mind the constant worries through the Ra Contact for the state of Instrument’s vital energies. “Realize that the vital energies are based upon one’s ability to have faith and to dwell in an emotional state of unconditional love.” I wonder if it was her disposition towards dwelling in a state of unconditional love, her faith, which was the critical factor that allowed Ra to speak through her? If so, it’s funny to think of such a relentlessly intellectually burdensome text coming to us owing to especially deep emotion–or should I say, devotion?


Great ideas to consider. Thanks for sharing.

I just want to add that the most effective path for self-transformation will come with a balance of emotional focus and intellectual focus.

The lobes of your physical complex brain are alike in their use of weak electrical energy. The entity ruled by intuition and impulse is equal to the entity governed by rational analysis when polarity is considered. The lobes may both be used for service to self or service to others. It may seem that the rational or analytical mind might have more of a possibility of successfully pursuing the negative orientation due to the fact that, in our understanding, too much order is by its essence negative. However, this same ability to structure abstract concepts and to analyze experiential data may be the key to rapid positive polarization. It may be said that those whose analytical capacities are predominant have somewhat more to work with in polarizing.

The function of intuition is to inform intelligence. In your illusion the unbridled predominance of intuition will tend to keep an entity from the greater polarizations due to the vagaries of intuitive perception. As you may see, these two types of brain structure need to be balanced in order that the net sum of experiential catalyst will be polarization and illumination, for without the acceptance by the rational mind of the worth of the intuitive faculty the creative aspects which aid in illumination will be stifled.


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Yes, and what should that balance be? Not slipping all over the ice of shallow emotion and not getting lost in rabbit holes of constructed ideation, what is a good balance? Are faith and will energised by intellect? Maybe sometimes, but in my experience, people tend to expend energy when thinking rather than thinking giving them energy. Were people like Tesla propelled by imagination or ratiocination? I expect it is the former.

For me, a big question is, how does one get from spiritual immaturity (in a morphological sense, i.e., mature/immature developement) to the following state of conscious awareness?

If the Logos is purified emotion, then should the balance of emotional energy expenditure (devotional prayer, singing, working with inherent emotional biases towards love, compassion, etc.) versus intellectual energy expenditure (reading stuff on the internet, pondering spiritual matters, asking intellectual questions in channeling sessions, etc.) be 50%–50%? That doesn’t make sense to me. The impression I get is that the positive emotional work (in addition to the clearing of stuck, encumbering emotions) is of deeper value than spiritual ideation. Indeed, the one thing Confederation sources have harped on endlessly in LLR sessions has been meditation to seek that deeper self. For most of us, I expect, this is not emotional work until a late stage where Divine Bliss emerges. But then there are those who purposely move into the Divine Bliss earlier on along the path. So maybe I should just shut up and do that right now? Okay, good idea, I’ll do that…

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I’d say that faith and will are energized by emotion but they are applied optimally through the use of the intellect. For example, one may feel love for others powering the faith and will to take risks to help them. However, one who uses the intellect properly will be more effective at providing service to those who helped energize the emotion. An intellectual approach will consider time/money constraints as well as considering which benefits are most helpful without infringing on free will. An unintellectual approach may attempt to accomplish infeasible tasks or act in ignorant ways that aren’t actually helpful despite the authentic desire to aid others.

One who is too intellectual may view the suffering of others as meaningless as the grass growing and be incapable of building the energy, faith, and will required to seek to help them or at least seek to not harm others.

I’d say that the first step is choosing to have faith and will to seek to become more aware and seek to help others. This might entail developing an emotional state that is compassionate and blissful in all circumstances through the use of tools such as ritual, devotion, or meditation.

The second step is analyzing one’s experiences and observations and building relational understandings between them. This allows one to accurately apply one’s preferences developed in the first step to everyday decisions to become a co-creator as opposed to just one who loves all that occurs.

Jumping to step two too early will lead to giving up too early due to lack of emotional motivation or seeking intellectual truth at any cost without consideration of the emotional state of the self or others.

I don’t think dividing the two into numbers is an accurate representation of the dichotomy. I think a more proper balance is a both-and approach as opposed to an either-or paradigm. One can simultaneously have emotional energy expenditure and intellectual energy expenditure in all activities. For example, one can perform devotional prayer and singing while analyzing how these activities benefit the self and others. Similarly, one can rejoice in the Creator while reading information on the internet or pondering spiritual matters. All experiences can be sacred and intellectually enlightening when viewed through a certain lense.

Well, I’d say that we might use our god-given intellect to distinguish between two things here. First is how we proceed through the illusion–where rationality is quite useful–and the other is how we move forward, over the cliff like The Fool and into the nebulous territory of spiritual learning.

I hope I’m using some measure of intellect as I compose this message. If not, then how could it possibly be useful except by chance? I hope it also conveys my deeper feelings, but if it’s too erudite or too shallow, it won’t be worth much. So, the balance you discuss is essential here if we’re going to hold a decent conversation.

In the world of dropping over the cliff however, planning nor conceptualisation will be of much help. In such an instance, not much more will help you beyond faith in the love of the Creator and a determination to hold fast to your heart’s desire.

If your journey through life is more about spiritual seeking, then the falling over the cliff scenario and an emphasis on faith, forgiveness and emotional purity might serve you best? And if your life is more about going along and getting along within the illusion more defines your life, then perhaps an emphasis on rationality might serve you better?

Or maybe there’s more to it?

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It’s my argument that if there was a single balance to achieve and be done with it, there would be no need for our sentient incarnations. I’m starting to believe that a core competency of individual consciousness is to negotiate what the balance should be based on a judgment of conditions. It’s as if 3d is the moment when the creation of 1d and 2d reflect on themselves and transcend mechanistic or biological imperatives of the behavior of minerals or organisms. This implies that third density adds to the deterministic intelligence of physical laws and evolutionary current when the spirit complex is realized, thus introducing free will intelligence of the self conscious mind/body/spirit complex. This begins to effect ad hoc balances that serve to coax evolution to a different level in spite of it straying away from deterministic conditions. Our actions are part of the evolutionary current of upward spiraling light.

I know this is a bit of a digression but I think it’s crucial to recognize how close purified emotions and their balancing are to the logos. This is a very high level we’re discussing I believe.the takeaway is that everybody is unique and needs unique balances for unique moments

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Would you mind using your words to describe this please? I am interested in your perspective of it.
it can mean many things to me, such as emotion that is untouched, raw, or balanced, amplified… my own distortion of it. Leads to a little confusion in my head when in context of logos.

[edit: I think your edit answered my edit… Thank you.]

You know, off hand, I would say it comes down to something far more pedestrian. I would observe that some are out of their comfort zone when facing deeper thoughts and some are out of their comfort zone in the realm of deep emotion.

Thinking, observation, analysis are all helpful in assessing what is perceived, and this process can lead to finer degrees of understanding the way things are fit together. But to move to further categories of perception–while traveling up that ascending spiral of consciousness–they, as I have experienced it, are opened up to by exploring deeper emotional ways of being. Embracing unconditional love and forgiveness leads to a far deeper experience of self. Applying this energy towards one’s spirit helpers conduces to a far deeper experience of communion there, and that may well lead onward to further adventures.

In other words, I would aver that the intellect can help one understand how to put the instrument to use, while the faculty of moving into the depths of being can actually transform the instrument into more beautiful state of being.

I did an episode on purified emotions Episode 11: Purified Emotions – inaudible but as I see it, purified emotions are those primordial aspects of basic, unadulterated emotion that run as rivers from the archetypal mind. I think of them as the elements out of which the feelings we experience are mixed.

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If anyone is interested in this topic, they might find it helpful to read the session quoted in the OP. Here is another snippet.

Now, what is the definition of purified emotion? We search for vocabulary which is not religious, but rather philosophical, for it is all too easy to say worship, adore, give thanksgiving, offer praise to the one infinite Creator. Instead, we would simply put it in another context. As one is able to experience the self more and more intelligently, consciously and fully, one is able to feel self-forgiven, worthy, hopeful, cheerful, peaceful and oriented toward a lively work on behalf of the one infinite Creator. Humankind is fueled, not by oil or coal so much as by inspiration, passion, sharing and caring. Thus, the more fully one is able to tap into the deep and plangent notes of purified emotion, the greater is one’s ability to manifest the light of the infinite One to a darkened world, which rejoices in seeing beacons of light, whether or not they know why the light is there, how the light has come to be there, and what is its function. The emotional nature of a deep and strengthening kind is the basis of intelligence which forms the bedrock of faith. We speak not of faith in this, or faith in that, for the Creator is infinite and mysterious, and any specific belief system neglects much of the whole repertoire of spiritual tools and resources. Therefore, in encouraging one’s own deeper intelligence, that is, the deep emotions, one must seek within for that center about which the incarnational experience now [revolves].

As you can see, it’s about moving to the center of being.


It is interesting for me, there are many understandings and learnings that have come about within me, but there are not the words to describe or explain, the mind grasps at others explanations of perspectives, I am grateful for all the sharing on this. I feel there is an important lesson for me here.

I feel or sense a concept and the people behind them and their intent, many times it is beyond words. It is difficult to deal with this. I let the mind play with it, and shortly the “download” will come. Its my best explanation of trying to understand.

I would assume this trickling of information happens emotionally as well… Like the back door code hack for the creator to access.

Jeremy mentions a “judgement of conditions” as an example.
Purified emotion is a really good example… But what does it mean…
I spent decades trying to analytically breakdown the meaning of “synthetic apriori judgment”.

I think what my question is, is how can emotion be anything but pure? It is what it is. It is the direct link to the authentic you, the one behind the distortion of identification, the perception of the real you. How can it be “Blemished” by anything other than the mind, and what is of the mind is not the same as emotion?

I will take some time on this, I need to find a clarity. Again, I appreciate your perspectives on this.
It may be arrogant of me to say, perhaps I am in the forest looking for the trees.

[edit] There is something that has been strong in my mind since I began to realise things. “Peace is not something you find, it is what you become.” I think this is an example of what is referred to as purified emotion? An emotion and recognition of emotion, independent of thought? I feel I may be missing something fundamental.
I appreciate your patience…

I think what my question is, is how can emotion be anything but pure?

Yeah, I made my statement awkwardly; it sounds like I’m contrasting pure emotions with some kind of impure, adulterated emotion, and that’s not what I mean. My understanding of the Confederation is that they speak of emotions as a powerful force impressing itself upon manifestation, but their roots lie in the archetypal mind. The Confederation implies that some sort of processing is necessary in order to acclimate to the rigors of emotions, and that as we understand our emotional responses more clearly, we refine their essence in such a way as their poignancy resonantes with the archetypal mind across all experiences of that variety of energy expenditure.

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emotion, the creators guiding hand to choice

perhaps it is the “railing on the staircase” we created before incarnating.

Yes, there is a sense in which archetypal forms are used by humans to convey emotion from the depths into our surface lives. For myself, the more compelling journey moves into the depths, then further, to enjoy the source of all Creation. The hysterically funny thing is that this source is right there in front of us. It just requires a phase shift to embrace it, but–as stated below–one must first surrender to the fire of truth and focus one’s entire self upon this endeavour.

From NOV 28, 2009…

You, as an instrument of particularity and infinity combined, have the capacity to dwell within the surface of your emotions, responding with impulsivity and vigor to each and every feeling. You also have an infinite capacity to allow emotion to penetrate the conscious self, the dreaming self, the self that walks the corridors of myth and lore, and the self that has gained access to those great waterways of emotion that make up the archetypal mind.

To ask the self to allow emotions to be refined and purified is to ask the self to walk into the fire of suffering. For if one defends against pain of an emotional type or a spiritual type, one ceases to be able to go deeper within those many, many levels of self that move into the archetypal mind. Indeed, it is through repeated experiences with such deeply painful emotions such as grief, anger, jealousy and rage that one, oh so slowly, becomes able to bear the beauty of pure emotion.

As in all things spiritual, the paradox is that as one is able to open oneself to the pain of going deeper within one’s emotional life, one is more and more able to see, to bear, to hold, to accept the emotions of joy, bliss and peace. For as in all of the levels and ways of understanding the one infinite Creator, the essence is always love. Consequently, the river of grief, the river of rage, all rivers whatsoever of purified emotion, lead at last into the ocean of bliss, which is the steady state of infinite love. It is, in a way, terrifying not to defend the self.

I appreciate the intellect very much, actually, but I hope one can see here how its talents are wholly of secondary concern to one who would seek the Source of Self, the Center of Self. Or am I wrong?


Some further thoughts on emotion.

From DEC 26, 2009…

Thusly, when you are attempting to think about emotions, you are attempting to think about that which has its reality in time/space, for [emotions] come from your consciousness rather than your intellect or mentality. Each person has a different and unique mentality and personality. However, as members of the tribe of humankind on your planet in third density, you share one consciousness. Your jealousy and another’s jealousy has the same energy. Your love and another’s love of a certain frequency has the same energy. It is emotions rather than thoughts which unite your people.

Now, in the roots of consciousness which this instrument calls the archetypal mind, the emotions can be mapped, much as the waterways of your continent can be mapped. There are rivers of emotions of various kinds, both those emotions you would call positive, such as joy, bliss and happiness, and emotions you would call negative, such as greed, gluttony and lust. Yet each emotion flows from its most distorted or extreme manifestation, through a succession of removals of distortion, until at last they all empty into the ocean that you would call the Logos or unconditional love or bliss.

This passage, from MAR 4, 2005, offers more detail regarding the journey from smallest self to larger self. I particularly appreciate the line about the feeling of being in the company of more and more souls who have done more work.

What is this initial reaction? Let us say that it is an entry into an underground river or stream of emotion, for you never feel emotion alone. It is not your emotion. Rather, it is a part of the color and brilliance of a system of subconscious, shall we say, waterways that begin with streams of emotion that are very small, that perhaps few people experience. They are highly colored and highly biased and may have to do only with you and another person and perhaps three or four dozen other entities on the face of your planet who have experienced just exactly that combination of emotions that creates this crystalline moment with its biases, distortions, color and beauty.

You are a crystal being and everything you feel has its truth. You are always worthy to feel what you feel. There is never such a thing as an unworthy emotion. Everything, from seemingly black to seemingly blatant white in polarity, is acceptable to the one infinite Creator. Your job is to see and know the truth of yourself. When you feel these emotions you may feel they are unworthy but they are not. They are your truth and in feeling this emotion you have entered into what this instrument calls the archetypal mind.

Within the archetypal mind there is a very rich, detailed and broad spectrum of waterways, shall we say, emotionally coming from the most biased and the most colored and the most unique to you, moving slowly down into larger waterways which you come into as you purify these emotions, as you find distortion and bias and see into that distortion and bias. Over time, through realization and other work in consciousness which is more deliberate and less spontaneous, you begin to purify and refine the sensing system of your energy body so that when you feel the next emotion, even if it is exactly that emotion that was yours the last time that you felt it in connection with this relationship that is ongoing, say, yet you begin to enter into a larger waterway [than that] in which you are in the company only of those few entities who have your biases and have run into an entity and interacted and that entity has reacted in the same way.

You begin, as you refine your own system of energy and the corresponding emotional capacity of that crystalline being that you are, to enter into the system of archetypal mind in such a way that you are in a larger company, with more people who have done more work, just as you have done more work. What you are aiming for here is not to remove emotions but to refine and purify emotions. You are looking for a deeper and deeper truth about yourself. Now, just as all water systems do, when the stream becomes a creek and the creek becomes a river, the river widens and develops energy and power and finally it reaches the ocean. The ocean of the archetypal consciousness is unconditional love. You cannot rush or hurry the sail that you are on. You can mend your sails on your boat; you can correct and re-correct your readings of the stars; you can check your rudder for strength, but you must sail as the truth of your being is ready to sail. Penetrating too quickly into the water system and especially into the ocean of the archetypal mind is dangerous for you. It may swamp your boat. And it will certainly land you in a world of confusion that you cannot sort out by yourself. So as you do this work of attempting to increase your polarization, we encourage you to respect and honor every truth that each emotion offers to you, noting it down. And if you cannot handle working with it at this time, yet still honor and respect your truth, your color, and your brilliance.

From MAR 3, 1991, this is a word about “true wisdom,” as compared to intellect, and a generalised restatement of material already covered above the value (like a gem) of your own emotion, because this is the pathway of self-knowing.

Entities over-value the intellect because it seems to the intellect that one has only the intellect with which to analyze situations. In the strict sense of analysis and linear thinking, this is so. Yet by depending upon that analytical ability, the attention is drawn from the true intelligence of the self, the true seat of wisdom, which is the mercy seat of purified emotion. It is not your lack of self-acceptance, it is a lack of self-acceptance, a quality which you now dip into and experience and use. It is not personal to you. It is an emotion felt by you and [by] many. In emotion one is never alone, for the emotions run like the underground waterways which bubble up in clear springs at their own time and season. One who wishes to dig a well to tap this underground or subconscious source of the water of spiritual refinement needs to go gently, to go deep carefully, so that one rather woos or courts the earth away which lies between it and the water of purified emotion, which is a portion of the deep wisdom of the self. Honor each emotion. Look at it as you would gaze at a gem, at a crystal. You may see it as imperfect, but it is your truth. As you turn that crystal, flawed as it is, you may see that though it refracts light unevenly, yet the refraction is full of beauty and color. Thusly, in honoring the emotions for the wisdom that they truly convey, one is able to bear the pain of self-revelation, which is the essence of conscious entrance into a safe and gentle refining fire, a fire that does not burn away that which you still need.

From JUL 5, 1981, this is a quick note to say, hey, it’s not a big deal, this is what you are. It all comes from you and flows through you and continues on. The operant question, I would add, is, to what degree would you be conscious of it all?

Many there are upon your sphere who have dabbled their toes in these underground rivers of consciousness and, finding them too deep, have turned back. We realize that each of you seeks these deep rivers of love within your being. We ask that you imagine where this rain, that you now experience upon the roof of your domicile, is coming from. Does it come from elsewhere, from some outside source? No, my friends. This rain that falls from your sky was once a part of the deepest underground waterways, surfacing in sea and lake and stream, to be taken up into the air, to fall once again in service upon the good earth. So it is with love, my friends. It is not something that you need seek upon the outer planes, for it is within you. And as it comes to you so it has flowed from you. Thus, to seek love is to give love in the unending cycle of service.

Lastly, from DEC 10, 2006, is a note to say, well, yes, it is a bit complex (interesting) on our planet due to the mixture of variant archetypal systems converging here with origins from other planets. The concept reminds me of different modes of tuning, different ways of defining musical intervals. If tuned in one style, the melody is true to itself, but if tuned in another fashion, it may create inharmonicity.

When there is one archetypal system in place, it is a system of waterways in the deep mind which are calm and serene. Even the darkest of emotions runs along a channel that is simple.

When entities from another planet enter into the archetypal energies of Earth, carrying with them the archetypal energies of another sub-Logos, another sun, it is as if there is the same basic waterway system. However, each sub-Logos has made differences here and there. They are small differences, but, all taken together, they add up to a rich array of rivulets, small streams and sometimes so many streams that there are swamps or morasses where dark emotions of different cultures have developed into less of a clear form and more of an amorphous or unembodied form.

This entire creation contains one basic blueprint of the archetypal mind of its people. It is up to each sub-Logos, however, to tinker with that design a bit so as to increase the variety of experiences available to the infinite Creator. So when an entity on its first planet falls into the emotions of suffering or joy, those waterways move smoothly and the myths are of a piece. When there is superimposed upon the basic plan of waterways, shall we say, that the archetypal mind represents in the roots of consciousness, the archetypal mind of another sub-Logos, you see the enriching and the somewhat interesting rapids and morasses that occur with the overlay of more than one sub-Logos.

It is as if when you sink into an expression of deep feeling, you as a second-chance Earth being have the capacity for more different kinds of emotion and each subtle difference in emotion is authentic. You have richer choices of ways to feel your authentic essence and the Creator has an enhanced opportunity to know Itself as these tides and rivers of archetypal emotion sweep over streambeds made uneven by the pebbles of different archetypal influences.

It does not muddy the experience but rather enriches the experience of positive emotion. Because of the nature of darker emotions there is the tendency to find a muddying effect in emotions like anger and fear. Consequently, those working on the path of service to self have a real disadvantage at this time for they must, with exquisite care, find the true heart of those purified emotions. However, for those on the path of service to others, the differences are seen as articulations or waterfalls or linns or cascades. And as you watch the water flowing from these linns and catching the light, you may see the rainbows of different effects as they fall through you and you become one with these purified rivers and streams of emotion.

I find that last emboldened passage particularly interesting. Think of the sts soul most carefully discerning the true heart of its emotions, having to sort through all the extra mud and slime distortion to find that heart of self of the separated self, such as it may grasp it.

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