The effect of radio frequencies on our body, health and state of mind

Considering to this post i want to share some experiences and technical results regarding to different ranges of radio frequencies.

These will primarily be experiences of physical effects that have been verified and explored in more detail and are therefore outside of pure speculation.
It would be nice if others could add or expand on these experiences to be able to confirm this.

I will differ this topic into this ranges of the spectrum:

So there will be new topics for each range, because they must be seen different.


I think that we can be affected by things if we believe they affect us. I always found this quote to be a nice explanation of this.


Yes - I will write about it.

But there is an additional interesting question:
Would it not make sense that certain individuals like a wanderer are very sensible to certain things/effects?


This I can agree to wholeheartedly, as I am sensitive to absolutely everything it seems.

It seems that if our spirit complex has higher density wiring, there may be consequences to the physical vehicle while incarnation. But these sensitivities are kept for a very useful purpose. I have these sensitivities myself and I want to explore more why I chose to keep this wiring despite the consequences. With Carla, she kept that higher density wiring so she could keep the ability to channel, as I feel it was one of her greater incarnational purposes.


Such an interesting topic Tadeus! I have so much to comment here and I am sure I will revisit this thread again. For now though I will just comment on one thing.

In regards to the weather modification by HAARP that you have linked to here I do not think that this is a viable theory. The amount of energy required to make such a large scale weather modification is simply not able to be produced by the facility. Some localised effects (like right above the array) may be possible but the idea of changing weather patterns far away is a non-starter in my opinion.

However, I do have an interesting HAARP story. First a little about my background, for many years I worked as a research physicist and had the fortune of collaborating with someone who had worked for HAARP. He told me that the weather stuff was bunk but there was a secret military application that he was aware of which involved a side effect of nuclear weapons.

Basically when a nuclear weapon is detonated in the atmosphere radioactive particles enter the atmosphere and cause the air to ionise. If there is enough detonations this process can block satellite communications and is a major risk to military communications/response in the event of a nuclear attack. So this military application of HAARP is to interact with these radioactive particles and attempt to remove them from the atmosphere in order to restore satellite communications. I have no idea if this research ended up working out or not, and I have no evidence of these claims. This guy was a little eccentric, many physicists are, here I am after all :sweat_smile:. But I also have no reason to suspect that he was lying to me, so make of that what you will. At least this claim makes some sense on a physics level, and its an interesting story nonetheless.


That was an interesting thing to look at. I captured the below quote from the Wikipedia article:

Wow! That is insane, I didn’t know wavelengths on the spectrum went that low, to the circumference of the whole Earth.

FWIW - I have only done research on LF (which captures the emissions from WiFi and mobile devices) in the application of fertility, because those cells are especially sensitive. Conclusions seemed indecisive, but looks like if there are any effects they are dose dependent. Meaning you probably don’t want to carry your phone in your pant pocket while it is streaming internet or on a call for long periods of time if you are trying to conceive. Also, if you use a mobile device to take calls for multiple hours a day, consider getting a headset so that the phone is not placed up against your skull for all that time. This is especially true for children as their skulls are still soft, not like an adult’s brain which has become hardened. Again, these are just precautions to take, and the science is not definitive on this, from my very amateurish review of the literature. Otherwise no effects have been seen for regular background LF waves.


Yes - up to now there i only communicated with one or two other selves with the same type of sensitivities.
I really agree that everything has a certain sense and looking back on my life it really makes sense to be a wanderer. One of the objectives of this wanderer is obviously to understand exactly how Orion works on this planet, because otherwise the persistent interest in certain topics is simply not explainable, just as the conditions for it have been created unconsciously.

@Scott and @Louise:
Now the announcements must follow concrete posts, so that the details can best be discussed in the respective topics. :grinning:
Hopefully i have time later on to start with MF-HF - then the story can be told chronologically.
For the ELF and SHF are not really many own informations, but maybe i will get some new insights discussing it.


Are you saying that you feel these frequencies are being caused by Orion influences, potentially to affect those with that higher density wiring in the spirit complex? Or is that just what I am feeling after reading this? I know that is a strange question but sometimes I do not understand where these thoughts come from but they always seem to be for a reason. Maybe that is why you had interest in this topic, as I feel you might be on to something.

Beyond what I feel myself as stated in the above quotes I shared, I do believe wanderers can control how these things affect us. But I am also aware that they do still affect us, but not everyone can shield themselves from those frequencies naturally.

As a personal example, while on psilocybin, I have a very difficult time using technology of any sort. It carries a very heavy energy, as it feels like everything has been designed purposefully to affect your own energy body, and not in a positive sense. Even trying to look at my tablet screen in that state is a very difficult task, and looking at anything related to social media just carries such a heavy, distracting energy with it. You can feel the affect it has on you in that state, but I am aware of how to process it so it does not have an lasting affect on me, I am just aware of how it feels, in order to understand how it is affecting those around me. That is how my higher density wiring seems to work. Energy impulses seem to be transmitted into emotions, that I am able to read like it’s the most familiar language to me. I can use that emotional language to further understand what is happening around me. But I also naturally absorb others pain and sorrow as a way to lessen it for them while in their presence. This makes being around large crowds tiresome and overwhelming, especially around groups of people who feel a lot of sorrow. I feel like I am an energy dampener for emotional intensity. I can handle very big, intense emotions for a reason, and I feel this is why. I have noticed that others feel lighter in my presence, especially if I am in a state of mind where my heart is open and full and ready to share my love with the world, which I am working at becoming more consistently as my incarnation progresses.

Anyways, I can see how messing with those energies would have a great impact on the mind, the body, and the spirit, whether they are being created with conscious awareness or not for negative purposes, or are just too lazy to find a safer way to do things because there is no money to be made in that endeavour, which is another broken outlook this society has embedded deeply into it’s way of thinking.


No and Yes.

I would say that Orion is using every possibility for mindcontrol, but this is for the masses and not special for wanderers.

Yes - the effect can be controlled by the mind - the influence is dependant on your own frequency as to say.

The dependency to eletronical things can be confirmed, although i have an affinity for technology at the same time. So i am not feeling so deep into the details like you, but there is a really heavy influence to all technology that is emitting radio frequencies.

But now i will start with the story of MF-HF.


I don’t really understand all the science of this frequency stuff, but here are some quick thoughts:

I wonder if the increase in tech frequencies (and poisons in general across all we consume) could have both negative and positive purposes?

These harsh conditions, while likely provided for by negative sources (and or the result of our own negativity), are allowed because they are a service to us, in the face of confronting these challenge it will help us grow?

In a harvest period it makes sense to me that there should be additional challenges for people to face, like a hard question on a school test.

Thus making it easier to discern who is actually ready for 4th density?

The further into 4th we go, do stronger energies come in and the veil thins? Thus maybe this tech is also an attempt to control or push back against these energies, to maintain the 3rd density?

If so, maybe this all has the benefit of maintaining 3rd density energies for the people that aren’t ready for 4th density? While those that seek strengthen their connection to spirit even more in the face of adversity.

No - in this case this is only used for negative purposes.
Just look this video explaining it:

Of course this kind of weather control could be used in a positive way to avoid storms or to provide sufficient irrigation in dry regions.

At this time the deep state wants to work towards NESARA/GESARA and therefore it is needed to bring everyone at his financial limits and into depths. So weather control is used to reduce the thriving of plants, destroying crops and causing food prices to go through the roof.

It would be senseful to add some information about this factors in using Chemtrails.
A combination of effects is achieved with each activity.

I would say that the plan is to get ready for a 4th density in the way Orion wants to have it.

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No - in this case this is only used for negative purposes.

I agree, it’s used for negativity.

We had extreme floods in my country (Australia) which was caused by weather manipulation.

But my point about it also having some positivity, is that negativity seems to end up helping others eventually. For if we are all one, then serving the self is still serving the creator. Someone said that “evil sows the seeds of its own destruction”.

I would say that the plan is to get ready for a 4th density in the way Orion wants to have it.

They may want to have it certain way, but do you think Orion are really all powerful? What if they’re just pawns of a larger plan? What if these challenges that negatives provide end up helping us grow stronger in response?

I think Ra mentioned an example of entities taking defensive action with nukes. It seems likely to me that there would be other positive defensive action preventing things from getting out of control here.

Just my current opinion!

Yes - helping others strengthens the group consciousness.
But on the other hand it can be observed, that people are just very strongly involved in physical work and a struggle for survival and have less opportunity to work spiritually.

This has something of someone who stands over an ant hill with a watering can and has fun watching them repair the hill again and again as soon as it has been washed away.
The ants do not think about why this happens again and again, but are only busy trying to continue their lives as usual.

It is always planned in terms of decades and centuries.
The next milestone is the Agenda 2030.
Just watch out for the symbol and colors:

It is possible that this catalyst will lead to a stronger inner growth, but is such an unintentional enslavement really desirable?

Just to get an idea how much energy is used:

HAARP has a transmission power of 3.6 MW, which can be emitted continuously (CW). The calculated effective radiated power, a calculated quantity related to the axis of the main radiation direction of the antennas, was up to 3.16 GW in 2006. This corresponds to a power level of 95 dBW.

HAARP has a powerful phased array shortwave transmitter with a transmit power (CW) of 3600 kW. In 1993, it was started with 18 interconnected elements, and in 1998 the number was increased to 48. In 2010, 180 transmitters were operational. The effective radiated power (ERP) was 84 dBW (250 MW) in 1996 and approximately 96 dBW (4000 MW) in 2006. The individual Continental Electronics D616G transmitters, each with a maximum transmit power of 10 kW, were developed specifically for this project. The usable frequency range is 2.8 to 10 MHz (shortwave); two frequencies used are 3.39 MHz and 6.99 MHz. An ionosonde and a riometer are used for ionospheric observation.

Besides - the sending area of such signals is about 150 km.

Unlike HAARP signals, these transmitters barely change visually or audibly and are simply active the whole day.

The actual information is again modulated in the “audio signal”, which is transmitted amplitude modulated here.
It is apparently possible to hear this, because here a demodulation takes place by applied beat frequencies.

When you record an example as demodulated AM-audio you can make again an FFT analysis of the audio signal and you get the used frequencies. This looks like this:

You can see that there is a main level below 10 Hz and again many single frequencies over 2 KHz, here again more in detail for the low frequencies:

When you know the fact that frequencies can have a direct impact on our body and brain, it is possible to find some correlations.

  • Delta waves 1-3 Hz: deep sleep, coma
  • Theta waves 4-7 Hz: sleep with dreams, deep trance
  • Alpha waves 8-12 Hz: relaxation, meditation
  • Beta waves 13-40 Hz: wide awake, concentrated

But that’s not all. Here some more possible interpretations:

The Soviet researcher L. Rabichev developed a psychotronic device in Armenia in the 1950s, which he called “LIDA”.
It worked with a carrier wave of 40 MHz (at a power of 40 W) modulated per minute with 40-80 square pulses of 0.2 ms.
Within eight years, the device was tested on hundreds of psychiatric patients, including children, for “therapeutic purposes.”
The results were interesting: it was possible to bring rabbits and cats into a sleep-like rigidity (stupor) at a distance; people also suddenly become very tired or enter a trance-like state.

Nick Begich
By 1989, the science took another leap forward with the combination of the modulated signal on a microwave carrier.
This provided a much more efficient delivery of the sound. It was reported: "Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating the head with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform.
The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts.
Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together.
The burst width is between 500 nanoseconds and 100 microseconds.
The pulse width is in the range of 10 nanoseconds to 1 microsecond.
The bursts are frequency modulated by the audio input to create the sensation of hearing in the person whose head is irradiated.
"31 US Patent #4,877,027, Oct. 31, 1989, “Hearing System”; Inventor: Brunkan, Wayne. EPI1124

The second invention confirmed the earlier observations: "Sound is induced in the head of a person by radiating thehead with microwaves in the range of 100 megahertz to 10,000 megahertz that are modulated with a particular waveform.
The waveform consists of frequency modulated bursts.
Each burst is made up of ten to twenty uniformly spaced pulses grouped tightly together.
"33. US Patent #4,877,027, Oct. 31, 1989, “Hearing System”; Inventor: Brunkan, Wayne B. EPI262

In Let’s Talk MONTAUK, Joyce Murphy shows that experiments on the 410-420 MHz cycle have been done which could affect the"window frequency to the human consciousness" as a whole:

“He (Preston Nichols) used his … radio equipment to learn that whenever a 410-420 MHz signal appeared on the air, the psychic’s minds would be “jammed.”
Tracing the signal to Montauk Point and the red and white radar antenna on the Air Force Base…”

In Encounter in the Pleiades by Peter Moon and Preston Nichols, Preston wrote that:

“Dr. Nicholas Begich has picked up 435 MHz signals connected to HAARP and that a mind control function is being employed.
He says that 400-450 MHz is the window to human consciousness because it is our reality’s background frequency.”

Tim Rifat wrote in his Microwave Mind Control in the UK article that cellular phones use 435 MHz. UK police use 450 MHz exclusively.
Dr. Ross Adey used this for CIA behavioral modification experiments.
Police have a vast array of antennae to broadcast this frequency all over the UK.
Adey used 0.75mW/cm2 intensity of pulse modulate microwave at a frequency of 450 MHz, with an ELF modulation to control all aspects of human behavior.
450 MHZ radar modulated at 60 Hz greatly reduced T-lymphocyte activity to kill cultured cancer cells. A study of USA 60 Hz powerlines repeated this finding.

The effect of MF-HF (medium to high frequency) radio frequencies

I think i should start the story in cronological order.

More then five years ago (without spiritual awakening) i was confronted with the effect to have sometimes strange noises that i heard softly, which can best be described as a high-pitched chirp or swoosh. But i was sure that it wasn’t a medical problem, as most people think of it as tinnitus.

At the same time things like Chemtrails and HAARP where coming up, but most of the time they were only connected in an illogical technical relation. Additionaly there was many conjecture about mindcontrol and therefore was an inner drive to investigate this more closely, since the knowledge and possibilities were given for this.

I did found a nice diagram for an receiver that could be build up cheap (below $50) and without to much effort.
This receiver is based on a cheap DVB-T TV tuner, that can be used together with free software from the RTL-SDR project. So you get an comfortable software based receiver, that can work over a very big frequency area (1 - 1700 MHz).
With this receiver i was able to proof the existance of HAARP and a little bit later on of mindcontrol. You can find some examples for this here as audio and how this is shown on the screen.
The same project gives a complete server, that is able to record the activity over the day and visualize it as waterfall display. There is a nice description too.

This way it could be prooved that HAARP is existant and evaluate the use of it.
The result was at the beginning that it was sending some hours a day and now it is sending nearly around the clock.

The signals that are used are complex and being send over a big radio band from under 1 MHz over 10 MHz.
There is an interaction between particles that can be stimulated by this frequencies for example to influence the condensation of water vapor in the air. This only works efficient with particles that can interact with radio frequencies - so Chemtrails are needed.
If you record the temperature and humidity at the same time, you can see correlations, how clouds form out of nowhere in a short time, or in extreme cases even a storm breaks loose.

Now back to the Well Being topic.
This technique and frequencies is mainly used for the weather control and it is combined with high power radar and other systems. Here is a good german website that has a nice collection of patents around weather control and some good videos about it.

However, this technology can also influence over the weather our feelings and health, from the usual factors of a weather feel to the possibility of using a layer of atmosphere as a membrane to generate infrasound. There are places for example here, where some people are driven quite mad with indeterminable humming sounds, where the cause can not be found.

This will be enough for the beginning and the next part is far less known.

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This video is explaining the main reasons for weather control:

The effect of VHF (very high frequency) radio frequencies

The story continues with a search over the frequencies for unusual transmitters that are not transmitting any normal information like speech (normal radio) or data (like transponder or broadcast). Here two examples to show the difference:

This is hearing normal radio. You see a central carrier frequency with a FM modulation of music an speech on it.

This is an actual example of such mindcontrol signals. The difference is a wider frequency range and there can be no clear signal demodulated that is containing data or voice/music.
The really interesting thing is to demodulate the signal with AM modulation, because then sounds can be heard, that are very similar to those heard in the head.
(It’s not possible to upload here an MP3 example, even not as renamed picture file)

Here this signals begin at an center frequency of 60 MHz and then there are following center frequencies on the harmonic frequencies at 120 MHz, 240 MHz, 480 MHz, 960 MHz (the next harmonic is beyond the coverage area of the receiver).

Particularly noticeable are the bursts that can be seen approximately every second around the central carrier frequency.

You can see this staccato as the vertical stepped lines in the waterfall diagram.

When you check the used frequencies in the public frequency plan you will find out that this areas are of military use without any information about it.

Up to now apparently still nobody reported on it, even the amateur radio operators are writing nothing about it.

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