The Dream Channeling Thread

As we were discussing on the Time Lateral thread, some questions about dreams were mentioned, so I decided to start a thread talking about dreams in regards to the Confederation channelings. I will add stuff as the thread grows, but this is what I put together this morning.

Latwii - December 13, 1981
Yes, a question I guess also doing with sleep. I was reading about dreams and that during each sleeping period we go through times during that time of sleep that our minds are active in what we call dreams and that if a person is disturbed during the period in which the dream exists, that in the next sleep period that person will dream that much more. I was wondering exactly what are dreams? What is the purpose of dreams?

I am Latwii, and, my brother, we might say in general upon this very large topic that in your daily activities you experience a variety of experiences. These times seem quite overwhelming, numerous in nature, and never ending. Within your dream state you may also notice that there is a great variety of experiences available here as well. Indeed, the number and types of experiences to be had during the dream state is quite infinite.

As you have yourself noted in your query, there might be certain activities in the dream state which are used much as the activities in your waking state are used, that is, for the learning of a specific lesson. We might say that among your peoples it has been noted by most that the dreams are only dreams. We might say in this regard that those activities which are called dreams by your people might, in one respect, be looked upon as being more, shall we say, real than that activity which occurs during waking hours, for within the dream state the mind is more freed from the limitations of your third density physical illusion and may pursue those lessons of the mind/body/spirit complex which the entity has incarnated to learn, with more fluidity, with a greater freedom, with a perception of that which is limitless, and might more efficiently learn those lessons which have been programmed before this incarnation.

There are a number of types of dream experiences. It would be quite exhaustive to cover each at this time, but we might say that the entity in the dream state might have subconsciously programmed the meeting with other entities of its Earth environment, entities of other astral levels, entities of levels of existence in what you would call the heaven worlds, all for the purpose of enacting a miniature drama much like that which you experience during an entire lifetime, and in this drama, however long or short, might then experience that lesson or attempt that lesson which has not been well learned within the waking activity. And when this lesson has been brought to, shall we say, a point of blooming or point of mastery, then this lesson might be brought forth into the waking consciousness so that the entity might manifest it in the third-density physical illusion and thereby more efficiently utilize the catalyst of that particular lesson.

No, but I was wondering if humans have forgotten how to use telepathy as a means of communication. In the dream state, is one better able to use the brain’s telepathic capacity?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your question, my brother. We might in general say that this is a correct assumption, that in the dream state, that which you know as telepathic communication is quite possible. We might also add that it is a matter of choice of the entity’s subconscious mind as to what type of communication is utilized within the dream state. For some type of learning the simple spoken word is quite sufficient. For other more intensive, shall we say, learnings the telepathic communication might more efficiently be utilized.

Latwii - September 26, 1982
Well, I think that answers that. But I’d like to ask a question about dreams. Can one choose one’s own dreams, or do we just pick up a lot of stuff that goes on about us in our dreams, and sometimes we can do nothing about it, we just simply do pick up what goes on about us? I didn’t make that very clear either, I don’t guess. Can we choose what we dream about?

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. It is only for those which you might call the adept to choose the dream which shall be experienced, for the dream, though it has a great variety of uses, has the primary use of reflecting in symbolic form the catalyst that the entity faces in its daily life so that the entity might once again review and utilize that catalyst. To choose the dream assumes a great efficiency in the use of the catalyst. It assumes the conscious recognition upon the part of the entity so choosing that it does indeed reside within an illusion which provides a means of progress in evolution through the catalyst of daily experiences. To program, shall we say, a dream is quite like the entity programming the incarnation before entering the incarnation. This requires much ability, which does not normally begin to be recognized or accumulated by an entity while in the incarnation, but is possible.

I am Latwii, and am aware of your query, my sister. There are indeed a great variety of uses for dreams, none to be considered more or less valuable. The varieties which you have mentioned are examples of a perspective upon the life experience. For example, might not a life be looked at as a teaching and a learning? And does not each teach each? Look into that which is being taught for the catalyst. And as you journey through your life, might it not be seen as a great adventure? Look then to the kind of adventure you experience for the catalyst. And it is true that from time to time an entity may see that which is called the future. Indeed, there are many futures, as you may call them, and when an entity in the dreaming state experiences that experience which does then occur in what you call your future, there is a special connection which has been made between the entity and a deeper portion of itself. And the deeper mind has made available to the conscious mind an experience which shall be of especial value to this entity.

Q’uo - March 28, 1988
We see the experience of which you speak as one which occurred within that state that you call the dreaming, and yet many experiences occur within this state which are as significant or important or what you would call real as those experiences which occur within your waking reality. Thus, the fact that this experience occurred within the dreaming state may be seen as the necessary conditions that would allow the image of a new thought formation to be seeded within you. The new thought or direction in thinking is that which has begun to make itself apparent to your conscious mind through the unconscious mind as a possibility which may prove fruitful in your own personal journey. Thus, this experience begins to point a direction which you have already considered and this experience serves to reinforce that consideration.

Q’uo - March 18, 1989
There are, indeed, those which express a talent for the translation, shall we say, of the dream images. These entities may have previous experience within other life patterns working with the subconscious mind and the, we shall call it, language or archetypical nature of the subconscious mind of your peoples. For each race of entities—or in many cases, each nationality—shares similar experience in a general and most basic sense that is available to each entity within the population in a way that may be translated and understood by those familiar with the archetypical journey of each human entity which is expressed within the mythology, shall we say, of each culture.

There are many which study—as any field of inquiry may be studied—the nature of the subconscious mind, and, more specifically, the process of dreaming. Therefore, there is the progress that might be made through study that may enhance the natural inclination of those who find themselves drawn to working with the language of the subconscious mind as a means of being of service to those who also find value in this endeavor.

Is it possible—and, if possible, useful—to gain active control of the consciousness within dreams so that you might be an active participant in the dream, in making decisions within the dream?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Though this is, indeed, quite possible for the student which not only shows a talent for this particular field of study but which also perseveres for a great period of your time, the ability to move consciously within one’s subconscious mind is properly an activity which is possible only for those most adeptly trained in this area. The training is by experience and desire, working with a portion of the being which one feels holds great resources and which one honors and respects in a way which is reflected in the daily round of activities [and also through] the insights gained within the dreaming state, utilized as living portions of the conscious awareness of the seeker.

I didn’t understand the answer. There are more primitive cultures on Earth—or supposed more primitive cultures on Earth—who have within their culture a technique of going back into a dream and actively controlling their consciousness within the dream. As I understand, you say that this is extremely difficult for us to do, even though in the particular culture that I’m referring to, children can do it or learn to do it. Can you speak about that aspect?

I am Q’uo, and we shall attempt clarity at this time. The ability to consciously move within the dreaming state is, for most entities within your current culture, an activity reserved only for those much practiced at the use of the dreams, for there is less respect given to the use of dreams, in particular, in the use of the subconscious mind in general, within your culture than there is within other cultures, some of which you have described as being of a more technologically primitive nature. Yet, these cultures are much more aware through their own beliefs and teachings of the value of the unconscious mind and the dreams in particular. And, therefore, the ability to move within the dreaming state in a conscious manner is a more natural part of their culture than it is of yours, and because it is a foundation stone upon which their culture rests, is an avenue frequently traveled and the doors, therefore, are more open to such travel for such entities.

Q’uo - April 12, 1989
There are several types of dreams for all entities and for some there are more specialized types of dreams. We shall go over what this instrument would call the garden variety of dreams first, and that is the typically half-remembered, somewhat chaotic dream which has elements within it which are recognizable from the recent past. That which occurred within the recent past was not the appropriate solution for your mind or your emotions or your physical vehicle or your spirit and thusly a proportion of your mind is working out different ways of experiencing the situation which was not satisfactory to you or which held a meaning to you that was subconsciously recognized at the time. Thus, in the non-dramatic dream where the images are scattered and do not seem clear, it is important simply to recognize that you are more than casually troubled by something within the experiences which are being rehearsed within the dream experience in whatever distorted form. These are new items of distress and have not yet descended to the level of deep dreaming. These are the easiest dreams to work with, therefore, for although they may not seem as clear or as important, that small change which is dealt with in a daily manner, when balanced, becomes a very, very large amount over the long run.

It is important to remember the absolute necessity of the dreaming process. Therefore, even if you cannot remember the dreams at all, at least at first, never fear that you are lacking in the dream experience but assume that there is some other reason for the dreams to be removed from the ability to recall. In some cases, perhaps it is not well that the conscious mind deal with that which the subconscious mind finds conflicting and difficult. This will, however, cause the one who does not remember the dreams finally to experience a clearer dreaming process, perhaps in a more dramatic manner, say, than one who remembers dreams in a regular fashion and works with the images and their impact upon waking reality and what your own spirit has undergone in order to withstand or bear the catalyst that you re-experience in the dream.

The other, shall we say, garden variety type of dream is the so-called clear dreaming where one feels one is conscious within the dream. It is unusual for an entity to be able to cause the dream body to move and accept the living consciousness of the living self, therefore it is difficult, for instance, to cause the self in the dream to move limbs, eyes or mouth, however, it is perfectly possible to observe the self and these dreams are normally easier to remember. These dreams of clarity come to you after a certain amount of suffering.

It is not always relationships that cause one to suffer. One’s progress through life may be a course which is causing suffering. One’s lack of excellent equipment may be holding one back from what one feels to be one’s true career. There are many, many things, beginning with those experiences within your younger times, that are linked in a chain throughout the years, where you as an entity have continually avoided balancing some certain disappointment, difficulty or challenge. These dreams often recur. Common themes are loss of control, lack of preparation for a test; basically those feeling times which indicate some sort of fear or negative emotion which the self is attempting to deal with while maintaining the integrity of the conscious mind. Dreaming is to be welcomed as it is an absolute spiritual necessity, an absolute physical necessity, [and] emotional and mental necessity. Therefore, not only the sleeping but the dreaming is to be valued for these two simple things alone.

Yet there are other types of dreams. There is the prophetic dream. This is caused by a sensitive instrument’s picking up the simultaneous time in the future—which is actually simultaneous with right now—when something usually disastrous may happen. If it is a very clear dream, do not be surprised if it comes true. This is not a particularly common occurrence but is common enough to be mentioned. Also to be mentioned in this regard, with more interest, is that sort of clear dream which prophesizes in a parable or extended metaphor concerning choices to be made in the near future. These are dreams greatly to be valued and carefully to be studied.

There are two very esoteric types of dreams, which some have at some point within their lives, and some do not. It simply depends upon where that particular spirit is in its evolution. If one has come to this plane of existence from another in which memories are retained at some level, it is not surprising that some who call themselves wanderers would dream of adventures and heroics of one kind or another in the service of those who are desperate for help.

This is an experience which those who choose the path of service to others will inevitably go through. Thus, you are remembering that which has happened to you in another illusion and you need not expect it to make sense except as a fantasy; let it be a fantasy to you.

This is not an important type of dream, for you see you are now an Earth person. You have incarnated and are just as much under the planetary, natural law as any third-density Earth native. The real work of living a life in faith is living it within this illusion, at this time, with no evidence of glory or perfection outstanding. The challenge is to feel the glory and the majesty of creation, to feel the life that is lived now, to feel oneself opening as a flower to the Creator. These memories of aid do not truly help the émigré to Earth, for it is here that each spirit has chosen to make—once again—that great choice, of service to others or service to self. And we have all come with balanced karma, but we will not leave unless that karma remains balanced. Consequently, we urge each in this sort of dream experience to acknowledge that you, perhaps, had unusual adventures. But remember always that you are here to love and to accept love, to be wise and accept wisdom, to feel the time, to feel the space that is the appropriate time for each thing.

There is one more type of dream that some do have who are very intensely working upon the indigo-ray center, that is, who are doing work in consciousness. Such will remember being with a teacher but will not remember what is taught. This is, of course, as it should be, for those things which are of true help in taming the unruly spirit of mankind are far below the conscious level of control.

The aggressive impulse that has come to you through the type of body which each chose to inhabit, the variousness of free will, all of these things cause you to experience a normal, human experience. However, within the dream state, it is possible to receive instruction that may, over a period of time, aid in the instinctive reactions to challenging situations in order that your spirit may be calm and untroubled while the concern is put aside and the problem at hand approached as an enjoyable challenge. With this type of dream as well, it is very unlikely that you shall be able to remember that which you have been taught. On some occasions there will be one thought or one sentence which you are left with. It is well to write that down, for these are your teachers, these are those who are with you always, these are the Comforter which vibrates in that vibration which comforts you. So bless and welcome your teachers, they have much to tell you.

We have not touched upon the nightmare for the nightmare is not a different kind of dream. A nightmare can be that which was caused by the happenings of the day, that which was caused by repeated trauma in childhood. The classic, shall we say, nightmare is simply that type of dream which is very, very useful to examine, for what is feared, how it is feared and what the situation that is feared is actually like, this sort of working with the dream is most helpful.

Now, we are aware that it is felt sometimes that there is some help in offering difficult images in the dreaming process. However, we may suggest that you protect yourself by praying as you sleep, that is, as you enter the state of sleep. A simple prayer, the Lord’s prayer or a simple childhood rhyme, thus surrounding yourself with the love and the light of the Creator which you remember instantaneously and Who instantaneously sheds grace abundant upon you.

The psychic greeting dream does exist but is so very specialized that it is extremely rare. Realize that your own lives have shown you abuse, terror, shame, humiliation and many extremes you would much prefer not having experienced. All of this is catalyst and is dealt with largely on the subconscious level. So your nightmares are actually attempts to heal and are to be valued as much as the happiest dream, for they represent a valiant and courageous subconscious mind which is quite determined to see you through that which has made you fear something or someone.

There is a waking dream which is identical to a sleeping dream in terms of the brain wave pattern of an entity. This is called the day-dreaming process and is closely linked to dreaming. It is recommended that this process be monitored, much as the dreaming process is monitored, that you may discover what it is that your mind is focused upon, what your true desires are. This is what you wish to know from within yourself.

So, as you approach your sleeping time, ask yourself inwardly to dream truthful dreams and to remember them well, and, if you can, write them down. We think you will find this most helpful. It is to be remembered in analyzing dreams that a principle this instrument has learned from psychology is true. That is: each character in your dream is an aspect of yourself. This is a very large key to the analysis of many dreams.

That which you do not realize, do not remember, and will never know, that which makes sleeping and dreaming utterly necessary, is that heavenly food and drink which each sleeping entity receives by the grace of the one infinite Creator. Much healing occurs in sleep, much forgiveness is engendered in sleep. Sleep is rest not only for the body; it is food, nourishment, absolutely necessary for the Spirit within. For you starve that Spirit, my children. You do not give that Spirit its wings in the daytime hours. You do not become excited passionately about what you are doing often enough. You have not enough zest. We encourage you to learn from your dreams, to grow from your dreams, and, taking one step at a time, to allow reality to become that which you, by analyzing your dreams, have found to be the peaceful, appropriate way of joy and dance for you.

Q’uo - February 2, 1997
I am aware that dreams give us needed messages from the subconscious, but if one is not able to remember these messages in dreams, is there a way to work in the conscious state to aid their remembering?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. The subconscious portions of each entity’s mind are filled with the patterns of the incarnative experience and send various portions of these lessons and experiences to the conscious mind in the form of the dream, that there might be a dialogue with the conscious entity seeking to uncover the treasures of the subconscious mind. In order to be able to work with these dream images it is well that the seeker send a message to the subconscious mind that it is ready to work upon those messages in dreams. This may be done by reminding the self before bedtime to attempt to remember one dream this night, to further reinforce this desire by placing the appropriate instruments to record the dream whenever one is able to remember the dream, whether it is shortly after the dream or upon waking in the morning. It is through the constant repetition to the self, the subconscious mind, that one wishes to work with these dreams that the subconscious mind will become convinced that the conscious self is serious and serious in this desire, and will then begin to release to the conscious mind dreams which will be able to be remembered.

Thus, it is a matter of setting up a dialogue with the subconscious mind and to express one’s sincerity to continue this dialogue by the continued repetition of remembering the recording devices, whether they be the tape recorder, the pencil, the pad, the flashlight or whatever. In this repetition, then, lies the building of a bridge betwixt the conscious and subconscious portion of one’s own mind.

Q’uo - May 18, 2003
I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. It is well, if one wishes to work with the dreams, that one indeed prepare the self to do so. For in working with the dreams, one is working with the deeper portion of one’s own conscious and subconscious mind. At this level of awareness there is a perception of experience as a whole. There is the unification of that which seems broken to the conscious mind that resides within the deeper portions of the mind. And as you are able to work with this portion of your own mind, you develop a pattern or relationship which can be built upon, expanded and relied upon in all future endeavors. It is well therefore to, shall we say, convince the subconscious mind that you do indeed wish to seek that treasure which it has to offer. This may be accomplished by simple things that are repeated; that is, [make] the suggestion to the conscious mind, to yourself, as it would seem, that as you retire for the night and enter that state called sleep, you wish to remember those dreams which follow and that you have indeed prepared yourself to work with these dreams by placing, next to your sleeping position, the necessary writing utensil and paper or pad upon which you may record the dream upon waking. Perhaps, as you are more adept at this work, one or two or more times during the night you will be able to write the dream upon the pad, so that when you awaken in the morning, there is a written record that will, shall we say, jog your memory and allow you to access further information as you begin to ponder the dream, to think upon the dream and to record the dream. Record all impressions that come to you at this time and when you have more time later in your daily round of activities, perhaps you will be able to meditate upon the dream, its imagery, its message, [and] its importance. If you are able to make this time in your daily round of activities for this process, then you will find that the subconscious mind gives more and more symbology, more information, that you may use to unlock, shall we say, other doors within your mind which also have information which is pertinent to your query.

Q’uo - September 22, 2009
The next question is, “What is the purpose of dreaming and the benefit of lucid dreaming?”

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. The energies of love and light that we have discussed previously that are so richly filled in silence are those energies of a very deep nature, communicating with the roots of consciousness within you, that consciousness that you share with all that is. Within this consciousness lie energies that are as rivers, lakes and oceans. You tap into them with your emotions thusly. As you go through your day, if there is little emotion felt then you do not impress or call these deep-flowing waters upward into the conscious mind.

However, my brother, it is rare that there is a day in which there are not those emotional responses to catalyst that do reach an intensity that calls to those archetypal waters in the roots of mind. The response to those emotions and events felt and seen in your day build up until, within your sleeping time, there is that response from deep within you which is called a dream.

[Dreams] are gifts of spirit. When one’s emotions are muddied, the dreams may well also be muddied and shallow. However, when one is on a spiritual path and has developed practices such as you have developed, the events of each day have a tendency to become more lucid and to reach down with a refined emotional energy so that the messages within dreams can bubble up in a clearer and more lucid fashion into your conscious mind.

Oftentimes there is the attempt within dreams of the self to come more into balance with that which is distorted either for joy or for sorrow. Images seen within dreams often give one clues as to the true nature of perceived experience or the deeper nature of that experience which has many layers, some of which you may not have seen.

The keeping of a dream journal, then, is a way of receiving intelligence concerning those issues which are grist for your mill as a spiritual seeker. Such a practice constitutes a genuine resource for the seeker.

The virtue of lucid dreaming, where one becomes aware that one is dreaming, is the same virtue of one who becomes aware within the dream of waking life that he is a true witness and that he has the capacity to form his own responses. When one is able to, say, move an arm within the dream character that represents himself, or is in some way able to enter into the dream as though it were a waking vision, that lucidity sharpens the ability to grasp and retain the infinite details of the concepts which are couched within the dream.

There is a priestly responsibility that goes along with lucid dreaming. That which one is able to comprehend, one is then responsible for using. As this instrument would say, it is more important in lucid dreaming to “walk the talk” of the dream.

Q’uo - February 22, 2020
I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, for each seeker of truth, there is a dream. There is an image or a set of concepts which are what you might call a guiding star of the life pattern. This guiding star is that which has been promulgated from previous incarnational experiences as the representation of that which may become, for the entity within the present incarnation, a kind of set of guidelines in which the lessons to be learned may be described in energetic fashion.

Thus, when you feel the dreams that you speak of, look then to the heart of the dream within the meditative state to see what that dream is really speaking to you about. What does it represent? How literally can you take it? How symbolically should you take it? Use your intuition and your intelligence together to fashion a kind of response that then perhaps may be able to become a query that you ask your higher self in meditation or in dreams to make a response to.

If you are successful in convincing your higher self of the need for this information, then there will be transmitted to you what you may call a download which reveals the steps necessary to take in order to make such dreams come true. If you find, however, that there is some sort of blockage that stops you from realizing these particular dreams, do not be concerned overmuch, in that such blockages may show you a path to the realization of the dream that may present themselves at the appropriate time. Each thing occurs for each seeker at the appropriate time when the seeker is ready, as it appears you are now.


Part 2 of Dreams Channelings:

Hatonn - September 26, 1977
Could you give some thoughts on dreams and interpreting them?

We are aware of your question. My sister, you must already know that consciousness does not cease either with sleep or with death. Therefore, that which you recall from your dreams is a record that your consciousness has been keeping during your slumbers. There are many levels of consciousness below that which you call consciousness, and many are not understood by those who study dreams. The level that is most often described by those who study the importance of dreams is the level wherein you are as your higher self attempting to speak to your conscious self about the material which you have covered in your experience within the last day or short period. There may be many symbols which those who interpret dreams have fairly adequately covered which may be used within your own dreams as a kind of symbolism to, shall we say, soften the blow of the lessons that your dreams are attempting to offer you.

We do not consider this [the] most important type of dream, however. In actuality, your consciousness is being taught by your teachers during sleep. And quite often, if you are very careful to keep records of your dreams, you will begin to consciously remember at least part of these lessons. This is most valuable to you and it is worth attempting to discover by means of keeping records of your dreams.

There are some cases where [the] more advanced among your peoples have the job, shall we say, of leaving their body during sleep periods and within one of the spiritual bodies, as this instrument would call them, going to other places and working with those who may need some kind of help either with mental or physical problems. These healers, as one might call them, are rare, but they are very helpful and do exist and it is another activity that occurs in, shall we say, a dream form.

Separate from all this my sister, are visions, either of the future or of the present, in which you see in a very real sense that which is to occur. This takes place on what you would call the fifth dimension and does not have anything in common with dreaming. You are actually there and your consciousness is fully awake.

Latwii - April 10, 1983
Yes, one other question, Latwii, and we’ve touched on this before, but I’ve had some unusual dreams recently, and my question is, do we make our dreams or are we given dreams sometimes in order to help us when we ask for help?

I am Latwii and, my sister, without frivolity we must acknowledge that the answers to your questions are yes and yes. We would take the liberty of adding further detail in this manner. The mind of which you are aware is quite capable of generating dreams for entertainment or for one’s education. Using this particular instrument, one can therefore acquire dreams which provide situations for growth, for in truth is not the world within which you exist merely an additional dream? The desire for learning, for attainment, is the incentive that allows you to bring into your life that which provides catalyst, be it in the somnolent or waking state. We would further remind you, my sister, that each entity is a portion of a larger entity and that—and that which is needed will be provided.

Latwii - May 29, 1983
Yes. I’m bit confused, then. I seem to have interpreted it incorrectly. What I assumed it meant was that the work done during sleep was effective in polarizing. Is that incorrect?

I am Latwii and am aware of your query, my sister. The work which is done during the dream has little effect upon the conscious self, the self which moves through your illusion. Unless the message of the dream is recalled by that conscious self and is worked with by that conscious self, though there is work done during the dream, the work may be viewed as the potential for polarization which resides within a deeper portion of the mind complex. To bring this potential for work to the conscious mind is that process which shall aid the conscious mind in its polarization. Most entities forget the message of the dream, and indeed the dreaming process itself. Therefore, for most upon your planet the potential for polarization lies untapped within the deeper portions of the unconscious mind. There are other processes which may be completed during dreams, such as the healing of various imbalances within an entity’s deeper mind, but the polarization process must be tapped and made available to the conscious mind for the process to be efficient.

Laitos - January 22, 1985
Thank you very much. Yes. Are there ways to expand my ability to perceive in terms other than channeling? I ask this for several reasons. I have meditated for quite some time but still I have not seemed to realize anything more than what might be considered nebulous results. The other thing is that when I go to sleep at night, I hear nothing. I do not dream as other people do. It seems I go into oblivion. Would you care to comment at all as to an analysis of this consideration?

I am Laitos, and we shall attempt this, my brother. You may utilize any means which you desire to utilize in expanding your own sensory perceptions, and, as they are called, extrasensory perceptions. The means of such utilization is not the important factor in what you would call a success. The most important factor is the desire and discipline in using whatever means is chosen. For, indeed, the initial results shall be quite nebulous, and in order to make the results more formed and apparent, one must constantly seek in a disciplined manner to do this. Many fall short of the desire and discipline necessary and move quickly from one technique to another shortly to convince themselves that either the techniques do not work or their own mind is too dense. Yet both assumptions are false, for any entity with the proper desire and discipline may utilize any means of awakening those senses which wait within each portion of the one Creator.

As to your concern that your sleep is without dreams and carries you to that portion of existence you have described as oblivion, we might suggest that your experience during sleep is not necessarily without the dreaming, for many such as yourself experience the dream yet do not remember it. The failure or lack of remembering may have many, shall we say, causes or reasons. In this area we may speak only in general, for your own particular reasons for not remembering the dreams are a portion of your means of evolving in mind, body and spirit. If again your desire to remember your dreams and your discipline in attempting such remembering were focused enough, you would indeed remember that work which is accomplished in your sleep and which does take the form of dream.

Q’uo - January 10, 1987
Would you care to give me any particulars on how to build the pathway using the dream state?

I am Q’uo, and we might suggest the general use of the dreaming state is that which allows the seeker to use the subconscious mind such as one of your computer programmers would utilize the computer. The conscious mind is aware of the situation that presents the puzzle. It then, through its desire to solve the puzzle, provides that which it has gained of knowledge to the subconscious mind, and that information, when charged with the desire to find the path of love for the seeker, shall return to the seeker in what you call dreams that are coded in a symbolic fashion,

To become aware, then, of these messages from the subconscious mind is the goal of remembering the dreams. One may learn this skill by reminding the self upon retiring for the evening that each dream shall be remembered and recorded as soon as possible upon its completion. These dreams and their coded messages then may become the topics, shall we say, for the meditation of the day. In this fashion, the subconscious mind is programmed to release information which may serve to reveal more and more pieces of the puzzle so that the feet may be placed more firmly upon the path of love.

Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues - November 19, 1995
I am Aaron. I hear your question, K. First, may I state that this dream is as perfect an illustration of the process of incarnation as I have ever heard. A pile of slop … yes, as Q’uo said, “Bless this mess.”

There are two different types of dreams: that which is symbolic and that which we call a teaching dream. This would seem to have portion of both—the diving into the trough of slop being the symbolic part; and the awareness that only when you move through the messiness of incarnation, the messiness of a body and emotions, do you emerge into the angel that you are.

You stated that they seem to be teachers, but perhaps also colleagues. K, likely these are teachers, but teachers are also colleagues. One cannot teach without learning. It is a mutual participation.

The dream does not seem to me to represent only a wish to arrive in this room, but also a statement of readiness. We on the upper planes use teaching dreams when the meditation practice is not sufficiently developed to allow you to hear us in a more conscious state, so we bypass that conscious state into the dream. It is a very effective way of reaching you. The only problem with it is that often there is not the practice to retain the dream after, so it is not as clearly integrated into the incarnate state as it would be in meditation. Those who have further developed the ability to hear their teachers while the body is in the state we call awake as opposed to asleep find that teaching dreams seem to slacken off.

What I hear from you, K, is that there is a readiness to enter this realm. I would like to suggest that if this is a repeated dream or in meditation itself, you allow yourself to open to the experience of that room and then you make the very firm statement, “What do I need to learn? I am open. Please teach me,” and just see what you hear.

Q’uo - September 4, 2005
Q’uo, I have a question. Although it has to do with me, it is a general question. Can you tell about working with dreams and offer any advice and suggestions on how best to work with dreams? And the second part is about a dream I had about a month ago talking to a little boy. I felt that was a negative experience. Are you able to comment on that at all? Thank you, Q’uo.

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your queries, my brother. You are correct in assuming that we would have difficulty in speaking specifically about the dream concerning the small boy and whether or not there was negative polarity in that dream. We have this difficulty, my brother, because of the fact that you have not come to a settled conclusion concerning the message that this dream offers to you. When you have come to such a conclusion and are able to state the truth that this dream has offered to you, we may again examine your query with perhaps more fullness of information. For now we will simply confirm that such dreams are extremely useful and helpful as a part of the process of coming into full awareness of your own self-dynamics and would encourage you to pursue the investigation of such striking and provocative material.

This instrument is most interested in the gifts of the archetypal mind. One of the ways that is safest for the individual to use in exploring the deeper reaches of the unconscious or subconscious mind is an investigation of one’s dreams. Such an investigation may begin very modestly, but it is a type of investigation, which if pursued with persistence and stability, tends to deepen and begin to yield insight and an ever enlarging and more sturdy point of view from which to look at the self and creation in general.

In terms of the mechanics of working with dreams, we would encourage the habit of keeping a small flashlight of some kind, a pad of paper, and a writing instrument at hand before going to bed. If one does awaken during the night with the memory of a dream, one is able, without waking oneself up totally, to turn on this small and non-intrusive light that gives one the opportunity to write down one’s memories.

It is not necessary at the time of writing those memories down to work with them. It is enough simply to record the thoughts and then to turn off the flashlight, put down the paper and pen, and go back to sleep. It is, however, helpful at some point during the next waking period to go back over these hastily jotted notes, perhaps typing them into a more lasting record and journaling about them in any way that you find yourself wishing to do.

It is perfectly acceptable to use the rational, intellectual mind with its analytical capabilities. It is equally acceptable, and to be encouraged, to help the mind to run off of the logical tracks on which it so often stays due to old habit, and to invite the quirky combinations of thoughts and the insights that come at one from sideways when one allows what this instrument calls the “mind sagging in the middle,” so that points that seemingly are far distant from each other are suddenly brought close and new connections are made. We speak specifically of that seeming dichotomy between the so-called left brain and right brain.

Allow the dreaming process to create opportunities for you to link those two ways of thinking as you contemplate your dreams with insight as well as logic. Encourage your mind to become more and more integrated with itself and able to move with more and more facility between that logic of space/time and that insight of metaphysical space or time/space. You are a dweller in two worlds and the dreaming process helps you to investigate that second world, which is not easily available to be seen in the haunts of humankind.

Q’uo - August 7, 2007
I don’t have your traditional type of nightmares, exactly, but I do have three types of recurring dreams that occasionally haunt me and are, like nightmares, just plain terrifying. In one of the recurring themes, I am locked away in prison, my freedom and rights taken from me in what is a deeply, deeply horrible experience. Would you be able to help me unravel the symbolism to this dream so that I may understand what spiritual principles are being communicated to me about my situation within the incarnation?

We those of the principle of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. There are aspects of this dream about which we cannot offer comment, but in terms of spiritual principles, we may say that your opinion of your incarnation is not all good! And it is accurate, for are you not in a prison, waiting on the executioner’s block for the scythe of death to swish down? And meanwhile, are you not often uncomfortable, driven by the demands of the heavy chemical body and subject to countless irritations and distractions?

There is much more to this than that spiritual principle, but in general, dreams tell the dreamer what is on his deep mind, what is bothering him. They have to tell it in code. It cannot be straightforward. For truth is like a blinding light to one who is in darkness. They cannot open the door all the way, for you would go blind. Dreams crack the door and let in a little light, a little inkling.

We would suggest, my brother, that you begin a notebook, either on your computer or with a pad of paper and pen, and journal through an extended length of time about this one type of dream and, indeed, about the other two as well, building intelligence over a period of years, to find out the nuances and the intricacies. Dreams in a way are like a maze. When you reach the center, then the light dawns and you go, “Ah, okay, I see.” But until that point you are going up into and back from many blind alleys.

Q’uo - January 19, 2019
I have a question, Q’uo. A lot of our life is spent sleeping and dreaming often. How much attention should we give to the dreams that we have, and if we should give a lot of attention, how do we better facilitate a more constructive way of viewing them?

I am Q’uo and am aware of your query, my brother. Indeed, your dreams are messages that have great value to you if you give value to them, for your subconscious mind has within it, as we have said before, all of your preincarnative choices, all of your pre-existing existences in other incarnations. You have a great library of information within your unconscious mind that can be utilized in the form of the dream, which, when remembered and worked with in an analytical fashion, and in a meditative fashion, can reveal to you those blockages within your energy centers which you can then begin to work upon to allow the removal of the blockage and the moving forward of the intelligent energy, or the prana, of the One Creator to move you higher and higher along your energy centers so that there is the opportunity at some point to clear each energy center that leads to the heart. And within the heart chakra begin to feel the unconditional love for all entities and for all creation about you.

If you wish to work with your dreams in an efficient manner, it is well to attempt to remember each dream and each portion of each dream as soon as possible upon the awakening, or even more appropriate and effective, to awaken after the dream to record it in some fashion, whether you use that which you call the recording device, or a simple pad and pencil does not matter. What matters is that you attempt to recall each detail as accurately as you can as soon as the dream is completed and then give over to this dream remembrance the time necessary, as soon as you awaken, to analyze the dream, to look for those meanings that are pointed to you in the heart of your being to move you further along your path of seeking. Look for that vocabulary that will begin to develop itself within your dream state, and begin to speak to you in a clear fashion so that when certain events or opportunities or entities are encountered within the dream, you will know immediately that a certain type of experience is being had and offered to you for the seeking of that truth that lies deep within the heart of your being within your unconscious mind.

Q’uo - February 1, 2020
I have one Q’uo. What is the best way to utilize dreams that are very intense in our spiritual life? I recently had a dream that was really intense and I feel like it’s trying to tell me something, but I’m not sure the best way to interpret it or understand how it should help me.

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. In general, the utilization of the dream state is one which is most helpful upon a regular basis, so that the seeker begins to develop a certain kind of vocabulary for its dream images. This allows then a more accurate interpretation of dreams in the long run.

However, if you are utilizing one dream and only one dream at this time, we would recommend that you utilize the meditative state, so that you may relive the dream in the meditative state. Then, having relived the dream, look within yourself, to see if there is resonance with any portion of the dream to any part of your being, to any part of your spiritual journey, to any thoughts that you are thinking, to any feelings that you have felt, to any difficulties you have experienced. Then assign the meaning to each portion of the dream so that there may be a picture presented that is much like unto a puzzle. This will hopefully allow you to see the overall message of the dream. However, we recommend that such a dream that has made a strong impression upon your mind may also be a dream which is symbolic of other levels of your experience at a later time. Thus, we would recommend that you begin a dream journal, so that you record each dream that makes such an impression upon you with the hopes of seeing correlations and progressions in your own seeking of truth.

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This is probably what the movie Ink (2009) is all about!

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This is hilarious. Maybe I should try to mitigate my fear of truth?