Studying the Cube of Space

The basic idea is that the Cube of Space is a visual aid to comprehend how our evolution of understanding works. This is based on the BOTA Tarot not what Ra taught. There are 12 edges of the cube that are the building blocks of human experiences. The sides of the Cube along with the central trump explore the types of consciousness we use to help us understand the world around us. This is what I am currently exploring and so I do not have much to say as of yet. The inner cube is how the higher self communicates lessons to us. This area has also not been fully explored so I also cannot comment until I have more information.

Feel free to ask questions. I may not know the answer… yet… but I will be sure to try to help you out.

If you go to the Reddit Cube of Space then you will see a pinned post called “The Journey”. This is where you will find a Table of Contents. There is a link called “Summary of the Foundation” that will help explain what the 12 edges of the cube represent. I am in the middle of exploring the sides of the cube so I will update this post when I can comprehend the next stage of understanding.

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I can see the Hagal (Hagalaz) rune now in the center of the cube.

The 2D symbol has ideally to be seen as an 3D cross.

Hey Cubed_Cross. I did an overview look at your reddit page. I did have a few questions. Firstly where does this Cube of Space come from? It says on the reddit page description that it is based on the Sefer Yetzirah, which comes from the Jewish mysticism tradition. Have you made adaptations?

I read your Summary of the Foundation. I am assuming that the numbers on the cube relate to the keys. Is there a predetermined linear progression to follow through, or do we come at it from outside the cube in the direction of the core? If so, do we all start different in our journeys. Or are the interrelationships more important to look at? I have little experience with various graphical mappings of archetypes, so excuse me if my questions seem weird.

Paul Foster Case based it on the Sefer Yetzirah. The book talks about the structure of something but doesn’t say exactly how it looks.

The Cube of Space (wikipedia) is based upon two verses in the Sepher Yetzirah. Chapter four’s verse associates the six Hebrew letters with the six cardinal directions: up, down, east, west, north, and south, and chapter five’s verse associates the 12 Hebrew letters with either 12 diagonal directional ‘arms’ or 12 diagonal boundaries. Different translations contradict each other; with some interpreting the 12 Hebrew letters as referring to the 12 edges of an octahedron while others like Paul Foster Case interpreted these as the 12 edges of a cube.

To this day no one knows the origins of the Sefer Yetzirah. Some say Abraham (father of Ishmael and Isaac) wrote it but then he would have to have had knowledge that is above his understanding. The original book by Abraham is based on how the things of our universe came into existence. Paul Foster Case published the Cube of Space in his book “The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages.” This is where I am getting the information for the Major trumps. I am posting the cliff notes version of it on Reddit otherwise everyone would have to buy the book to follow along.

I didn’t want to mention what I know or how I know until later when the cube is described in further detail… much later on. I was communicated a message in a dream “Rabbi’s first”. This is my interpretation of working with the divine or higher self which I will describe later on Reddit. I interpreted that as Jesus’s disciples in the order that they joined him. There is more to that one dream with that phrase but it’s too much to explain to anyone who hasn’t been interpreting their dreams or random thoughts. The Foundation of the Cube is basically saying this is where we began and what we should be learning along the way. From another point of view would be to say that YES some of us will get stuck along the way and have to repeat certain areas in order to progress. In other words, it appears that there is a certain order of development but in reality everyone progresses at different stages or has to go back and repeat other stages before they can learn to move on.

I haven’t gotten into this part yet on Reddit but I believe the stages of development have to do with the combinations of the trumps that are near by. For example, the first stage is in the Northeast part of the Cube. This is the Emperor trump or Peter (the first apostle which means rock or stone). Hebrew letter Heh which means window is how we view situations from the outside looking in and from the inside looking out. In other words, there is more than one way to a view a situation. How we learn this information is limitless. The trumps close by in combination with the Emperor is how we are learning this part of creation.

I am guessing that the Foundation of the Cube (12 edges) are the first 3 densities but I could be wrong. The sides of the cube appear to be our level of awareness ranging in 7 types of consciousness. Which are the state of waking consciousness; deep sleep; dreaming; transcendental consciousness; cosmic consciousness; god consciousness; unity consciousness. Which side of the cube goes with which aspect of consciousness is still being explored. I had a dream last night hinting that Genesis in the Bible describes these aspects so more investigating… Yay! The sides of the cube could be 3rd density and up but I’m still unsure of this information.

My hypothesis for the Cube of Space is that we are working our way from the outside to within. This will be explained further with the Armor of God (Ephesians 6:10 - 20). The Aspects of Divine hints toward the Armor of God with the display of the Greek Gods that go along with each side of the Cube. I was originally going to go with the Archangels to tie everything and have it related to the Bible however I ran into a problem when 2 of the 7 angels could not be placed properly according to the days of the week. The source I was using had too much false or contradicting information so therefore I went with the Greek Gods. Each Greek God goes with a specific piece of armor.

Those are just my notes on the side of the cross. The final version hasn’t been created yet. The cross is the Cube unraveled. The 6 sides of the cube are the Gods who wear the armor. The 7th God is at the center of the cube.

  • Apollo/ Sun (Feet fitted with the readiness of the gospel of peace)
  • Artemis/ Moon (Belt of Truth)
  • Ares/ Mars (Sword of Spirit)
  • Hermes/ Mercury (Helmet of Salvation)
  • Zeus/ Jupiter (Breastplate of Righteousness)
  • Aphrodite/ Venus (Shield of Faith)
  • Cronus (The World trump aka Saturn)

Essentially, the gods put on their armor and prepare to battle Cronus at the end of time. I am thinking that Cronus is the blackhole at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. Our experiences are the outside of the cube or the stars and the planets getting sucked into the blackhole. This is why on the “Aspects of Divine” link I have Cronus as eating his children. In Greek mythology this is how the story is told.

The inner aspects of the cube have not been explored entirely. I believe this is how 6th density higher self and above communicates messages to us in order for us to learn everything. This will be explained later on Reddit. I believe this has to do with the diagonal lines along with the intersecting coordinates of Judgement, Hanged Man, Fool and World trumps. The diagonal lines are displayed as the following:

  • Key 10 - Final Kaph - Southeast Below to Northwest Above
  • Key 12 - Final Mem - Center
  • Key 13 - Final Nun - Northeast Below to Southwest Above
  • Key 16 - Final Peh - Southwest Below to Northeast Above
  • Key 17 - Final Tzaddi - Northwest Below to Southeast Above

Each line within the cube intersect at the center or Final Mem (Hebrew letter). I am sure the reader is curious how this is going to be depicted so that everyone can understand how this works. “The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of Ages” by Paul Foster Case showed an example which blew me away.

Final Tzaddi (fish-hook) pulls out intersecting Final Nun (fish - meaning transformation) out of intersecting Mem (water) toward Hierophant (inner guidance), Lovers (team work), and Star aka Tzaddi (changing conflict).

In other words, Higher self is always sending us messages to change our mind about how we are progressing in certain situations. They use metaphor in our dreams that we need to interpret. First we create an experience then they try to help us see from another point of view. We change the experience or repeat the experience. Then higher self again tries to change our point of view. When interpreting dreams, however, it appears as your day being experienced before it happens. It isn’t until the end of the day that the dream makes more sense because the experience has passed and now you can see what the dream was about. In the end, Higher self is trying to have you see the positive aspect of creation but most people cannot interpret their own dreams therefore everyone is always repeating their own mistakes.

I cannot wait until I begin exploring the rest of the possibilities of the inner cube. Feel free to ask me more questions because I sometimes get ahead of my own thoughts.

Interesting! I have studied the Runes but I completely forgot what some of their meanings are. Thanks for this. I will explore this aspect to see if it relates to the Cube of Space.

I see that this research was begun with a mystical experience. Looking forward to hearing more about that once you are ready to share about that aspect.

So this model is not only an outline of the archetypes and how they interrelate to each-other, but a sort of archetypal story-arc or journey, that cannot be said to be predetermined, but more lightly etched out in the grand stage, reducing some of the difficulty for a seeker to find a path back to the Creator. Perhaps it is not a logoic design per se, but more a path which has been formed by various people having walked that route over time? Something provided to those initiated into this Jewish mystic tradition.

Yes, I would concur that this is an initiatory step along the path, to realise that our interpretation of the world is just that - a subjective interpretation. That paves the way for allowing changes in the mind to occur, I believe.

Here you have melded various historical mystical traditions here. Though Greek gods were drawn from our solar system’s planetary bodies, which have remained consistent over time.

Dream analysis is a practice that takes dedication and discipline over time. I hope you are able to expand on how you approach this in your own life to share what you have learnt so far about this. All the best in your explorations! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Actually I was introduced to the Cube of Space on Bring4th by an Australian man. This is around where the conversation began back in April 2022. Ironically, I was flooded with dreams on April 2, 2022 that showed a specific path on the Cube of Space all done through metaphor. I didn’t think anything of it until a few weeks later when I decided to take a closer look. I figured out the path began with the Lovers (East Above) then went to the Emperor (Northeast) then Chariot (East Below), then Hermit (North Below) then it jumped to Death (Southwest) followed by Moon (South Below). I still have no clue what those dreams means. I am still interpreting the rest of it because it was a very long one. I am surprised I remembered it all.

The dream about “Rabbi’s first” was mid-July 2022. I was off and on about the cube since April. I began taking a proactive approach when my first dream in July was about a bunch of men wandering around saying “sefer.”

This is when I decided to take another look at the Cube of Space and see if there is something there that I wasn’t paying attention to before. Since mid-July I have been studying it non-stop to understand all aspects of it. I have also begun to have a few dreams with direction within them. I posted one here as the first comment.

As for dream analysis I know more than enough to interpret other people’s dreams. I have been doing so at ‘Dream Interpretations’ subreddit. Your choice and others to look at my comments for u/Cubed_Cross on Reddit. I have gotten many complements for my interpretations. I am willing to do it for anyone here. I am using dream dictionaries that I found online. I notice that when I do dream interpretation for someone else I get an intense level of concentration until the analysis is complete. I have to shake off the feeling when I am done. I don’t know what that is about. It doesn’t happen when I interpret my own dreams.

I guess PM me for anyone who wants a dream interpretation. The more detail you give the better. Don’t worry about confidentiality because only the person who had the dream will understand what it is about. I am completely clueless. I have been interpreting my own and other’s dreams since my spiritual awakening in 2017.

After I get done explaining all aspects of the Cube on Reddit then I may show others how they can go about interpreting their own dreams pertaining to the Cube. That may be a few months away. There is much to learn before then.

The Hermit reveals the path that all should follow but don’t want to. It is the virgin, the one showing the way and stands on top of a mountain which is considered hard work to reach the top. The opposite of the Hermit is the Devil. This is what should be avoided. The Devil sits on a half cube.

“A half-cube symbolizes half knowledge of reality which perceives nothing but the visible.”

This suggests everything we see or do in this reality cannot be trusted. We may think we are more than what we appear to be. In reality, we should say nothing or display our powerlessness. This is the beacon of light to guide others. Let those who want power to stay with power. They understand nothing.

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