STS & STO in real life

This is a long article based on a documentary (embedded at the bottom of the page) about sex trafficking of girls and young women in Iraq. It starkly shows a pervasive STS social bias in contrast to a few individuals showing strong STO inclinations towards positive action.

It’s not an easy read because of the stretched out variation of human impulses portrayed; however, it gives a concise picture of the carnal challenges we all, as a race of incarnate humans upon this planetary sphere, are seeking to outgrow: from darkness into light. It portrays an effort to hold a candle of inner light up to the darkness, something we all might support in our prayers.

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I promoted Tim Ballard’s OUR rescue organization some odd years ago. His operations and their efficacy was the solution. The status quo governments and their qabal forces weren’t the answer, they never were of course.

Other networks like Project Veritas bears some mention. From darkness to light, first people have to become aware of the problem to fix the problem. SO far, they are not that aware of it.

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