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To take on spiritual knowledge is to take on responsibility. It’s quite possible that some who may read the following text will find themselves learning more about life than they wish to take personal responsibility for. If you suspect this could pertain to yourself, then you might profitably consider leaving this particular webpage now and not risk having to incur life altering understanding. For if you seek to understand and do not act, some knowledge can have a deleterious effect.

January 7th, 2007

There is a moment in the seeker’s life when the seeker chooses his way of life. When that moment comes—and, indeed, for many entities upon the surface of your planet at this time, that moment has not yet come and may not come at all—something changes about the way you see yourself. When you decide you wish to be of service to others and you wish to polarize in that sense, you create an expectation, a hope, and a goal.

Naturally, you cannot imagine precisely what being of service to others will entail. But you set your intention. And with that intention your ship has now formed a rudder. Your star has now formed its orbit. You have created in your universe a Pole Star of hope.

This creates, metaphysically speaking, a passage from the spiritually immature person to the spiritually mature person. This is not to say that there is not always work to do in ripening the fruit of self but that until you take yourself seriously enough to make that life decision to offer all that you are in service to others, metaphysically speaking, you have not yet awakened from the dream of incarnation.

When you have taken yourself that seriously and dedicated yourself that completely to the hope of being love within the world that you experience at this time, you become a magical entity. You know who you are to a greater extent than anyone could who has not yet come to the point of making that choice.

As you go about your life after that point, there may be no obvious difference in the services that you render to others. Nevertheless, to you there is a difference! There is a profound difference in that you have taken responsibility to seek resources and materials that will help you to investigate how to be of service and how to be of service more skillfully.


If you simply continue to watch yourself think and become conscious of the process, you shall eventually achieve realization. We always encourage each to spend time in the silence and to sink down into that silence to receive its riches.

Part of the sinking down into the silence is letting go of your self-concept. With us now, visualize yourself, each of you, in a small room. It is bare, monk-like, and yet when you go to that room, you are happy. For it is the room where you pray and ask. It is the room in which you are fed in that muscular silence of the inner heart. Kneel down upon that bare floor and remove from yourself the concept that you have of who you are. Take it down, my friends. Take every concept away and just allow yourself to kneel before the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

As you allow yourself—the concept of yourself—to melt away, you become an empty vessel, shaped to hold the love and the light that you find pouring into you in that inner room.

Who are you then, my friends?

When you have emptied yourself so that you can hold the gift of love and light, you are in the position of the one known as Jesus the Christ when he knelt down in the garden of Gethsemane and said, “Not my will but Thine be done.”

And when you rise up and go out again from that inner room, you will find the Earth a sparkling place, bursting with joy. You will sense the air humming around you as if to welcome you to the world.

And you will know who you are.

You will feel that livingness without the need to identify it, define it or describe it because you are no longer your personal self when you rise from your knees in that inner room. You are a very impersonal self, that self that all entities truly are beneath the many layers of self that have been taught, the poses that have been struck, and the decisions about details that have limited you this way and that until you have painted yourself into the corner of who you describe yourself as being.

You have burst free of all of that when you become the “I” that serves. And then, my friends, you do not have to wonder how you did. You do not have to doubt yourself and it will not occur to you to pat yourself upon the back.

You cannot stay within that state of mind on a continuing basis if you are like most of those upon your planet. And you are not intended to stay there, for you have work to do that you gave yourself to do, that did not have to do with service to others as much as it had to do with growing your own mature balance of self.

Balance is a very helpful word when it comes to attempting to envision and focus your energies and spend them wisely. There is always a dynamic balance that is going on in your life, no matter what issue you take up. Look for the balance, not for the right or the wrong. Look for the resonance and the sense of deep confidence within that says, “Yes, this is where I should be. This is how I wish to serve. This is my best environment.”

When you feel that you are in the right place at the right time, then there is a relaxation within you.

This text was excerpted from January 7th, 2007, Q’uo.

As these measured patterns of imagination take on more and more meaning, may your personal-self progressively relax and surrender to your experience of having a rudder of spiritual commitment, a vessel of underlain Presence and many more seas to explore.


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