Spiritual Light in Our World

This passage brought to mind @Diana (and others) and her finding little use for organised religion. Naturally, the concept expressed below has a deep meaning of its own, but I offer it here to show that where seekers congregate in a positive context, light is generated which can offer safe harbour to those who are not ready to venture out and seek on their own. I find this a lovely concept, personally.

You have, before incarnation, chosen some
things which you may wish to do. You did not make
these plans with the intention of knowing them
ahead. You made these plans knowing that at each
point that something was required of you, you
would have the free will to choose the manner of
your beingness. We realize that in your daily illusion
the events, the cataclysms, the mounting strangeness
of the times in which you live, may well seem to be
far more important than your own disciplined
understanding of who you are, but, my friends, your
seeking of that understanding is the only burden to
carry in those days to come, for the more of your
identity that you are able to fathom, the greater your
light will shine in a very dark world, and like the
great lighthouse which guides the ships to harbor
**and warns of a craggy rock and a dangerous gale, **
**those within the view of your simple beingness will **
gain a kind of safe harbor until they themselves can
begin to seek for themselves.

Hatonn from April 18, 1982.


Thank you for sharing, that is a very beautiful quote.

Q’uo - April 3, 2005
In light of the preceding discussion of the nature of such a group as this present circle of seeking, it becomes obvious that any rule of life is easier to think about, articulate and explore when there is a group of like-minded entities which creates that sacred space where each is helping each to bring each other home.

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