Several different animal species are observed that they move for days in a circle


What is happening to our Earth right now, - every day more pictures are taken of animals turning in circles. Beside sheep and caterpillars there are now also reindeers and orcas, which one took up in the polar sea, however the circular movement is to be recognized badly from the adjusted perspective, but they turn the orcas!


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Ughhh … This is why I don’t watch video.

Is that narrator a person, or a robot?


I can’t find any orcas that are seen swimming in a likeness to these land animals.
I did see a silly headline saying scientists are baffled about why orcas are attacking boats off a European coast. And it is worth noting they are the largest form of dolphin and that various species of dolphin and whale have been witnessed helping out other of same species but the Orca have no mercy when it comes to attacking and eating a Blue Whale. Their motivations may be one other than food such as… an agreement we don’t understand. They share a lot of human-like qualities only an over all more evolved sense of compassion and ability to live in harmony with the world.

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Are you sure they were not people?

It would not be surprising if people would start to run in a circle.

You could probably get them to, very easily, if you began running in a circle yourself …

All of these headlines are, IMO, kinda bogus. The Human senses perceive just a tiny, tiny fragment of the EM spectrum. Meanwhile, it puts out an INORDINATE amount of noise on that spectrum every second of every day. Is it any wonder that other species sometimes react oddly?

Are they, I wonder, or are they higher than that? … How would we know?

So long and thanks for all the fish … Adams knew stuff.



Since 13 days the sheep which were the trigger of these ominous zodiac movements for the first time now already run in the circle and ants, geese, fish and dogs follow dogmatically the circle movements because they feel something to which we lack the feeling. There must be something big in the air because over such a long period of time, this behavior has never been observed and more animals are starting to circle every day! You can check out more of these “zodiacs” via the link below, - there has been a very intense focus on documenting this anomaly:

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