Ra tells Don to stop recording?

This is something that I noticed in the last session of The Ra Material and it seemed to me that Don had misinterpreted Ra’s instruction. The relevant quote is linked below (bold emphasis mine)

The way I read this is Ra is giving them some time to step away from what causes Ra to “invoke the law of confusion”. However, whatever this instruction meant, it seems to be misunderstood/not carried out by Don. The follow-up of “we appreciate your attempts”, is the type of thing you would say when the attempt is earnest but is not successful. This is further reinforced by the next sentence “Even confusion on your behalves is helpful”. Again the qualifying term “even” suggests that although they did not follow the instruction the situation is somewhat improved by their confusion. Also the fact that Ra is pointing out that they are confused directly suggests that they do not understand Ra’s request and that they have not carried the request out.

So the question here is what did Ra actually mean by asking them “We pause to give the questioner and the scribe a few moments of space/time to aid us by stepping away from those distortions which cause us to invoke the Law of Confusion”? My take on this is that the Law of Confusion Ra refers to here applies to the eventual reader/listeners of The Ra Material. There is certain information that will break the Law of Confusion if someone does not ask to receive it, and I think that whatever Ra wanted to tell Don fell into that category. So in order to share the answer what Ra really needed Don to do was for them to turn off the recording devices (and perhaps for Jim to leave the room if he desired, Ra does specifically mention the questioner and the scribe). This suggests that if Ra was not being recorded then Ra would have had more freedom in what information they could reveal under the Law of Confusion.

I think it is interesting to interpret the rest of this question with the mindset that Ra is holding back in the answer in some way. In light of what happened to Don I always found this session (and what Ra says in the rest of this question specifically) particularly poignant and foreboding. Perhaps if he was able to receive a more full message from Ra things may have been different.


Very cool. This is not something I picked up on, I think you have stumbled upon one of the many mysteries in the Law of One.

A huge reason that I feel drawn to the Ra Material is its internal logical consistency. For a spiritual text that encompasses so much of our lives on this planet and surrounding cosmology, there is surprisingly little in the way of contradiction. One of the facets of this internal logic is the Law of Confusion and how it is applied by Ra. Instances in which Ra prefaces what they say with statements such as:

Or when they make qualifications such as the one below:

Don, Carla & Jim all already believed they were wanderers to a high degree, so Ra confirming this for them caused no harm (i.e. the information given wouldn’t change any outcomes). This strict adherence to not infringing on the Law of Confusion I think really speaks to how narrow and strait that narrow and strait path is of high positive power.

Because we now know what events unfolded after the last session ceased, we have the benefit of hindsight in interpreting the context in which Ra offered Don and Jim the instruction that is quoted in the OP. The magical transfer between Don and Carla seems to have occurred. Don was left to deal with emotions that he could not withstand, and Carla spent the rest of her life having to handle the practical realities of supporting herself and her desired service in this world. So I do believe that Ra was treading close to revealing too much prophetic information that would turn the Material from being an impressive piece of work, to a miraculous one.

So, I think it makes complete sense that Ra would have been at more liberty to speak openly if the recording device had been switched off, for Don, Carla & Jim were already quite aware of the magical and miraculous working they were doing. How convinced must Carla have been considering her personal experience of not having any recollection of what she had said under each trance session. I am struck by the group’s innocence and fidelity to bring the Ra Material to humanity that they never thought to turn off the recording devices to ask for more personalized information.

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First of all, thank you for covering this topic, as investigating it has led me to uncover some interesting aspects about my own spiritual journey. The Law of One and the channellings are always fascinating in the sense that there is just as much to learn from what they don’t say, as much as what they do say, so I understand the curiosity about this particular Law of One quote. I have been digging up some quotes I feel may give some perspective as to why this occurred during the channeling.

Usually when they establish contact for channelling, they want the instrument and all those involved in the process to remain in a positive, loving mindset, as questions of a negative nature tend to sever contact or there is a potential to attract negative entities who are mimicking positive entities words in order to take over the contact, so to speak.

Did Don’s state of mind potentially leave the group more vulnerable? I know during the later Ra Sessions, Jim and Don become increasingly worried about the psychic greetings being inflicted upon Carla, as Ra stated that Don had transferred his mental/emotional pain onto her in the past. Maybe doing this caused troubles for Carla, as when she channelled Ra, she was in time/space with them while they used her voice to channel the Law of One. This left her in a very vulnerable state so this is why they took such meticulous care to protect their space before channeling sessions.

The passage before the one quoted, they stated:

My guess is that Don’s mental/emotional distortions were a part of a programmed catalyst for this incarnation and they could not infringe on his Free Will by letting him know directly what he was experiencing, for it was a part of the learning he had yet to process. I’ve read several channelings where they cannot answer questions if that question is a part of their active area of seeking and the entity asking the question has not come to terms with those things themselves. Basically if you state, “I am a wanderer of sixth density. Can you confirm this?” They will confirm it because you have figured it out for yourself and there is no free will being infringed upon. But if you go “I think I may be a wanderer but I am unsure.” They will in response, share some lesson or advice that may apply to their situation rather than giving them a direct answer to that question.

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Thank you! I agree on the consistency factor being a major draw for the Ra material and I also think that the specificity with which Ra speaks is also quite impressive. Keeping a non-contradictory narrative is easier when one talks in generalities and “big picture” messages. But Ra keeps their answers very on target and specific to the question asked while remaining highly if not totally internally consistent in the material. In the lexicon of channelled material it is truly unique in this regard.

This is a very interesting take on the why behind Ra’s possible answer breaking the law of confusion. My initial thoughts were that the material revealed would in some way give information that would enlighten to such a degree that is would pull back too far on the veil of third density and impede on peoples ability to have the third density experience of polarisation/balancing.

But I am thinking now that this explanation could make more sense. Particularly in the context of what happened so soon after the session and their comments regarding the pyramids having been built. I have always thought that The Ra Material does not provide any information that is able to prove its veracity, it is not possible to know that the material is true simply from the contents. There are clear opportunities for Ra to provide specific information that is not known by humanity, that would make the nature of the material abundantly clear. For example questions about technology far beyond human (mainstream) understanding present this opportunity.

I doubt that I would have such self control :sweat_smile:


Thank you for providing this quote I am not familiar with this particular text. This is an interesting position for L/Leema to put forth here. I would think that it would be quite provable (at least beyond a point of reasonable doubt) that the channeled information is coming from outside the channel. It should be pretty straightforward to simply provide some information channel could not possible know but could be later verified. Of course there is the matter of The Law of Confusion but this would not make it impossible to prove as it is within an entities power to break the law of confusion is they so wish.

I do think that it was at least Don’s belief that this transfer was causing an issue with Carla, and the undoing (karmically) of this process could very well have been the direct catalyst for Dons breakdown.

This answer is rather foreboding

I think if this were the explanation for Ra to not so directly answer the question then that would mean that they were not prepared to have shared more information in a non-recorded format. Because if the Law of Free Will violation was over Don then having the information shared with the wider audience would not impact this. However, I think there is good reason to think they were looking to drop the recording to share more so I think the Law of Free Will referred to was that of the listener/reader. Do you think my reasoning behind Ra’s implication to turn off the recording is flawed in some way?

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I believe any channeled being doesn’t want to overstep boundaries in understanding. Splitting the atom led to nuclear warfare. Imagine how easily man could take something used for good and turn it into something for selfish reasons. I too have noticed that Ra and Q’uo tend to guide one into thinking something general and not specific. The principle of Q’uo always have ridiculously long answers for a simple question. I think they do this so that it our free will to interpret what is given any which way we would like.

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Ha ha. Yes, and they also use a pattern of standing back to give a larger context to the question so that they can emphasise the basic, fundamental principles involved. So often we humans run away into the higher levels in a manner unsupported by the basic building blocks of spiritual work. Honestly, it can be more fun that way, but alas, not sustainable.

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It looks like you are not the only one curious to see how valid the channeled messages are.

I think the confederation generally prefers to not focus on proofs and validity, they seem to prefer faith.

I like the way of framing the law of confusion as “plausible deniability”, allowing room for the person to dismiss whatever they’re told. To me this brings to mind examples like: “he was just dreaming”, “they were hallucinating fantasies”, “they’re a scammer making it all up” etc.

20 April, 2022

… Another benefit to honoring free will that comes from limiting our interactions to methods such as this comes from the aspect of what might be called plausible deniability. For our words are being spoken by a human mouth and cannot be proven using your methods of research in the material realm and science. And thus, those who perceive our words and accept the reality, or possibility, that they are real, must do so based on a certain faith, not in the instruments or in the source—that is, us, the Confederation of Planets in Service to the One infinite Creator—but instead in the value of the words themselves.

When the process cannot be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt, more emphasis must be placed upon the value found within the communication and the effects of that communication in the life of the seeker. This place is the impetus for belief on to the sovereign seeker, who may, at any moment, decide that this process that is unfolding, where the source of this information is invisible, and spoken through human instruments, may be dismissed, for it is just one among many sources of information that speak to these spiritual truths.

If we came to your planet in our own form and displayed our technologies and our beingness in full view, it would be impossible for most upon your planet to deny that the information we share with you comes from a place of higher understanding, and thus it would be accepted without question. When instruments such as yourself offer themselves to serve as a filter, it removes this possibility, so that the distortions that we have found ourselves affecting on your planet in the past may be reduced.

We encourage this circle and those who perceive our words to further contemplate the effects of …

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