Q'uo prophecy: The Lion and Lamb shall lie down

This is not pleasant, is it? It is not a comforting idea to contemplate how the most abject lowness within the social energy complex has within it the seeds of liberation. We would not ask that you offer yourself as the lamb to the lion willingly. And we would not hold you back were you to fight for the right to be a peaceful flock. Indeed, one of the prophecies being realized at the cusp of the new age was recounted in your holy works: that the lamb and the lion shall lie down. We will not unravel this symbol further, but we will point out: both lie down. There is a release of the contest.

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I’m curious what you guys think this prophecy means or looks like.

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This is not a prophecy of some literal, transient event. It refers to a passage in biblical Book of Isaiah meaning that, in the future, folks will learn to get along together. In other words, it could be seen as pre-figuring 4D. Just wait a few more years…


That’s generally how I see it too, Jonathan. My interpretation of what Q’uo means here is that the many conflicts on our planet are not all going to resolve of their own accord; in other words, they aren’t going to play out completely with one side winning and the other losing and that bringing the dynamic to an end. Instead, the dynamic will end because of conditions that cannot be foreseen, leading to both parties dropping it somehow. So we don’t have to be martyrs and we don’t have to be pacificists: stay open to the march of social memory and be ready for opportunities to cooperate with the energies that will gradually defuse conflict, even as it heightens it now.