Q'uo on the most trustworthy news outlet

I was initially shocked by how many spiritual people, and teachers, people I’d looked up to and thought were spiritually mature, had taken the vaccines.

Not to mention the dozens of extended family members all buying into it too. Then hearing of all the local churches introducing segregation again! Separating the members, vaccinated from the unvaccinated. Wow! I’d heard of that happening with blacks and whites in the history stories, but to see it happening in the current times was quite astonishing!

The scary invisible boogey monster is out to get you. :joy:

But I think reflecting back, we’re all on our unique journeys, none of us get everything “right”. We’ve all experienced cognitive dissonance before. Sometimes we’re just not ready to confront our beliefs so we retreat, or we get angry at each other. Perhaps compassion will help in dealing with others, holding a peace, and a patient ear, so that we can feel more relaxed in exploring the truth together.

Sadly, I’m not really that shocked that it got so many spiritual people because of the insidious way that the STS architects framed it. Yes, they honed in on the fear angle for sure, but the framing was, really, “Inject yourself as a service to others!” … I imagine that many people of a spiritual/STO persuasion did not even question it, because to question it would have been to gaze into a level of malice that they’ve spent too long turning away from. (In other words, I imagine that they thought that, at the very least, nothing bad would come of taking the vaxx, whereas not taking it might result in further illnesses and deaths. The concept that the vaxx itself could be overtly harmful both to the individual and the general population was, I think, just too much of a stretch for the positive thinker. Sadly.)

I did not realize that about that particular channeling session, thank you! :slight_smile: Makes much more sense now. I’m not a video-watcher but I might try looking at that one. Be interesting to see the folks who these guys (Q’uo) are using as instruments.

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Children were put on a pedestal by many as “teachers”.


Not something I’ve done in a long time.

" I believe that a majority were motivated by fear, of various natures; however, some few might have been quite naively motivated by what they perceived as a form of love; that is, they bought the line that “the shot protects others,” and thus acted in accordance with what they believed to be of best service to others. (Recall, if you will, that the Borg was very insistent for awhile that failure to get “the jab,” as they so termed it then, was a profoundly selfish act.)"

They dared to say that I and others who were bringing up the subject in 2021 was coming from a place of fear.

The fear they detected was their own, projected unto us. Thus they will experience the consequence of their choices. I won’t save them from themselves.

“Be interesting to see the folks who these guys (Q’uo) are using as instruments.”

Much of this was revealed at the bring4th meta forums, by jeremy and his circle, jade, etc. Yes the same jeremy as the admin here.

But L / L directors felt that it made them look bad, so they hid the forum from unregistered users or otherwise made it invisible to the public.

Image > Substance

I’m unsure that it is so simple in every case – a majority, yes, merely acted out of fear/hate, but each individual (who has chosen to be an individual) is unique, and I choose to give him or her the benefit of the doubt in this instance, at least where it appears warranted. If my offer of assistance is rejected, so be it, but at least I cannot say that I did not offer. There may also be advantages to having some in our midst in the coming days who have taken the shots, yet realize now their folly, and live to tell about it. Perhaps there are things that they can teach us that we would not know otherwise.

The events unfolding before and around us are all very, very complicated. There are nuances to this that must be appreciated here. I am going to have to choose my words carefully at times. Choice is an interesting thing.

If I am wrong here, then the worst I can say is that I flexed some muscles in the areas of compassion and healing therapy. I can think of worse things to do with my time. Besides that, this is only an exploration of a possibility. It may yet be that this avenue proves fruitless; all offers of assistance may fall on deaf ears, and I will simply turn my attention elsewhere, knowing that I have full well done everything that I could do given circumstances and the choices that I made.

I’m new here … No clue who these people are. Jade sounds like a stripper name, not that I have a problem with that – to each their own. Matter of fact, one of the new posters on the new Bring4th Forum is evidently a minor pr0n star, so … That’s fun!

They felt that what made them look bad? The video?

Yes, the old forum is archived now. I did not find it until after this occurred. I made this discovery after finding that another online community of supposed seekers was also now closed to new recruits. That one seems especially “contaminated by f***ery,” though, so I am grateful that I was barred by circumstance. When there are too many supposed timelines and subdivisions of aliens to keep track of, I get suspicious … That’s just sloppy writing if you ask me. :zipper_mouth_face: