Q'uo on the most trustworthy news outlet

10 Nov 2022 C/C Channeling Circle


I have a question, Q’uo. It has become increasingly difficult to understand in our social environment what constitutes a trustworthy source of information, and figuring out how to determine the truth of what’s happening in the world, particularly as it pertains to outlets known as news media. I was wondering if you could recommend a particular news outlet that is the most trustworthy for us.

Q’uo (Garry channeling)

We are those known to you as Q’uo, and we laugh at the conclusion of this question, for we felt it was on a great track before taking that well-designed turn to, as we spoke previously, emulate conditions that you as instruments may encounter. Now, we would be glad to let you know which cable news network is among our favorites and most unbiased, reliable sources of information, but we fear it may upset some of your population. So, we will refrain with the remark that we, of course, speak in jest. Not only do we have no such thing as favorite, but we could not identify for you which source of information contains the least distortion in the news offering: the least agenda, the least corrupting influence from political and economic power, etc… To do so would be to interfere, not only in the seeker’s individual journey by doing the learning for them, but to interfere in the planetary game and its outcome, which can only be discovered and chosen by your peoples, not by us who do not live and operate in a body upon the physical plane within the limitations and gifts of the third-density experience.

We will note, however, that that quarter of human activity which you call the news, whether it be via that which is known to you as social media, legacy news, the television, or that news which spreads by word of mouth through your cultures, is a vital organ and aspect of the individual and collective movement through third density. As an organ, if you may see it that way, it is something of the whole’s ability to make a sense of itself, to understand and interpret the events of the world. Even more so, it may be seen as analogous to the faculty of attention within the self. For as this instrument was recently reading in a book,1 the experience of consciousness within the third-density plane can be likened to being in an immensely, impossibly large, darkened warehouse where the self roams only with a flashlight, shining that light of attention onto that shelf there or that doorway over there and so forth, illuminating only a portion of the experience of the mind at any one time through the spotlight of the attention, and not often successfully interpreting what is being seen, given the lack of holistic overview of that which is being taken in.

The news media operates much like this attention on a collective level. What is it that the light of attention is being shined upon? What is being revealed? Is where that light shined a function of inquiry of a spiritual evolutionary nature? Or is it a function of increasing profit and, as you say, clicks? Is that light shown in order to conduct social engineering upon your peoples? And so forth. These are some questions the seeker may use in discerning the veracity of any particular given source of information, including our own.

We would conclude with empathy for your plight, as you are inundated in a sea of conflicting information where intentionally biased sources of information may be, through their careful manipulation, understood to be sharing truth; whereas the more, shall we say, neutral and dispassionate sources may be understood oppositely. It is a challenge, to say the least, for any of your peoples, whether of a strong intellectual or intuitive slant, to understand what is really happening within any given dynamic or situation. Trust is a glue which keeps a society coherent and capable of making sense of itself, and its environment, and its desires and values. And as that erodes on a societal and institutional level, then fragmentation follows. And your peoples have not been known to navigate fragmentation with the heart open.

We would, in closing, encourage the ever-valuable faculties of patience and the light touch in sifting through information, whatever the source may be, knowing that something of value can be found from a multitude of voices, even those one does not agree with, or those which do not confirm for one automatically the worldview with which they are comfortable.

We would open now to a follow-up or other question. We are those of Q’uo.


Thank you, Q’uo. I’ll read between the lines in understanding that ESPN is the greatest source of accurate news. Of a different line of queries regarding what those of Ra referred to as dual-bodied or dual-activated entities, those being fourth-density entities who are incarnating into an environment like ours that is transitioning from third density to fourth density. When Ra first spoke about these in the 80s, they said this was a relatively new phenomenon, and there were relatively few of these individuals at the time. So, I’m wondering if you could give us an update, perhaps some kind of percentage of population of how many of these entities exist on the planet at this time.


We are those known to you as the principle of Q’uo, and we are interested in attempting this query through this instrument. First, however, we would caveat that the questioner was mistaken in that our preferred source would be the Cartoon Network. However, ESPN, as you identify it, is not without its value as well.

The situation of the fourth—we correct this instrument—of the third-density harvestable being incarnating upon your plane at this time as the dual-activated entity is one which has increased in quantity. We give this instrument a percentage in the one-third range, that is, roughly 33%, to the instrument’s discomfort in transmitting such hard knowledge or hard facts, and the uncertainty about speaking such things. We can affirm that, through the processes of incarnation, more such entities are being born and are commencing their work upon your planet to continue watering the seeds and laying more seeds in the collective consciousness that, through time, will burst forth from the soil, if not already shooting up in the form of sprouts, and grow further into fully blossomed realization about the nature of love and the divine essence of each entity. And in that world [of] your experience, these dual-activated beings are finding one another more readily upon your plane and forming community of various sorts, whether local or non-local, in shared mission that seeks through the tumult and confusion, to which these entities are not immune themselves, to work gradually toward the healing of the planet and the people, to make way for the birth of a new world.

These entities find that there is a good deal of work to do—too much, in fact. Often, they may experience a sense of overwhelm or burnout themselves, and may be afflicted with the many distortions which permeate your world. But these entities have inherent in their being the need and desire to do this work, though they may be unable to fully identify or understand it. On a collective level, that work happens largely off the radar, shall we say. To connect to our previous response, the collective spotlight of the news media, for the most part does not fully recognize this work being undertaken or its potential for transformation for a variety of reasons, including those that we already mentioned, along with the collective mindset and the sinkhole of indifference being stuck largely in an old story on a systemic level. But the door has been cracked open to these new energies. And those who will help to steward this transition are streaming in through that cracked door.

We would take this opportunity [to encourage] those assaulted by the daily barrage of, as you would say, bad news from the world to take hope—to put into simple terms, but nevertheless true—that love is here. And those attuned to this vibration, confused though their patterns of mentation may be, are strengthening that vibration, and planting it ever more firmly into the ground beneath the feet. All who, through the maze of the catalyst with which you grapple, seek the open heart which seeks to find, to experience, to embody, and to channel love in every situation, for every person, regardless of the stories circulating about, is participating in this work, be they dual activated or activated only in that body which is conventional for third density, that being the third-density yellow-ray body complex.

There you go folks, Cartoon Network :sunglasses:

They do give us truth through fiction though, so Q’uo might be serious!

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Trust is a glue which keeps a society coherent and capable of making sense of itself, and its environment, and its desires and values. And as that erodes on a societal and institutional level, then fragmentation follows. And your peoples have not been known to navigate fragmentation with the heart open.

This was my favorite part.

Trust is definitely falling apart internally and seeing it in the population too, I’m continually growing in the amount of distrust I have.

But I hope that I can also keep learning to open my heart wider, to keep returning to rest in the peace of the heart.

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Austin is in a very other reaponsible 4th density consciousness. He is looking for saviors and authorities. Will likely not make the cut for 5th density bifurcation unless he scores higher on tests

Quo is a fan of anime. Confirmed.

Edit. To give some subtext. Austin and gary boughr completelt into the wqx is safe narrative. Thus they are facing cognitive dissonance now that eberybody they dismissed as right wing conspiracists is now repeated by twitter and cdc

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I should have provided more context before quoting passages from this channeling, to me it sounded like they were deliberately giving each other questions that they would not normally ask/answer, so that they could challenge themselves and thus grow as channelers.

I think it was done in preparation for further more public channelings, since being asked unknown questions that you’re not use to or comfortable answering, seems like it will affect the channeling because these are done while conscious.

The public is more likely to ask more transient type questions. Which is why these ones may seem a bit off, compared to their usual ones.

Q’uo and Austin are both being humorous in this passage as well, which some people have missed.

I don’t know if this information will affect your judgement Ymarsakar!

I also added in more subtext. My assessment of human avatar g and austin directors of l and l, was formed by reviewing their life decions on pivotal plot arcs in 2020 to 2021.

They would be very close to the 4th density victim a nd woke consciousness levels. And that q is merely a continuation of current distortions.

This is the martyr savior complex of 4th densitt consciousness. Which has manifesred on earth S a group or sub grouo.

The anime wars began. These souls skipped 2020 test but if the qabal was involved then it would escalate. As 2020 showed

Is CN mainly anime? … I was hoping that maybe Q’uo was subtly confirming what I wrote down a few years back, that the truth about what’s really going on is “pretty much a combination of Rick and Morty and Adventure Time.”

If it’s anime, I better get that Japanese demon-slaying dragon sword finished after all. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good to know. Thank you.

I’m new here. Don’t know the players. (Earthican) Such relevant tidbits of backstory are useful to form context, so thanks again.


Ha ha Toon Network. Perfect!

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I awakened to my memories in 2016. Thought i was late to the 2012 party. Apparently i was earlier than i thought.

I intuitively downloaded what the covid was in 2020 feb 28th. I used my 5th and 6th density chakras to reduce the deaths but i was not allowed to tell people the truth. They had to find out. I waited until 2021 when people started arguing about the wax. I knew the so called virus was to produce the shots in feb 28th 2020. Early gang here.

I told the bring4th forums this in 2021. The gary austin directors knew of the controversy. They did not take my suggesstion to ask quo. They were likely afraid of the answer. They were afraid of conspiracies that lowered their vibrations.

I am not their judge. Just a witness to so many good intentioned people helping the genocide. Their higher selves will judge them far harsher than i would.

I am incarnated on earth physically. Thus i dont have the same constraints as quo. If i want an answer from myself i can just ask it. Like what the apiritual solutions for 2020 test is?

Those that have self as responsible dont need to ask for help from others although we will gladly take it if available.

2020 was where people realized that sovereignty is real and giving who fauci cdc power over them is not so good an idea or solution. 4th density blames and holds responsible others for their life. Guilt from seeing suffering leads them to trusting in governments and authorities. Including spiritual ones like quo

5th density chakea wisdom is seeing the truth and speaking it. Taking action to fix issues. Fighting for freedom. Etc.

I personally stopped relying on news and govs in 2006 to 2007. It was a hard choice for me. As i saw the world and i was alone.

Interesting. You’re the first I’ve met, online or otherwise, who reports any sort of awakening timeline beginning in 2016. That is when it (re)started for me as well; more fully/intensively in 2017 … Anyway – I saw your post somewhere else on here that you “got” the one-two punch plan back in 2020. I found it curious that I didn’t “get” that level of detail, but I think I know why (several reasons, really). Agree that others would not have believed you. Frustrating. Amazingly, many of them still don’t.

Do you mean that you used this at the time (2020) to affect the outcomes then, or overall total mortality? I am afraid that the death toll is … Well, you know what I’m gonna say.

I think I know what you mean by this but if you do not mind, I’d greatly appreciate it if you would elaborate on what you mean by this because if you do mean what I think you mean, then I’d be quite interested to discuss this topic if you are amenable.

the total death tolls for 2020 was less than 2019. People were freaking out and I detected the public was fast going down the toilet in march 2020, so I helped change the outcome.

I told people that this was not the end of the world and if it was the end of the world, I would be the first to know and I would tell them. Which I did about the wax later when doctors and whistleblowers like Malone came out. I verified their theories.

It wasn’t about whether they believed me or not, it was about spoiling the plot.

Just because I had seen the end doesn’t mean I should just tell everybody in 2020. There were specific souls like Naomi and Robert Malone and RFK jr who had contracts to do this work around this time. It was not my task nor mission/responsibility.

The table of contents is at the end of the second link. This Adamu gives a rather good overview of what happened during 2020, before, and after.

Explanation of the 2020, 2021, 2022 tests - by Ymarsakar To answer your question, there were some stuff I wrote before. This was more geared towards a general audience, rather than conspiracy, spiritual, lightworker, etc centered.

I found a few at bring4th in 2021. They seemed to be sixth density (using raconfederacy’s octave scale). Zingdad’s 8 (mentor) uses the same scale system.

A few people informed me that they started awakening around 2016-2018. This seemed to be an incarnation wave so to speak, via vedic astrology, that time period helped activate people. These aren’t the ones you see in truther social media making videos however. We are quite private/quiet. Unlike thep revious wave of starseeds/wanderers/lightworkers, our work with the public is very minimum.

The time period also corresponded to Donald and the REd Vampire expiring.

That’s a kinder/niceer way of saying what I would write.

“Stop buying into twitter, cdc, fauci disinfo bullsht when the gov is proven to be in a conspiracy to kill you all off. I don’t care who/what love and light you think you are, helping genocide women, pregnant women, children, and men, is not something you should be doing while you bullfk around in your little fantasy world as trust fund kids, looking down on conspiracy theorists like David Icke and Alex Jones for being ‘dark’. Helping a genocide isn’t dark? What is that, love?”

And that’s why people prefer asking Q’uo rather than Ymarsakar. Because I won’t use a nice way of phrasing things.

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Thank you for the links. I will skim them but admit that I take a very jaded eye towards anything that ultimately turns out to be selling something online, even if that “something” is ostensibly a very positive toolset. It is not because I doubt the positive intentions of Zingdad et al; however, it “smells” like some materials/paths that I hold deep suspicions about, and thus – I will proceed, on that site, with even more caution than usual. But thank you. Even if there’s more mud to sift through, if there’s a crucial enough stone present there that is not present elsewhere, it will prove worthwhile.

I’m going to look at your Substack now. … Now that I see that you have one, there’s a slight “ding” of familiarity and I have a feeling that we might have intersected on that platform already. I’m not writing there – yet. Just replied a bit to a couple of other authors.

I just read your Substack that you linked to. Glad to have “met” you digitally. :slight_smile: I will be posting more later, but for now, I do not think that I have much that I can add yet, but I suspect that I will in time.

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I’ve been cruising the internets as Ymar since 2001+ almost. I am like the Ghost in the Machine.

Being exposed to human shenanigans will of course make you jaded. But we all return to Innocence on the way back to source/unity consciousness.

My suspicion of these things is actually more of a spiritual nature … It’s odd. Still working on a hypothesis on that one (it might wind up having to do with bypassing the green ray or blue ray chakra or whichever the heck it was – I began this theory before learning all of that technical stuff, and so I’m still working to integrate that, but I am holding onto my basic premise for the moment as a useful “back pocket tool”). But yes, then when you toss in the fallible Human element it just gets goofy.

My path is an odd one … Remember, the whole point of the Game is that there is no one way to do anything, and that includes the End Goal. :wink:

I am not sure about Innocence. There is Innocence, there is Naivete, and there is Gullibility, and all three are, I believe, of a rather different flavor. Time and again, I have been provided with the opportunity to learn the lesson of distrust. Time and again, I have rejected this opportunity. If that makes me Innocent, then it is a trait that I have elected never to lose. I have fumbled it for a bit, particularly of late, but picked it up again, because it’s a rather more pleasant ball to hold than its jaded alternative.

There’s a difference, though, between a voluntary innocence and a naivete or even a gullibility. I prefer to avoid the latter two points if possible (though it is often not possible to avoid naivete, as I frankly don’t interact with Humans enough to know all of their dirty tricks, and I cannot assume what I do not know).

All that being said, if read with discernment, even the strangest avenue may provide some insight. So, I’ll check it out when time allows. For the moment, being new to this forum I’ll probably dik around here for a bit first. :wink:

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My query contained insufficient characters. :stuck_out_tongue:

ZH? Might’ve seen you there …

I think that the insidious part is that we cannot know what the motives were of those who bought the official narrative, for those motives varied by individual. I believe that a majority were motivated by fear, of various natures; however, some few might have been quite naively motivated by what they perceived as a form of love; that is, they bought the line that “the shot protects others,” and thus acted in accordance with what they believed to be of best service to others. (Recall, if you will, that the Borg was very insistent for awhile that failure to get “the jab,” as they so termed it then, was a profoundly selfish act.)

Some knew. They had to know, on some level, due to their training. The lack of critical thinking skills endemic within the allopathic medical establishment is positively disturbing, to be sure, but this didn’t require much critical thinking to arrive at. Something else was at play. It’s still at play, and, to use a colloquial voice for a moment, I’m still not sure what’s up with it. It may be nothing more than the basic Human principals illuminated by such ventures as the Milgrim Experiment, for example, which I probably misspelled, but it may be beyond that. Something weird here.

I suspect that most people did not know, however, because they lacked the training to know, and the establishment is really f888ing good at protecting its greatest asset, which is its priesthood status. (Aside: Didja catch the latest? … They are grasping at straws, now, and it’s gone to plaid pathetic. Yeek.) The majority – that is, those without medical training – may have had a suspicion, an inkling, but they did not know the extent of it, because it was too big for them to comprehend, too vast a “conspiracy” (the Borg having gotten in front of that word/concept long ago).

Because suspicion of one thing would lead to suspicion of another, they stopped at the gate, and accepted the narrative in total.

At the risk of offending Austin, should he happen to read this, there is something particularly discordant about this question. I am struggling to frame the discord in an appropriate light, but perhaps might do so by suggesting gently that this question goes against decades of channeling advice that I have (only just recently) read, which states that any concrete, specific information is inevitably bound to be contaminated by those very entities that you do not wish to trust to deliver factual facts. It is evident in reading this that Garry must have had good discernment, or been an appropriately hollow “instrument,” so as to avoid such contamination from occurring.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

there is something particularly discordant about this question

I think it was a deliberately “bad question”, as I explained earlier.

Q’uo: We are Q’uo, and we greet this circle in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. As usual, we are overjoyed to be invited to join you in your journey of seeking; and particularly, in this gathering, we are encouraged to find that you have gathered with a desire to practice and to become better channels so that you may go forth in your chosen service as channels for the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator.

We find that in joining you for what can be called practice is, what could be seen from our perspective as what you would define as fun or as a game, for it allows us to experience the dynamic of our shared service in new ways and experience with you the thrill of new and novel experiences.

We ask before we begin our typical disclaimer, in this session particularly, as it carries a unique quality, that any response that we offer be evaluated by the individual seeker’s heart, and that the sensibilities and discernment of the seeker be applied to any words that we share; for this allows us to engage with you as fellow seekers attempting to offer service to each other, and not as authorities prescribing a certain path to you.

Gary: Yes, Q’uo. Thank you for being with us today and for participating in our experiment to learn to be better channels, to test our limits, and to prepare ourselves for the coming public meditations

Bascially, in this session, they’re deliberately practicing asking each other questions they don’t normally feel comfortable asking, or channeling.

In order to better prepare themselves for the types of questions that strangers might ask them in a public meditation setting.

For example, Gary doesn’t feel comfortable channeling non-ambiguous data type information, whereas in this session he directly says “roughly 33%” of the population!

The situation of the … third-density harvestable being incarnating upon your plane at this time as the dual-activated entity is one which has increased in quantity. We give this instrument a percentage in the one-third range, that is, roughly 33%, to the instrument’s discomfort in transmitting such hard knowledge or hard facts, and the uncertainty about speaking such things.

The 3 channelers of the session talk a little bit about it here too, in their own words :heart: