Paintings that capture us

many years ago, i found a print of above “Peaceable Kingdom” by John August Swanson. I still gaze at it as it hangs in my house. it captures at least part of my essence in a way that words can not.

this tiny image doesn’t capture the fine details and layers of vibrant colors (pointillism).

I just looked up the artist and he had died. I was surprised to learn that religion and activism (peace, environment) inspired much of his art. I am not much into organized religion, and yet am very drawn to his art.

his piece below “Festival of Lights” reminds me of wanderers, and beings who share their loving light.

do you have a favorite artist or piece?


This is an amazing topic, thank you so much for starting it. I have a great affinity for the arts, as they have always been a very large part of my life. I really loved painting and taking art history in high school. I even applied for art school when I was younger and was accepting in the digital media design program in my later years, but my life had me go in another direction.

I love this piece with my whole heart and soul. I feel it is a representation of my own relationship. I am a female Pisces (mermaid/water sign) and my partner is a male Aquarius (angel/air sign). I do plan on getting this image tattooed on my arm someday. Sometimes I feel like we mix in ways that make finding a life that works for us difficult, but at the same time, our very nature of being such opposites is what works deeply for the progression of our souls.

I know you mentioned paintings, but I have spent a lot of my life being exposed to digital and fantasy art, so a lot of my examples have not been actually painted with a paint brush.


Because of the nature of my own souls journey and experience, I have an affinity fo soul mate/twin flame art. I find these pieces in particular speak to me deeply.

I am also a fan of this art style:

I’m 4 glasses into some wine, so I cannot remember the artists name.

I also have many other pieces I like. I really enjoyed the works of Picasso and Salvador Dali.

I loved this one so much growing up that I re-created it myself. Salvardor Dali recreated his dreams in his art.

I have had this image as my desktop on my computer for awhile now. This is Cameron Grey, The Neverending Dreamer.

This tapestry I find to be amazing. I would love to own a copy of it someday. It’s called “The Wanderers” and the creators made it after doing Ayahuasca. It looks exactly how I saw my social memory complex for the first time, with the faces emerging with one another.

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@anon58905096, these are amazing.

yes, I see a partner theme in your art picks. I love the two partners – transparent, organs and veins (vulnerable, no skin to protect) – facing one another with color lights fanning like a peacock in the background.

when I started the post, I was thinking any kind of still (as opposed to video), whether painting, drawing, digital, photo. but whatever strikes you as a piece of art that captures or strongly resonates with your essence.

It’s fascinating that another human being whom I will never meet (in 3D) can create something that resonates so strongly with me.

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