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This page will take you to all the sessions from the Other Selves Working Group’s third channeling intensive:

We’re published 2 so far, more to come. Audio is being withheld for the moment for personal reasons, but eventually it will also be published.


“The most arresting difference here is what you call the veil. And it would behoove us to begin by stating, first of all, that the veil in third density is a fundamental facet of the way in which your free will is given free play, so that you may find your way as if feeling through the dark, or, at most, being lit and led by a very small candle meant to eliminate that darkness, and in such a way that you are not even permitted so much as to know who you are. And you are, in this much constrained capacity, invited to seek out the truth of the creation and your opportunities to serve within it.”

This relates to the themes I’ve described, such as the right to know the truth and the right not to know the truth.

Coincidentally, Era also used that phrasing to bring out the same point, although I do not ever recall reading it until last month.

This is a good example of it. If I had read it, would then my current thoughts be 100% original and a result of my own work and progress, or would I always be in doubt that I had cheated and gotten the answer from Era? Which is more optimal for Self as Creator and individuation?

"And so, here you are, babes in the woods, knowing not who you are, carrying your little candles in search of that which you know as truth, and asking for just a little help upon the way, and being sufficiently attuned in your seeking that you have been able to open the gateway to what lies beyond, and through this gateway come these voices. These voices, we say, but which voices are these? To whom do they belong? And whence are they wither? “If I follow these voices,” you may ask, “where will it lead? Do I have the capacity to judge of what is true and what is not true?”

Now, if it simply a matter of information that you seek, if it simply an item or two of knowledge that you desire to have, we would say to you my friends, that you do not have the capacity to exercise the needed discrimination. You do not. And you deceive yourselves if you believe that you do. So, if that’s what you’re asking of us, if you want to know this or that or the other tidbit of information, or if you want some advice about how you may better situate yourself in some self-enhancing posture in relation to the remainder of the creation, for our part, we would tell you, you are barking up the wrong tree, my friends. And, we would tell you one more thing. If you encounter any, coming to you from through this gateway that you have managed to open, who would say to you that they can help you out with some most useful information, which will have the added attraction of being able better to situate you among your fellow human beings — maybe give you a little bit of a leg up, or just increase a little bit your likelihood of survival, perchance of prevailing — if any of these gifts are on offer, we would suggest to you that it is time to close that gateway. It is time to say, “Thank you, but no thank you. I must find my own way.” For, indeed, there are “friends” that are truly no friends at all. And you, who serve in this capacity, do well to keep that in mind at all times."

One of the things I noticed is that I have similar requirements as Era and Q’uo on this matter, but I don’t have nearly the same restrictions as they do.

For my light is not a single small candle.

This exertion, we suggest, has much to do with what it takes to operate within the fourth density and higher. And so it is through a manipulation of sorts that they may partake of your incarnative gifts. It is not necessary to fully understand the mechanism of this, but if you have practiced the crossing over of sub-density boundaries through the practice of activities such as ritual magic, then you are somewhat familiar with what is going on here.

I get the gist of what they refer to, but ironically, there is a set of prerequisites related to ritual magick that is needed…

Sorta like logick 101 is the prerequisite to logick 201.

It would be problematic if you were to be on a constant guard against inner planes greeting, for it would take the focus away from understanding the self. So you must learn, my friends, to recognize the tragedy inherent in negative greeting. It is a tragedy reflected in your own beingness and drawn out by those who are not subject to the veil in the same way as you.

This is much akin to players being hunted by PvP, player vs players, Pking. Player killing or hunting newbies. Those of a higher level that know more and have more power, selectively spawn camp and target the amnesiacs, the newbies, that can’t defend themselves. We see this behavior a lot in online games, where it is a kind of burning slugs/insects kind of behavior by higher life forms. Or cats playing with mice. Or more powerful people playing with less powerful people.

“not subject” means cheating to me.

"You are instead given an opportunity to invent a way to convert this greeting into a positive lesson, an act of creativity that may seem to exceed your resources, to go beyond what you might think you are capable of. And this is a much more honest way to deal with the inherent fragility of third density consciousness, for it is here that free will can find its most powerful expressions. Your advantage is in your purity, your lack of cleverness, your ability, in other words, to radiate in response to the challenge. "

So to give some examples, perhaps instead of being angry about getting spawn camped all the time, play a different game that is more fun or create a social group that can protect each other, as done in Eve Online. If there are no ways to overcome the deaths and suffering, then co create a different reality/game.

In real life, so to speak, you had a choice of losing your life or taking some mandatory actions via obeying the government. Those that obeyed, still lost their jobs, and those that disobeyed, found new and better jobs. A bit of trick question there.

The positive greeting will seek to make you aware of this, to teach you those skills and energetic heuristics of expression that are only coarsely identified in waking life. It is the refinement of your incarnation that the positive inner planes entity seeks.

Something to keep in mind, just as the amnesiac person finds it difficult to detect negative greetings and sometimes attempts to bargain/compromise with them, the same is true of positive catalysts/greetings. They have problems detecting them and think it is negative or harmful. They also attempt to bargain/control/order/compromise with these sources, which is opposite of the intended result. Spiritual “skills” require work. They cannot be given to you so easily by anyone.

There is so much to say on this subject, and yet, as outer planes entities, to go into too much detail would be to do you a disservice.

Fortunately for me and in some other cases, I am not restricted in this manner. Although I also avoid certain details/answers and end sounding cryptic. It is simply that people have not gotten to the prerequisites needed for more advanced lessons.

When you enter a room in your house, you greet the room, whether you say or think anything or not. A greeting between entities is contact.

I don’t call it contact, I call it pranking if it is a negative nature.

In the first place, notice that beings of higher densities have greater power to effect some kind of change in your world, and also, in virtue of the quarantine, have greater limitations on doing so. When they do get through, they can have a strong effect. The strong effect that they have is not necessarily a profound outward difference. You will not see spectacular magic as you might in a video game.

Heh heh. They are called “PC games” in my lexicon, Q’Uo. Video is for the VHS generation.

For this reason, many crusaders of the higher densities enact restraint.

They should exercise much restraint, if they are wise, when they are dealing with a main account on Earth, and not an amnesiac newbie.

That your projects are best abandoned, not because something has gotten in your way, but because they are simply difficult. This sort of feeling is the kind of feeling the higher density crusader would want to encourage within you, since it is safe for them.

A nice explanation for why saturn is considered the planet of malice, restraint, slavery, delays, and so forth to most people’s charts in Vedic astrology. In its more positive frequencies, saturn is hard work and great rewards, sorta like positive polarity making use of traumas and trials.

The time of Saturn returning in one’s birth chart, is much dreaded as the “dark night of the soul” amongst variuos communities.

Similarity, for entities within your inner planes who attempt to offer a positive message, they can play more fast and loose with what they offer to you, because, again, the consequences for them for an error are not that great and they do not appreciate the limitations of preservation of free will as much as they would were they to have a higher density perspective. Which means that the possibility for error is also greater.

This is kind of like when psychics are wrong or when conspiracy theorists are wrong about something. They mean well, usually, but still, they wrong. Cause they go aroudn trying to “control” certain things a bit too much. Like telling other light workers what they can and cannot do.

For those have achieved 51-90% positive polarity, while incarnated, the risks are still great although they can regain that polarity if lost.

And how, indeed, would you check our message for inaccuracy?

Indeed, how would you know if my spoilers are real spoilers or just incorrect spoilers?

Our willingness to speak on these little details would cast doubt on us as a trustworthy source, precisely because we know that there is little in the way of your ability to check the truth of our message.

THe benefit of being incarnated on this side of the veil is that I can talk about my own journey, which is not a cheat code. And as a result, there is every way in which to check the truth of my message, since it was obtained on this side of the veil and not the other side.

Rather, worries about violations of free will, in terms of sharing information, are perhaps more appropriately situated in terms of whether you have the intuitive sense that this is information that they are calling for from you.

Here is where they don’t quite understand or address something about how this side of the veil works. The internet both separates and unites people, as a result there is a big difference in sending a private message to someone (which could itself be spied on by others that didn’t call for that info) that is calling for info, vs spreading this info out on a public area of the internet.

Do you, in speaking to you, or do they in speaking to you, desire for you to have the space to express yourself as you want yourself to be, to construct that self on your own and on your own terms? And do they wish for you to become that self? And then, through that wish, do they desire to meet your needs in the way they actually manifest, rather than the needs that they think you ought to have? In this sense, then, violations of free will in terms of communicating information, between yourselves and your incarnate other selves, is a matter of not withholding the information that you think would provoke some kind of change of heart or change of mind or would, perhaps, in your judgment, reveal too much to them.

This sounds a little bit garbled like they were trying to communicate something and a few packets got lost dropped.

Essentially, this is talking about whether both parties have each other’s best interests at heart. TO use an irl example, take the government and the shots. If they don’t actually care about you… then… you know. Them not telling you the truth, was not violating your free will. Meaning, them not telling you the truth, was providing a way for you to call to yourself the truth on your own terms.

Death doctors telling you “yes, go take the shot” wasn’t violating your free will either. They were telling you “yes, believe me the Authority or go your own way, but choose and thus mature”. They may or may not have cared about you, but even that doesn’t matter.

Once you fit this info into the 3rd density of real life, a lot of it unzips itself much better.

This session was clearer in the beginning and then lost a little bit of coherence at the end there. But overall, it provided more beneficial real world tutorials to people than some of the other Q’uo sessions I read in the L/L archives. Those too meandered, but they didn’t give as clear an overview that could be applied to current events. Maybe because currente vents had not produced thecatalysts as these world events have already.

OSWG OCT 6, 2022, Q’uo:
And so, my friends, we would suggest that, if you are interested in communications across the boundary of the veil, that the first question you ask about these communications might well relate to the qualities that the communications themselves carry. And the best way to ask this question is for you yourselves to project that quality which you find in the innermost depths of your own being is most resonant with you.


The key to successful use of such catalyst as we may offer, or those otherwise disposed may offer in the alternative, is to, more and more, purify the aspiration which you bring to the question, so that it matches more clearly the kind of atmosphere you yourselves are seeking to invoke.

Given this idea of purifying the aspiration, what could be said about this particular set of question?

  • Session 1 (THU): What, in general, does it look like to live a balanced life in service to others, while consistently attempting to further polarize toward service to others? How significant to such a life are obvious, outward activities that we associate with spirituality, such as meditation, energy healing, group worship, or anything at all that is expressly “spiritual”?
  • Session 2 (THU): How does greeting across densities actually take place with respect to the dimension of free will — both in a positive and negative sense? How does this contrast to respect for free will between third density entities?
  • Session 3 (FRI): Among spiritual seekers — even including those how have been long on the spiritual path — there often comes a time when we feel lost or abandoned. Can Q’uo speak to this feeling, and what attitude we might take with regard to it that could lead to healing?
  • Session 4 (FRI): Upon the service-to-others path, how does one best emancipate oneself from third density systems of control and manipulation? (attn @tadeus)
  • Session 5 (FRI): How does one allow love to heal disappointment and resentment?
  • Session 6 (SAT): What is mind? What did those of Ra mean when they described the body as “the creature of the mind”?
  • Session 7 (SAT): What does it mean for the spirit to be complex, and how and why did it become complex?
  • Session 8 (SAT): What are the dangers of channeling? How would we best approach training in that context?
  • Session 9: (SUN): How does the higher self participate in the positive and negative paths?
  • Session 10: (SUN): What can Q’uo say about the catalyst of becoming overwhelmed or flooded?

I see a preponderance of What-questions and Why-questions of the sort which, to me, conduce to an “atmosphere” of curiosity about the illusion without being redolent of “the innermost depths of your own being (which) is most resonant with you.” I do not feel the deep-dwelling emotions of passionate seeking, rather I feel more a dispassionate interest in the mechanics of it all.

I wonder how others see this.

Parenthetically, I am drawing attention to this as point of interest–possibly leading to useful discussion–not to be dismissive or condescending.

We would begin by pointing out that, as we have said before to this group, love itself may have two meanings. It may have the meaning of an ontological principle central to the creation, or it may have the meaning of an activity which you, as a third density being, may undertake, or an experience which you may undergo.

The ontological principle is that sound principle I illustrated in a previous comment. What is the Heart of the Confederation's Message to us? - #18 by Ymarsakar

Using ontological is a kind of masking, as it indirectly refers to it without making quite clear what it is they are talking about. It is the sound vs the light, which is a very strange way to combine with the term love. Although perhaps at the quantum and new edge physics level, this is not so strange.

The level of masking/veiling obscuring this topic, does indeed suggest it is a pivotal central point.

Now, as we have always said, the two concepts are not identical, but they are fundamentally related in certain very intricate ways. And we would suggest to you that the query which you have posed to us, relating to the apparently negative affects of disappointment and resentment, requires that we bring these two concepts of love — the ontological and the more particular activity of loving — together in a state of convergence. For, we would say, to begin with, that, when we talk about love as a healing force, we are referring to the ontological meaning of that term, whereas, when we talk about love as an activity, we are referring to a particular and optional undertaking which you, as a third density being may find appropriate and may find yourself called to in respect of other selves: other selves that, it is said, you love or have loved.

When I asked before to those who read the Law of One text, what the meaning of “love” was, they had no answer. Perhaps that was because the time was not right and their work had not been done.

The experience of disappointment in love can be a very compelling one, as indeed, can be the experience of resentment, which arises when an expectation formulated within the experience of love has been disappointed and a wound taken to the one who has loved cuts very deep.

Sorta like when a human likes a porcupine and wants to pet it, but the porcupine stick needles out and then you get hurt.

to the ontological structure of your own particular being, for we will say to you that that being is a being of love, ontologically speaking. It is a being in which love is not just a constituent factor, but we would go so far as to say, the primary constituent factor. You are a being formed out of the very clay, so to speak, of love itself.

Let’s re encode this by substituting some words.

to the frequency/sound structure of your own particular being, for we will say to you that that being is a being of frequency/sound, principally speaking. It is a being in which sound is not just a constituent factor, but we would go so far as to say, the primary constituent factor. You are a being formed out of the very clay, so to speak, of frequency sound itself.

Now that has a rather different impression…

Grimoires, like martial art techniques, are designed for an inner audience and an outer audience (of students). The inner circle gets access to the true meaning and other dangerous applications. The outer circle also learns, but the more basic and less risky methods that are more generally useful and less specifically effective, such as health breathing. In this sense, the right to know the truth and the right to not know the truth, can both be respected.

And while we know of no technique by means of which this can be accomplished, we hope that there are yet words of inspiration which we may offer

That seems suspect, dear q’uo. How can you not have access to this information, or rather specifically, you know of various individuals on Earth that have done the work, so why not point them out as the RaConfederacy did prior? Or would the questioner first have to ask about this person/modality first to pierce the veil?

I suspect it is the latter. You know of no technique that can be communicated without limiting the growth of the audience perhaps. Ah, so that is why you said “no technique”. That does not include the meaning “no person with the technique”. You know of “people” with the technique but you don’t know the technique because you have never used it. Hrm.

Through a reasonable finite number of efforts, one can learn to release the feeling of betrayal or of outrage. Yet, after these feelings have been released, the scar remains.

This is why humans can often times accept something but not forgive it. A slight degree of difference. So long as the wound is not healed, it cannot be totally forgiven but can be accepted. This is also why telling people to forgive or change their emotions, isn’t really a healing modality. Hence religion itself becomes suspect.

We are those of Q’uo and commune at this time with this group through this instrument and wish to build on the idea of acceptance, the role in which acceptance is involved. It is in a way the opposite of expectation.

Acceptance is a frequency somewhere above courage, around 300 on the Hawkins map. Love or what I call compassion is also on that map, but higher than 500. A person can climb it like a ladder usually, putting one step underneath them at a time to reach a higher spot. So when they refer to “love”, this is both a specific range of frequencies and also the very concept of frequency/sound itself. Confusing? Designed to be. It is to protect your free will, so to speak, not the free will of you the 3d person that wants to know, but the free will of your spirit.

This makes it very difficult to give any concrete direction to the painful yearning behind this question to us. We could simply tell you to accept, but this is not doing justice to your confused state. Accept what? The self? The other? Have I not strove to do this at each and every turn? Have I not bent over backwards to make this striving towards something greater, something I looked to my brother or asked my sister to participate in? Is my will insufficient?

Well, on one point, we can be very clear, and that is that the proof is in the pudding. Your will is insufficient in certain projects of striving towards greater vistas of awareness. The acceptance goes not just to the self as is, but in the same sense that the disappointment and resentment calls to an impossible outcome, your acceptance of self must call to the most possible self, the deepest self. There is a regrouping to be accomplished when one is fixed on sallying forth into the great way of life.

There is a 3d new age term for this, but they don’t use it. I find that interesting. Is it to motivate the group to discover it for themselves? We shall see, I certainly won’t try to give cliff note answers on this one specifically.

Faith, my friends: faith will help you to abide in suffering, to work with Brother Pain. And we should also point out that there are methods for greasing the skids to the deep self, as it were. Meditation, contemplation, releasing oneself from a fixed resolution and opening up will get one there at some point.

There are very specific 3d new age teachers that talk about this healing process, but they don’t settle with just meditation, contemplation, releasing oneself. That sounds more like something they do in other densities, where that kind of work itself is sufficient. Not so here if one wishes to make much progress in one incarnation. “At some point” isn’t really satisfactory if it extends into many decades or many life times for us.

I read the same yesterday and I am still in question about the diffuse answers of Q’uo in the both published new channelings.

I see it as a natural matter that questions of “the innermost depths of your own being (which) is most resonant with you.” are not in the foreground, while in the world around the big reset is running.

In my opinion questions were asked that were aimed at dealing with the current situation in a meaningful way, and Q’uo answered them right at the beginning:

Q’uo on Feeling Lost – High Altitude Receiving Center
What do you desire, my brothers and sisters?
It is your job to determine this. It is not for us or any other representative of the Creator to hand this to you on a silver platter, and you know this.
Why then do entities such as yourself revert to this disempowered helplessness, when the bounty of love and light is always at hand?
It is in desire that you find your salvation, but we would admit this insight into one’s deepest motivating energies cannot always be available.

O.K. You refer to the channeling Q’uo on Love Healing Disappointment and Resentment – High Altitude Receiving Center and you have written:

I can follow this.

This does not really enlight what you want to state. Can you elaborate this?

Ontology - Wikipedia
In metaphysics, ontology is the philosophical study of being, as well as related concepts such as existence, becoming, and reality.

Ontology addresses questions of how entities are grouped into categories and which of these entities exist on the most fundamental level. Ontologists often try to determine what the categories or highest kinds are and how they form a system of categories that encompasses classification of all entities. Commonly proposed categories include substances, properties, relations, states of affairs and events. These categories are characterized by fundamental ontological concepts, including particularity and universality, abstractness and concreteness, or possibility and necessity

This sounds really for one theoretical solution to think about concepts of being within an incarnation.
Why this should be helpful?

Please decode and not more encoding. :sweat_smile:

Good questions.

Thanks - very interesting.

Sorry to say, but what an intense helpful answer of Q’uo in this time.

You too my son brutus?

This leaves an aftertaste of “Now you have your soup and have to spoon it out”.

In due time, you may eat soup with a knife. Sooner or later you will finish ; )

“This does not really enlight what you want to state. Can you elaborate this?”

Sure, in a pm.

Just released session 6 discussing the mind complex and it’s relation to the body: Q’uo on the Nature of Mind and its Creature, the Body – High Altitude Receiving Center

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Yes, I think that’s a good assessment. I expect it also accounts for the rambling, unfocused nature of the sessions I’ve read so far. When a question arises from one’s depths, a similar vibration and focus are reciprocated.

At the same time, there are points of interest along the discursive trek.

At this time there is really much confusion out there - it would be somehow insincere to supersede it.
One part of the confusion is caused by the transformation into the 4th density itself and the other part is coming from the mindcontrol of Orion.

I would interpret that when the channeling group is connecting the group consciousness of Q’uo, this confusion is carried to them. This may have caused the strange reaction.

I want to emphasize that I really consider it important to bring these topics on the table at this time and I am curious about the further channelings.

there is always a header in the packet

On what type of packet do you refer?

I’m not sure I understand your position here. The whole point of channeling is to seek clarification of spiritual principles, is it not? If channeling reflects outward confusion, as you suggest, then of what use would it be? Should it not seek to be as clear as possible rather than embracing confusion? I’m a bit…uh…confused.

I agree that this is the main point.
But I would include to find the way to spirituality.
Here comes the confusion into the play.
From my experience most people have no problems with spiritual principles, they struggle with confusion.

On the other hand I would say there is really much material from LLR about the spiritual questions existant and so there is room for other questions for another group.

@Jeremy or @Louise: Besides - when there is room for additional questions, why the group does not use the opportunity and the session ends with an “timeout” for further questions?

I would describe that a bit differently. I find people can accept basic spiritual principles fairly easily when externally presented, the difficulty is in finding all of that within the various levels of their own being. In other words, people in Jewish/Christian/Islamic countries are offered a bias that external behaviour equals spirituality, when spirit is not an extrinsic experience. It is the inward seeking that is difficult, and the confusion on this point is quite rampant upon the land, so to speak.

Another way of looking at this is that Confederation sources have said many times that the more “light groups” there are upon the planet, the better. That is, groups of humans and helper spirits devoted to assisting the inflowing energies of Divinity and to the uplift of humanity. The specific material channeled may not be the primary contribution.

@tadeus I don’t understand your question, sorry. If it seems that we don’t exploit the opportunity to ask follow up questions as much as we should, please note that all of us in the intensive are ourselves instruments. I think I can speak for all of us that we’d much rather be good instruments than good questioners. But when we can, we do follow up as long as there’s energy for Q’uo.

For myself, this is a very interesting point. Do you see the questions, the spirit and the tuning of the questions, as of less importance that the quality of the channeling? Confederation sources say that the quality of the response from them is dependent upon the quality or depth of the questioning. Like attracts like. A deeply centered question received a deeply centered reply.

I’m talking about questions which might follow the initial sermonette. We put a great deal of thought into the topic questions for the channeling itself, and lately we’ve been trying to get a nice spread between inspirational, philosophical/metaphysical, and so-called “maintenance” questions that poke around our project for possible items to consider.

At some point I hope that intensives or some other event might bring more people than just the instruments, and then we might get more follow-ups. I’ve expected this to occur at our Richmond meetings more since it’s a bunch of folks and me as instrument, but so far our circle has not had a lot of law of one folks involved.

With “most people” I was writing about the people that are still in the sinkhole of indifference.
I would basically agree to your description for the people, that have started with seeking and spiritual work.

Yes - diversity is always better than monopolism.

Please forgive - unfortunately it was expected that this would be interpreted as an accusation.
The assumption was already existant that the group had already been run out of energy at the respective point of time.

It is just in comparison to LLR noticed, that mostly from the side of the confederation a channeling is terminated or a sentence is stated like “There is still energy for a question available”.