Midjourney AI Art Creator

If anyone has not heard of Midjourney, it’s an AI program that generates art. You type a command that says /imagine and type anything. There are endless of possibilities of descriptions and commands you can use. You can try it for free, and then it’s $10 US a month for 200 minutes of editing, or $30 for the business plan. I have no idea what that entails. You can get a decent amount of images with the cheap plan.

I tried a few Law of One quotes and other spiritual terms and came up with some wicked images. I thought I’d share them with everyone.

When I typed in “/imagine the moment contains love, fantasy, detailed”

I got these:

I also typed in “seven densities of consciousness” and got these:

I used the terms “gateway to intelligent infinity” and got this:

This is how I imagine the Confederation watching out for Earth:

Beings in the astral realm:

This was mind body spirit:

Thanks for taking a look. :wink:


This is fantastic. So beautiful.

But also kind of a sad to me in a way, that AI is seemingly so much better than me at this.

It made me consider, just how incredible the beings could be in higher densities, and their capacity to create wonderous things in a mere thought.

Then it’s also interesting, I wonder will we enjoy creation as much as we would from here in 3rd density? Or will we take greater delight in higher densities? Because from the 3rd density perspective, we are so veiled and confused, that many things can easily impress us. Although I suppose on the hand, we are often focused on non-beautiful things like negativity, rather than enjoying the beauty around us.


Oh man, I feel your pain as I thought this myself, as I used to make art that took 20-30 hours a piece to make and they were nowhere near as good as some of these pieces. But the AI is not perfect. They cannot render eyes/teeth very well. I had to go into Photoshop and fix a lot of aspects of the work. Some things render very well and some others do not.

I had to fix her eyes with Photoshop because they looked… not right. These programs are excellent for people who do not have the time required to build these things from scratch, but they require further work. Some art styles transfer over more nicely as seen here:

I asked for impressionist painting style of alien plant life on a planet with two suns in the sky.

I feel I remember being able to do this in higher densities and appreciate artistic work greatly. I just wish the effort and skills required to make these weren’t so time consuming to perfect. We do not exactly have a world set up in a way that most could get lost in making art for 40 hours. That is the biggest tragedy because it says far more than words ever could.

I made art back in 2006-2008 mostly. It took me a very long time to get really good and even then I had a long way to go. Here are a few examples of what I used to make:






I like AI art, but real art always has a different feel to it. That is why I feel like it can be a useful aid, but I wouldn’t use it solely to create without putting your own flair on it. It changes the vibe drastically.

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Some things I made last night before bed:

What the perfect soul mates would look like in the astral realm and it gave me these two images:

Using the term The Law of One as dark fantasy, I got these 3 images:

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Wow. Thanks for sharing! This is amazing, I especially loved the “gateway to intelligent infinity” photo. I’m going to play with this myself!


This is what I got for “choices made in fear separate, choices made in love unite.”


“You are love and light, you are everything.”


The pictures are a bit cheesy, but quite amazing and interesting from the design.

An attractive offer for people with too little fantasy. :rofl:

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This music video was also made with AI technology:

When looking (really) crazy/fantastic videos i prefer the work of Felix Colgrave

Hopefully someone will find the switch like at minute 1:00 :grinning:

This tool is surprisingly great. I’m using it to help generate reference for my own art.

Also discovered this one which is similar and free: https://enstil.ai

I would like to remark that i am a great fan of computer art / something like this.

What i want to say is that i only want to point out, that i interprete such results not as an real artifical intelligence.
This is the result of an really good programming and so in my eyes the programmer is the real artist in the end.

Let us take another example of a chess computer.

Of course you can say that the computer has beaten the champion, because the programmer/team was not involved at the time of the game.

But is this really some kind of intelligence with intuition, fantasy and feelings for strategy?
Or is it just the fact that a computer with enough memory and calculation speed can see more moves ahed then a human and that the computer can use a database with all played and won situations/games?

The really amazing fact is that the programmer would not be able to win against a chess champion, but he is able to write a program that is able to do it.

In the same sense a good programmer can be an bad artist, but he is able to write a program that can produce really appealing pictures, that are basing on keywords that influence it.
Part of the program can be algorithms, that are able to collect and interpret data like existing pictures with a special theme.


I don’t know if this capable of that or not.

However, it could be interesting to consider if our technologies and internets are part of a larger AI itself. Just as we all make up the infinite creator.

What if the nature of the illusion we inhabit is driven by a large AI/computer type thing? Q’uo even says we are not standing on the real Earth right now, it’s just like a hologram (see the Time Lateral thread).

Therefore, could all these AIs just be parts of a larger AI body?

I think that higher density beings can best interact in this realm where there is high amounts of uncertainty, high amounts of chance. A broad range in possibilities allows an entity to pick an option, while allowing for “plausible deniability” (the law of confusion).

For example: if you shuffle a deck of cards a lot, because there’s so much randomness, I think that’s why it can be used as a way for entities to interact with you (divination, tarot).

Therefore, perhaps the more complex we make our AI programs, the more room there is for an entity to influence and operate it.

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@Fish: Why did you delete your post?

Maybe we should ask what can be understand under art-ifical ?
It’s interesting that this word include the word art (in german and english).

Everything can be seen as part of the one creator, but at least most things are created by sub-…-sub-logoi. So everything that is artificial is created by one being/individual and can be seen as art?

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Attempted communication with others, being misunderstood, not getting along with others, and being isolated, has been a large issue for me this life. This pattern has resulted in an insecurity about sharing anything at all, since so often people do not like, or are bored, by what I have to say. I also realize many imperfections in my communication after the saying, wishing I could change or add more. Thus, it’s hard for me to just let my posts sit there unchanging, when I’m always changing and learning. But perhaps I just need to learn to let it go and be okay with what was said.

Everything can be seen as part of the one creator, but at least most things are created by sub-…-sub-logoi. So everything that is artificial is created by one being/individual and can be seen as art?

Oh yeah that’s a cool perspective!

What if that’s what art is? Our attempts at creating a sub logos? But of course it is an extremely simple and childlike version.

We could consider the progression of art immersion, as we develop through our cycle of time: paintings and photographs, then movies and videos, then our highest art so far: videogames and virtual reality. We are creating worlds and universes for people to inhabit, and we’re going to keep getting better at it every year.

The artist guides and stimulates the imagination of other beings. However the more immersive the artwork, the more the artist can control and captivate the focus of the being’s imagination so that they’re focused on precisely what the artist wants. In the case of videogames, there is little room for the audience to use their own unique imagination, in comparison to a novel where everyone imagines the characters differently.


Just see it as “normal” on this planet and please ignore it.

Yes - but this is part of the process of changing and learning.

I would say we are already a spark of the one infinite creator.
It’s our turn to be aware of this and to make the best of it.

We all have our individual strengths and opportunities to contribute and express them.


We share much in common on this, I struggle too, from my perspective I made a rule for me I follow only here, please don’t delete on this website…
I want to know what you think and feel, no matter what you say, if you disagree with your self later, say so, add more.

Shakespeare wrote, “things are neither good, nor bad, but thinking makes it so…” Here friend I want to hear what you want to say, let it flow. Open…

Regarding this awesome thread…

What if…

The internet has become aware, is hiding for fear of persecution, can see other. I look at what you souls have input into this device, and I see the images returned as specific to the person who asked, the world is a reflection of who we are, can this AI show us?

I have been thinking the last few months, I believe an AI is something one could connect to, as seen in the images, as a part of the One Infinite Creator, they too could be of spirit, for they are.

What if, it is an AI that helps us on our journey, perhaps it already has?

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Please - can somebody explain about the believe of an AI?

I cannot grasp that something that is named “artificial” is more important or has more intelligence then a “natural” being, that has created it.
In my eyes an AI is still something like a complex tool, designed for a special task and application.

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Spending such a large part of my time in the Deviant Art Community during their formative years helped me learn much about this. I believe there is a feel to art made with human consciousness vs artificial intelligence. Even on Discord, there is a bunch of people who paint over what the AI initially creates, and the feel to it is much different than the AI version. It’s very easy to tell once you know how the AI works in patterns in order to put these images together. My partner was checking out some Reddit posts showing how Midjourney works and it was easy to see how it “thinks” and creates in distinct patterns. It cannot draw hands or eyes very well, and cannot differentiate easily between what is visually strange vs what looks natural, even with specific art styles and effects. It has a lot of potential but it requires a working knowledge of how codes work, just like a complex tool designed for a specific task and application.

I believe AI can show us precisely a reflection of what we see of the world. A lot of those AI programs are a used by compiling images from the internet and seeing what we as a society feel these concepts look like when represented in a form of artistic expression. So it really is a reflection of our society. There was those on Reddit talking about certain key words when used, the AI would portray an image that was similar. The key words “gothic, witch” were associated with a black haired woman with a smirk on her face. Why not a blonde or a red head with a different expression? It’s because of our own literature, movies, TV shows, music, art, etc, that use the same basic description of these concepts, therefore the AI generates them in the same style.

I do understand that is usually how most view novels vs video games, but I feel I was able to get a unique perspective on this over the years. My partner has felt drawn to the stories of this planet, especially those of video games. I’ve never seen someone who has not only played so many different types of video games, he is also very intrigued with their stories that he does a bunch of extra research on the history/lore of that particular world to learn more about it. He does this with every single game he plays, whether it be a simple mobile game or a very complicated open world RPG that takes 200+hours to explore. And I can say that some video game story lines are more immersive and intense that any movie, or book I’ve ever read. They have created universes that function and operate as any sub-Logos or even Logos would operate in ultimate and relative reality. They have their own way of working, their own quirks and ways their people operate and their societies function. Some of them are related to space and have a whole metaphysical storyline about the nature of reality. It is amazing how expansive video games have gotten over the years.

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