While searching through the channelings, I came across a lot about the concept of the metaprogram and thought it would be worth sharing what I came up with to see if anyone has any thoughts or comments on the topic. If not, here is a nice compilation of quotes for those who are curious about the topic.

Latwii - March 4, 1979
I have a question. I am continuously [inaudible] at the various and different experiences from which we all come together. I am continuously amazed at the variety of experiences that have brought us from different paths to common experiences. I opened a path myself and continue, in meditation, to use a psychoactive facilitator for my own liberation and growth, and it’s always very interesting. I’m interested in knowing what significance and what role this can play in the larger planetary scheme, from your perspective, which of course is a much more detached, liberated perspective than I can achieve.

My brother, your question is somewhat scattered, so my answer will be somewhat scattered, for which we ask your forgiveness.

The complexity of your existence and the drive that each in this room feels to seek the truth send each in this room on the many different paths, and there are many levels of awareness of the reality of these paths.

Those substances which you speak of as psychoactive have unique effects upon each person. The one who is already prepared for, shall we say, the quantum leap to consciousness—in what many among your peoples have called the Golden Age—would take such substances and feel no effect, for they are already at the level at which they are, shall we say, metaprogramming their own codes of personality and growth. The disciplines of personality are such that your only permanent exit from this illusion into the next is that of personality.

The psychoactive drugs, as you call them, are a ticket to a vacation spot in which you may experience states so that you know that they are there. The chief drawback to using these substances is that when one returns to one’s natural capabilities, one is perhaps disheartened at one’s lack of natural ability to metaprogram one’s own discipline of personality.

You must realize that you are a personality with such potential that you yourself could become a star—by which we mean a sun rather than one of those who are in the movies—or anything else you wish to be. This is the extent of your metaprogramming potential. You are not using it.

When you can attain transcendent unity with a psychoactive drug or substance, you are then on a journey which you will remember. There are, of course, dangers in dealing with states of consciousness to which you have no right by nature. That is, that you will take a wrong turning, and you will not be protected by your natural wisdom and experience in these levels. Thus, it is advisable to work with a guide with [whom] you plan to take such a journey. Otherwise, it is advisable to meditate, to explore each action and each thought and learn the discipline of personalities so that you can became transcendently one in love and thus be in that state in nature, so that when the time comes for you to progress you will have, shall we say, the window seat on that journey, and it will be yours without any substance whatever.

I believe this channeling is a good representative of how psychoactive drugs work with the metaprogramming of the mind. It can be a beautiful way to experience the greater aspects of reality that are usually difficult to reach in the illusion without them. I have experienced this myself, with psilocybin. It tends to open you up to a different state of consciousness but how you interpret what happens during those experiences tends to be based on a variety of situational influences currently being explored in your incarnation. But with time, I have personally noticed, that their effect lessens and what I experience on them is just a slightly heightened version of what I experience without them. Basically they did what they were meant to do, and now it’s time to do it without them. My partner says you eventually just move beyond what psychoactive drugs are able to show you, and I would have to agree.

Latwii - May 18, 1980
We are aware of your question, my brother. This instrument will have a hard time answering this question because her mind is not furnished properly. However, we will attempt through this instrument, since we do not have a proper one. The use of humor in altering the genetic personality is only now beginning to be appreciated by some of those among your researchers, whom this instrument would call, “holistic health experts.” There are many secretions of the brain, as you call it, which will control and reprogram the self-healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. They do not have as much luck with mental body difficulty due to the fact that in mental problems it is more difficult to achieve mental breakthroughs. However, the brain being relatively unimpaired, we can then say that the possibility of using humor is excellent.

The ability to remove one’s consciousness from one’s little tiny area is very important in the reprogramming of the genetic personality. In order for this to occur there must be some agent. Most often in your recent years, those who have experimented in this area used chemical substances, such as that which you call LSD. These are also those who have used meditation and other less, shall we say, outward going therapies, in order to achieve reprogramming. There is a plethora of pseudo-reprogramming effects which may or may not last, depending on the sincerity of the individual. However, if a person once discovers how to laugh, this person will have a good chance of reprogramming basic metaprograms, which affect the life essences of the personality as it is manifesting in the genetic mode, in any given incarnation.

In order to release oneself completely through laughter, it is necessary to be able to feel that one is in a safe or trusted place; this is a prerequisite. What occurs when one is able to trigger the mechanism of laughter is that the secretions of the brain, having to do with metaprogramming, do the work of LSD or other powerful chemicals, but do it in ways already arranged by your very kindly Creator. Thus, you do not have to go outside your own being for the remedies for your difficulties.

Laughter really is the best medicine. It’s nice to see the spiritual benefits too. I am always far too serious these days so it’s nice to have a good laugh.

Latwii - June 22, 1980
I would like to know what the relationship between the mind and the brain and the will is, how they function together.

Ah, my brother Jim, you ask a difficult question. However, we are aware of the question and will attempt to answer it. The brain is a type of computer with various stages of programming. The deepest programs which have been termed metaprograms by some of your authors are those involving your survival, the reproduction of your species, your social position, and other items that are very big on the agenda of third-density living.

The mind is a function of the spirit which is an amalgam of the effects that a wealth of experiences in various incarnations have had upon the basic spiritual personality. This mind is a collection of biases, emotions and feelings. Depending upon the uses to which the mind has been put in prior incarnations, it may consist of [a] large intellectual factor or little intellect. It is, however, a mind function rather than a brain function. However, standing between mind and brain is that which you call the will. If a person does not use the faculty of his will there will go into effect an automatic metaprogram which will cause that person’s mind to become linked to his brain in a fashion predetermined by his circumstances.

Thus, native intellect, native biases, native emotions, which are brought in from the immortal spirit may be completely buried in the personality of the brain due to lack of will. However, in some instances the faculty of will is developed in the individual and in those cases the mind is able to impress its own metaprogramming much more carefully over the basic metaprogramming of third-density survival mechanisms. Any changes in metaprogramming will be developed and successfully completed by the use of the will.

As you sit here this evening you are exercising the faculty of will. It has been written, “Seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be opened unto you.” The will is that faculty of seeking, desiring and wishing. When it is developed to perfection, the will of the individual becomes the will of the Creator and you become a clear channel so that you may function through your mind and not through the lower programmings.

Q’uo - April 1, 1989
The extremely simple reason for the seeming paradox is that in times of greatly accelerated growth, large-scale changes are being made in the road map of various portions of the program and metaprogram of the mind, and, especially when these changes have reached the initiatory or metaprogrammic phase, many, many feelings, actions and so forth will seem to have been those of an oversensitive, immature and imbalanced person. This person will consider itself the least of all those who seek, for it is not manifesting cheerfulness, gaiety, merriment and freedom, but, rather, suffering under a burden.

However, when the memory has wound its golden bands about these times, and that which you call time has elapsed so that one may gaze back upon that golden-shrouded memory, one may see again and again the rapidity of growth side by side and inexorably tied to the most nauseating and humiliating of failures. It is for this reason that within the illusion it is most often felt that there are no short cuts, and that one must simply bumble along by trial and error.

In point of fact, when working with the deeper programming of the metaconsciousness, the movement of feeling within may be in such a powerful way that it may seem irresistible and perhaps counter to usual politeness. These expressions, however, are to be credited as part of the mind, not part of something called hysteria or emotions, but rather those times when the metaprogram has once and for all time changed a deep, deep program. There will be some sort of release from such a deep change that you do not understand it, and the fact that you may, perhaps, be disappointed in yourself must be accepted by you as a condition of your attempt to live a life based upon the faith that there is, indeed, a kindly Creator, a Creator made of love, which loved us first, and to Whom our response is faith.

Now, with those things said about the difficulties of progression and the lack of shortcuts being incorrect, let us say that a person does, indeed, use tools to move himself toward such a time of vision, a time of initiation, a time of change and metamorphosis. A person may use the techniques of deprivation known in many, many systems of expression toward the infinite Creator—the fasting, the changing of the daily routine to one of silence and devotion. All those daily acts of meditation and worship, whether it be for a moment or for a minute or for an hour, in their dailyness they keep you, the pilgrim soldier, upon the road. You are battling something you may well call disappointment. We would prefer to call it the uninformed intellectual mind. Your minds, my children, are very, very full of those opinions based only upon what this instrument would call conventional wisdom. Within your heart are stored the natural laws. It is well to know how to act lawfully within your society. It is well to act lawfully within that society.

It is also extremely well for you as a spiritual self to know who you are and who that individual that carries you around is. This is most important to you. If you do not know the large bipedal animal upon which you so depend, if you do not appreciate it, provide well for it, accept it, nurture it, and take care of it, then you as a consciousness will find it more and more difficult to spend intensity and time upon the spiritual search.

So, let yourself be the nurturer of yourself. When you are disappointed in yourself, let your nurturing self remember that you are only disappointed within the illusion. You have no idea, my children, of what a blessing your hopes, your intentions, and your ideals are. The light of those ideals is the light of your planet. Your zest for truth, your fidelity to the Creator, your living by faith and never by words; these things go beyond that self that carries you about. These things are what you really are: a being of faith. In times of disappointment, allow that being to nurture, protect, comfort and soothe you, for it is difficult to move quicker than the body is ready to go, than the mind is ready to move. It is a hard thing to change, and, indeed, it should be carefully resisted. Each change should be seen, considered and approved by your discriminating and entire self, a self always informed and centered by daily meditation.

To sum up, my children, each of you has spent many years accelerating the course of spiritual growth. Each of you has seen the most fruits come into manifestation in the midst of iniquity, error, mistake after mistake, and self-perceived sin. Each is able to see that compassion has grown during pain, beyond one’s limits, and beyond the pale of that which would not disappoint one. Yes, you shall disappoint yourself again and again, and may we say, the more you disappoint yourself, the more you are trying to do, and the more we salute your brave spirit. Never, ever, allow the words that your mind can create to attack your faith and your hope that all that is painful will also be fruitful, and all that is difficult will also become that which is golden, that which brings the compassion to the heart, the understanding to the mind. For at the end of each and every failure, at the end of each and every limitation, once accepted and forgiven, can the self find the corresponding compassion for that same limitation in each and every other human being which it encounters in the same situation.

May you grow sweeter through adversity, and, most of all, may we say perhaps our greatest hint to you, as those who would like to continue speeding up the rate of acceleration or growth spiritually, learn to work as hard during those times perceived as positive as those times perceived as negative, and the negative events shall not need to occur.

In order to gain from the positive, one must do what would be impossible were not one familiar with negativity, that is, one must push against one’s own standards of excellence, attempting at all times to give more and more praise to the Creator, more and more of one’s conscious hours, attempting more and more, in moving into the sleep pattern, to program the self for the learning, and the setting of new metaprograms closer to the one great original Thought. Do these things faithfully. Work during the easy, the happy, the contented, and the peaceful times, and your lives shall become ever more peaceful and contented. The work must be done, my children. You have designed this into your incarnations. You yourselves will judge yourselves at the end. Yes, it shall be as the greater Self, but it shall be you, specifically and personally, that must riffle the pages of this incarnation.

Claim your disappointments now. Face them and learn from them and grow sweet with compassion. In this way, may the disappointment at seeming failure become, appropriately and in a balanced fashion, appreciation of and forgiveness of one’s limitations, of the history and the tracks of one’s change into an impersonal source of love. Then when, without the veil, you stand and gaze upon your life you shall see that you were aware, that there is no such thing as Earthly disappointment, but only the sounds, the experiences, the side products, the pain, and the difficulties of transformation. May you intend always the highest and best that you know, and may each limitation, disappointment and seeming failure become for you the opportunity of self-forgiveness, appreciation of yourself, and the nurturing of your growing spirit.

I had a couple. One was about the term, metaprogram. I haven’t run into it before, and I was thinking about physics versus metaphysics. Unfortunately, the only reason it was called metaphysics was that the books were next to the physics books on the shelf, and meta is Greek for “next,” and it was named that at Alexandria, so that doesn’t make too much sense. But I think meta means sort of “beside,” okay, so you’re saying metaprogram, so it’s a program beside that program which is in our conscious mind, so I was thinking, well, what would that be? And then I thought, well, it’s the computer that makes up our computer, that puts the stuff in our computer in the first place. Like, if we changed the metaprogram, the program would change in a lot of different, subtle ways, because it would be changing our basic biases, and that would mean that the metaprogram was that personality of ours that does survive, and it’s the personality of the spirit. Now, do you have any comments on any of these things? Am I in any way correct? Or what is a metaprogram, as opposed to a program, in the mind?

I am Q’uo, and if we have perceived your query correctly, we would equate the metaprogram with the preincarnative choices that have been chosen by each seeker, that there may be the opportunities for learning and then the reciprocal opportunities for serving according to that which has been learned in the life pattern. The programming of such opportunities consists, in general, in the imbedding, shall we say, of certain biases with the subconscious mind and in the conscious mind, when helpful, as well, that will allow opportunities of a certain nature to occur when these biases come in contact with a certain set of circumstances.

For example, if an entity has, for a number of its incarnations, concerned itself with the concept of abundance and its opposite, that being the seeming lack of abundance, then the degree of progress, shall we say, that has been achieved in the mental attitude that sees some degree of abundance or lack of abundance within all situations will be triggered when there is the coincidence of a situation where there is the need for enough of one quality or another, substance or another, to be present within the life pattern for the seeker to feel a certain degree of satisfaction or comfort or the feeling that it is cared for, provided for, and is secure.

Thus, as the seeker moves through various circumstances where it finds itself in need of more of a quality or commodity, then will its programming be triggered so that its attitude will be brought to bear upon the situation which is, in itself, relatively neutral, the coloration of an emotional nature coming primarily from the subconscious mind, according to the program of the seeker.

Thus, the metaprogram, or preincarnative choice, will allow the seeker to pursue the degree of balance that it has chosen previous to the incarnation, and to continue to refining, or in many cases, simply approaching, this degree of balance that will allow the seeker to achieve the goal which it has set for itself prior to the incarnation.

You did exactly grasp the thrust of my concern. I would just finish up by asking you if you would accept that work in consciousness, or indigo ray work, is basically metaprogramming? Is it a congruency of terms there?

I am Q’uo, and we would agree, in general, with the use of these terms, for the metaprogram is the program which has as its goal or its essence that which is somewhat hidden by its mechanics or its technique. Therefore, the factors which may be necessary in order for a program to be set in motion are more mechanical [in] nature than is the desired outcome from the setting into motion of the program. Therefore, the work in consciousness that is attempted is a work which one must diligently seek more as, shall we say, an aftereffect, having discovered that the outcome of a certain series of events was greater, shall we say, than was first noticed or presumed.

Therefore, it is often the case that the more diligent seeker will continue to look at what has been learned in any experience, so that the first fruits of that experience, then, are not the only fruits and, perhaps, not the central fruits that were possible in the experience. One who continues in this way to assess, to meditate upon that which has been learned, will find that not only are there layers of learning leading to the heart of the learning, but that there are correlations and extrapolations that may be found and applied in other portions of the life experience that were, perhaps, not seen to have a connection to the experience just completed and that which is being pondered. Therefore, the life experience of the more diligent seeker will become more unified in that each lesson, each experience will have a more universal application within the life pattern.

Laitos - May 12, 1990
More than this, there is a basic program within the subconscious, and this too is heavily veiled in distortion. This is where the work with dreaming, with keeping a journal, with taking oneself seriously, becomes centrally important, for it is, shall we say, a metaprogram, in which you accept the socially unacceptable dictum of a chosen path of service.

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Metaprogramming Channelings Part 2

Q’uo - November 18, 1990
I am Q’uo. Greetings to each of you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you most humbly for allowing us to share in your meditation and for calling upon our people to offer what information it is within our grasp to offer. By this we mean to imply that we are not without error ourselves, for we are brothers and sisters along the infinite path.

We have had your experience, and you do not think that you have had ours. That is an artifact of your perceptions of time. Time, space and all that dwells in those areas are illusions. Not relative illusions, but absolute illusions. Were one to be able to see with the eyes that pierce flesh and see spirit, we would see beings of light surrounded in a matrix of energy vortices. Each of you is an unique being, yet one with all that there is. It is when one finds paradoxes such as this one that one realizes most clearly that one is treading on fruitful metaphysical ground, for paradox and mystery are the signs of the infinite One.

You wish this evening to know more about the alteration of behaviors in order to operate affirmatively and positively. We would ask you to move one step backward with us, for it is not your behavior, but your being, your consciousness, your inner choices, that dictate with a ruthless certainty that which you shall perceive and notice, as you are not within the density you enjoy aware that the illusion is so complete it is easy to identify consciousness with behaviors, and gaze at the behaviors instead of finding the root of those behaviors. Now we have said to you before that the biocomputer which is your conscious mind is designed to make choices. In reality, your consciousness has the very basis of the illusion, that is, thesis and antithesis. So let us turn our gaze inward, and realize that our biocomputers have been programmed for this incarnation on a continuing basis; however, as it is popularly suspected…

Those decisions made early in the incarnation when one was quite behind hand in grasping the larger truths concerning the great difficulties those you know as parents experienced. You were therefore victimized by whatever patterns of their negative influence were at that time present or at any other previous place in your flow of time present; further, much of the popular culture of your people given as the absolute understanding of “they,” as in “they say,” “they think,” you have purchased, without reading the ingredients, metaphysical food that you may find giving you a metaphysical stomachache.

The most common legacy of the childhood in your culture is low levels of admiration and love, nurturing and forgiveness of the self. The entire world of personalities you may well be willing to forgive; but you yourself are often dazed by such excellent [conditioning] that there is no way to please the self, each having internalized in its own way the negatives of parental disapproval and lack of understanding, verbal and physical abuse, often in subtle ways, that you have experienced. Once these patterns have been set up, and this occurs quite early in life, usually, the rest of the incarnation is spent upon an arena which has been constructed to challenge you with these seeming self-destructive and limiting programs within the biocomputer. After these biases are in place, more and more the entity will notice and be aware of those things which are relevant to its self-destructive concerns. We ask you to allow the inner feeling of self to become crystallized at this time, and we shall pause.

Do you see the treasure that lies within you? Which do you think is reality? Which do you think is illusion?

The first step towards altering one’s state of consciousness is the honest and actual realization that you are not that which begins and ends in this incarnation or within this illusion. This begins to distance the self, that is, the consciousness, from that beloved animal of second density which sacrifices a great deal to carry you about. It is well to be a careful and generous steward to your own physical vehicle; however, it is your ally and your friend, rather than yourself. When you have clearly made that distinction, you may begin to see the absolute subjectivity of perception, which is your own.

The environment gives you a thousand messages, a hundred thousand, a million, so quickly, so very quickly, and the computer chooses that which it will notice, that which it will perceive. However, most are not aware that they have, at some point in the past, chosen to program the computer in such a way as to offer detuning, depolarizing and the heaviness of blocked lower energies. Instead of feeling helpless, instead of watching your behavior that you may behave correctly, take thought of your spirit and realize that all choices that have been instrumental in creating existing programs are your own.

Listen. Can you hear the sounds of the household? Were you aware of them before we asked? Feel the slight breeze that drifts languidly in warm air currents across your skin. How many millions of receptors there are. Think of all that you have seen as you came into this environment, this domicile, and met those in the circle of one, some for the first time. How much of that which you saw did you perceive? Perhaps two or three percent at the most, for the computer cannot carry the full sensory stimulation and create aught but chaos. Thus, choices are made which enhance, or seemed at one time to enhance, one’s ability to survive, to cope, and to behave. That which has been programmed can be reprogrammed.

Now we do not speak as if the Creator has nothing to do with this process. However, we believe that it is the will, passionate and joyful and complete, of the seeker to become an authentic being, that allows one to reach a state of mind in which the seeker may gently, sweetly and lovingly move into the deeper mind to find the seeds of the low self-esteem, the tendency to repeat patterns of addiction or abuse of various kinds given by parents which seemed godlike. Inevitably, either imitation or refusal to imitate figures of seeming authority in childhood forms the essence of your programming. One, having discovered to the best of one’s ability the nature of the trigger of self-destructive behaviors, can then, with enough passion, will and grace, reprogram the biocomputer.

Let us give an example well known to this instrument. This instrument has a physical vehicle which has been created by its own choice in such a way that it shall do inner work. These seeming limitations, on the other hand, have been seen by this entity as opportunities. This leaves that artifact known among your peoples as pain. The instrument, therefore, realizing the distracting nature of pain, spent some time recently in reprogramming in order to fail to notice pain. In this way, when there is enough need, when there is a perceived suffering within the self, then one is motivated to do the very disciplined work necessary to reprogram.

Remember that each of you is a co-creator. You have been created, but you have not been created imperfect. You have chosen to leave the house of the Father, to travel the circle path from source to source, from mystery to mystery. There is a program which can only be reached by one who is willing to do meditation and persevere, for in most cases this does take time. As one sits in meditation, day after day, year after year, one slowly becomes aware that one is more able than previously to discern intuitions and deep hunches. Thus, not only are you programmed for the tangible things, but, perhaps more importantly, for the intangible.

Quite often, entities within your culture have a native programming of working hard, creating a safe amount of your money, and seeking that which is known as happiness. Happiness is entirely a portion of your illusion. For if the Creator is absolute, then so are you, [joy] is absolute. Have you found it today? Have you looked for it? You may encourage each other, exhort each other, comfort and console each other, and so minister to each other, that each mirrors a more and more accurate reflection of the other self and the self, so that there is constant opportunity to learn, to consider, and, when a behavior has been identified as not being congruent to the being, to move into that behavior and remove it from your programming, with the help of the deep portions of the mind, where dwell what we might call a metaprogram of divine inspiration, and a deep awareness of all that there is, then one may work in consciousness.

One may have come to this point from different agendas. One entity may wish to be of more service, another may wish to avoid suffering. The reasons are as many as entities are. But truths do remain simple, and that which you seek, you shall find. Thusly, if you but persevere in the reprogramming, and request the aid of that vast metaprogram of enhanced knowledge not available to you as a personality, you become more and more able effectively to create your experience.

The old question of the tree in the forest that we find in this instrument’s mind is quite apt here. That which you do not choose to perceive does not exist for you. Thus, it is quite important for the seeker of truth to identify those things which separate it from others, which cause distress to the self, and which limit love, and so speak to that necessity that effectual transformation results, more real, again and again, on ever deeper levels of bias, that may well be self-destructive in your own opinion, for you in your free will are anything but simple.

When the programming, however, is to be tackled, it is well to become simple, single-minded and wholehearted, because you are asking yourself, in a subjective sense, partially to die, and to be no more. Thus, your faith that all will be well, and your will to continue spiritual evolution are the strengths and resources that bring you to holy ground, whereon the Creator, that lies so deeply within, in the metaprogram of love and infinite peace, is made available. Again and again you must seemingly retrace your steps. However, it is our opinion that this seeming repetition is in fact the peeling of the onion, layer by layer by layer. Many things which are self-destructive have only been kept because the programming is so deep. There are so many layers with which one must work, and one cannot fully reprogram one’s biocomputer unless one actually and in truth is ready to allow that portion of the personality to die. However, it is in that death that you find larger life, in this incarnation, or in any illusion.

Aaron/Q’uo Dialogues - October 29, 1992
I am Q’uo and give thanks to the one known as Aaron.

As you consider the words of excellent advice, you may wonder that you seemingly already knew that which has been addressed. The question then becomes, “Why can I not put these truths into practice?”

Consider that you have two intelligences. Your first intelligence and the one which you largely use is the intelligence which came with your physical vehicle. The second intelligence is of another order. You are one of an infinite number of stations, shall we say, that in computer language runs a metaprogram which you would call a primary distortion of the One who is all: infinite Mind or intelligent Infinity. The answers come from essences bathed in this second environment, this mind with its perfect infinity, its absolute awareness. The hitch lies in running the answer back into the first animal intelligence.

There is an excellent connection between the metamind and the individual idiosyncratic mind, which you carry just for this incarnational experience. It, however, is a connection made deep within the roots of the first mind. This lies in the domain you call the subconscious. This connection has been characterized as the still, small voice. And still it is, silent to a profound level. Small it is, if it is evaluated by intellectual standards; for the metaprogramming, shall we say, of Love that is the Logos, is that which enfolds and becomes one with the listener to this blessed, silent communion.

How often has each sat to meditate and felt no realizable touch of the great Mind. Yet stubbornly, again and again, midst self-implications for being foolish and shallow do doubting seekers such as all here go again to the table of silent heaven’s fare and hold up the self like a dish, saying, “Feed me. However this works, I wish to be one with this bread of heaven that is found when least expected in the course of regular meditation.” The dark feeling from judging and fearing the emotions experienced is not easily lightened by pursuing logical, data-consuming thoughts and opinions. Far more skillful is the seeker which decides to move from the incarnational program into the overarching metaprogram.

Do you see, my brother, that you already are aware of perceptions concerning fear and are stuck, shall we say, more in how to place the truth in a position which will actually affect that dark-feeling mind?

This is Aaron. I wish to return to Q’uo’s clear statement that your heart understands and your brain, the human incarnation, cannot follow. It is this precisely that gives you such grief, because in the wisdom of your heart you understand your connection, that this, what Q’uo has called, metaprogram is the reality and that the brain’s frantic fear is illusion. And yet, you find yourself moving to the illusion. At that point anger often arises at the self. At some level there is a knowing: “I am responding to this mindless illusion. I am like a mouse on a treadmill and I cannot get off.” The only way to reconnect yourself with reality is to notice the judgment that is arising and return love to the self, to have love for this being that is running around on a fear-created treadmill so that it cannot hear the deeper wisdom, that small, still voice within.

Simply put, the light is always there. When you find yourself in darkness, you must ask, “Why is it that there is this illusion of darkness? Why have I closed myself in?” You are light. You know that you are light. Yet to fully express that in the human incarnation is a very, very difficult thing. And this is precisely the way it needs to be. If it were easy, what would you be learning? I am not suggesting that your lives need to be difficult or painful, but if you were already perfect you would not be here in the incarnation. If the heart was always open and there was no reverberation to the chords of fear, then you would not need to be here in incarnative state.

When you notice the arising of that fear, if it can become a catalyst to have compassion for this being that is feeling fear, it begins to crack open the door—just a tiny bit of compassion, just a tiny bit of light coming in. It serves as a reminder: “I am stuck in the illusion. This is reality, this tiny sliver of light. Follow it. Trust it.”

As my brother/sister reminded you, you have two intelligences. Habit has dictated to you that you follow the human intelligence while in incarnation, and you become very unused to following the higher intelligence. The physical body has built up the catalysts of so many lifetimes into habitual, unskillful patterns. We talk about this fight-or-flight idea. As my brother/sister said, you cringe at it or strike back defensively. But that is not natural to you, not necessary to you. It is learned behavior. It is precisely that learned behavior that serves as the tool for learning. You cannot simply decree, “I will not run in fear. I will not fight back.” Yes, you can develop a strong degree of self-control, but that does not change the harmony or lack of harmony in the experience. That does not bring in love.

Can you have some compassion for the being who has developed this mindless pattern of fleeing or fighting? Can you begin to understand that your awareness of that pattern is the beginning of the path free of it? The pattern in itself is not a problem. Yes, it leads to unwholesome karma. It leads to hurt for others. In that sense, of course, it is a problem. But when you relate to it as a problem, you relate to it as something to fight against, to get rid of: “I am not going to act this way anymore.” That is just more judgment to yourself, more hatred. You are involved in the resultant fear and not attending to the causes. When instead you see this being whose fearful brain has developed this fight-or-flight mechanism and feel some kindness for the being caught in a very tight place, then you allow yourself the possibility of hearing the deeper voice within, of hearing the deeper wisdom that whispers, “You are safe. Keep the heart open.”

There is something else. When we know something is good for us but we do not do it, it is logical to ask why. When I say that the fight-or-flight mechanism is not natural to you but learned behavior, it was learned so many lifetimes ago when the creature that you were sought to defend itself. To continue to survive and do what is necessary to survive is natural to you, so you learned unskillful behavior in order to allow the continuity of that particular life form. As soon as fear arose, there was a sense of separation and you lost the clarity that you were connected to every other life form. Instead it became a protection of the small ego self. This was part of the distortion of self-awareness.

You have been running with that pattern ever since, each of you. Your work here is not to get rid of anything in yourself, not to change anything in yourself, but to begin to know who you truly are and to allow that reality to penetrate so that you can more fully live it rather than living the illusion. You need the illusion. It is what helps to point out the reality. It is the practice with the illusion that strengthens the reality.

By way of example, if you never knew fear—“My needs might not be met”—a fear that leads to greed, to hoarding and clinging, then what would connection and generosity mean? If you never had the sense, “I could be hurt. My needs might not be met,” then of course giving would be very easy. There would be no sense of self or other, so you would give and give and give. It would be very beautiful, but what have you learned? You are here to grow, so you are constantly handed those catalysts which you need for that growth. The illusion is the catalyst. That is why you have this “veil of forgetting” that separates you from clear seeing of your spiritual reality when you take birth. Otherwise, the incarnative state would be simply a matter of self-control: “How strong can I be in this situation? How determined?” But you are here to learn faith, not self-control; to learn love, not the expression of willpower.

I said that you have learned the behavior long, long ago that you needed that fight-or-flight mechanism to defend the self. Now, when you are in that dark closet seeing only the existence of the egocentric self—“me against them” separateness—when you are in that space, then it is very difficult to see that what you are experiencing is illusion. You stay defended.

So, first there must be the awareness: “This is defended behavior. This is casting me deeper into the illusion of separation.” Then you may notice the judgment arising: “I should not do that.” But, my dear one, if this were a small creature, a squirrel perhaps, and you chased after it with a stick and it turned and ran, would you say, “It should not do that. It should trust me”? If such a small creature attacked you in its fear, would you say, “It should not do that. It should trust me”? Or would your heart reach out to this small creature whose fear was so intense that it had to flee or attack? You would feel compassion for it.

Can you look at yourself with that same compassion, simply seeing the patterns of so many lifetimes and knowing that now you have reached a level of consciousness, a level of growth, where you no longer need to blindly follow those patterns? But the freedom from reactivity cannot grow out of the judgment of the self that has been reactive, only out of compassion to that self. Compassion allows the light in, allows the remembering of the deeper reality of the metaprogram of love. That is all.

Q’uo - May 28, 1995
The whole process of learning within incarnation is heavily biased, then, and is heavily subjective. Now, we speak not so much of the learning that is by memory and by rote as we are speaking of the mind’s ability to configure and assign meaning to experience as it occurs. The mind was made and has been honed to make choices. And thusly the mind tends to attempt to structure things in such a way that a choice can be made and movement can be felt. When there is no good choice, when there is no way of knowing enough to assign sense or assign priority to incoming data, the mind simply rebels much as a computer will stop all action when that which does not compute at all has been fed into it. And much of that which goes on under the threshold of consciousness as far as the physical brain is concerned has to do with the emotional reactions to being frustrated in the desire to be certain concerning choices and so forth.

This creates a kind of chatter betwixt subconscious and conscious mind, and a good deal of that which is not useful in the dreaming is the conversation which the physical vehicle’s mind is carrying on with itself concerning things that do not make sense, things which do not resolve into a clear choice, things that defy logic. Now, while all this activity is going on there is at the same time and using the same physical vehicle a consciousness which was not assigned the job of making choices but rather the job of being. This consciousness is an absolute. It is eternal. It is infinite. It is all that there is. And it resides and rests in all that is. Your consciousness is a microcosm of the creation. And a macrocosm in relation to love, that still point that defies all emotion and into which all that moves yearns to go.

This consciousness learns within incarnation through harvesting the net results of the processes that the mind moves through. Within consciousness there reside what can be called archetypes of meaning. Each is familiar with the concept of the archetypical mind. This archetypical mind has two levels for the benefit of this particular consideration, the two levels being that portion of the physical mind into which memories go and that portion of the unconscious to which the larger memories of universal value go, so that there is that deep resource of the mind which holds racial memory and that deep resource of consciousness which may be approximated dimly by consideration of archetypes.

This portion of consciousness learns through the harvest of emotion and insight which has become purified or refined by the fire of experience. Usually it takes a great deal of experience to affect consciousness. There are considerations which can be taken up, which can improve the mind’s use of the resources of consciousness. These techniques involve becoming aware that consciousness has a structure; that is, as the consciousness has interacted within the racial memory it has created archetypical programs, shall we say, considering the physical mind as a computer. It has created programs which when applied to conscious experience create new connections and promote the balancing and healing of distortion. These programs are archetypical. Shadows of these archetypical systems may be found within some religions, some mythologies, some philosophies.

Each entity’s experiences and previous choices create an unique situation. There is no one way for minds to work. However, consciousness itself remains a constant value. However, each entity will access the great programs, or should we say, metaprograms of consciousness according to that way in which that entity alone has become used to doing. So the learning of how to make it more possible to invite these metaprograms and their wisdom is somewhat different for each person who seeks, even though the truth, the mystery of consciousness is single. One might consider consciousness itself the elephant which many people touch but cannot see. To one who touches the trunk it is a long and snaky thing. To one who touches the ear it is a big flapping thing. To one who touches the foot it is a tree trunk, and so forth. There is only one elephant, but there are many places to touch the elephant. So it is with these metaprograms.

Now, we always recommend meditation. Among the reasons that we recommend this practice is the fact that when the desire to remain silent has been potentiated by action and the effort is physically made to become silent within, a metaprogram immediately and automatically starts. A connection is made with a source outside the capabilities of the mind. There is a connection made with those archetypical metaprograms. This instrument has recently experienced the computer’s e-mail and internet and we would say that it is something like being able to access the internet from one’s own computer and thus be in instant touch with global resources. This is the kind of power and potential that consciousness has for that spark of consciousness that is within incarnation. The mind is local. Consciousness is universal.

Thusly, each time one goes into meditation or prayer or simply sits letting the silence be, one has automatically accessed universal mind, racial memory, archetypical structures. Suddenly there is no end to the resources available. We suggest daily meditation and we think that each entity shall, though always feeling that their meditations are no good, yet still experience that balancing and lengthening of the point of view which occurs when one has the universal perspective as opposed to the local perspective.

Yes, when a metaprogram kicks in is it that it makes you smarter, intensifies your intelligence, or is it that it offers alternate priorities, or is it that it offers different logical structures, or is it all three?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister, and suggest that each was a potential for the situation, and more as well.

Then is this a field in which we could learn more about how to use this resource skillfully?

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. Each of you as you seek in a conscious fashion do just this. There are layers of what you call metaprograms available according to the intensity of seeking and [that] shall be released as a kind of, shall we say, time release capsule, but more in the desired release nature.

This entity was earlier pondering what the one known as N asked concerning passive learning. Meditation is passive learning. Tabernacling with the one infinite Creator is passive learning. It is the learning from listening to the voice one cannot hear which answers questions which one cannot ask. The process cannot be known and cannot come into consciousness in local sense, yet the learning is there. And the strength of spirit and will which comes from this learning is helpful.

Q’uo - February 8, 2020
No more from that line, Q’uo, thank you. We do have one sent in from Lily, who references a previous Q’uo session [May 28, 1995] in which you talked about metaprograms of consciousness available to seekers. And the quote she uses is: “There are layers of what you call metaprograms available according to the intensity of seeking and shall be released as a kind of, shall we say time capsule, but more in the desired release nature.” Lily writes: “I wonder if Q’uo may give us an example of these metaprograms of consciousness?”

I am Q’uo, and am aware of your query, my sister. We find that such metaprograms are utilized by entities who are working within the higher energy centers so that an experience in the daily round of activities may be seen to be available to each energy center in what you may call the metaprogram in higher and higher aspects. You may meet a person on the street and have a collision, say, with cars, and the beginning conversation begins with anger and confusion and the testing of the survival of the red ray. And then perhaps one of the entities suggest that maybe there is another way, and a conversation is begun. And there is the opportunity to see how each contributed to the accident, and that it would not have happened had not both done what they did. Then, the energies may be raised even higher to the yellow ray, as the entities converse with the local officials investigating the accident, so that the joint decision of both parties to the accident is seen to be recorded in the official records of the police, shall we say.

After such an experience, it is possible that a continued relationship could develop so that eventually the entities could share in green ray love and acceptance of each other, finding coincidences in their lives that brought them together at that point in time that resulted in what was called an accident, and yet could be a coincidence. This may be taken further and further for those who would become adepts, but we feel that this is sufficient for the type of designation that the one known as Lily was desiring.

When I first read this passage some years ago, I thought that becoming a star would be a bit much for me, but now I think I’m ready to work towards that. So, what’s the way to make that happen, exactly?

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76.9 Questioner: Is there, in Ra’s opinion, any present-day value for the reuse of the tarot as an aid in the evolutionary process?

Ra: I am Ra. We shall repeat information. It is appropriate to study one form of constructed and organized distortion of the archetypical mind in depth in order to arrive at the position of being able to become and to experience archetypes at will. You have three basic choices. You may choose astrology, the twelve signs, as you call these portions of your planet’s energy web, and what has been called the ten planets. You may choose the tarot with its twenty-two so-called Major Arcana. You may choose the study of the so-called Tree of Life with its ten Sephiroth and the twenty-two relationships between the stations.
It is well to investigate each discipline, not as a dilettante, but as one who seeks the touchstone, one who wishes to feel the pull of the magnet. One of these studies will be more attractive to the seeker. Let the seeker then investigate the archetypical mind using, basically, one of these three disciplines. After a period of study, the discipline mastered sufficiently, the seeker may then complete the more important step: that is, the moving beyond the written in order to express in an unique fashion its understanding, if you may again pardon the noun, of the archetypical mind.

I was never one to study one thing at a time. Which is why I am studying the Cube of Space. This has Tarot, Astrology, Christianity, Judaism, and the Tree of Life wrapped up in one. This understanding isn’t for everyone at this time. The few who seek will uncover many secrets of working within. I’ll update more findings on the Cube of Space thread soon. The inner workings of the cube are interesting.

Merely having a personal understanding of the archetypal mind does not seem enough to become a star. Look at all the incarnate and disincarnate spiritual masters who function as spiritual helpers. They must be hip to much of the archetypal mind, yet they have not become stars. What more might be needed?

The idea of becoming the star cannot be reached in 3rd density. Understanding of how to become one is to seek to become lighter in more than just form. It is also the mind and the thoughts that must become lighter. Discipline on what to say and how to say or even when to say can be lighter communication. Resisting the urge to seek revenge or retaliate displays the powerless bending down before those seeking power. Wisdom also cannot be accomplished in 3rd density however the seeking to become wiser in thoughts as well as words can be. To sum up, we seek that which we will eventually become. There are no shortcuts in understanding.

That’s an interesting question. I’m not sure it’s that much different than seeking to ascend to higher densities. In my opinion, it would probably require sixth density wisdom to become one with a star and seventh density (Logos) consciousness to create a star self from scratch.

In relation to the potentiated intelligent infinity which makes use of intelligent energy, it is the offspring, shall we say, of the Logos for a much larger number of sub-Logoi . The relationship is hierarchical in that the sub-Logos uses the intelligent energy in ways set forth by the Logos and uses its free will to co-create the, shall we say, full nuances of your densities as you experience them.

In relationship to the densities, the sun body may physically, as you would say, be seen to be a large body of gaseous elements undergoing the processes of fusion and radiating heat and light.

Metaphysically, the sun achieves a meaning to fourth through seventh density according to the growing abilities of entities in these densities to grasp the living creation and co-entity, or other-self, nature of this sun body. Thus by the sixth density the sun may be visited and inhabited by those dwelling in time/space and may even be partially created from moment to moment by the processes of sixth-density entities in their evolution.


I found this, maybe it will help?

Q’uo - March 15, 1998
Let us look now at change using the word, suffering. When the life of flesh is born it immediately begins to change. Within the physical world all things that grow bodies and appear in the illusion as part of the Earth plane change continuously through their time of bloom, ripening and decay. The source and ending of all these changes for physical flesh is dust and ashes. We do not for a minute suggest that the source and ending of the change within the spiritual seeker is dust and ashes. However, it is well to realize the absolute inevitability of constant and unremitting cycles of alteration and transformation, and within each transformation there is the decay, there is the loss of what is left behind. And there is that time when loss has occurred but new life has not become apparent. Those times, which this instrument has often called the Dark Night of the Soul, are times of gravest pain and bewilderment for many. Certainly the mind grasps the concept of change. And as this instrument was saying earlier, the mind views change as a problem to solve. This is the natural tendency of a brain, and we make this distinction clearly between intellect and consciousness, that the form was created simply to solve problems, to make choices that tend towards the safety and comfort of a physical vehicle.

However, when the spirit awakens from Earth’s pleasant slumber, it beholds not simply the natural processes of a life, not simply the earning of money, the acquisition of needed items and so forth, but far more acutely there is the sense of the mind’s being unable to grapple with or solve the process of spiritual change. So often those in the midst of spiritual change do attempt to use the intellect. It is a natural and a common resource. After all, the mind is consulted continuously, is working continuously, and when it is faced with the subtle nuances of that which is deeper than words, it finds itself uncharacteristically boggled. There are things upon which the intellect cannot work. There are situations which the intellect cannot make into a problem to solve. There is that feeling of being out of control, and intellectually speaking, this feeling is accurate. For there is little that the brain can do to promote peacefulness of heart or that wonderful feeling of grace.

This inability to bring the resources of the mind into play and fire away at the situation is not easily understood by those who have not awakened. They do not see beyond whatever material concerns are at the surface of the change or are happening concurrently with the change that is sensed within, and consequently the spiritual seeker is cut off not only from his own abilities of intellect but also the intellectual resources of those about him. Conversely, those who grasp and fully sympathize with the subtleties of spiritual regeneration cannot bring words to bear upon a process which is far deeper and less personal than words and language in general might offer. The issues involved in spiritual transformation are profoundly impersonal as well as uniquely personal to each seeker. That is, at the same time that the seeker is experiencing unique perceptions because of the unique pattern of distortions for that particular entity, that spark is also melding with and creating dynamics with a greater Self, which process is very difficult to express in language, for this Self is at the same time that spark that is you and all that there is. The layers of self as one moves down the tree of mind are infinite, and as the experiencer moves through and takes part in this process of spiritual change it may at one moment be at one level of mind; at another moment at a bewilderingly different level of mind, skimming and diving deep, coming up and leveling out, and at the same time not knowing that one is in motion. The spiritual sea is three-dimensional, and you can breathe the water.

So there are experiences of being taken to the bottom of self, of becoming the planet, the star, the sun, the creation; at the same time, those infinitely small awarenesses of the self as a thought, as an ether, as an object such as a beautiful butterfly, or a perfectly blooming flower, or given the sardonic nature of certainly this instrument’s mind, a pile of garbage. All of these levels and feelings that the senses cannot process within incarnation are in play and in play with a good deal of freedom while the entity is attempting somehow not simply to survive this process but to embrace it, to make a welcome for it, and to cooperate with it and perhaps accelerate the process. Yet the essence of spiritual change is suffering. There is a shallow suffering to being without a home, keen but not bone deep. There is a deeper degree of suffering in becoming aware of either the depth of suffering of the self or the suffering of the world. And this can crash in upon one with mind-numbing power and intensity and cast one into a great pit of despair.

This is part of the creation. This, too, is to be embraced, this death, this pain, this limitation, this very pain is to be embraced somehow. The self does not see any possibility of becoming able naturally to embrace suffering. Here is where the heart may become an ever more helpful and useful resource, for while the mind is an excellent tool for the outer world of decisions within the outer world, it is within the heart and the deeper emotions that spiritual change shall take place. And, therefore, it is to the heart that the seeker may reliably and trustfully come; sometimes for comfort, sometimes for encouragement, and sometimes simply for a place to be held and comforted and loved. Whereas the mind must think itself sacred, the innermost heart is already holy ground, and awaiting there is the Creator, that intelligent infinity that so curiously loves every spark from which It is learning about Itself. As you sit within this temple and remember the Creator and feel that holiness within, the self may find surcease from pain just for that moment. And, oh, what a relief that moment is!

We would at this time pause and ask for a redirection of the question, for we realize that there were several strands to the information requested this day, and we would like to have further direction. Is there a question at this point that someone would wish to throw in so that we could, shall we say, get our bearings? We are Q’uo.

I’ve always had trouble understanding this. Perhaps I’ll get a feel for it by the time I get there. On the other hand, there’s some chance that a deep memory of this is just what’s prompting me to ask such an unusual question.

Oddly enough, it did help. The term “spiritual transformation” buried in there and the description of the inherent, attendant instability of it triggered an internal recognition of the process I’m falling through.

However, I’ve decided to scale back my desire. Instead of seeking to become a star any time soon, I’m seeking to be adopted by a star. My connection to the heart of this planet has been opening up, and from there I expect I can connect with the heart of our local star. For some felt-but-unknown reason I feel I need that connection.

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its strange that you say to become a star we need to become lighter, when stars are much, much heavier than us

the sun is 300,000X heavier than the earth, and the earth is a trillion trillion pounds

getting lighter is not the right direction!

the body of the sun, while large, is vastly more simple than the body of a human

both the size and the simplicity speaks to an earlier, not later, lifeform

you become a sun by graduating into the next octave. and since that involves total identity with the infinite creator you then simply will it

How about you become the sun while I remain the son of God. I will learn to lift a rock not by my hand but by shared thought as Ra did when building the Great Pyramid. Go ahead and seek to become something as powerful as the sun while I remain powerless under it’s light. Is the sun one or many as one? Is the son one learning to become many as one? One day brother, my thoughts will be your thoughts and your thoughts will be mine. The sun is but one form. I seek to become all. There is more space than stars. What if becoming as light as a star is just metaphor for becoming as light as No-Thing.

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