Master Cycle to All Creation?

Law of One 28.16

Are you saying, then, there are an infinite number of octaves of densities one through eight?

I am Ra. We wish to establish that we are truly humble messengers of the Law of One. We can speak to you of our experiences and our understandings and teach/learn in limited ways. However, we cannot speak in firm knowledge of all the creations. We know only that they are infinite. We assume an infinite number of octaves.

However, it has been impressed upon us by our own teachers that there is a mystery-clad unity of creation in which all consciousness periodically coalesces and, again, begins. Thus we can only say we assume an infinite progression, though we understand it to be cyclical in nature and, as we have said, clad in mystery.

I came across this and thought it would make an interesting discussion topic. There are cycles throughout all of creation. There are cycles of the densities… is there cycles of octaves as well? Maybe we only do this so many times, 1st through 7 density, merging into the octave density, being a part of a new creation, and so on. They say there is a possibility it could be a part of a cycle too.

As an example, Sadhguru thinks we have done this 84 times to this point and have so many to go before we are complete.

I have no personal opinion about the subject as of yet, but I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject.


Why not?
When the creation has the background that the creator experiences himself, why not in new octaves again and again.
There will be inifinte aspects that can be experienced.

It’s too much for my brain to begin to understand, but sure, infinite Creator/Creation, infinite octaves. Could our octave be like a single cell within a collective of octaves, a super-Creator/Creation?

With parts being a microcosm of greater and greater collectives of consciousness, like nested dolls, it is certainly hard to imagine what exactly is the beginning, the alpha/omega, the ultimate super-unit and sub-unit?

Then I throw in simultaneity and cyclical, and so on. It’s all way above my pay grade.

Mystery clad to be sure.