Late Sixth Density View of Polarity

This is a topic both my partner and I have discussed at length, but I am curious as to what the rest of you may have pondered on the subject.

What I am wondering, is what happens after all entities are essentially positive, which in turn means there is no polarity.

Some questions I’ve pondered about this…
Do any of these flipped negative to positively oriented beings ever wander in order to “test” themselves in third density in order to make the choice again? Would the risk be less or more to the previously negative entity, as the course of most of their development would be negatively oriented and would leave an imprint on them.

Would the negative social memory complex just flip entirely and become a positive one, or would individual entities merge with other social memory complexes that they feel more aligned with after switching polarities?

How would a late sixth density wanderers’ biases be different within the incarnation as a wanderer? Would they subconsciously view positive and negative actions in third density differently because they are from a place of no polarity? I know we are here to choose, as this is the Density of Choice, but we all have biases that come with us, so how would that look to you in third density behaviour as an awakened being?

Any other thoughts you might have on the topic would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to hearing what others may feel about this topic.


Well this question is really getting into the meat and potatoes of some of the most complex realties which differ from our own. :grinning: I have some theories on this topic that I would like to share.

This is a particularly interesting note, and I believe what lies at the heart of a negative third-density entity accessing intelligent infinity and graduating into fourth. I am reminded of a famous quote from Genghis Khan “I am the punishment of God…If you had not committed great sins, God would not have sent a punishment like me upon you.” There seems to be a threshold where the yellow-ray power becomes so great that godhead is self-assigned, with more power it becomes easier to believe one is a god as one’s will has such far-reaching consequences. But back onto sixth-density…

Here I believe they are referring to magical power. Ra says that defining magic as creating “changes in consciousness at will” is acceptable. But isn’t this the power of darkness or “what is not” as opposed to “what is”? So it is surprising that power obtained on the negative path is so easily transferrable to the positive. Although a similar dynamic is also seen in third-density polarization, as described below:

I have a pet theory of why this occurs. The negative entity comes into sixth-density believing they are the Creator from a place of personal will exerting its control over its creation (i.e. setting the universe in order). They begin to expand their awareness of a truer representation of the Creator firmly grounded in unity. The Creator is less like a commanding god living in the sky, and more like an infinite intelligence that operates as a fractal where infinite parts of itself is constantly exploring and learning about itself. The creation is happening in real time and the Creator is in every iota of the creation. The negative entity comes to see that the engine of creation would not run unless every atom had it’s own freewill to express its beingness and progression in time.

The fifth density negative entity could be perfectly aware of the above on an intellectual level, but in sixth-density this knowledge must be integrated into the self to achieve that ultimate balance of love/wisdom. So, the negative entity must realize to their core that they too are just one iota, one fractal of the cosmic all-mind, so therefore - they see that they were doing the Creator’s will all along. There is no will separate from the Creator’s will at this level, the separation of the two is the illusion.

So, that’s why I don’t believe they need to retrace steps, because negative and positive polarity just doesn’t make sense anymore, it’s all the Creator and all is service to the Creator, even the bad stuff.

But this is not an excuse to act poorly in third-density, lol!

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First, thank you for your well thought out and detailed reply. I really enjoyed learning from your perspective.

I will admit I have a personal reason for asking about this topic, so I was trying to get some perspective. Thank you for the refresher on this quote:

I feel I understand this, as I have had multiple interactions as well as witnessed other wanderers, try to understand what their polarity is/was. They seemed to be confused because both positive and negative experiences are coming through to them in pieces from beyond the veil. They have understandings of both paths deeply, as they feel they have walked them both at one point, or at least have a deep understanding of the opposite polarity in such a way that you can understand how easily it would be for them to flip back and forth in order to learn something specific from that type of spritual progression.

As a being in third density of positive polarity, I understand people and notice things so easily, that I can see how those particular skills could be used for negative polarization if I was to shift my focus everyso slightly from others and on to myself. In recognizing this in myself, I can accept and understand how it could manifest in the negative polarity if one were to take the Path Which is Not. I do not believe I’ve ever experienced the negative polarity myself, but I strangely understand it. With the natural gifts I possess, I can see how they could be used for control over others, in just the basic understanding of how people process their pain and insecurities. You learn what you are by experiencing what you are not, as I know this is also an important part of learning who you are, and why you are here.

I believe I agree, as I do not think they would need to retrace steps either, it was more of wondering if flipping polarities could create desire in them to experience third density with this new sense of understanding? I know wandering in general is difficult because of the veil, and late sixth density wanderers do not need to incarnate anymore, but do, as Ra states often that many of their social memory complex is here and they are of late sixth density. And because they state endlessly that their statements are always overgeneralizations and do not apply to every circumstance, I figured that this may be possible. In coming to third density, these wanderers who have experienced both the negative and positive path could potentially choose either polarity based on their subsconscious projections during incarnation. So as an example, that entity may understand both paths and their information/teachings they give out feel both positively and negatively influenced. This could just be someone wreslting with the choice, but the way they are able to manipulate others with seemingly positive words and phrases, and it reminds me of this quote:

I feel like this is why it could be extremely hard to tell who is of what polarity, as it is definitely not easy to tell on this planetary sphere. People seem to be complicated and their true motives are really hard to see sometimes.

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What you describe is exactly the reason I bought a Q’uo session years ago, back when such things were available. I wanted something on the record for those who find themselves with this sort of, let’s say, “uncomfortable” profile.

So, I asked about this, but the answer came back all about the fullness of consciousness (after a lengthy discussion of my own arrogance). It’s their “emptying the pockets” speech, saying that when the personality gets pared down to just the basics, then consciousness itself can “become the ‘I’ of you.” I found it very encouraging, and it only took me sixteen years to begin to find that signal in all my noise.

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I really enjoyed this passage, thank you for sharing, as it was an informative channelling with well-thought out questions.

I think this is an fallacy and that the polarity will not vanish.
It is simply so that the entities know that all is One and that polarity is only a choosen peculiarity.

Besides the negative polarity always exists in the densities below in parallel.

As I understand Ra’s comments on this, once enough “spiritual mass” is attained, then one is impelled towards 7D without need of any personal power, such as polarity affords. In other words, polarity falls away because it is no longer needed.

39.4 Ra: …This concept, as you are aware, deals with potentiated energy. The electron has been said to have no mass but only a field. Others claim a mass of infinitesimal measure. Both are correct. The true mass of the potentiated energy is the strength of the field. This is also true metaphysically.

However, in your present physical system of knowledge it is useful to take the mass number of the electron in order to do work that you may find solutions to other questions about the physical universe. In such a way, you may conveniently consider each density of being to have a greater and greater spiritual mass. The mass increases, shall we say, significantly but not greatly until the gateway density. In this density the summing up, the looking backwards— in short, all the useful functions of polarity have been used. Therefore, the metaphysical electrical nature of the individual grows greater and greater in spiritual mass.

Just thought I’d add quote I found relevant to this thread.

That’s an really nice statement explaining much to help the being of an wanderer.


I’ll go with the story card.

Unknown Speaker: Are you truly enough of a traitor to do this insanity of an action, you speak of?

Ymir: The decision has been made, by me. There is no going back now.

Unknown Speaker: Do you understand the consequences of this choice, of your betray of us in this Overlord Universal Council?

Ymir: I am well aware of the timelines. We go as I have decided.

Unknown Speaker: We shall see how long you last.

Ymir: We shall see.

Some unknown time period later

Ymir puts their palm on the door face, unlocking intricate diagrams of force and holographic lines of power.

Adjutant: We have come a long way since the beginning, but now it is almost ready. 99.9% charged, my lord. At your command.

Ymir: Yes, you have done well, adjutant. How goes our forces?

Adjutant: They are fighting to the last of their internal energy reserves. Their efficiency in the new techniques you have distributed, is not yet proficient and the vampiric old guard methods are sustaining their wave assaults by cannibalizing their dead and injured. We have no such reserves to rely upon. From our original universe fortress, all that remains is the last line of defense around this solar system.

Ymir: That will have to be enough. * a pause*

Ymir: Do you also think my way is madness and that the Counsel was correct in their sanctions against me?

Adjutant: It is not my place to question the will of my lord, let alone the overlord of this unvierse.

Ymir: I am ordering you to tell me your honest impressions and those of any other of my loyalists.

Adjutant: Do you remember the first time we met and clashed in struggle over the dominion, over who will be master and who will be servant?

Ymir: Of course.

Adjutant: Then that is my answer. I laid broken before you, with no power reserves whatsoever. Instead of absorbing my energy and those of my line, you tore off a finger and threw it at me. You said, “eat it, if you wish to serve, otherwise perish”. From that choice onwards, I decided to give you my total loyalty and all those who followed me, even unto the death of this universe, no matter what happened later and no matter if the entirety of creation made you their enemy. All of your loyal forces are of the same mentality and spirit.

Ymir: And yet… all of your sacrifices may be for nothing in the end, if I am wrong in my course.

Adjutant: As you will, so shall we manifest it into being. You are the Creator God we serve, there is nothing else.

AI: The Throne to Heaven is ready, 99.9999% charge complete, for universe xz64n83w21

Ymir: Be Quiet. These artificial souls need a better naming convention. Adjutant, expend your last energy protecting this pyramid base. Soon it will all be over, one way or another.

Adjutant: We have no regrets, you are the wisest and most benevolent of all the system and universe overlords. It has been an honor to serve you, and my last wish is to continue that service if at all possible.

Ymir enters the doorway, walking into the throne room that has a seat ready for someone to sit in. They sit on the throne and the AI systems activate.

AI: Activate the Ancient Protection user interface?

Ymir: Yes

AI: User interface activated, system overlord privileges accepted. What is your command?

Ymir: Disable the protection system and open a direct path to the Divine Heart worlds.

AI: Please verify? Warning, this is a choice equal to suicide.

Ymir: Do it. smirks Even in this age, idiocracy is still in our user interfaces. Now all that remains is to see if they were right or if I am right. Have we truly been fooled all this time in our dominated universes, that this sealed stargate to the Heartworlds is contaminated with a weapon specifically designed to make us vulnerable and kill us all off? If they are right, I would have doomed not only my universe but the entire Stellar Council of dominions. It is merely logical that they would bridge into this universe and attempt to stop me, even if all 12 of them did not quite make it in time. It is a shame that I had to use up almost all of my forces. They were quite favored and loyal servants. But their time to be of use had come. I am the Creator. What serves me, serves the Creator and the Creation itself.

At the end of this all, have I truly bought into a lie? Were we just more clever slaves of some higher power that deluded us into thinking we were masters of all that we saw? What is the truth of Creation, that I will know, no matter what it costs.

AI: System networks 100% charged, final portal and stargate ascension re-initiating, final fail safes engaged. Fail safes disengaged, stargate portal stabilizing.

** The portal energies siphoned a miniscule amount of power from the Divine Heartworlds, transferring them to this 13 universe network that had been cut off from the Source of Eternal Life and Power for quite some time. Ymir, sitting on the throne, became the focal point of this web of energy, absorbing it and integrating it. Ymir’s form began to destabilizing and break down, the mind body spirit complex could not handle the sudden influx of energy. The Mer Ka bah destabilizing, destroying the pyramid and throne, unleashing a chain reaction that spread through the universe, creating a black hole sucking in every other universe connected to it.

Ymir: Damn, now that’s one hell of a way to go. snaps finger

Time reverses backwards and events that happened, no longer happened.

Ymir: Now what exactly went wrong here. This amount of energy is very strange, and I could not absorb it. Very strange. There is a sentience to it, a kind of message. What does this message say… We are all one? Nani, what kind of idiocracy is this. I am all we are, and we are all just me and more of me. If I am reading this right, this energy deliberately networks energy into one cohesive and equal web of network. The king is equal to the beggar and the beggar is equal to the gods. Now this truly is idiocracy. No wonder attempting to use it, collapsed our reality into a black hole.

It is definitely not something I can handle it given my current mind body spirit complex. Now what possibly could I do to resolve this… time and space are frozen for an eternity, for now. But my options are limited. I have to do something in an accelerated alternate reality or timeline, and then immediately apply it here. I can hold the timeline frozen, but I cannot reverse it backwards forever. I am truly interested in where this portal led and why the ancients sealed it off, warning us never to open it for the Enemy was on the other side. Certainly this energy is powerful and potent, even more so than the 13 dominions all put together as it seems to be ever replenishing unlike our energies. But it is also soft, naive, and rather stupid.

AI (S), list potential solutions.

Artificial Soul:

  1. Fragment yourself and start life anew as recycled trash of creation.

  2. Admit defeat, delete this timeline, and change your decision.

  3. Go to another density, rework your mind body spirit complex, and rebuild yourself.

Ymir: About option 3, doesn’t that mean I will lose pretty much everything I have, what is different compared to 1 then?

AS: The civilizations that disappeared in the neighboring universes, utilized option 3.

Ymir: Oh really, so now we know what happened to them. This data must have come from the opened portal. So that’s where they went, they didn’t destroy themselves after all.

I don’t have many choices here. I’ll go with 3. Adjutant, you are summoned.

Adjutant: What is your will, my lord?

Ymir: I’m going on a little vacation for awhile. When I am back, I will harness this new found energy and throw off the attack by the 12 Dominions. Artificial Soul and wannabe intelligence, do it.

Ymir has lost all higher level abilities and powers.

Ymir must reconstruct the mind body complex using 3rd density mechanics and depleted stats. RPG game begins.

What is the original source of this dialog?
Is it from the film “20 Million Miles to Earth” (Die Bestie aus dem Weltenraum)?

When i search for Ymir i get this nice picture:

Here a picture from the film:

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Okay, if it’s story time, I’ll add one.

The younger couple has lived next door for more than 15 years, about 50’ apart from me on our very narrow, very steep ridge. We share a water system and a hot tub, they have fed my cat when I was away–before the coyotes ate her–and I feed theirs sometimes. They have a large social community of like-minded folks who are trying to make a difference of some sort, and I do not. I’m friendly but aloof. I observe much more than I participate in inter-personal interactions.

Some weeks ago they announced they’d be moving out of state and while they’ve been slowly clearing out, I’ve spent more time with them lately than I ever have. Last weekend they threw a party for all their friends down at the local schoolhouse, the core of which ended up back at their home later in the evening.

There were about a dozen of us, many of whom I had nodded to at various times over the years, but not been close to at all. Over the course of a few hours of eating, drinking and passionate sharing of experiences, I ended up being quite moved by their ways of caring for one another: the quiet deep mutual loving-resonance of the couples and the general commitment to the mutual support of all. It was crystal clear that they were learning together lessons of love and service to others.

It was moving to me, in part, because it brought forward things I have been living without for many years. I could feel long dormant parts of me wriggling and becoming more conscious in response to what I experienced with that group on that night.

In some vague way, my personal disposition resembles that of the protagonist in the story above in that I define myself largely self referentially rather than by inter-personal references. At the same time, I’m different from that character in that I’m past the stage where the lessons of Power are foremost in my curriculum. Instead, I can sense the vitality I am lacking due to my aversion to inter-personal interaction and I’m thinking that maybe I can tie these two areas together and become an whole person?

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I wrote that dialogue, much akin to the muse process of the Babylon 5 creator or the Harry Potter series.

@Jonathan I wrote that mini story on the fly when reading your questions to Q’uo. I thought about answering them directly, but since that wasn’t ever asked of me, I thought to use a heroic story much like the tarot deck, which I also use and study via patchtarot

Much akin to likely how authors and creators of various fictional sci fi series begin, I “see” in my mind’s eye the events and places visually. It is then filtered into my mind body spirit complex and the ego writes it down in a format comprehensible to the 3rd density. Some stuff gets lost in the decompression process however. I used to think this was simply an over active imagination. With spiritual development, it is much easier to see them as memories instead or of akashic record downloads.

Two things I would like to add, in reaction to your story. These are simply things I recall learning in my life.

  1. Solitude and independence is important, but much like a single player rpg game, eventually it runs out of plot/story/options. Once you explore everything that is written into the game, you can use mods, write up mods yourself, or come up with different ways to replay the game, but essentially there’s not much surprising to you any more. Hence “multiplayer” component is analogous to the all for one, one for all, social memory complex that is centered around polarizing to the End Game via Service to Others/All, which also includes service to self near the end game.

There is only one player in a single player rpg, you. Everyone else and everything else, are simply npcs, pre programmed to react to you, as co creator. This allows you to experience the journey at your pace, but it also can remove some of the random spice/surprises of co created stories.

  1. Multiplayer gaming, however, has its problems. Such as leadership struggles, people who don’t work enough for the group’s best interests and those people who work too much for the group’s best interests, burning themselves out. In Mechwarrior Online, I notice that each side has like 8-12 ish pilots piloting mechanized warrior droids (mechs) around alien landscapes, shooting the heck out of the opposing team, which is also composed of customized weapons/agility game styles of the opposing team’s players. Even for the exact same model of mech, the weapons can be modified, changed out, and placed on different hardpoints, creating a very different experience and type of mech/role.

Each team is supposedly aligned to the same faction and thus goal, but in reality, it is not always the case. Communication problems develop. When the front liners try to tank the damage and do a peak/shoot at the enemy over a ridge (like a tank does), when that pilot tries to back off the ridge, there may often be an ally waiting right behind them trying to also get enough space to do a peak. This causes the mech in front, who doesn’t have eyes on the back of their mech, to back into some obstacle and not get off from the enemy’s line of sight, thus taking more damage than they expected.

In a single player game, if some npc or party member messes up, that’s on you, the player. But one can feel pretty helpless in this multiplayer scenario where everyone is doing whatever their cat instincts tell them to do. There is little to no coordination and communication. Everyone is working their path to service to other/team, but bad stuff happens all the time.

That’s where I come in and begin communicating targets, movement tactics, and timings. I look at the overall battlefield, see what is going on the main front and one of the flanks, and then decide where to place my mech to help the team the most. Sometimes that is firing at the enemy overrunning one of our flanks, or tanking damage for an ally that is about to die due to lack of armor, so I use my armor to block enemy weapons fire until they get back under cover. My superior knowledge and battlefield awareness allows me to predict ahead of time what will happen, and then do actions that counter it before it is too late.

In the random team deathmatch games where I don’t use the microphone and the in game target communications, the loss rate is about 50-75%. When I do use it, the loss rate is about 10-20%. Apparently, leadership is a big skill gap even on this world. Ironically, I don’t particularly like to lead/direct people. It is a lot of work. But I prefer it to following suicidal orders of players, a lot more. The frustration and random friendlies backstabbing you, sometimes on purpose, is just part of the game/fun. I much prefer to helping harmonize a group that is not harmonious however. It is more efficient that way. Just as a single player would min max statistics to get the best of the best build to beat the game, so this method can also be applied to groups of other players working as a team. I feel a strange kind of satisfaction knowing that my actions led to the preservation of players/mechs that would otherwise have been damaged or destroyed early in the game, putting us on a death spiral in the end game as the other side would have healthier mech armor and more firepower. But learning to “trust” or “rely” upon the team to survive, not die, is still rather dreadful. Eventually I got used to it. At first in gaming I would try to control and micro everything in multiplayer team games, and get angry when something didn’t work, while blaming others. Then I increased my solar chakra and applied my intelligence to the problem of human psychology. Learning to use the 5th chakra while playing under stress was also important. Public speaking and lectures helped, online. These processes improved things, but it wasn’t until much later that I gained the keys and tricks. To become a harmonious member of the team, the team must have communication. The team must know what I know and see, and I must know what they know and see. Without people arguing over who is right or not, just put the data out and let the hive mind process it. There lies the way, an esprit de corps, seen in battles on Earth. How do people who are not aware of what is going on in the battlefield, wake up and start networking? That was 2020, 20/20 vision, the beginning.

I find these experiences much akin to what you found amongst the communal service to each other circles. I’ve been part of such complex circles before, but I have also played a lot of single player games. Once you combine the two together, then you reach the next stage.

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I see it differently. I see in your narrative an engagement with various levels of consciousness, but I see an absence of the warmth and comfort of the heart. It’s at the level of the heart that orange and yellow ray consciousness find their fulfillment and the basic alignment with Divinity begins. If one skips over this, as I have done, the experience is like going down the same dim corridor repeatedly, endlessly and always overlooking the door to full transformation.

Your heart is the first place of true surrender and this is the basis for transformation, not experience in the field of play, not knowledge. To truly move up a level is to surrender to transformation like the caterpillar entering the chrysalis, like the initiate entering the pyramid. You drop and leave behind all your accomplishments with the inner knowing that in your apparent death is rebirth. If your heart is not in it, as they say, you will suffer because it is the heart which connects you to that which buoys you up out of the murky depths of being merely lower-self-conscious. The next level will not come to you, you must allow that which you are to bring you to it, and this happens in connection through the heart and through transformation.

The heart seems so innocent–and it is. But this is also deceptive. At the same time the heart is a magical portal, that missing door in the darkened corridor, the intersection of death and life and the forbidden fruit to a tortured and perverse culture.

Presence or absence of the warmth and comfort of the heart determines either full or partial death and rebirth. This is to say, if you don’t merge with it now, you will have to come back and do so later. This is Oneness, wholeness, completeness. Substitutes for this are but transient, as you are aware. The Choice is yours to ponder.


I’ll add this Q’uote from June 23, 2022.

To focus exclusively upon love within the self, at the neglect of wisdom or vice versa, is appropriate at certain stages of the evolutionary journey for the seeker through the curriculum of densities. But, to neglect one half of that coin is to be, from the standpoint of the awareness and conscious experience of self, incomplete and unintegrated. As the self learns to hold both of these two sides of the one energy, of intelligent energy and its being in a balanced fashion as seen from the standpoint of the chakras, it creates an open and harmonious pathway for the upward spiraling light to meet and mate with the downward pouring of the infinite all-being, so that the self may more and more manifest that which it has always been, that being the One Creator in a more true and authentic, or to put that another way, less distorted fashion.

The more that the self awakens and integrates these energies, the more the self becomes transparent to the radiance, the unstoppable radiance of the One which transcends all circumstance, all events, and all stories within the illusion, and becomes a beacon unto others—a beacon not of unique specialness, but of a living reminder of who and what that entity is through the various costumes with which the entity identifies.

The Creative Principle or Logos is not an event, shall we say, that happened long ago. Though from the standpoint of time, it may be reasonably said to be so, but is rather your very nature right now. The disciplines of the personality and the practice of love and forgiveness which open the heart to the totality of self—the light and the dark—that opens the gateway to infinity, is an act of discovering the Logoic nature of the self.

This is where I was trying to go with my story up above.


Since the time/era would be approximately at the stage of the sixth density negative flip to positive density, that is accurate. They have the 3 chakras and the 5th/6th chakra abilities and density powers, but there is something missing.

It’s not a direct correlation to your example, because your example is in 3rd density, on a world protected by the veil of maya. How people learn their lessons may be different, but the mechanics of it is very similar to me at least.

"Presence or absence of the warmth and comfort of the heart determines either full or partial death and rebirth. This is to say, if you don’t merge with it now, you will have to come back and do so later. This is Oneness, wholeness, completeness. Substitutes for this are but transient, as you are aware. "

You are making good progress, and yes I am aware.

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