Influence of the Schumann frequency


Schumi’s background field is very nervous in the upper range, which comes from disturbances from the ionosphere and is shown by the amplitude charges, which today have max. intensities of 35 coulombs, which again and again leads to overdrive in the resonance field. However, the charges run largely uniformly, so that the disturbances are at least from an orderly sound pattern. At the frequencies, there is strong counter-rotation and F1 is with 7.9 Hz clearly above the guide value, with a tendency further upwards, while all other frequencies of the standing order waves are below their guide values. The attention should be in the outer happening, which dominates our inner movements today and it could be very clear, what rises there from our depths, so it is probably a matter of implementing this, - good luck with it.

SUN CURRENT ON 23.11.2022 (12:15)

The sun starts very weak, - the solar wind is in the range of a minima with a KP 1 and deficient 22 GW Irradiance, - an irradiance, which is about equivalent to a sleeping supervolcano and the solar wind is just not online, - there were failures of the solar wind monitors in the morning. Also on the sun it looks lukewarm, - only 3 active regions are left on the solar disk, which is why the Sun Spots plummet to 61 today, - a whole 22 less than yesterday and also the X-ray flux drops to 116. The Coronal Hole in the southwest has almost disappeared, but around the equator and in the southeast of the sun 5 new Cornal Holes are formed ,with a puny solar magnetism, which produces a small field only in the southeast. The electrons are today in the strong deficit and from the existing Sun Spots nothing big is to be expected today, particularly since supply from the east of the sun is missing. Time Machine
BIG FARSIDE SUNSPOT: You might suppose that the farside of the sun is hidden from view. Not so. Researchers using a technique called “helioseismology” can make crude maps of the sun’s hidden hemisphere. Their latest map reveals a huge farside active region:

The black blob is a sunspot group–a big one. In fact, only a handful of sunspot groups in the past 5 years have created a helioseismic echo this large. Don’t be surprised if SOHO coronagraphs record a farside CME in the days ahead.

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After isolated overdrive peaks appeared in the background field yesterday, it has calmed down today except for nervous restlessness, - the amplitude charges are very inconsistent, which triggers the nervousness, but the charges are too weak to create an overdrive, but the sound pattern is inconsistent, as well as the frequencies of the Standing Order Waves in the ELF range, which are ALL below their conductance today and are cleaning up in the basement of the subconscious. Only at F4 there is counter-rotation and only little movement in the oscillation, which means a weak resonance to the old and it could well be that many things want to say goodbye, which one had not yet on the screen. The less one thinks and simply stays in the flow of feelings, the more can say goodbye today.

SUN CURRENT ON 24.11.2022 (13:06)

The KP rose to 2 today, which is weak, but still a slight increase compared to the last days, with a still weak Irradiance with 26 GW and tepid winds around 310 km/s, - all other solar wind values are in the minima range, there is solar calm. On the Sun a Cornal Hole has risen in the south, under a puny magnetic field, which is however only present in the south, - in the nodern the magnetic fields wander freely on the Sun and lay around the new Sun Spot AR3152, which inhibits the development of the Sun Spot, which has a stately size, at the moment however only a small beta Sun Spot with maturing cores, which do not form an umbra yet, however the Sun Spot could become a “surprise” Sun Spot, because potential is clearly present. There is a slight increase in SP’s, by 7 to 68, with falling X-ray flux as a result of lack of flare activity.


With Schumi just nothing is right at all, - in the background field less and less movement and dissolution symptoms in the lower field. The amplitudes show a very disharmonious sound picture, - they charge themselves individually differently and also the orchestra, the frequencies of the standing waves, are distinguished by counter-rotation. The orchestra seems to be just retuning the instruments, everyone plays his own little song, - there is no common, synchronous movement. F2 is currently the only one above the leading value, while all the others are wandering around in the basement of the unconscious, which can be quite irritating and emotionally chaotic today, but whenever everything is thrown together and re-sorted, a space is created that holds out the prospect of new possibilities, which one should simply let sink in until the cards are redistributed, or the conductor ensures unified and harmonious movement again.

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Thanks tadeus, I like to look at these daily, its kind of looking up ones horoscope, but from a bigger perspective. :sunglasses:

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Yesterday a phase with a massive charge increase began at approx. 21:30 o’clock, which produced however only around the 20 Coulomb field voltage but nevertheless nearly to such a strong overdrive, that Schumi’s background field was shortly before the collapse, which I have not seen so yet, - a new condition developed, which almost completely dissolved particularly the lower range of the field to approx. 10:00 o’clock. The ampltudes have split, - A1 and A2 run almost uniformly, likewise A3 and 4, but with different intensity.

At the frequencies, at F1, which dances close to the leading value, as well as F2, the movement is at minimum level, - F3 and F4 are below the leading value, - there is no harmony in the resonance orchestra, - the first violin (F1) is overplayed by the background orchestrator and moreover it is out of time, which shows the counter-rotation. It will be an interesaant day with a new siganture from the resonance structure, which can be experienced today.


From yesterday to today there are very strong shifts in the proton tracks, from whose field charge the terrestrial background field is derived, where also our friend Schumi with his orchestra of the 4 Standing Order Waves is active in the ELF field and produces resonance, which EVERYTHING follows. With the crash of the green proton path there were also the anomalies in Schumi’s background field, whereby one can see at this event more clearly than usual, how the solar wind has its fingers in the terrestrial goings-on, on a very causal level, which also leads to the shifts in the EM layers of the ionosphere, which Ben documents almost daily.

Source : Cosmic Rays Now! | NMDB


The background field had 2 phases with strong dissipation phenomena in the lower field range, at permanent nervous overcharge peaks, which produce disturbances in the resonance behavior. The nervousness comes mainly from the buildup of the amplitudes, which tend to be uniform, but have different individual characteristics. No harmonic sound picture wants to develop, which can also be recognized by the counter-rotation of the frequencies, - F1 oscillates in the opposite direction and lies above the conductance value, whereby the triggers are nowadays again very strongly active from the outside in the depths of the subconscious, since all other frequencies lie below their conductance values, which in the meantime is a permanent condition and makes it necessary to follow the feelings and not the rational reason.

SUN UP TO DATE 11/28/2022 (10:38)

The winds of the Coronal Hole, formed at the equator, hit us today with a 9 hour storm that reached KP 5 strength from 0:00 - 6:00. Mainly the storm is triggered by the high velocity of the CH streams, which strongly trigger the magnetosphere at over 600 km/s and create geomagnetic disturbances. Meanwhile, the KP is back to 3, - but the DST storm index is still at the storm threshold and so more storm conditions could occur today as it continues to weaken out of the Sun. Only 56 Sun Spots are still coming from 4 active regions, which are once again fast asleep during the transition at Earth, but the radio flux remains high at 107, which is due to the off-Earth activity, whose shock waves also affect off-Earth activity. However, the many filaments can produce surprises from the solar activity at any time, - it remains exciting even with a “quiet” sun.

What is Gaia doing… ?
Like someone trying to wake from a coma or something… I wonder what will happen once it does its thing…
just some thoughts…
Its beautiful to watch…

Yes - this could be part of the birth of the 4D.

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Since the Sun has gone into a phase of weakening, there have been very strong deformations in the magnetosphere, which have continued throughout the day today and are increasing towards the evening. In the body of the Van Allen you can see strongly compressed magnetic fields that look like a “tangle” and from which extremely strong magneton explosions can arise, which usually precede a collapse of the magnetosphere. In the early morning to mid-morning hours, the north pole is still very far to the north of the Sun, forming the “kink” to the tail that massively disturbs the green terrestrial field lines in their di-pole flow. Throughout the day, there were no images from the magnetosphere that were even close to their course to the old norm!


It is getting quieter and quieter towards the Earth, - only one lonely Sun Spot can be seen in the centre of the Sun, - everything that was active has moved off over the western edge of the Sun and is creating massive fireworks there, as is obvious from the COR2 images. It is thanks to these gigantic explosions that the radio flux still lingers at 107, as the shock waves from the averted activity go around the Sun and therefore also affect the Earth. The solar storm from the Coronal Hole is currently paused - the winds are in the storm range at 640 km/s and the DST index is dancing at the storm boundary, while the electrons have taken a long-term wrong turn in the F2 layer of the ionosphere today!


The background field is very nervous today with many small spurious peaks from the overdrive of strongly charged amplitudes, which today charge very uniformly and at least produce a harmonic sound image, although the dissonance phenomena in the lower range of the resonance field remain conspicuous. With the frequencies, on the other hand, F1 continues to be in the opposite direction, whereby the leading frequency and first violin in the orchestra of resonances, comes into very high ranges of its limit values, - at the moment F1 is the only one just above the leading value. The external triggers from experiences initiate the subconscious again today and since F2 as well as the other players in the resonance orchestra are closer to the guide values today than the days before, perhaps it does not go too deep into the cellar of the subconscious and the obvious makes room for itself in perception.

SUN CURRENT ON 29.11.2022 (13:52)

Since yesterday 18:00 UT a new storm phase started with geomag. Disturbances of a KP 4, - only around 9:00 UT the stum-paeks decreased, but this will not last long, as streams from the Cornal Hole are permanently hitting in different intensities and the solar wind is still whipping with stormy gusts, which are currently at almost 700 km/s, exerting a very strong pressure on the magnetosphere and leading to energetic feedbacks. Weak magnetic fields are forming at the poles of the Sun today, - the East is free of CH’s, however the equatorial CH is still gaping towards Earth sending strong winds that will bring higher disturbances, - it remains stormy with a moderately high Irradiance. There are 52 Sun Spots coming from 4 active regions today, with a slight increase in activity, but active supply from the east of the Sun remains absent so far.


The proton paths have crashed again today and have now reached again the areas where Schumi reacted very sensitively, which he does by the way also today, however in a different pattern. In the ionosphere it remains with the massive deviations in the electron migration, which leads to strong shifts in the EM background field and to charges of the earth surface in the NW of the equator, which is no wonder, if one considers the immense jumps of the solar electron flux, which just went over the 2 MeV storm threshold, followed by an absolutely unstable solar magnetism, - the stuff from which change originates!

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The amplitude charges are today in synchronous continuous motion, but this is not apparent in the background field, which indicates that strong changes have been established in it, resulting from the compression of the electric fluxes in the ionosphere, and these are due to the weak and strongly migrating magnetic field. Much less order is found today in the frequencies of the standing order waves in the ELF region, which are not only very strongly counter-rotating, but also show very strong movements in the oscillation in the region of F1 and F2. F1 oscillates between 8 - 8.15 Hz, which is very far in the max range of the tolerance threshold and also F2 shoots up just above the conductance, while F3 and F4 are below the conductance when counter-rotating, - (Para-)Sympathetic are balanced today, but in opposite quality, which can bring chaos and unexpected surprises.

SUN CURRENT ON 30.11.2022 (11:33)

The signs are still pointing to storm, which however failed to appear during the night and today we are still moving in the streams of the huge Coronal Hole, which moves with undiminished size towards the western edge of the sun and with it also the magnetism, which today is located to the west and is a sign of a weak solar di-pole. Consequently, the active regions collapse to the Earth-facing side, - only a measly 25 Sun Spots glow on the solar disk, while the solar wind brings us very strong winds with 6 - 700 km/s with only little irradiance, which is in the moderate storm range with 60 GW and produces strong auroras at the polar circles, but for the intensity of the wind this is rather little. The DST Storm Index continues to teeter on the storm threshold, which becomes active whenever clusters of stronger particle densities arrive. A very unstable condition with increasing weakness and atypical solar winds from the CHs.

COSMIC RAY UP-DATE ON 30.11.2022 (13:32)

Today the proton paths show stronger deviations, dropouts and peaks, which are due to the coronal hole streams, which bring mainly solar background radiation (X-Ray’s) into the earth atmosphere. Besides, there is a small electron storm on the Sun, - the electrons have now exceeded the 2 MeV storm level, but a particle strum with ionization of the poles is missing so far. But there are massive shifts in the electron migration in the ionosphere, which cause shifts in the EM background field and also charges of the earth surface in the NW hemisphere of the equator, where it can come before North America to disturbances in the HF range.