Influence of the Schumann frequency

I want to ask if somebody has the experience to feel an coincidence to the measured Schumann resonance that should be normally 7.84 Hz ?

A station that publishes measurements is placed here:

Please think at the time zone for the interpretation of the diagrams.

Here you can see the actual waterfall diagram of the spectrum of the measured frequency:
Link for actual Diagram: (forum automatic stores a snapshot)

Today I read a nice article about the effect of the last days that I would agree:


The background field is extremely weak with dissipation in the lower and upper ranges and at the moment nothing fits together in Schumi’s orchestra. The amplitude charges are very strongly inconsistent and produce a dissonant sound pattern that “hurts the ears” and also the frequencies of the standing order waves are doing their very own thing right now, with F1, the leading frequency being in the top range of the conductance tolerance and opposite to the other frequencies, which are all below their lie value and show very differentiated oscillations, what today brings a very chaotic frequency mixture with itself, which creates far from the old, rather confused and surreal delusion pictures of the reality, in which we perceive. Change can no longer present itself more clearly.

Here is a new actual interpretation:


This is going to be an exciting day today because the Schumann resonance capability has dropped to a minimum. The background field shows completely chaotic disturbances and also in the lower range, at about 36 Hz, there is an unusual disturbance in the structure, while the amplitude charges are very unequal and close to zero, which creates a barely perceptible but diffuse sound image and a very surreal perception, especially since the frequencies are also strongly opposed. With the frequencies one can recognize very strong oscillations, which break off all at once, - only the leading frequency F1 continues to make massive jumps within the tolerance values, but the “orchestra” does not manage to come into a basic order and since the frequencies are just all below their leading values, a phase could arise today, in which very deep unconscious things rise, which mix with the day perception.

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I used to find myself abnormally triggered, headaches, moody, in alignment with solar flaring, SuspiciousObservers mentioned a paper written on the study these effects. The heart being quite vulnerable.

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Explanations from the same source:

Our planet has a pulse, the Schumann frequency, which is identical to the alpha waves of the human brain.

According to research by the Max Planck Institute, people who were isolated from the Schumann frequency in an underground bunker became ill.
When the Schumann frequency was then introduced into this bunker using a generator, the symptoms of illness reduced or disappeared.
What was even more fascinating and significant was the assumption that the Schumann resonance could represent the origin of life itself.
In 2011, experiments exposed DNA to the Schumann frequency and it was able to reproduce. Thus, without the presence of the egg and sperm, the creation of new DNA is possible.
Does this mean that the pulse of Mother Earth (Schumann frequency) is thus the origin of all life, the divine spark, the creator?

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The background field is smooth like a calm sea, - there are only nervous disturbances in the upper resonance range, - downward there are strong dissolution phenomena in consequence of lack of charge. Thus the amplitude charges oscillate almost uniformly on the zero line, which today offers great chances to let go of the OLD. To be able to let go one needs a 2nd pole, namely an inner vision, how the NEW should look like and this is supported today very strongly from the weak resonance events, because all frequencies lie today under the guiding values and open the gates to the Inner World, from which all that can arise, which has no form yet. There is, however, counter-rotation among the frequencies, which also immediately brings the contradictions. If one gives oneself to the guidance from the heart, the path will reveal itself in clarity and with a little self-determined self-commitment, much new can be found and realized in life.

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Without transition, the resonance background changes from deep silence, into massive, nervous and extreme movements, as indicated on the one hand by the background field, which becomes massively denser at intervals and now begins to indicate heavy white overloads in the 12 Hz range, thanks to the charges, which have increased by leaps and bounds, from “0” to now more than 52 coulombs, rising! Also the frequencies freak out and make very large movements within their tolerance spectrum, however, they seem to go, just like the charges, into synchronous movements, which at least creates an ordered chaos, which just creates very massive tensions between the poles of the individual order waves, which comes today on all levels more or less into effect. It becomes chaotic with prospect of fundamental changes.

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Original source of all interpretations: Telegram: Contact @sunevonews


Very clearly the “impact” into yesterday’s resonance field is recognizable, which disappeared just as lightning-like as it appeared. With the tepid solar winds that prevailed, it could have been an intergalactic radiation cluster that caused this turbulence in the resonance field. Today Schumann has recovered, his frequencies oscillate in the range of F1 and F2 at the conductance, - F3 and F4 are as usual below, which today create a balanced but somewhat nervous interaction between (para-)sympathetic nervous system, - feeling and emotion become a surreal mixture, which however is only perceptible as background noise due to the charge drop in the amplitudes, which today requires a clarified and focused mind to be able to dwell from the emotion in the feeling.

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Interesting, the more balance, connected i am, the less noticeable these distortions, the more involved/identified i am the more “disruptive” these resonances, even to the point of physical pain such as headache.
I have noticed this behavior for over a year now just by being aware of my reaction in awareness of these charts and solar flaring/activity.

Reading these interpretations is interesting, i would think this is a physical description of astrological influences. Won’t be long before physicists and chemists join in on this i think. The more censorship and canceling of ideas, i think the more people feel free to discuss their “far out” ideas as comfortable possibilities.

Plug some volunteers in and watch electrical brain activity alongside these charts, do you know if it has been done? I might look up Rupert Sheldrake, i think it might be in his realm… I just am a little unsure of the lingo…

might be my new avatar… :slightly_smiling_face:
if only the Sun pulled a :crazy_face: hmm, on second thoughts, maybe best i don’t ask for that…

Thank you for confirming the correlations.

The same channel gives interpretations for the sun too:



On the COR2 images you can see the persistent permanent plasma flares on the Earth-facing side, which glow especially strongly at the NE edge of the Sun, while it is still very quiet on the Earth-facing side. Also in the NE a massive conglomerate of 3 Sun Spots has developed, AR3130, 3131 and 3133, from which there were already first delicate C flares, - there could build up something big.- Otherwise the solar wind increases a little bit, whereby it has already the whole day a in relation to the other values, high intensity in the irradiance, which lets develop strong auroras at the polar circles. With 4 C flares and 5 CMEs as well as a B7 X-ray flux, it remains quiet, even if the Sun spots with 85 had an increasing MAX today.


The nervousness in the background field begins to settle, - the amplitude charges show uneven and only minimal charges, indicating very weak resonance in the field. There is also little movement in the frequencies of the standing order waves in their oscillation, - only F1 is just above the guide value, while all others are below it, but show little counter-rotation, indicating only a low order in Schumi’s resonance orchestra. The impulses arriving from outside arrive only unclearly and it costs time and concentration to interpret the inner impulses to the outer impulses as objectively as possible, in order to be able to adapt the life movement harmoniously to it.

I am very curious about what would the Confederation peeps have to say about this. It is definitely in the top 10 of my transient questions list.



Still the plasma flares of the Sun from the NE are stable in space and show the continuous activity of these massive Earth-facing regions, which are just about to move over the NE edge into the solar disk. Meanwhile, a massive Sun Spot conglomerate is forming in the NE, but it was very quiet today. There were 5 C flares but only 1 CME, while the Sun Spots held steady to the morning value with their daily MAX of 85, - as did the X-ray flux, which is at a B8 level right now. The solar storm is taking a break and slipping below KP 4 while the storm index (DST) shows values in the normal range, but the next storm clusters are already on the way and so it will not stay quiet for long.

Maybe there is a connection with this story and the energy is radiated in the opposite direction?


Since 6 hours the solar storm is now paused, with the velocity of the solar wind around 540 km/s exerting a strong pressure on the magnetosphere, causing the Van Allen tail to close, leading to the feedback of energetic protons from the solar wind, which are however too weak, to perturb the geomagnetic field at storm strength, - but the strum “wavered” along, while on the Sun the electrons are now reaching the 2 MeV particle storm limit, causing severe shifts in electron migration in the F2 layer of the ionosphere, causing Schumi’s resonance to lose order and stability.

An alternative Website for the Heartbeat of the Earth presenting actual data.

Everything is connected…

Yes - but in this case this seems to prevent maybe an cataclysm.

Regarding the video:
Always these stories about meteorites to stir up fear.
No one talks about the targeted measures to stoke so-called catastrophes.

i eagerly await the charts for the last 12-24 hours, i felt… odd… I may have also fried my brain from too much sun…

Sorry - the author of this nice comments has written that he needs an vacation.
Maybe tomorrow again …

Edit: There is a new post for Schumann at 12:29 today.


Schumis background field is almost free of motion, only the “interrupts” from the suboptimal couplings of the standing order waves show up strikingly in the diagram but not in the background field. The cause comes from the very differentiated amplitude charges, which produce a very disharmonic sound pattern and consequently show little resonance to the ALten. The frequencies also run in opposite directions and are today ALL below the leading value, which at the moment releases very strong impulses from the unconscious, which however only indistinctly and surreal penetrate into the perception, - with the ability to let go, in order to surrender to new visions, one comes today furthest.

SUN CURRENT ON 31.10.2022

The NASA forecasts went again completely wrong, - except the short storm peak on Saturday, the further storm clusters did not appear and also today the day begins with a weak KP 2, however the Irradiance in storm strength is nearly 100 GW with a lukewarm solar wind around the460 km/s, - the DST index shows that there are no tendencies for geomagnetic disturbances, - whether it comes to a KP 4 storm one must therefore question. Normally the coronal holes dissolved towards the western edge, - this time not,- they remain stubbornly, - in the east however, where new, strong regions emerge from the north there are no CHs at the moment. Only 4 active regions are left, dropping today by 29 Sun Spots to 68, and also the radio flux is going down with one-sided magnetic fields located in the west. Since the Sun Spots have great potential, there could be solar surprises.

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Thanks tadeus

I find this information very interesting