Inaudible episode 36: Skillfully Working with Catalyst

Nithin Ready and Jeremy discuss a 2008 Q’uo session on the subject of processing and distilling catalyst. What about our experiences is the lesson on which we’re working? Conversely, what about our experiences needs to be let go and not belabored? How do we deal with our triggered feelings in the moment when catalytic situations first present? Q’uo shares some ideas on the skills involved in the personal and delicate matter of exercising compassionate discernment in facing the events of our lives and balancing their aftermath. Nithin and Jeremy tease apart the nuances of Q’uo’s message, including the role our guidance and other synchronicities play as well as the benefits of a meditative approach as we discuss the “diet of catalyst” in our lives.


I tried listening to this, but I only hear you, @Jeremy, and not your interlocutor. Am I doing something wrong?

Good lord this episode has given me so many tech problems. Fixing now, should be ready to go by the time you read this.


Great episode! Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

Analyzing the process of catalyst is very helpful for growth. I especially appreciated the ideas about focusing on the cause of behavior as opposed to behavior itself.

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Thank you for the kind words! We try to give practical thoughts that folks can apply to their lives. That’s the best way to find out what is worthwhile and what is new age woo woo :slight_smile: