Ideas for building community

With Louise’s departure, I want to solicit ideas on what to do here. This project started under the proviso that Louise would be running it according to her vision and philosophy. With her stepping down, it’s true that I could jump in and shape it to my own ends. However, I’d like to offer others a platform for talking about what they’re looking for.

I would ask one simple thing in all humility: let’s think creatively. We don’t need to reproduce something that existed before merely because it existed and we liked it. We don’t need to be limited to the status quo of forums, even. Some questions to spark thought and conversation:

  • What are you looking for on your path, and how do you use the online space to pursue
  • How should we organize our online interaction? Threads in categories is only one way. In some ways, forums with topic areas sacrifice ease of conversation for legibility from without, I’d offer. How can we change the approach to create more valuable communities?
  • What role do video chats play?
  • Who should moderate? By what rules or philosophy should moderation occur?
  • How can we leverage private groups?
  • What kind of seekers are interested in incentivizing to participate?
  • How can we build communities too valuable for us to tear down or fight in?
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I think millenials (and maybe GenX and Z too) do not really understand what communities are. In fact, I think millenials don’t have communities anymore. The knowledge of what a community is and how they work has been lost

Now that’s a great question!

A community should be built around events which everyone considers so important that the continuation of those events is worth settling all the differences that come up

A forum is not really a community because, by default, it doesn’t have events. It’s more like being a pen pal with several people. It’s a different thing

If you want a community you should start having events

in a religious context, these events are often rituals, ritualistic things, and then other events around that. A church service. A potluck afterward. A pancake breakfast, etc

The possibility for a regular event is obvious: a meditation event over zoom. This was a much harder sell pre-pandemic, but now everyone is used to zooming and would “get it”

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  • Online space in general - I learn from others.
  • Organizing of online interaction - Bring4th had topics going everywhere the longer the thread went on and then others would step in and say ‘stop going off topic’. I never liked this. Responses are like email. Large gaps between replies. On top of which everyone here are in different time zones. I prefer to see where the conversation goes rather than have it cut off and formed into another thread. This isn’t my forum so do whatever you want.
  • Create more valuable communities - No answer, I have learned anything I say on here will be met with disagreement.
  • Video chats - I will remain anonymous on the Internet for my own reasons.
  • Moderate - I do not volunteer… this is a small forum when it gets bigger it will be harder to figure out what is the right thing to do. I would suggest self-moderation but with the veil up than there will continue to be many disagreements.
  • Private groups? - what do you mean by this
  • Incentivizing to participate - If one wishes to form words then one shall speak. I see many on here who still have not spoken. One just needs to press reply then use @ symbol and use every letter in the alphabet one at a time to see all who have joined.
  • Build communities without fighting - Veil up… not going to happen. No veil… then maybe.
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I wonder if there’s a way to participate in a chat (audio and/or video) while also remaining anonymous. Some of us may want to participate yet also prefer to remain anonymous, like @Cubed_Cross.

Yeah it’s called disable web camera and turn off the microphone setting.

:rofl: well, yes, there’s that.

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The (global) path currently feels like you’re holding your breath waiting anxiously to see what happens.

Do not worry about the form of moderation, because everything is good as it is for now.

My question would be rather how to draw more attention to the Law of One, which is an alternative to all the New Age confusion and ancient convoluted teachings?

Up to know it seems that primarily seekers are attracted that already know the Law of One.
Maybe it is an idea to open some topic that will answer questions to people who don’t know about the LOO and are curious? (Then it would be an advantage if questions could be asked without much effort, just like in a guest book.)
And a good introduction to the LOO is needed.
Here are some (german) examples from Jochen Blumenthal as blog:

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I promise you I am not anxious

I saw this post yesterday and I needed some time to reply because I had no idea how to word what I needed to say. I shall attempt to explain now.

I am here looking to help others be more aware by sharing my intuitions about a variety of Confederation material and other spiritual topics with them, helping them to see things in another perspective while learning from my own interactions during these experiences. Ultimately for me, its about being of service, making real-life connections to like-minded individuals, and sharing my life experiences with any who can learn from what I have been through.

I am a very organized person, but I know deeply how easily one can “go off topic” while trying to find the point. Conversing with others is usually not a linear process. If different topics need to be put into different threads, that is fine it that is what is preferred. But real life is not like that, it is more organic and when this process is used efficiently, your words can flow with the rhythm of life, and it’s unsure as to where that may take you. Sometimes those conversations going in all directions leads us to pathways we were not even sure were there, thus teaching us something very important we would have not learned if we did not color outside of the lines, so to speak. There is something to structured learning for those at certain levels of spiritual growth, but beyond that it becomes, in my humble opinion, a lost opportunity by trying to push spiritual growth into a structured time table. Not everyone learns this way.

I think moderation should just be someone who works with everyone as an equal, that has specific permissions to help aid the technical aspects of the forums so there isn’t any confusion. When having new ideas about what to do, you can have an open conversation on what techniques in that specific situation may be useful and then use that to apply to future situations.

Video chats for me are nice, but a bit more difficult to plan around my kiddo. At least with the forums, I can start a post, leave it when I gotta go save the household from further chaos, and then can later return to it when I have more free time. You can always suggest group chats on specific days for various of groups (depending on time zones/schedules). For all those who do not want to remain anonymous, I think knowing each other in relative reality helps us show compassion for others while on the boards. It helps change the internet mind-set of “hiding behind a screen.” It’s too easy for most to discount your feelings because they can just ignore your posts, messages and emails and disappear into the ether, or hop on a thread, throw a chunk of meat in the middle of the starving wolves and disappear while they fight it out. These things happen far too often and maybe video chats may prevent that. Maybe knowing that person in a more personal away would prevent these things from happening. Or maybe I am too hopeful.

The whole statement of “leveraging private groups” makes me uncomfortable. For some reason I feel this is tied to the L/L fued. If this is the case, I really wish those involved in this situation can learn to find forgiveness for each other and continue on their path of seeking with open hearts.

The word incentivizing to me has such negative connotations. If that has anything to do with monetizing anything to do with Confederation and Law of One principles, count me out. I have no interest in putting any monetary value on spiritual principles, and honestly, I am very tired of this always being the outcome of every well-meaning spiritual organization. It’s becoming a plague infecting every aspect of spirituality and I am frankly tired of it. This illusion is full of infinite potential, why is everyone so terrified of letting the universe provide you with what you need? Money is not going to bring anyone any true and lasting happiness, but if you stop seeking it so strongly and trust in the universe, it will provide you with everything you need for your spiritual growth. If people really need incentivizing at all in order to grow spiritually, I wonder how genuine that growth really is.

This statement makes me understand how so many still have so much to learn. Arguing or having intense conversations is exactly how people learn, grow and heal, especially if it can be done in a healthy way that is respectful and loving. Yes, you can be loving while disagreeing with people. You can go “hey, I politely disagree,” and it doesn’t have to erupt into some dramatic situation. It’s a matter of perspective. You can learn from absolutely every situation, especially when viewing the spiritual value from these differences in opinion. If you just want to have a petty b*tch fight, well then yeah, that does not encourage anyone to want to be a part of the boards as there is so many missed opportunities of growth wasted on this sort of toxic energy exchange.

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For one who wants to desperately remain anonymous, you seem way too interested in what others are doing. How do you know they aren’t saying anything? They may be having their own conversations in messages, reading threads to learn but choosing not to participate. There is no need to troll other members while remaining “anonymous. This is a repeat in behaviour from Bring4th and I thought it was unnerving you did it on there too. Please respect others privacy. Just because you can see what others are doing doesn’t mean you should.

I would listen to your own advice.

You misunderstood. I cannot see what others are doing but I can which other members are on here who have not spoken in the forums.

In a reply message press @ then a list comes up. Press a letter then all members beginning with that letter are shown. Erase that letter then try another letter and so on and so forth. Then you will see what I can see.

We’re all spying on each other regardless. I don’t log-in all the time. I read while not signed in and if I have something to say then I will say it like the rest of us do.

I’m done helping you. Whatever happened on Bring4th I’m putting behind me. This is why I have chosen to try to not to interact with you on this forum.

I see what I see man. You have very noticeable patterns of behaviour. You cannot see things from a perspective outside of your own isolation and pain and frequently reflect that outwards at others looking for a safe space to express themselves.

I’ve never needed or asked for your help, yet you kept invasively offering it to me. This is another pattern I’ve noticed that you have that I think is toxic and best left off these boards. I would turn inward and find out why I trigger such reactivity within yourself, but that is your own journey to discover and irrelevant to this topic. The other behaviour is very relevant to how these boards run and that is why I felt it be mentioned. I’ve seen you do this with several people in the short time these boards have been running. Your need to mute and ignore specific things speaks volumes.

Then maybe try something new then since this is a new environment? That is just my opinion. :woman_shrugging:t3:

Anyways that is all I have to say.

Seems there is tension between us on this thread, and ironically, the topic is building community.

Anything we can do to support greater acceptance and unconditional love between us?

To ensure that the community is highly harmonious, I propose we conduct video interviews with each member. Then we assess their level of service to others. Only people who are 83% or higher service to others should be allowed to post. We will need someone to channel so that we can request a precise measurement.

Only after this is done should we resume interactions with each other.

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That’s so true.
At least it is not possible to have such organic conversations in an internet forum.
From my point of view a conversation with a direct contact is many times more intense and involves a direct exchange of feelings and elemental images.
A remedy is not even given by a video chat, because here is a direct communication about the aura meant, which is not possible over a greater distance in this way.

This practically is showing that there is always a complete different (individual) perception of the world and situation, depending on the environment and the inidividual focus. :grinning:

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Indeed this point should not be underestimated.
Therefore well-organized informations that is made available can have a great effect, even if no direct feedback is given.


Thank you @Fish
I gasped and then laughed.
I imagine you as someone who has a great sense of deadpan humor

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