How to have lucid dreams or have dreaming in the astral plane?

I have seen an interesting video with an explanation to understand the astral plane.

The video contains this diagram explaining the dreaming in the astral plane and the division of the astral plane itself.

This has waken my interest in learning how to dream in the astral plane.
The maker of this video has an youtube chanel with many different videos, explaining different aspects and experiences of dreaming in the astral plane. (He has a nice voice and way of lecture too.)

Up to now i have only experiences in lucid dreaming and i want to ask if anyone has made experiences with lucid dreams and maybe dreaming in the astral plane?

My experience is that it is not easy to get into the state to have lucid dreams.
Additionally I share with some others certain sleep disorders, that are due to external factors as I mentioned already. Maybe at this time it is not possible to enter any dreaming in the astral plane?


Yes to lucid dreams for myself but I have no clue if I have been on the astral plane in the way this Youtube person is describing it. If dreams are based on a variety of experiences then maybe we are seeing other incarnations that we have had. However, I have no idea how to prove this. For the most part I have never seen myself in the dream except when I look at a mirror and see my own reflection. There have been a few times where I look down at my arms or hands and see a different skin color. As for seeing passed loved ones, I see them all the time. I stopped thinking of them as trying to interact with me and think more of how I viewed them in this incarnation. Then I use that information to help interpret the dream.

I can show you how I started quieting my mind. I research binaural beats. I first began with theta and then realized this was causing me to fall asleep so I switched to Alpha Waves. It was at 87 million views when I started using it. The best practice is to do this either in the early morning or at night before going to sleep. Use a blind fold or a sleeping mask. I never use a timer but I suggest no less than 20 minutes. Your mind needs time to relax before you begin seeing stuff in your mind. I first began with meditation practices then when my mind felt more relaxed is when dreaming at night became easier.


Interresting topic. This is something I’m currently working on.

I started attempting to have lucid dreams two years ago. Some months later I get my first one. Actually I made nearly 40 I think, but quite short ones.
The fact is I believed it to be lucid dreams but in fact I experienced OBE as I kind of left my body after the “vibration phase” though I never looked back to see if I could see my body, so, I still have some doubts. Anyway, I also have had lucid dreams through reality tests and I can’t tell the difference.

In my experience, having LD really depends on motivation. At a time I could have 1 every three day. Now, I barely have one each month…

I struggle with stabilizing the dream, usually I got low lucidity, end up waking up or loosing lucidity. Consequently, I never have a true LD where I could have fun.
But still, I remember two or three LD/OBE in “parallel” worlds of great beauty, unfortunately these were very short moments :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
I really wonder, where was I? Were these true realities or just constructions from my subconscious ? I would like to be the first one, that would be truly amazing.

Thanks for sharing it @tadeus I will look at it.
Edit : it’s Astral Doorway, I know him, i like his videos. Speeking of it, he once gave a mantra to induce astral projections : " breathing in… breathing out mentally saying PHAAA… then with RAAA… then with OOON. while imagining pyramids". When I do it I usually don’t have AP but I get vivid dreams.


@Cubed_Cross In this video he gives some tips to distinguish the dreams, specially beginning at minute 3:00

Thanks for the tip with the binaural beats!

@Zamot Thanks for sharing your experiences.
I can confirm that it is not easy to have an lucid dream - it seems not to be controllable.
As you have written much patience is needed and i have a problem with patience. :wink:
Another factor seems to be the mental state. It is necessary to be balanced and positive to achieve such states, which unfortunately is rarely the case lately, especially when you come to rest in the evening and unprocessed things come up.

Yes - there is a video with the mantra “Egipto” that should help. I should practice it, but first i must proove what the exact meaning of it is. A word without meaning cannot manifest results.

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Sadly, because of my physical sensitivities and smoking medical cannabis, it’s been a struggle to access these states of consciousness, but I am trying to learn how to increase my ability to dream, lucid dream, and some day astral project while using cannabis, because it’s likely going to be an ongoing way of life to help my pain, which I believe is here for this entirely of this lifetime.

I was able to lucid dream in the past more easily before because I quit smoking weed for that period of time. I do dream every night, so I was able to get past the part of cannabis that affects your sleep processes. I am trying to now do these other things while using cannabis. I have a strangely high tolerance to substances, so I feel I am able to fight off their affects on consciousness as much as possible so I can continue to connect to my dreams.

Anyways, I watch Ryan Cropper on YouTube, and he has to be one of the most fascinating astral projection masters I’ve ever come across. He astral projects multiple times a day with ease, to the point where he has done things like meditating while in his astral body. I think he may have mentioned something about dreaming in the astral realms, so I would highly recommend his channel.

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I disagree with what this person is talking about for astral projection. It appears that I have control in wherever it is that I go to but this is never the case. The diagram at 17:24 is saying there is a difference between an unconscious dream and a lucid one. However, in my case the only difference I see is level of realness. I have been able to feel the heat of the sun or feel the coarse skin when shaking hands with another. Lower levels of realness consist of me interacting with the environment as if I am there while still observing from a safe distance. The diagram shows parallel worlds as well as beyond space and time. Again, I have never been able to do my own thing in these other realities.

I have intermittently been interpreting other people’s dreams on “Dream Interpretations” subreddit. They too say they are able to take over the dream but then when they describe what they are experiencing it is as if the dream continues into other topics. I would think if one had full control then they could stay within the same environment for an unlimited amount of time.

The only time that I was able to transcend into greater realities as shown in the diagram is when I caused the body to enter a kundalini awakening where supposedly a snake is based at the spine and coaxed to go up to the crown chakra. (Instruction on the link is about half way down. I used Serpentine Stone at the base and Emerald on top of the head. I did this in a seated position so the Emerald stone had to be balanced on the head during the ceremony.)

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What are you referring in detail of the diagram please?

As i have understood the difference between a “lucid dream” and a “normal/unconscious dream” is that you are conscious in a lucid dream that you are dreaming and that you are able to have a certain control of what you are dreaming.
I could exercise this about 3 times.

Yes - this seems to be the main point in dreaming in the astral plane.
Maybe that’s the point he is describing it as next step after lucid dreaming?

It seems that the ability of lucid/astral dreaming does not enable to have control over the sleep cycle.

I would see here the difference in a meditative state instead of an dream/sleeping state.

But i really don’t know anything - that’s the reason i want to discuss it and get an better understanding.
What i am writing is only an assumption and trying to understand this phenomena.

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The pyramid diagram shows “Nightmares and Recurring Dreams” for unconscious dreams and “Fantasy” in Lucid Dreams. Anything that is shown in the mind I guess would depend on what state of consciousness I am in. I don’t know if we dream in delta. This would require deep sleep where the mind is most relaxed and can be easily influenced. It is maybe here where the level of realness is no different than the awakened state. When I am in theta or alpha, I have more awareness that I am dreaming or meditating. In theta I am not able to pull out of the dream so easily whereas in alpha I can force my eyes open whenever I want.

The Astral Projection part of the pyramid diagram includes “Parallel Worlds” as well as “Beyond Time and Space.” I don’t see this any different than what is experienced in Lucid or Unconscious Dreams. Again, it has to do with level of awareness within the dream. The deeper I am within the dream the more real it feels. Upon waking up I actually get confused between this reality and the one I came from. Both are equally real to me.

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Honestly i didn’t spend this diagram so much attention, because the author tries to force his experience into a model. My focus was more on the details of his experience, how he get into the state of dreaming in the astral plane and what he could experience in it.

I can follow your thoughts.
Whatever you will experience while asleep can be a product of the fantasy, whatever phase or how deepen the awareness seems to be.

When i remember a video correct, he has defined that in the astral plane the experiences are beyond the “normal” fantasy and so enabling new experiences.

Maybe some sources from Rudolf Steiner can help for this question, because he has talk about dreamings and the states of it.

Z W Ă– L F T E R V O R T R A G Stuttgart, 2. September 1906 (german Original, read beginning at page 113)
At the Gates of Spiritual Science GA 95 (the english translation is not really exact)

The third state is that of dreamless sleep, sleep without consciousness, when nothing comes before the soul. Now if you begin to be aware of higher worlds as a result of inner development, the first indication you will notice is that your dreams become more regular and meaningful. Above all, you will gain knowledge through your dreams, provided only that you pay careful attention to them. Later, you may notice that your dreams become more frequent, until you come to feel that you have been dreaming all night through. Again, you may notice that your dreams are concerned with things which do not exist at all in the outside world and which you cannot possibly experience physically. You will find that in your dreams you no longer see things which originate in the outer world or symbolic conditions such as those I described above, but, as I have just said, you will experience pictures of things which have no existence in the sense-world, and you will then notice that your dreams are saying something important. For instance, you may dream that a friend of yours is in danger from fire and you may see him getting nearer and nearer to the danger. The next day you may learn that this friend was taken ill during the night. You did not actually see him falling ill; you saw a symbolic picture of it. Thus your dreams may be influenced from higher worlds, so that you experience something which does not exist in the physical world; that is how impressions from higher worlds pass over into dreams. This is a very important bridge to higher occult development.

Here a translation of one important sentence with

He notices that in the dreams now no longer mere things appear to him, which either affect him externally or symbolize states as they were described above, but he experiences, as said, images of things, which do not exist in the sensuous reality, and he then notices that the dreams then realizes that the dreams tell him something meaningful.

It is worth reading the entire presentation from Rudolf Steiner.

The next condition experienced by the pupils is called “continuity of consciousness”. When an ordinary person is completely withdrawn from the sense-world in sleep, he is unconscious. This is no longer so with a pupil who has reached the stage just mentioned. By day and by night, with no interruption, he lives in a state of fully clear consciousness, even when his physical body is at rest.

After some time the pupil’s entry into a new but quite specific state of consciousness is marked by the fact that sounds and words are added to the images. The images speak to him in an intelligible language. They tell him what they are, without any possibility of deception. These are the sounds and speech of Devachan, the Music of the Spheres. Everything speaks forth its own name and its relation to other things. This comes in addition to astral sight, and it marks the seer’s entry into Devachan. Once a man has reached this Devachanic state, the lotus-flowers, the Chakrams or wheels begin to revolve at specific places in the astral body, turning like the hands of a clock from left to right. These are the sense-organs of the astral body, but their mode of perception is an active one.

I read some of what Rudolph Steiner wrote about. The one thing he doesn’t include is that what we consider our present or physical reality is just another dream. None of this is real. It is just another illusion that teaches. One who is well versed in dream symbolism can decipher the world around them. For example, a bee can be defined as a hard worker. It is interesting that when one sees a bee they happen to be doing hard work or thinking of hard work. A bee sting means conflict with hard work.

Spheres? More like light orbs without sound. However, that is in the awakened state. In a dream, they can do much more than that. In February 2022, I had a very realistic dream where I had a conversation with a man that said “Don’t worry about the rest, they won’t be here for very long.” Interesting, since time to “they” is meaningless. Odds are “they” are still around. Watching and interacting from a safe place. What was the point of seeing them in a dream. It was one large group of people that were all staring as if they expected something of me. Then I walked outside with the man I was talking to and he said something interesting. “So you think you do not have enough experience.” What the heck does that mean. It sounds to me like I understand more than what I think I do. In my understanding, I don’t know anymore than anyone else does. Whatever I understand is from research and just thinking about what is as well as what could be.

You want to read an interesting story. The date 10/14 without the year was given to me in a dream last year. The numbers can be defined using numerology but they also have another significance. There just happens to be a Q’uo practice channeling circle for that date. Part of the channeling uses dream symbolism so as to hide who the story is about.

“A teenager represents an aspect of yourself that is struggling for independence and autonomy. Knowing what power is without having it completely.”

I am not saying it is about me it’s just interesting that it appears that way if one were given certain information about my life. That story could be about anyone.