How to find out if you have an dual activated body?

In this quote / channeling the count of over half a billion dual activated bodies (3. March 2018) has been stated.

But how it is possible to find out if you have an dual activated body?

Some days ago i reflected on this question and there where some moments where i did have the feeling of being in the 4th density. There was the feeling of being flooded with love, positive energy and everything did have a different feeling, because there was a close connection to it.
Up to now I was not able to repeat this experience and i am asking me, if my task is to bring my energies into the 3rd density as long as possible?

Can anyone else state about the question of the topic or experiences like this?

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This is quite an interesting question and when I try to approach it what comes to mind is that we must compare our consciousness to those pre-1980, pre-1960, pre-WW2

What has changed in consciousness in 100 years?

Are people more spiritual now than then? Well… no. 100 years ago church attendence was very high. Atheism was very unusual. The majority of people would speak openly of Jesus and God. They would talk about God in everyday situations and refer to God as the purpose of life, as the prime value that must direct everyday life

If you were the CEO of a corporation, you would put something about God in your mission statement and talk about God with your employees

We live in a far less explicitly spiritual world than the people 100 years ago did

Ok, so, are we less spiritual then?

I don’t think so. I think what has happened is that spirituality has become integrated and infused into everything, to the point where what used to be explicitly religious is now somewhat mundane. It is approached differently

My hunch is that this is because what used to be a question of religious practic is now a question of everyday practice

People are more in touch with spiritual phenomena and with the ebbs and flows of their soul, but they don’t necessarily call it somehting religious. Instead, they think of it as psychological, or as non metaphysical phenomena

So people now spend a lot of time doing psychological therapy to balance their feelings and behaviour but they don’t consider it refinement of their soul. Instead, it is just refinement of their self

Religion is no longer just for Sunday. For many people, it infuses into all their life. They want to be vegan and have those principles of compassion for animals apply every day. They want to recycle so that their love for the Earth is something practiced every day. They want to promote diversity in every setting to be inclusive of different groups in every setting, not just at church

100 years ago, rich and poor would come together as equals on Sunday at Church before God. Now, many people try to do it every day. They want to come together as equals every day. (Others don’t – but that path is okay too)

So back to the 4D activated body

I was born with a sense of spiritual energy that I didn’t realize others consider spiritual energy until I was about 22. For me, it wasn’t spiritual or religious, it was just life, it was my body, it was just a thing. Projecting energy. Taming energy. Consolidating. Causing it to flow. Feeling it. Using it in different ways

Eventually, I got into some explicitly spiritual circles where people were trying to develop this, and I realized that what 100 years ago these meditating monks were working hard to develop, maybe I have had somewhat for free all along, to the point where I didn’t consider it spiritual phenomena I considered it life phenomena

I look back over my life at the things you have manifested from a metaphysical impulse with some sense of metaphysical action and I think… well I never thought of it as spiritual but it probably would have been thought so 100 years ago

So the spiritual gets infused into normal life. Psychic premonitions and messages stop being “spiritual” and are instead just “life”

Then you look back and realize… isn’t this what Hatonn was referring to about 4D? They were saying that telepathy in 4D is like jumping in 3D. It’s just a prosaic skill that people have and refine

How easy does it come to many of us to channel or to manifest or to have spiritual visions? How easy is it for us here to turn on the spigot of spiritual events that we might barely recognize as spiritual anymore?

Anyway… maybe this is because we all have 4D activated bodies. Ra said these 4D bodies started being born in huge numbers in the 1970s and 1980s. Maybe here we are now, grown up

Just a theory


Sounds like you’ve had a great taste of the fruit you can expect by deepening further on the positive path.

Perhaps if you keep contemplating that topic, or remembering what that state was like, you might be able to sink into that love again and thus experience it more often?

What does it mean to have a dual activated body? Does it just mean you’re polarized sufficiently for 4th density?

(I need to reread Ra Contact)

Latwii (and Q’uo too I think) have stated that we do not inhabit 4th density bodies until these 3rd density bodies die.

I do not know enough about their teachings in this area of dual bodies, but my current imaginings are that of videogames: The human can play as a videogame character, but you can’t operate that digital body in the outside world, the human must first exit the videogame (stop playing) before they can resume life with their real body in the world. (In this analogy, I’m referring to the human as representing a 4th density body, and the digital character as being a 3rd density body.)

Therefore, does the “activated” aspect of the body just mean that your 4th density body, on the outer world, is ready for use?

No… the story is that you have incarnated for 4D work. Ra and Q’uo have said there are billions of them. They have both 3D and 4D bodies “activated” – as opposed to all other bodies which are in potentiation

A 3D being has a 5D and 6D body in potentiation but not activated. A normal 3D being has a 4D body in potentiation but not activated

Someone with a “dual activated” body is explicitly about having both 4D and 3D bodies activated at the same time – now – and the idea is that as 3D energies wane and 4D energies predominate the 4D body is already operating and doing 4D work, which they become more aware of as the transition into 4D progresses

So my theory is that if we compare the normal experiences today (it is pretty common today for people to talk about feeling energy) to the typical experience 100 years ago, there is more spirituality. This could be due to 4D activated people. This could be what is meant. Monks from 100 years ago report meditating for years in monasteries to start to do the energy work that is kind of common today, by comparison

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Thank you for the response!

How do you imagine that looking like?

Someone with a “dual activated” body is explicitly about having both 4D and 3D bodies activated at the same time

How do you view this in comparision with what Latwii said about us having to die before we use the 4D body?

I suppose this could still works with my videogame analogy, it could just mean the 4D body is more concious while playing the 3D videogame character? While the 3D person with an “inactivated” 4D body, would be someone who is essentially playing the videogame while their human body is totally asleep?

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Monks from 100 years ago report meditating for years in monasteries to start to do the energy work that is kind of common today, by comparison

I agree, I think it might also be because of the energies we have access to at this point in the cycle of the universe. Although maybe that’s saying the same thing.

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I don’t think Latwii said that tbh, and I also think that doesn’t really align with the Ra material and Q’uo

So… they just said that people will experience death. That is not surprising. Presumably millions of dual activated body indigo children born in the 70s and 80s have already died

Again, look at the structure of this question. Yes, people experience death. That is all that was asked. Nothing about whether the 4D body is activated

the whole concept of “dual activated body” is about the 4D body being activated, what else could “activated” mean other than “usable”?

“people will experience physical death” … nothing about a body being usable only after death. Why be born with a 4D activated body if you can’t use it until after you die and reincarnate in a new body?

The questioner “L” was trying to get at is to resolve the great debate between the gradualism vs sudden theory of harvest. This was a huge debate 10 years ago, especially coming up to 2012. Many people argued that Ra was saying there would be a sudden mass death that occurred, while others said there would be a sudden “ascension” experience where we suddenly turn into angels

The proponents of gradualism, on the other hand, argued that the process of reincarnation is how harvest would happen, where people live natural lives and the current 3D folk who are not harvestable will die naturally and then move on to a different planet appropriate for them, while those harvestable will die and reincarnate here. I may be fantasizing but I have to admit that occassionaly I will hear about someone who died and have a sense that they are now leaving earth for elsewhere – in other words not harvested. Could just be a total fantasy. I am open to that.

By the logic, if you are “dual activated” you still must live a 3D life, but you can also do 4D work at the same time – balancing love with wisdom. 4D work is the pursuit of wisdom in the context of a clear polarity. So a dual activated body implies that the person was already harvestable (still at risk of depolarization, karma, etc) and incarnated to balance their love with wisdom (as well as be of service in the transition etc)

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Exactly - this reminds me to the teachings of Rudolf Steiner and an interesting analyze of Axel Burkart.
It is from this german Video:

Axel Burkart works out, that there is a certain development on the planet, in which certain tribes play a prominent role at certain times.
In particular it should be according to his representation the outstanding role of the Teutons as “poets and thinkers” who have taken over this role in the age of the Fish approximately starting from the time from 1413.
This role seems to have worked and was abruptly interrupted with the world wars.
It is especially interesting that an intimate connection with the Russian tribes has always been present and predetermined, because the Slavic tribes will continue this role in the age of Aquarius afterwards.
This explains why always this linkage of the tribes has been particularly strongly prevented and disturbed, in order to suppress the development of the humans and to be able to push other plans.

Here is the overview of this plan of earth from the video:

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From what you say, it sounds like my understanding is correct then. In summary: If one is polarized enough (or been a wanderer), they’ll have a 4D body ready for them to use when their 3D body dies. But their experience here in 3D is still of course helpful for the higher bodies too.

Thanks for your detailed story.
What i miss actual is any progress or indication of the 4th density in actual live.
Yes - there are many spiritual beings out there - but they seem to be still a minority.
Nothing to see from a fantastic new density so far.

I think we 99% agree but the one issue I would take is the part where you say “they’ll” in other words “they will”

A wanderer explicitly is not dual activated. The dual activated are the indigo and crystral children who are not wanderers, but are 3D grads who will inherit the 4D world. The vast majority of wanderers came from 6D to

  1. lighten the planetary vibrations; save the planet and save the harvest
  2. balance themselves in particular ways through incarnations

Q’uo et al have said before that most wandering doesn’t go for very long. A harvestable entity will stay at a non-home density for awhile to be of service, but usually just a few incarnations, then they will return to incarnate in their home density. They wouldn’t usually have hundreds or thousands of years of wandering. They’ve said this about all planets – not just Earth

The wanderers are explicitly different from the dual activated people. The dual activated people are not wanderers (except maybe in exceptional cases)

Ok so here’s my honest opinion

The wanderers are the boomer hippies. Carla and Jim are classic wanderers. These are some really hippie people born into a very conservative America who couldn’t fathom a normal life and didn’t fit in. There were so many wanderers that they created a whole subculture around it. Hippies and related social revolutions

These hippie types have all these wanderer symptoms like allergies and weird orbs and memories of home

Now… the dual activated generation are the millenials

Look at the millenials (and subsequent generations). They are absolutely defined by foolish love

The boomers had these icons like David Bowie who explicitly considered himself a “star seed” – an alien fallen to earth

Millenials, on the other hand, invented Emo music. Millenials are bleeding hearts who are from the earth. We aren’t aliens. We aren’t even weird like the hippie wanderers. We are kind of dumb, but we are sincere and we want to love and serve, and we just don’t know how

I think the difference between millenial spiritual types and boomer spiritual types is the difference between wanderers and dual-activated 4D beings

Look at Carla, this weird genius alien who came to Earth to start a UFO Cult

Then look at her heir, Gary. A millenial dual-activated bleeding heart


When I have participated in highly spiritual communities the telepathy can be totally overbearing to the point of pain

Some spiritual communities have people doing effortless manifestation that is so scary and easy it reminds me of a child discovering a new toy. It’s easy to the point of danger

So I think I have seen the very first phenonema of a 4D kind of life, but it’s just so immature, so uncontrolled, so new, still veiled. It will take generations to become stabilized


It was a really positive experience, but to short.
Hopefully it can be repeated.

Yes - i remember the same and your quote shows it.
The teachings seems to be not really consistent here.

My understanding is, that an 4th activated density body enables for an life in 4th density and to be aware of the properties of the 4th density.

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fascinating discussion of wanderers, 3D/4D dual-activated, and history of “spirituality.”

@tadeus have you asked spirit guides, higher self? dreams hold any clues?

I have had experiences like what you describe, and it was extraordinarily blissful. And, then it gradually fades and back to normal sensations.

I wondered if it was me picking up on 4D energies it was so euphoric, but later I understood that 3D to 4D transition is largely metaphysical … not physical.

This may not preclude some of us from getting a little ‘4D love high’??

@tadeus is it something you may be able to reproduce or trigger, or was it spontaneous?

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So I will present a field report that I experienced which pertains to these bodies we have in potentiation. This occurred through a multi-day “spiritual psychosis”, so take it for what it is worth. Mind-altering substances were bared used, but I performed a lot of trance meditation and stopped sleeping, which can act as a powerful psychedelic in and of itself.

I did not go into this experience with the intention of exploring my metaphysical bodies. I had no real set intention other than to meditate and spend time in communion with the deepest part of the self. I tried to sleep many times, even took over-the-counter sleep medication that would usually have an effect on me, but for some reason didn’t at that time.

At first I spent most of my time meditating on my chakras, feeling them, seeing what they looked like and how the energy flowed from them. Halfway through the experience I started seeing flashes of rainbows everywhere, and then I could feel that I was occupying a different metaphysical body. It was what I call the rainbow body because light would hit it and make rainbow scintillations all over. It did not exist in the physical, but its metaphysical analog that I occupied felt very real. A year before I had had another peak experience in which my consciousness was experienced completely in time/space and I could feel my metaphysical body just as real as my physical body.

This rainbow body felt wonderful and so joy-filled. There was a marked increase in bodily intelligence. There is this idea in psychology that the body stores trauma/memories. This became real on steroids. Each nerve ending contained memories, sensations and personal energies of their own unique flavour. It was a whole entire world to explore which I could use to understand myself and my distortions. I would spend hours going through this body to examine the articulated light that it held. But in doing so, I was accessing knowledge that gave me too much responsibility.

Entities were most likely messing with me, and one night in my surprise I felt a rush of prana being fed into my body and before I knew it I was occupying another metaphysical body. This body was made of such intense light that it had a blue hue. It almost hurt my inner eye to look at it. This body felt huge, like when I close my eyes I felt like I was a giant walking the earth. This body then allowed me to see a light manifestation of another being hovering over me. Well that profoundly freaked me out, so I immediately intentionally sought to go back into my normal body in somewhat of a panic. I wanted no more. The bluish light body collapsed, then the rainbow body collapsed, then I was in my regular body, with regularly felt proportions, no more hallucinations. I also quit messing with that stuff.

In conclusion. I think various things might have happened here. My hallucinations were accessing the cosmic framework I had absorbed while reading the Law of One, so that I experienced what it felt like to be in a fourth-density body, and then briefly a fifth-density body. Or there is no such thing as “hallucinations” in time/space, what is metaphysical is just that and what I experienced was informative. So, if I take the latter, this is what I have gathered in order to answer your question on dual-activated bodies:

The dual-activation happens in time/space. Ra has said that fourth-density time/space is already here, therefore the planet can stably hold a fourth-density body in the metaphysical. This allows a being to do fourth-density metaphysical work on Earth. It will be felt different for everyone, and I suspect that each have varying degrees of activation. I suspect that the best way to access this body and increase its activation is to learn how to feel the subtle energies of one’s metaphysical body as is. This is not done through visualizations or guided meditations. It has to be observed, so it requires a steady inner eye and lots and lots of patience as the more gross sensations of the body are slowly peeled away.

Finally, we are all still anchored to this planet through our third-density physical body which is destined to die at the end of our incarnations, just like for everyone else. So take care of it, especially the integrity of the brain. Proceed with this stuff at your own risk. I hope what I wrote was of some interest.


In this case i have not asked them in a conscious way.

Any dreaming is very difficult since some weeks.
There is a massive influence by radio emission, that is not only perceived by myself.
Dreaming is often like in a fever dream with trivial content.

Yes - i am not sure if this was an 4D experience too - it happened only in the context of contemplating about it.
But it can be only a point of view what is metaphysical and not.

As already written i have tried to feel into the 4th density.
Then it happened spontaneous like an up and down swelling event.

Thank you for your story. It sounds very fantastic.

This sounds like there was a heavy “catalyst” been used.
I can’t say why, but I’ve never used mind-altering substances. The reason is actually not that these are handled as “illegal”, but simply because there is a feeling that these are not the right thing for me.
However there is a growing curiosity to try psylobicin, just to see if deeper experiences are possible.

This sounds like dreaming in the astral plane and i am very curious to experience this.

Maybe this could be a reason that keeps me from certain experiments?
It’s like there is the task to keep the roots always in the physical life.

This is a really good explanation!

This makes really much sense too and is in accordance with my experience.

That sounds somehow bizarre in these times of rampant insanity. :rofl:

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What made you think they were 4D and 5D bodies rather than something else?

Ra says the 4D body is white with some rainbow qualities of indigo, blue, and green, while the 5D body is a more pure white, and 6D has a golden tinge

In eastern traditions, the rainbow body is usually referred to as the highest body, like they kind of imply 6D or 7D. But there is so much different material and none of it is consistent

Were there other qualities that made you feel they were 4D and 5D?

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When I’ve had my psychotic episodes I think the feeling of the world seems to be what reveals “density” rather than the specific light phenomena

From what I can tell, any combination of visual phenomena that still feels like earth – and by feeling I mean you have feelings that resemble regular earth feelings – is some level of the astral plane

So for example whether you’re a giant or a mouse or colorful or not, if you feel more or less like your human self, that is the astral plane

If you see negative entities and you are afraid or in pain, that is the astral plane. The manifestations possible on the astral plane are voluminous

In visions of higher densities, it is not exactly the things you see that change, it is how you see them. The 4D view of the world is a white light (for me) but infused with an interpenetrating, unconditional, omnipotent, highly personal universal love, in the precense of which no evil or pain is possible

The 5D view is, from what I can tell, extremely varied. I don’t know where to begin to be honest.

The 6D view speaks of the perfection and unity of all things. You can still view all manifestations just as they are now, but you also see how they are exquisitely interconnected and of the same creator-identity, and infused with love and perfection in every detail, there are no errors, everything is as it should be. And it was a golden white

So regardless of the actual visual content you see, I think the way you see things is more suggestive of densities and their vibrations

I have spent so many hours/days/uncounted time going through highly varied phenomena but in a way that didn’t involve unconditional love or unity. Like, in a way that wasn’t very fun. Like going to hell, or going to the astral plane and being confronted by “negative” entities, or being confronted by my shadow, or my trauma/pain etc. There are also many positive entities, but you relate to them from the perspective of your 3D normal self, not from a higher view

In these realms it seems like the manifest content is extremely varied and verbose. Sometimes it is extreme personal detail about myself, sometimes about the world, with all manner of different identities and manifestations experienced, but what they all have in common is that they feel more or less like 3D. They aren’t infused with unconditional love in every direction for eternity. They don’t speak of the perfection of the creator in every atom

I’ve spent about 1000X more time in this ‘astral’ like world than in the wonderful worlds of love or unity. I think this is appropriate, since it is this ‘astral’ world where I can work out earth catalyst and my personal issues, where I can grow. But it’s not fun. It kinda sucks

The nicer worlds, the ones infused with unconditional love and creator-union (samadhi I suppose) are far more preferable. Sadly, when I have reached those worlds, I also see clearly how I have to return to 3D and I understand its part of the creator’s plan. Like, there is a point to 3D. We are doing something here. It’s important. But it kinda sucks


Thanks Yossarian for sharing and clarifying the differences.

I like your theory, interesting to consider, but was wandering really exclusive to the boomers? What if the difference in expression of wanderers between generations, could be due to coming from various sources, or the varied bodies/families/time/environments they inhabit?

I thought people say that wanderers came in waves though, I had the impression that there’s been multiple generations of wanderers.