How to channel yourself?

There is an interesting recommendation in this channeling:


Now when it comes to channeling yourselves, you must understand that channeling must be seen as a portion of a life lived in service, and not as a momentary act separated from that life. Therefore, the usual recommendations to channels would apply in a similar manner to the way in which spiritual seekers down through the ages have sought the disciplines of the spirit in order that they might advance.

In the very first instance, channeling is something that any spiritual seeker would do well to develop a skill in. And here we do not mean channeling of higher density entities as in this particular instance. Rather, the channeling about which you ask is a special application of the broader skill of opening oneself up to an influx from beyond the conscious mind.

We encourage seekers to dip their toe into the pond of channeling as a means of coming into contact, first, with themselves. Should you want to learn to channel, the place to begin is to channel yourself–that is, your own personal, hidden resources. This is a salutary method for coming to know yourself in the process of developing yourself and preparing yourself for the more rigorous forms of channeling that are available. The moderation of habit, the moderation of character that we discussed, is a product of the development of a harmonious relationship, or at least a happy relationship, between your conscious and unconscious resources. If you are not a friend to yourself, we would suggest it is better to focus on the simpler form, the safer form of channeling first. Become a friend to yourself first. In this way, you may discover in yourself through a desire to develop your internal harmony a corresponding desire to promote that harmony in others.

Can someone describe how to channel yourself?
Is there any experience with it?


The second point concerns the nature of teaching. In fact, when it comes to the discipline of channeling, there is not a great deal of book learning that can be done. If channeling could be readily learned from a book, then perhaps those who might seek for you to teach them would just read the book. In some ways, the word “teaching” is incorrect; it may be the wrong conception of the relationship between yourself and the individual who wishes to develop as a channel. The relation is more of an exposure or a pollination. So the form of teaching that you should think of yourself as engaging in is more of an example and where necessary gentle nurturing of the junior channel.

There are, of course, elements that should be communicated, such as the tuning and the challenging that you are aware of, as well as the appropriate inclusions in the preliminaries. But teaching is much greater than just these mechanics. The most significant feature of teaching is the example that you set– but not just an example. It’s the vibratory resonance that you impart to the junior channel as the appropriate frequency of tuning for engagement in an actual session of channeling. This imprints upon the junior channel, especially through repetition, the vibratory features, the state of experience for which they were aiming each time they were engaging in the practice. For this reason we find it generally preferable to be in physical proximity, since this is the most broadband form of contact. Without the physical proximity, the pollination is more difficult.

Learning channeling sounds like an chicken and egg problem.
Who has teached Don how to channel?

“The truth knocks on the door and you say, “Go away, I’m looking for the truth,” and so it goes away. Puzzling.” - Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

more “the balancing”/shadow work… sometimes the one thing we don’t want to do… :wink:

I think that’s true for many areas of spiritual growth, there is a kind of circular chicken-and-egg confusion to it in the initial stages. That is, the inner world is self referential, and if one’s inner sense of self is shallow, then one tends to merely circulate in it. The inner challenge is to venture a step further and a step further and a step further into the unknown, where every step could be one of those those missteps, oh, so easily made in the contextual darkness. Through this means one can discover the deeper portions of self and many new possibilities open up, far beyond the circular questioning.

In the beginning, learning from others can be quite useful. If you search Carla Rueckert’s and Donald Elkins; bios, you will find that they visited and were involved with various channeling and spiritual groups over the years before they did their own chammeling, and they did their own channeling of Confederation sources for many years before hitting on the Ra contact.

This strikes me as very sound and practical advice. This is really the alpha and omega of the whole ball of wax, so to speak.

This element is sooooo important. and yet it is understood very individually because we are all drawn to different ways of exploration in any given incarnation.

This part also speaks volumes regarding the vibratory state one may be seeking.

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So you would say that shadow work is channeling yourself?

Thanks - this answers the question.

There is another good definition for the choice and the differentiation between STO and STS from the Q’uo in the last channelings:

Q’uo on the Higher Self in Polarized Evolution – High Altitude Receiving Center

And this raises the question of whether the self, to whom I am transparent, is to be seen as a small part of a greater whole that is to be courted and engaged with mutual respect and admiration, or whether the self that is transparent to myself is to be seen as, in fact, the self that has primacy, and then all that is hidden to be subordinated or subservient to that self that has primacy? This, my friends, is the choice.

It is a path to becoming a state of self, perhaps a resonant state, that more easily allows “stuff” to freely come to your presence.

Imagine trying to talk to someone whos mind is just s constant jibba jabba of shit stuck in third gear that they cannot hear anything past the end of their nose… a typical 3rd density existance. They are so wrapped up and cought up and trapped in all the feelings of trauma locked from when they were three years old, they are still angry about… Not much is going to get through.

If you (not you, “you” used figuratively) clean up your messy head, heal through awareness of all the skeletons in your closet, the reasons why you feel pain, find forgiveness of self and other, and live a peaceful life where karma is a friend… you are a more resonant state “to listen”… “to let go”… “to be a part of the bigger picture”. How much of a bigger picture… well that depends on what you seek.

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Yes - but it is only stuff from the Ego and inherited knowledge of the body.
This does not contain the higher self.

This is of course always helpful.

The ego is the one thing that resists.

Is it possible that we are writing/talking past each other?

Generally there is a higher chakra inside the heart chakra. The inner/emerald heart.

This is described in esoteric religions as the quiet, still voice.

It is very similar to gut instinct or intuition, but it is also different.

It is a way of downloading information, not from the 7th or 6th or 5th chakra, but from the heart chakra alone, through this internal higher density chakra. The 8th chakra hidden in the heart.

As I progressed along this route, other things opened up, such as tele empathic downloads, unzipping, decompression of information, dna upgrades, and later full mind melds.

The process generally starts with a relationship, and trust is a big factor. So how does one develop trust in the heart’s hidden 8th chakra? By following what it says, on faith alone. You know how relationship classes teach stuff like falling backwards so your partner catches you? That kind of near death stuff.


Yes, this is another big step in being able to listen. It is hard to listen when one is in pain, but after one has healed the pain, this becomes a great service and power. This is not some spiritual theory, as people have become victims and then used this experience to help other victims from a position of power.

No, you’re just at different stages of development. Stumble already has a clear channel to themselves, so to speak.

While Tadeus is seeking this connection. So to you, what you get is more ego centric information and what Stumble sees is different from their pov when they get the same info.

I would say that every meditation has the origin in the Ego, where you start to seek from.

Understanding your solution correct, the channeling of yourself is “coming to know yourself in the process of developing yourself and preparing yourself” beginning to communicate with the hidden heart chakra as entry point?

yes that is correct.

Know would be replaced by trust at times. Know/trust/love/innerstand

The “you” in yourself would be you from the far future. This relates to shadow work because this is precisely the same thing. You, in the present, are communicating and helping you in the past as a child. So to your child self, some alien just popped up and said they will help. Why would your child self trust that?


Because they already knew… (in some cases… )
There was a desperate time in my life when I was a kid, I asked for help, no one came, but for some reason I was ok with it. It was like a marker, one day I would return, maybe I was already there. Our mundane perspective of time deludes us from the potential of self in so many ways, to realize this creates an inner faith, allowing the beginnings of connections to all of self. All is one, and so, other.

Imagine living a life where in what you do, you know you are there to help you?

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Imagine a life where everybody is realizing his dreams of a better life.
That does not include to have a better life on the cost of others.