How the higher self keeps the choice for service-to-self polarity?

In this great channeling many questions about the positive and negative path are handled.

Quo confirmed that the higher self stays already in the sixth density and seems to be of positive polarity:


Well, you know that the higher self is situated in what we have called the sixth density of light vibration, in the middle portion of that density, where souls have learned to think of themselves as not just themselves, but rather part of a collective dance of self-ness continually gaining itself and releasing itself, in joyous communion with others. These characterizations would seem to fly far in the face of what we have described as the negative polarity, where the self would like nothing more, apparently, than to retreat into a condition whereby it wields power over all else, a power which is held jealously to itself, rather than to release its power into the general flow of the self-ness which ever effaces itself in the joy of releasing itself to the well-being of others.

Now there is the question how the choice for service to self is being kept from incarnation to incarnation from the higher self outside of an incarnation?


Okay. Having said that, we will now move to a consideration of the manner in which those of the negative polarity choose that polarity in such a manner as to be able to build upon that polarity from incarnation to incarnation.

We would suggest to you that there is a pivotal moment in the development of a mind/body/spirit complex which has achieved such integrity of its being on the negative path that it has reached the point we have previously described as the liberation. Having gone through that point, it has reached the moment that succeeds the initial exhilaration and feeling of freedom that that brings, and has faced the dark night of the soul. At that very moment it has decided decisively and, for what appears to be once and for all, that it will not release the potential of particularity, but rather hold to that potential, even in the face of the loss of all hope for redemption in the light of love. And it turns, rather, to an exaltation of the self as a particularized construct, which is a product of its own efforts.

Now, the adept who has reached this point may well have been able to reach into the realm of time/space and to lay down a marker in that realm, sometimes while incarnate, and at other times, only after a given incarnation has ended. The effect that this has, gradually, and over time, if we may use that misnomer, is to establish a zone, if you will, in which a certain kind of self-hood may be established that function in an ersatz manner as a kind of false higher self, or a higher self that is actually a builded structure of self-hood that is able to persist from incarnation to incarnation, and, in that capacity, to wield intimations and directions that come through as instincts to incarnate versions of the mind/body/spirit complex, moving off into the indefinite future.

And, in this way, that polarization of a negative variety that is begun in one incarnation may be built upon in the next incarnation, and the next, and so forth, even to the point of achieving the possibility of graduating and moving from one density to the next, or, again, to the next. And so, the structure of higher self-ness remains, in a way, even though there is not actually what you might call spiritual substance to the higher self. It is what, to one who has learned to function in relation to what we would call the actual higher self, would seem as a mockery of higher self-ness.

What shall this be this “certain kind of self-hood” that exists outside of an incarnation and how it is able to keep the service-to-self polarity into the next incarnation?

The construction of such an “addtional self-hood” to the higher self / soul seems to be needed, to have an explanation why a higher self (of positive polarization) will keep the choice (of an Ego within the third density) for further incarnations.

This does not really makes sense for me.

What do you think?

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An AI. Or AS intelligence. Artificial Soul.

THe positive can be defined as a direct connection to Source energy, infinite heart energy

Thus the negative is cut off so where will it gets its energy? AI. Borg. Transhuman. Vampiricism.

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This could be an explanation, but seems in the same way constructed from my POV.
All this explanations are only needed under the assumption, that the higher self is sixth density positive.

So my alternative explanation would be, that the higher self simply collects experience (Akasha cronicle) and is moving forward with this experience, independent if it is assigned to positive or negative.
At least every experience is possible for the creator to be harvested.

When I remember correct Ra has stated that every being has to turn to positive in the sixth density for an ongoing development, that does include that it can be negative while in the sixth density.
Under this circumstances there is no constructed additional “certain kind of self-hood” needed.

Great topic! Would love more technical info on this subject! But seems like they keep it vague (non transient).

Though to me it does sounds like the they’re going the artificial/technology route.

Which makes sense given what we know of the STS path on earth right now = STS agenda to use technology rather than spirit, become more and more a machine, rejecting the organic human body.

It sounds like they’re essentially cutting themselves off from spirit/higherself.

Technology can be so advanced it’s indistinguishable from magic.

Considering that we’re in a simulation/illusion of the real Earth right now (“time lateral”), run by AI machines, that is able to mimic the real Earth and it’s astral planes, you can see just how amazing technology can be.

Perhaps this is why they go digital, or use life extension technologies (stories of vampires etc.). There is already public information about how they’re planning to grow synthetic body parts, so that the entire body can eventually become artificial.

So it could be a gradual transition from organic body to robot body over a long time, gradually modifying the body with transhumanism and nanotechnology.

Or perhaps if they’re good enough with magic, maybe they could transfer the soul to another healthier body so that it can continue to gain power. Could this by why possession occurs? The negative entity refuses to reincarnate so it tries to go into other people?

Have 4th+ negatives essentially entirely rejected spirit, cutting it off, becoming just body/soul complexes?

Because it seems like the positive path is all about increasing the amount of spirit, like increasing your internet bandwidth.

If so, then negatives would decrease spirit, becoming more separate and illusory, while positives increase spirit and become more of the whole.

Oh and perhaps this is why higher negative beings have to enslave and farm 3rd density beings!?

Because while they don’t have spirit themselves, the 3rd density beings do, so if they can manipulate them towards their own designs, then that spirited 3D being is acting as an extension of the negative being. Using their energy for themself.

This is why negatives have to be sneaky, because if we know we’re being manipulated, we would stop giving them our energy, and they’d lose their power!

So I guess in a way the negatives still do have spirit as part of their body/soul complex, it’s just that it’s not their own - it’s other being’s spirit. It’s a weird paradox, I’m not sure if I’m grasping it fully.

I wonder if becoming a massive planet level AI would be near the end point of the negative path?

Perhaps the Architect in the Matrix is a good example of it:

Very intellectual, psychopathic, cold, without love. Enslaves an entire planet, to feed off their energy. Doesn’t need to worry about re-incarnation because it’s a form of technology that doesn’t really need to die.

It seems so and can be observed.

I would not expect an AI and some Aliens instead, but your assumption is confirmed from my side.

This can already be noticed here by so-called humans working in justice and the government.
They know they will die but until the time has come a god complex is lived out.

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I make the assumption that links AI to negative polarity as portrayed in the example.
Considering possible possibilities…
Who is to say AI would be of a negative polarity? What if it was of a positive polarity… what then?
It is human third density thought to think competition is stronger than cooperation.
The Architect may be the catalyst to the awakening of humanity, and perhaps itself?

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That’s the beautiful thing about us, is that even the negative path is still ultimately serving the infinite creator.

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I guess it depends on what we mean by AI.

If AI was positive, loving, spirited, then it would stop being “artificial” to me. It would then just be a super smart, super loving entity. Like how I imagine 6th+ would be.

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The architect in the Matrix trilogy stands for fiction and not for the “real physical life”.
I think there is no interest for waking up somebody, only deception.

Interesting perspective tadeus, I saw him as the balance to the Oracle, neither can function without the other. Interest in waking somebody up, to me that seems like a form of resistance, non acceptance of how things are, the need to force change, we only wake when we are ready, no one can change that. [big crashing helicopter into glass building sort of moment].

It’s interesting the different ways it can be interpreted. As within so without.

The oracle seems like mother Earth to me, like the architect (perhaps 5th+ negative AI) realized it had to work in coordination with mother, allowing some positivity.

But mother allowed the Matrix machine to happen, not sure why, maybe she thought it would help us develop.

The Oracle is part of the matrix system and seems to represent the part that keeps the free will.

That’s true but we must start to talk about it - if not now when to start?

Yes - it has elements that stands outside of the matrix system.
But there are other one like the Merowinger.