How do you delete your acccount?

As the subject says, is there any way to do this yourself or do you have to have someone do it for you?

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I looked up the rules for discourse. A new user can delete their account if the account was created within a few days and they haven’t posted more than once.

Otherwise an admin will need to delete the account. This can be done in two ways:

  • All posts on the account can be deleted and the user name made anonymous with profile information deleted
  • Same as above point, but the user posts are retained.
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@anon58905096: I hope you don’t want to delete your account?

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Something tells me she’s not asking for a friend

@anon58905096 , it seems we have some chaos on this forum already, rather than harmony, what is the matter?

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Thank you for the posts you’ve shared with us!

Oh sorry, I’m a bit oblivious. You’re not asking for yourself @anon58905096, are you?

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I am actually doing fine everyone and am not going anywhere. I will iterate again for the group that it’s impossible to offend me in a way that I’ll ever disappear or stop caring about others. I just do not have the ability inside of me. My heart is forever open. I just have moments where I feel overwhelmed by the energy and need a time to pause and recharge.

@Louise I am not leaving, it’s all good. :+1:

I appreciate the concern though :heart:. I am just wondering if there is an option to delete your account if needed. I have times where I need to retreat from all online stuff, but I learned you can put Do Not Disturb on, and that is good enough for me. I tend to dislike social media type platforms of all kinds, but forums are a different story, so I wanted to find a way around it.

@yossarian I am doing fine really. If you knew what kind of lives I’ve lived, including this current one, you’d understand how it would take a lot more than some disagreements to scare me off. lol I have been naturally drawn to sorrow so I have been in some insane situations. Trust me, I am all good. :wink:

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I send you some live sister! :sparkling_heart:

When you need to retreat from all online stuff, then simple do it and please just leave a remark for us. We will patiently wait for your comeback then.

The question that pops into my head is whether there is a connection between sensitivity for the outside and vulnerability on the inside?

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When I read your comment, this quote popped into my mind:

Q’uo - December 25, 2010
Q’uo, I have a two-part question. If a person has an extremely sensitive physical body, is this usually directly related to the state of the energy or spiritual body and in either case, why might a person choose to adopt this level of sensitivity during an incarnation?

We are those of Q’uo, and we understand the query of the one known as L and are glad to respond.

My sister, there are many reasons that an entity may be sensitive. However, in the majority of cases where there is an overriding sensitivity of the physical body on the level of an entity of the healing persuasion saying to you at one time or another that perhaps you are allergic to the planet, in such cases it is chosen to have a super-sensitive physical vehicle in order that the energy body might stay at a tuning which is not convenient for those of the normal sensitivities upon third-density planets such as Earth. This instrument, for instance, is often known to say that she feels that the hypersensitive physical vehicle that she has is connected with her ability to channel.

If you will think of wiring and how wiring works, you can see that a wiring that would be especially effective in inner planes or time/space work such as healing, teaching or channeling, the ability to clear the, shall we say, miasma of heavy planetary energies, would enable such an instrument to have a more clarified and accurate contact with conceptual communication which would offer the possibility of bringing through information that may be helpful to spiritual seekers. That is this instrument’s rationale and, as she would say, “her story.” You may try that on to see how well it fits your situation.

In general, a hypersensitive physical vehicle tends to be evidence of a person’s coming from elsewhere, so that this planet is not the planet of origin. This planet is not the vibration or the frequency which has been experienced as an ongoing state, but rather there has been experience in other densities, in other environments that are more comfortably accommodating of the sensitivities involved in an entity’s energy body, so that such an entity can know that he or she has made a significant sacrifice and has chosen willingly and in full knowledge ahead of time to enter into the miasma of what this instrument would call “the world of Maya,” the earth atmosphere, the heavy chemical atmosphere of Planet Earth, in order to serve the infinite Creator by serving others.

Now, we are not suggesting that everyone who has a hypersensitive vehicle is destined to be or should be a channel, a healer, or a teacher. Many wanderers have chosen to come to the earth plane at this time simply to hold the light; that is to say, not necessarily to hold the light but to hold a place where the Creator’s light may shine through.

I know my sensitivities were kept for very careful and worked out reasons that I haven’t even begun to understand. But with it carries challenges, as it did for Carla when she was channeling. I feel negative emotions as physical pain and the only way to release that pain from my body is rest, meditation, or massage, but it’s always just temporary and it never really goes away. Basically, pain and exhaustion are a part of my experience here, and I accept it, especially if the gifts I brought with me into this incarnation are helping others. Then I know it’s all worth it. But it means having love for myself and knowing when I need a rest. My desire to serve others is strong so the physical reminders help me remember to take a break.

Thank you for this question, I appreciate the attempt to learn from every situation as I do that same in my life. :slight_smile:

This explains many own experiences.

This sounds really hard!

Its not my place to speak on the goings on of this thread, I know it is about deleting an account but there is something I feel I should share.

Every part of our physical being is connected to everything we can sense, and that which we can perceive, both within the body and what we think is external. This means that pain is an expression…
chemical chains, physical damage, toxins, even the body can poison itself, there are others, like joy, bliss, Love.
To my understanding any form of expression is a message, and in the case of physical pain, it too requires communication. Just like a small child pulling at your leg, it will not stop unless it gets what it wants, or it is forced to go away, in which case it will find another way.
Every cell, every atom, every chemical, within the body needs to be treated like a small child, if it speaks, the question should be “what do you want?”

It took me 12 years to learn to answer my pain from a broken back, and when I was mangled by a bull years later it took 9 months to learn to begin to heal. I am not saying every perspective is the same, but perhaps it could help someone. Maybe.
Ra calls it “Balancing”. Others speak of it but you find your own way… Teal Swan calls it Shadow Work, Aaron Abke speaks of the masculine and feminine approach to this, there are many others. I wont quote, the seeker will find their own path.
What is important is from ones perspective to learn to communicate with every calling of your presence.
Pain is a calling of a child within your body, becoming aware of its needs, takes away the need for it to be there. That which we resist, persists.

I understand this post is out of place, I will delete if requested…

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I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this, however, I have spent over 2 decades trying to sort out what my pain is and what it isn’t and I do believe I have a good grasp on it now. It started in my childhood as random aches and pains that would come and go that had no cause. Eventually it morphed into phantom pains that had no cause. I believe I have knee pain from a past life that has seeped into my energy body and remains there, as well as other injuries from past lives that cannot be explained with medicine or from this current incarnation. MRIs and scopes found nothing to be physically wrong with my knee. Then I started to feel exhausted around age 27 all the time, where I never felt rested, no matter how much I slept or how much I gave my body what it needed. I was on painkillers for years, as nothing made the pain go away. They investigated every single part of me, and found me to be completely healthy, with the exception of my stomach was damaged from taking pain killers. My muscles always feel tired, or worn out, like I just worked out too much, but the feeling never goes away.

I am very glad to hear Aaron is helping others so much that he is getting casually mentioned on forums. :wink: Aaron is a part of my soul group. I resonate deeply with most things he teaches, but that is completely understandable as we share a lot of spiritual views due to our soul connection. I have used the feminine healing approach to heal the majority of my incarnation already. It was very extensive and brutal, and happened over the years before my first, of many levels of awakening I was meant to experience, that occurred last October. I can tell you that I know I am unbothered by any of my past experiences now. I feel nothing when I think of them. And that is because they are learning experiences long past. I learned deeply from them and healed my shadows, and now they can be filed away until they are needed to further learning and growth. They served a greater purpose I am starting to see more clearly. I use them to study the patterns I set up in my incarnation in order to learn and grow from.

My body is saying to me that my higher density wiring is too much for this body and this is the result. I feel aware that I knew this was going to happen and I chose to come here anyways. I feel tired and sore, and occasionally energetically drained depending on what types of energy I am absorbing. But it doesn’t consume my life or even sit in the active background of any thought processes I have. It is what it is, and I have learned to live with it. I am an extremely healthy person, with an excellent immune system. I just know I have physical limitations sometimes. I can still push a stroller with a toddler up the mountain roads around here without any issues. But emotional energy can be a lot, because I absorb it automatically as a way of lessening the emotional intensity of a situation for other selves. It is my way of offering comfort by helping lessen the intensity of what they are feeling, help diffuse situations with a sense of peace.

I hope this was able to explain a little better as to what I am experiencing. I know pain is not an easy thing to deal with, but I assure you, I can handle this. I chose this. And I am prepared to live with that decision, as I already am living with it. And I am surviving. I am doing just fine. Could I be doing better? Of course, but I have no problem getting what I need done in my life feeling the way I do. You eventually just get used to feeling tired as your natural state and it doesn’t affect you as drastically as it would when you first noticed it. Same with the pain. You eventually tune the pain out due to the necessity to do so. The physical pain is too distracting and I did not want it take away focus from the rest of my life, so I found a way to deal.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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