Hello to my friends, old and new

Hey folks, I’m Cory. :wave:

You may know me as MonadicSpectrum on Bring4th or AllForLoveAndLight on Reddit.

I don’t often talk about myself, but here goes. I currently work as a software engineer for the Foundation for Inner Peace (the publisher of A Course in Miracles). Also, I identify as a mystical Christian, but my main course of studies entail the Bible, A Course in Miracles, and of course the reason I am here: the Ra material. I find they are actually quite complementary with the Bible’s focus on navigating third density to fourth density graduation, A Course in Miracle’s focus on seeing reality without any distortions, and the Ra material’s focus on integrating everything together with the Law of One.

Other material that has deeply inspired me include:

  • Magenta Pixie’s videos and books
  • The book “Mediations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism”
  • The Kybalion
  • Abraham Hicks
  • Bashar

My main focus at this time is learning the ways of healing myself and others physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The main approach is through personal experimentation while sharing what works and what doesn’t with others. I believe through healing ourselves we contribute to healing the world.

Music is my preferred method of teach/learning so I shall leave you with a piece that I feel represents my intention for our future interactions: Alan Walker - Unity (Lyrics) ft. Walkers - YouTube



Hi Cory!

I surely do remember your posts as MonadicSpectrum on Bring4th, as wonderful as they were, and am very happy to hear that my time reading your inspired words will continue.

Really interesting to hear about your background. I myself spent my whole schooling at Catholic institutions, that were also relatively liberal. I very much appreciate the religious and theological education I received in my younger years as I can see how the bible would be quite dense to get into now without all that preparation work I had done. I have little experience in mystical Christianity myself except for reading some mystical theologian works (also the Catholic church does have its rituals, sacraments and rites, but obviously it has its issues as well…), but I would be interested to learn more in the future.

Your life unfolding shows a real dedication to your inner work and no doubt this commitment is reflected back in your ability to manifest healing energies as you move through life. As the Christian mystic Meister Echkhart is quoted as saying, “The outward work will never be puny if the inward work is great.”

That song you linked to was especially beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. Welcome :blush: