Hello, some pieces of information about a distant piece of you

Hello, I am the entity known by the vibratory sound complex Zamot… I’m joking :sweat_smile:

I’m Zamot… real name Thomas, from France in Paris suburb, 27 years old. I can read english with ease (the Ra material upgraded my english, and I definitely one day will place cool turns of phrase as “is congruency”, “is paramount”, “shall I say” to my french fellows :sunglasses:.) but I really rarely express myself in this language, so there will be some mistakes.

I discovered the Law of One last October, I think? Since then, I have read most of LL’s Conscious Search sessions, from 2022 to 2009 I believe, and most of HARC’s.

My esoteric/metaphysical journey started two or three years ago in a rather strange way. It was in a rather sulphurous French forum where a freemason was revealing his metaphysical views/corpus. At first it seemed incomprehensible to me: “All is Nothing” (“Tout est Rien”) or “All is One”. But I kept reading and with time, reflection and reading, it started to make sense. Then I came across the LoO (as if I had been guided to it :face_with_peeking_eye:) and it really resonated with me. It is the most coherent and beautiful description of this reality, even though I still have many questions.

So… glad to be able to discuss LoO with other people, it will break that little bit of loneliness I sometimes feel from not being able to discuss such topics.


Welcome Zamot, so glad to have you! That sounds like a splendidly fortuitous route to have found the LoO. Partaking in a “rather sulphurous French forum” is not yet something I have had the pleasure of doing while on this Earth. I also spent a bit of time many years ago researching the Freemanson organization and reading their leaked information. The secrecy behind that organization has always been suspect, but the vast amount of theology and esoteric knowledge that exists today makes for an interesting ride here on this planet.

Discussing the LoO is one of my favourite activities to do, so thank you for joining!

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Hello and welcome my friend, it is nice to see you here. :heart:

I feel most that find the Law of One are guided to it in one way or another, as that is also how I found it myself, as I was guided to it when it was my time to find it. I was too guided to it around October of last year.

You will find a lot other selves here who are passionate to talk about the Law of One at length, as I too understand how difficult it can be to find fellow seekers in order to share this within day-to-day life. The alienation and loneliness can be difficult, but you are amongst those who understand and are here to connect further as a community in service of the One Infinite Creator.

Love & Light to you.

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Welcome, dear friend. Your words resonate with me. I was thrilled to find LO1, and then to find others who are just as drawn to LO1.


Welcome to the forums! Happy to have you.

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Welcome here complex Zamot. :innocent:

Is the situation in France the same like in Germany?
Nearly no one to speak about the LOO?
Only some people that read the material but privilege the New Age movement?

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Thank you guys :wink:

@Louise it’s truly a vast subject. I should make a thread about the differences I see with the LoO. There is a whole bunch of similar concepts but also some which seem lacking from the freemasons’ metaphysics like polarity (as STO and STS), Harvest, densities, evolution (as the school for the souls as would say Q’uo).

@tadeus I think LoO is quite unheard of here, though I found a traduction of the first book (http://rpegard.free.fr/). I can’t respond about the New Age movement as I never read about or heard someone speaking about LoO in the french internet :frowning_with_open_mouth:.

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