Hello from Atlanta!

Hello Friends!

I have been a part of this forum for a while but have only ever been an observer. I have always been a better listener than a talker and am not usually one to post online.

But, I wanted to introduce myself and say that it is great to see a community like this forming around these universal concepts. Personally, this material has changed how I view the world on a daily basis and I am thankful for the person it is helping me become.

One of the things I looked for (although somewhat hesitantly) after being introduced to this material was others to share/ learn with. The Ra material emphasizes the value of collective work through the law of squares which has always been very interesting to me. I look forward to what this community will bring and just wanted to say I appreciate all the effort that has already been put in to get to this place.

Others may already be working on something like this but I would love to contribute by helping out with any type of study sessions/ discussions. Also available to help with anything else if there is a need. Just feel free to message me!



Thanks for making yourself visible here, Jacob.

I know this feeling and am happy to sense it in another earthly being. If you’d like to type more about that, please feel free. I’d be interested to read it, if so.

Yep, we definitely need more squares in the game, as it were. We’ll see where it goes.

All the best,


Welcome Jacob! Glad to have you.

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Hi Jacob, nice to meet you. Discussion groups or study sessions is one of my interests too. Hope we can get this in motion.

Hi Jonathan, thank you for your comments! I just posted a short message about something that has had an impact on my day to day life - faith. Would love to hear your thoughts on the topic :grin:

I would love to get this started as well! Is there a topic you would like to focus on first? I envision us selecting a specific topic and then group members could organize their thoughts on it and share it either on a post or in a virtual meeting! But of course I am open to any and all ideas.

Having an organized group discussion on specific topics of interests seems like it could be very beneficial and a great learning opportunity.

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I’m open to almost any topic when LO1 is the foundation of, and woven throughout, the discussion. Wanderers, 3D to 4D transition, SMCs, balancing practices, understanding 3D experiences in terms of LO1 … anything really.

How about you and others: any areas of interest?

In many ways, online threads are discussions. Yet, for me, threads differ from in-person or videoconference group discussions. In these, I can be more deeply present, or there is a different quality of discussions.

I"m interested in adding/starting virtual group discussions along with the other activities here.

Hello @Jacob - welcome and it’s fine that you are posting now.

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