Health Implications of Vaccines

Perhaps! Ra seems to present The Choice (which they remind us is the whole purpose of this 3rd density) as service-to-others versus service-to-self exclusively; however, those are merely their words, their way of explaining their interpretation of what ultimately is The Choice, and I have some … Reservations about limiting our understanding of it to those terms, though that is definitely a discussion topic all its own. :wink: But, yes; I have also heard it described, in a few places, as love vs. fear, which would, again, be relevant to the vaxx question.

No, I agree with you, I do not believe that this (vaxx versus non-vaxx) is The Choice. I do, however, think that there are an increasing number of people (again, mainly Christian) who might be tempted to think that. (Hmm – who might be tempting them, I wonder?)

Yep, big question. :wink: I’m discussing that on the other forum now … I’ll send you a link if you’re interested.

Thank you so very much for your kind words :slight_smile:

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This is a test to shuffle people along one of 3 paths.

The 4th density consciousness path, the 5th density consciousness path, and the unity consciousness timeline.

The 4th density is in confusion, thus they hold others as responsible for their life. So when they see a problem, they think in terms of blaming society or having society/authorities fix them. Thus the shots are their choice of manifesting this. If there is a problem with society, then you listen to what experts tell you and get shot, that will solve the problem right?

5th density consciousness says “no way hose, i’m going to take care of health myself and anyone who tries to fight me is the darkness and I am the freedom”. These are the people for the 2nd Amendment in the US of A, self defense, personal responsibility, the people who fix problems instead of complaining and whining about them. They are, in 3d, the technicians and the workers that make our civilization run, even if most of them are not telepaths or new age conscious. The super majority of them wouldn’t know what a chakra is to save their life. Yet they are still shuffled into the 5th density consciousness timeline because their choice is to hold SELF responsible. THey don’t blame outside entities or give power to authorities outside themselves, no matter who they are, Fauci or Presidents or ETs.

6th density unity consciousness is where people like I am at or those like Elizabeth April and Magenta Pixie wish to arrive at. This is the overall goal of the starseed community, to reach what they call “5D”, which is a rather vague and anomalous definition.

Starseeds already reached 5th density chakra consciousness when they started teaching on ytube and doing healing courses and other work. So their next level would be unity consciousness, Law of One style.

To explain this in another way, our reality is formed from our perceptions and beliefs. If we believe we are not good enough for abundance, then the universe won’t give us abundance. This is a way to modify reality at the principle and light/sound level, not the materialistic level.

So if I touch a fire and I say it does not burn me, and you touch the same fire and it burns you, are we actually living in the same reality? OF course not. So the same becomes true of the 4 5 6 trifurcation.

There seemed to have been a rather minor/major misunderstanding. The Harvest while it is ungoing, is still a mini Harvest. Meaning the Event/Trifurcation is not the Last Harvest. The Harvest is for STS vs STO polarization, which I suspect ends in 200-1000 years.

What we are seeing is the trifurcation choice, of those who are being separated into 4 5 6 first. Essentially Earth is doing all the chakra growth and leveling up at once.

The Event is what physically splits us apart, aka the Rapture.

4th density goes into post apocalypse era where they have to rebuild, and then they will get to choose 4th density negative vs 4th density positive. 5th density, same except they will have some super powers and other spiritual tech to help them along, perhaps med beds and the super hidden tech. Unity consciousness, doesn’t need the trials and tribulations, cause they are already beyond polarity.

5th density will be light vs darkness, freedom vs totalitarianism. I find it credible what Adamu says, that ETs only work with 5th density and above in consciousness, because that is the minimum level where they won’t be worshipped as gods. 4th density civs will always worship those better than them, as gods, and thus cripple their own growth. Agarthan civs are 4th density for example, back during atlantis times, and is trying to go for 5th density.


That is a perfect example of someone that has soul contracted to go into 4th density timeline split. Either because they need more work done via that kind of experience or they just aren’t ready to graduate to 5th density yet. Their work on self research won’t be wasted however. In his 4th density broken world of totalitarians trying to win, he may very well become of the forefront vanguard leaders, given his prior experience and starseed dna. He will eventually arrive at the 5th and 6th density worlds, but it will take a lot more time.

This test does not exempt starseeds or anyone who think they are DNA “special”.

If your consciousness level, right now, isn’t up to snuff 2019, you ain’t getting into the advanced classes. Just a fact.

You thank them for their sacrifice and bid farewell to them. Because you won’t be seeing them for a rather long time, in your pov, if you are going to different grades. You can try whatever you wish to help, that is your perogative and free will as a 5th density consciousness graduate or pre graduate. They won’t choose to accept unless they have graduated to the 5th grade however.

Earth is basically emptying out the 3rd graders.

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Y’all check out this documentary, “Died Suddenly”. Folks here will be aware of this issue, but you might want to send this link around to the unaware…

Died Suddenly


Thank you for the summary. Seems reasonable, all translations subject to translation bias/distortion. :wink: No idea who Elizabeth April is, and Magenta Pixie is a fun name but I don’t know her either. I’m not fond of the term “starseed” but I grok your meaning and it is congruent / resonant with my experiences as well.

I could comment further but will refrain until I have some insight as to how best to articulate my thoughts. May need to sit with this a bit, hold it up to the light and determine which artifacts overlap. My thought is that nothing you have said is in any way in disagreement with what I “got” / experienced, shall we say, so that’s kinda cool. :wink:

Could be. I have a weird suspicion it might be a little bit more complicated than that for this particular individual; however, it may also be that 3D biases have led me to elevate his status in my mind such that I am grasping at theories that may not reflect reality (said term used loosely here). I can say this, wholeheartedly: I am very sad to see him go. I do agree, there’s no question that this will put us on alternate timelines/paths for the remainder of our incarnations here, and well beyond. Then, I always did feel that we were meeting here as a sort of “handshake across the eons.” Hard to explain. Be nice if we get to jam together again a few times before he sends himself off, though.

Would you mind expanding on what you mean by this, please? … I am curious primarily due to the year referenced … Your phrasing is also odd – “right now” in Earthican 3D time is November 2022. In trying to read between the lines, it sounds like you are suggesting that 2019 was the cutoff and yet that some may have regressed since then. However, it may be evident that I don’t entirely know what you mean. :slight_smile:


Time is a bit malleable. For example i know a few people who in 2019 had addictions and did not have enough shadow work for 5th density graduation. I was talking about the shots being dangerous in 2021. I was working with them on their personal progrrss and we had great synergy as wanderers aka starseeds.

Then they felt like distant energy wise. And later they said that they took the shots and did not feel they needed to ask anyone about it.

I know they read my public words but their contract was not in line with it.

One fell entirely out of touch with my personal realm. Another began the process of sovereignty and taking charge of their life and health.

So it seems it is feasible to lose qualifications as well as gain them. What the deadline is is based on when the event happens. When is variable.

For example, if u suddenly decided to worship ets or politicians and used them as idols for salvation, u wont be going into 5th density earth.

The system wants us to choose but it is not sts or sto that is the choice before us.

Those at 5th or 6th level in 2019, evaded all thr problems of 2020 and 2021. 2020 was perhaps the best year of my life so far.


Even instapundig linked it

Again, first time I’ve yet heard that term (“The Event”) used in this context. Neat :wink:

I have a personal (?) experience of 2019 that I have referred to as “The Event” … I suspect it is related to what you are talking about. That is why I asked. Thank you for reminding me to dig something up, BTW – I’d put it off, but now seems like a good enough time.

Y’all check out this documentary, “Died Suddenly”. Folks here will be aware of this issue, but you might want to send this link around to the unaware…

Died Suddenly

interesting that at 45:00 onwards, the clips of people dying from the vax, just before they do they spin around in a circle! — reminds me of the @tadeus topic about animals going in circle lately.

So horrible scenes - that’s why I did not watch the video. I am already convinced about the “nature” of this vaccination.
Indeed this spinning around is really interesting.

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That’s fair, it shows some potentially sad scenes, and cut open bodies.

If they need 3rd density beings to gradually stop incarnating on the planet, then I guess these vaccines and other such, could help achieve this. Since those that aren’t ready will take them, since they’ll blindly trust whatever they’re told by perceived authorities.

And those that take them with loving intentions, perhaps their love will overcome the negativity/poisons anyway. After all, this reality is merely illusion. Spirit is the most powerful thing that exists.

I think a lot of souls have used this as an opportunity to exit.


Within the confines of my own personal current Law of Confusion, I’m just going to say, “Yup” to your supposition (quoted below for forum clarity)

Really?! YIKES.

I haven’t watched it. That sounds disturbing, but also, very weird. I might have to watch it because I am curious now, though it does sound pretty horrifying.

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From my pov, it does not feel horrible. It is just sad that this is what it takes to make people in 3rd density consciousness choose a path or polarization.

I know it works because my life alsi inrvitably led to an awakening. Like corralling cats in a maze.

Dying suddenly without knowing the time it will happen is not a bad way to leave the planet.

It does feel horrible to know that this scenes are real and not a movie with playing characters.


Dying suddenly without knowing the time it will happen is not a bad way to leave the planet.

That does sound like a great way to leave!

Are you sure this is not a movie with characters? What is real? :slight_smile:

We can only assign a probability to any information that we have not observed ourselves.

In any case these sudden deaths are claimed/confirmed by many different sources, in the same way the formation of the suspicious clots.

Edit: Someone has written a nice article about the informational warfare.

And yes, most of us are aware that many people around us die “suddenly” at a very young age (SADS). And yes, the most likely cause is the Covid 19 vaccine, but that’s about it.

As I write this, 211 health and scientific institutions around the world have been asked under the Freedom of Information Act to provide proof of isolation of a virus, proof of the existence of viruses, and not a single one of those 211 institutions has been able to do so. Not a single one out of 211!

And that brings us back to this psycho-op “documentary” called Died Suddenly. Right at the beginning they talk about Covid-19 and viruses as if they were real, which they absolutely are not. That is the main job of the controlled opposition, to keep the big underlying lie alive - the lie that feeds the whole machinery, the lie that keeps us on our knees and under the tyranny of Big Pharma.

To gain the trust of the gullible people in our society, they attack the vaccines instead. And yes, the vaccines are bad, at least the few real vials, because at least 80% or more are nothing but salt water, as I have explained with simple logic and simple math in these posts:

Actually, that should be common sense. If they could produce these highly engineered and very unstable vaccines in such quantities and all the vials contained the real stuff and it was deadly, people would have been dying in the streets for years. Then even the sleeping masses, the NSCs, would have noticed something.

Not only does this “suddenly died” back up the virus lie when they attack the vaccine and back up their claim of “sudden deaths”, they also use a lot of irrelevant footage that is completely out of context.

This “Suddenly Died” feature is also a psycho-operation to ridicule the vaccination opponents, who should not really exist if we were to expose the actual lie, and the side effects and deaths associated with vaccinations are also ridiculed, as the footage used is mostly taken out of context and faked.

This is also why the “documentary” starts with a lot of clips of completely unrelated “conspiracy theories” like the moon landing, 9/11, Epstein, the fake war in Ukraine, the use of green screens and CGI, etc - to set the tone and make the casual viewer turn away and think that these are all just silly conspiracies, aka, and that is the purpose of the controlled opposition:

At first glance, it looks like they are on our side and fighting for good, when in reality they are just undermining it and harming us who are trying to expose the lies and deceit.

This was simply trauma programming.

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What evidence is there that stew peters is controlled op?

Also what rvidence is there thwt the accuser is controlled op?

Suddenly penetrated into the public consciousness even at instapundit. They are attributing greater public awareness to the enemy? Or is it simply that whomever disagrees with them is controlled mason op.

I do not take on 9ther people s burdens. Some are karmically and life connected to me and thus i care. But the rest of the world has the choice to get help.