Hatonn's 5 seekers: Light, Dark, Red, Yellow, Colorless (which are you?)

I am Hatonn. I greet you, my friends, in the love and in the light of our infinite Creator. It is a great privilege to be with you this evening. I am aware of certain questions. I will attempt to answer these questions at this time.

There are many, many things that will happen in your future. There are many things that have happened in your past. Each of these things has a meaning. Each of these meanings can be known. It is only necessary to avail yourself in meditation, and you can know what these things are. Many of the interpretations are not possible in the language of the people of your present planet, where they have no concept to include these meanings.

The meanings can be known to you in full. There are many wondrous things in this creation, so many more than the people of your planet imagine, that I could not begin to give you an idea of what exists. There are seven ways to choose that which you would seek. There are right ways, and there are wrong ways, but the paths are not labeled. There is a path through woods; a path by a stream; a path by a highway; a path through a door; a path that is lighted; and a path that is not lighted; and a path that goes nowhere, but returns upon itself.

But who made these paths, my friends, and why are they there?

Six principles are linked to these paths: the principle of Light; principle of Sound; principle of Motion; principle of Vibration; principle of Time; and the principle of Energy. Five types of people embark: the Light; the Dark; the Yellow; the Red; and the last, which has no color. And they go four places: they go North, South, East or West. And experience three things: Love, Hate and Tranquility. Which leads to two poles: Good or Evil. But each of these things leads to one, my friends, and that one is the Creator.

7 paths: woods, stream, highway, door, lighted, darkened, recurring
6 principles: light, sound, motion, vibration, time, energy
5 seekers: light, dark, red, yellow, colorless
4 places: north, south, east, west
3 experiences: love, hate, tranquility
2 poles: good, evil
1 creator

who are the 5 seekers? what does light, dark, red, yellow, colorless refer to?

my first thought is that light radiates, dark absords, red acts, yellow renounces, and colorless realizes, but I’m just making stuff up

anyone know what these colors mean? light and dark is separate from good and evil in this case


Interesting, thanks for sharing!

I hope that more thoughts are offered here, and that the forum is not dead.

These 3 kind of things are something that have been on my mind a lot.

Does tranquility allow for both polarities, since it’s all part of the one infinite creator?

Since I’m primarily pursuing tranquility, does that mean I’m a “colorless” seeker?

Yes, I think so. In the spiritual traditions and communities you can see tranquil people of either polarity

If we work backwards we can start with the two polarities which, in LOO theory, we know a lot about

Good has an energy configuration with blue and green and is ultimately radiative, while Evil springboards from Yellow to Indigo and is absorptive

But working up the chain, it is implied that either polarity can have each of the three experiences

Good Love: Love for others, love for all, love for the creator
Evil Love: Love for self, narcissism, grandiosity

Good Hate: Hate toward evil and ignorance, hate toward self for not helping more
Evil Hate: Hate toward everyone else, hate toward self for not being better

Good Tranquility: Open hearted peace, some type of detachment, sort of skipping 4th density rather than fully engaging in the 4D wars of light
Evil Tranquility: Self-involved peace, detached, but with the closed heart. Likely skipping 4th density again, or a 4D experience that is more detached than the wars of light

In other spiritual communities you see people who do appear to be negative polarity but are having a tranquil experience. You also see tranquil positive people. The difference between the two is the radiation of love. Both avoid karma and try to stay out of things

Love and hate, on the other hand, get involved. I think there are some people on the positive path who are motivated by self-hatred, as a kind of inverted other-love. There are also positive polarity people motivated by hatred of evil. Likewise, some people on the negative path (whether temporarily or not) seem to be motivated by hatred of others for being pathetic and hatred of themselves for not being better. There are plenty of powerful adepts who seem to be motivated by contempt for the masses, for normal people, and inevitably this includes contempt for parts of themselves.

We’ve all met the smart person who seems to be fuelled by their hatred of everyone else

We’ve also met the narcissist who is fueled by pure self-love. A true narcissist never hates anyone, because they even never think of anyone but themself, who they love dearly

These are different types

Then we’ve also met the saintly person fueled by self-hate, and there is the saintly person fueled by love of others

Just as polarity reaches the end of its usefulness in 6th density, the self-hate fueled positive polarity seeker might reach a ceiling – they can’t progress like that – and need to change their experience. But in human history there are plenty of very positive people who cared about others and who worked hard for others but if you look closely seem to be motivated by hatred

If you consider the densities in the context of other spiritual traditions, the enlightenment realized at high levels of other spiritualities is density-skipping. Someone who is in 4D right now or who will soon graduate to 4D – without any wandering or any other advanced lessons – will be very interested in pursuing the wars of light that Ra talked about. This is an open hearted person who wants to do good but has not yet learned wisdom in how to effectively pursue that good, so they constantly go to war to defend and protect but in-so-doing depolarize and fail to realize their stated aim

4D is the density of the bleeding heart, the foolish love, pure, sincere love that is misguided and hopelessly ineffective

The spiritual traditions on earth – the monks and nuns who pursue them – do not get stuck in 4D. 4D energy is the campaigner who strives to do good in the world. The spiritual types, if successful, will be working on 5D or 6D lessons. The fully enlightened Buddha is one with the creator and is higher than 6D, or in lesser cases, is working on 6D lessons (harvestable 6D). Tranquility starts to dominate the experience in 5D where the seeker realizes the ineffectiveness of striving and fighting and focuses on deeper insight and realization

Zen masters are famous for being wise and detached, tranquil, and not getting involved in 4D crusades and causes. They are not focused on polarization, they are focused on insight and realization – and possibly unity for the most advanced cases. This suggests they aren’t attempting to strengthen polarity but are balancing something else, which could be the lessons of 5D or 6D

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Fantastic, great overview!

This is really interesting! Do they ever expand on this topic or go into detail about this again?


I don’t know of any other mention of this. Was wondering if someone else had seen anything like it

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I’d like to expand on these 6 principles

LIGHT is cognition, gnosis, knowledge. It could, less metaphorically and more literally, just represent the soul, time/space, the spirit. hmm. Souls are literally light, but often I think they mean light as in the trifecta of cognition, action, and feeling

Scratch all that… Light just means visuals here. As in audiovisual. Light and sound.

SOUND is music and voice, I think this one is obvious

MOTION is activity, action, motion, events spread out in time or space, and the movement thru either time or space (pretty obvious too)

VIBRATION is where it starts to get interesting. Vibration, IMO, is what we humans call FEELING – this includes physical touch as well as feelings, emotions, sensations, sense impressions, and then even much more subtle sensations

TIME is in one way obvious, but, in another way, the most confusing of them all. How is time a principle? And why not space? Space and time are clearly very fundamental properties of existence, and both go together, and can’t exist without the other. Why is time a principle? Maybe time encompasses space. However, motion also exists in space/time and time/space so this is confusing why time is a separate principle from motion. Mysterious

ENERGY – and bear with me here – is the fundamental logical principle of existence that allows one to be many and many to be one. “Energy” is not so much a thing as a concept that shows how absolutely all phenomena is logically related to all other phenomena, and, at root, are identical. Energy is the process by which difference and extension can occur, as well as union and synthesis. It is the fundamental mathemetical logic of existence, and explains both finity and infinity in mathematical form. Energy is best understood not as a thing but as the relationship between all things – this is true in material science as well as in metaphysics. (I remember my physics teacher once saying “energy is the study of relationships between things”)

Anyway… I don’t understand time. Does anyone understand Vibration differently? What about light?

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In my opinion…
The 7 paths:

  • woods (basic identity - the animal that hunts, wood to create shelter or create fire for warmth, there is not a path to follow in the woods so it is more like wandering all over the place)
  • stream (a path to follow, upstream or downstream, the path that provides continued support such as drinking of water and the things found in it such as food and minerals)
  • highway (a direct quick path, there are exits and entrances to a highway but for the most part it is continuous learning and a quicker pace)
  • door (it is the viewing of the inside and outside of a situation much like war; on the battlefield is one understanding, from a political point of view is another, from the family who supports from afar, from the activist who holds a sign in the streets, as well as those who hide from being drafted)
  • the lighted path is easily seen
  • the darkened path is harder to see
  • the path of the circle is actually what we are all on. we are the alpha and omega which will continue onto another alpha and omega path of understanding

6 principles: Hermetic Principles talk about this a little more in-depth than I can. It doesn’t include ‘time’ which is an understanding that eludes me as well.

5 seekers:

  • light - what can be easily understood
  • dark - what is harder to see
  • red - negative form and passionate form
  • yellow - how something is viewed
  • colorless - No color could be invisible in which it is a hidden understanding much like what is seen in a dream.

4 places: (This is based on what I am learning in the Cube of Space.)

  • North - The action that carries our imaginings into manifestation.
  • South - The development of understanding and the realization of meaning as well as purpose in relation to life.
  • East - Represents the creative mental activity of imagination.
  • West - Represents the outer circumstances of our life. The circumstances we have created by our actions show us the effect of our behavior and confront us with the operation of the reality of natural law within which we work.

3 experiences: love, hate, tranquility

  • love of all
  • hate of all
  • tranquility - the neutral mind that is neither for or against the love or hate of all

2 poles (I do not see the difference between good and evil. One cancels out the other. Both are an illusion.)

1 creator (All)


We did. To share our perspectives with other as though there are many words, it is the meaning that we place upon each word and that which resonates within, that we express. I find this thread resonates very strongly within me, Thank you Yossarian.

[quote=“(which are you?)”]
Of all the words here Red is the strongest for me, and for me it means primal intensity like an intense rage, but without associated emotion like hate or anger. It is the most apparent “feeling” throughout my distortion, next is the stream of flowing resistance and non-resistance. And the woods of Tranquility, there is much light on my path and I always chase the Sun to the West. There is good in my heart and I see it all around as I make my journey.

I am interested in others resonances with the words of much loved Hatonn, as perhaps it was intent to trigger this awareness. All of these words and concepts are native to our knowledge of third density, and so, open to our perspective from our unique distortions, there are many truths.

I could also be way off in my interpretation of the thread, but I thank you for the process triggered by this topic, it has stirred an energy within.


What a curious and perplexing channeling, @yossarian.

Seems like a puzzle … densities or chakras = paths?

1D - a path through woods (?)
2D - a path by a stream (?)
3D - a path by a highway (catalyst-rich, potential for ‘fast’ movement like highway)
4D - a path through a door (dissolution of veil like stepping through a door)
5D - a path that is lighted (density of light)
6D - a path that is not lighted (density of LO1)
7D - a path that goes nowhere, but returns upon itself (mysterious, end of octave)

what was the original question posed?


7 paths: woods, stream, highway, door, lighted, darkened, recurring
6 principles: light, sound, motion, vibration, time, energy
5 seekers: light, dark, red, yellow, colorless
4 places: north, south, east, west
3 experiences: love, hate, tranquility
2 poles: good, evil
1 creator

1 divides to 2, duality. 2 divides to 3.

5 polarity chakras. Light vs dark polarity, root chakra and solar chakra lessons for 3rd density.

Oops, lost my connection and can’t figure it out, because I was eating something just now. Be back later.

Dang. This is super cool, and in-depth, and I will come back to it later to respond (and yes, I’m bumping this old thread before having much to add to it just because it is cool, and I’d hate to see this discussion fizzle out).

For now, I just wanted to point out that this is the very first time I have yet read the “E Word” (Evil) written in the context of LOO teachings, or the channelings of the ET entities. Thus far, that word has been eschewed in entirety, such that I have seen, to the point where I assumed that it was semi-verboten, and considered to be archaic among this more “New Age” crowd.

Interesting that Hatonn mentions it. I haven’t read very much of their thoughts. I’m going to dig into this later, time permitting, before commenting further.

Light, Dark, Red, Yellow and Colorless seem almost random, to the point where I wonder if there’s some other way to translate those concepts. Everything else makes sense to me. Hmm.

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Is this all from Hatonn?

5-7 are somehow strange. It makes not really sense to me.

At this time i am reading a bit about the Vedic Cosmogony from Armin Risi.
It is strange in the same way. Here an example for the classification of the gross matter.

Yeah, where did you go on this? …

What do you mean?

Now I see it as a kind of fractal geometry that they condensed into words. A kind of inverted tree of life. Where there is a single source, One, that branched out into the Principles, and the Principles then go into this circle and arrive back at its Source.

You can visualize it as a Tree of Life on top and a Tree of Death below mirrored, linked at the middle.