Gardening and Home-Grown Food

Jeremy…can I just continue the Gardening thread here?


Absolutely :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Looking forward to it. Having a window into the bounty of nature from the garden and lovingly prepared in the home kitchen is always uplifting.

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Perhaps growing your own food (with love?) could be healthier than what we buy at the store?

Q’uo claims that much of what we consume is tainted/poisoned.

The physical vehicle of most entities within your culture is that which has been subjected to a great variety of what many would call “poison” that is sold as food, and this type of tainted food, when combined with certain kinds of mental processes, is liable to produce a vulnerability to certain kinds of dis-ease, as you would call them, that which you have described as the “common cold” and that which you have described as “flu.” The complexity of the interrelationship between the physical vehicle that is so weakened in certain aspects, combined with the mental quality of feeling that certain foodstuffs are advantageous when they are perhaps counter-productive, then with the combination of personal catalyst of what you would call a “disharmonious nature,” provides a certain stew of a mixture that is responsible for the phenomenon of the mass subjugation of the immune systems of many of your peoples who have basically weakened physical vehicles due to dietary choices and mental choices of unrelieved disharmony, shall we say.


We have reached a state of affairs, at which it is necessary to garden, not only to insure the quality of the food we eat, but to assure that the quantity is adequate.

Moreover, gardening connects us not only to the land, but to the Sun. This is a topic I will explore here in the months to come. :slightly_smiling_face:


We started a tiny garden this year. The first picture was from way before we harvested our potatoes. Myself, and my partner especially, put so much love into those potatoes, they grew so tall they started toppling over and we had to prop them up. Our garden is in a rental property, that desperately needed some love. When we moved in, the yard was covered in garbage, paint, and renovation supplies. The yard had not been maintained in years. We asked the landlord if we could take care of the yard, and we turned the garden back into a garden, cleaned up all the dead plants, trimmed the vines that are growing al over the house, and just gave the yard some desperately needed love.

Even though we had a bad place to start from, and the soil was full of rocks (that we are slowly sifting through and removing), we have grown a ton of red potatoes, arugula, spinach that is slowly taking over the garden, and radishes. We have tomato plants growing as well as carrots, peppers, one giant cauliflower plant, and two cannabis plants (I live in Canada, it’s legal here). All the food we have eaten from our tiny garden full of rocks that was poorly maintained for years, has been absolutely amazing. I forgot lettuce doesn’t have to have a gross chemical taste to it. And onions can have a strong, fragrant aroma, not just a bland smell and flavour that is hardly there. Our onions barely grew due to the amount of rocks in the soil, but as you can see in the second picture, the tops of them grew enormously, they started to seriously topple over too.

We sit outside multiple times a day staring at our garden, giving it our energy, and we noticed that our stuff grew so fast. Last year as an extreme example, almost our entire summer, the air was filled with smoke from all the forest fires in BC here. It was suffocating everyone’s plants. My partner’s coworkers started plants at the same time with the same seedlings they started at work. No one’s plants even grew fruit that year, but ours managed to produce a few tomatoes. And they were some of the best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted. We loved those plants dearly, as we both talk to them with love, encourage them to grow, and take very good care of them, regardless of the circumstances. I know they can feel this, because our plants always try very hard to grow for us, even in the worst of circumstances.

I got my partner gardening this year, and he was ready to quit his job as a cook and garden for a living. He said he loves doing it more than anything as he just feels deeply connected to the plants and the Earth. I feel this way as well, as it is very calming to be one with nature.

We are grateful we are learning so much already in preparation for next year. We know what to do differently, what not to do, when to start things, etc. It was an excellent year for learning opportunities in gardening, and next year the landlord said we can use more of the front yard for a garden if we want, and my partner wants to design an indoor greenhouse we can continue to grow some stuff throughout the winter time so we have plants growing all year long.

I finally got him to join the boards so I’ll have to get him a part of this thread, and he is very excited to learn more about gardening.


Our dining room table today (8-6-2022): peppers, tomatoes, and peaches…


Beauties found in the Australian backyard



Native Fauna
Australian King Parrot



I just picked at least 150 peaches, to add to the several tomatoes, big bag of assorted peppers, bunch of basil, and 14 ears of sweet corn I picked earlier this morning. We have bags of fruits and vegetables all over the house, I’ll struggle to process all of these things before they rot. I have a big pot of tomato sauce simmering on the stove now. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


How many peach trees do you have? How come birds don’t eat/damage all of the fruit?

I was hoping to plant some fruit trees soon.


Tell me about it, I myself had an invasion of rainbow lorikeets…

Hey, those are my apples!

Yeah, I see you…

I might have gone out there swinging a broom, but they are just so damn cute. I have a thing for birds. :smiley: :parrot:


Wonderful! :heart_eyes: Birds are my favorite.

We already have a ton of parrots and lorikeets on this property every day, so I wonder if I’m just going to planting trees for them alone to enjoy.

Are you able to keep any fruit for yourself?


I sometimes wonder what Rainbow Lorikeets would be like incarnated as 3rd density being, they’re always so happy, partying ever day, never seem to fear or attack like the other birds.


We have great soil here, there are commercial produce farms close to where I live. Those apple trees are only 3 years old and they are producing more fruit than we can eat. We were fine to let the birds have some. I had no time to turn the excess into apple sauce (and I have no idea how, hehe). However, our true prize and joy are our avocado trees (as you know how expensive avos can be here at the store) and the birds leave those alone because of their thick skin. We had a few avocados even though those trees aren’t mature yet either. We were sure to pick a variety that suited our region, and also made sure we had the right combination of species for best cross pollination. I just ordered the little tree-lings online and they came delivered. The price of them has already been recovered many times over. Growing food is awesome!


Can you snag one for me??? I grew up with birds as pets, I love them so much. :heart: We have some HUGE birds in BC. There is nothing more surreal than hearing an eagle screech like you were in a western movie. Lol


They are lovely birds, always travel in large family groups and I see them playing with eachother all the time. They really look like they’re just enjoying life to the fullest.


They do damage a lot of fruit. As do bees, wasps, and Japanese beetles. You should see the collection of rotting fruits under my trees… :rage:

Edited to add: I have 2 peach trees.

I picked about 150 peaches off of one of my trees today. And some peppers, corn, tomatoes, basil… :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow amazing, so much food and you don’t even have that many trees!

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From my garden …

Everyone - plants and animals alike - is ready for the hot, dry summer to be over.

This bloom - Pride of Barbados - doesn’t mind the heat at all. Reminds me of lower 3 chakras: red, orange and yellow.

hot frogs

I am fascinated watching the tiny creatures in my yard doing their thang. Frogs trying to keep cool in the basil.

2022 anole in salvia

Lots of green anoles call my garden home. This one may be stressed (brown) by my closeness. He’s hiding amongst the Salvia.

2022 anole


Frogs are my absolute favorite animal ever, thank you for sharing. :slight_smile: