Fourth Industrial Revolution - Planned?

Gordon Brown lays it out for you here, according to Klaus Schwab

It was never a conspiracy, it was always the Agenda!

@Louise There is nothing to comment to this 38 second video within the tweet. :wink:

Here is the Absolute Zero plan for UK (see page 8/9)


What is the absolute zero report?

In 2019, researchers at the Universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Bath and Imperial College London, published the Absolute Zero report. It aims to show how the UK can deliver on its climate change commitment, as laid down in The Climate Change Act of 2008 and its 2019 amendment.

Thanks - The Climate Change Act 2008 seems to be the base for it.
All such national rollouts seems to base on the Kyoto Protocol from 1997.

Besides - the rollout in germany seems to start with pushing the energy costs dramatically.