Forum logo icon

Is it possible to make the icon a lighter color?

I enjoy clicking on it, but it’s hard for me to see.

Here is an example of how it could be:


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This is a question of your choosen color schema of your device you are reading the forum.

With the standard schema the logo is viewed black on a light blue background for me.

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Sorry, perhaps I was unclear.

The logo is black for me too, but this means I have trouble seeing it on the black banner at the top.

Here is a screenshot of what it currently looks like on my screen:

I was suggesting to change it to a different color so that it is easier to see.

It’s useful to see because when you click on it, it quickly takes you back to the main page.

Hi Fish, I see what you are saying now. I thought the first visual was what you were currently seeing, but I see now that you were suggesting changing the logo to that colour so that it can be seen in both light and dark modes. I have no digital design background, but I will look into it for you. Cheers!

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Yeah this is something I noticed too. I’ll get to it asap.

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Thanks for making it easier to see!

Interestingly it seems that while in the main section of the forum the logo is bright

But while in a topic it goes dark again and I can’t see it:


Yup, there are several places where Discourse allows for “dark” icons. I have ensured the grey-ish logo is used anytime a dark theme is indicated.

By the way, if anybody has an idea for a different logo that represents our more inclusive “” project I’d love to see it!

I am not an artist. What is social memory? Partnership, creating together, love.

hand heart earth

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Yeah I spoke with @anon58905096 yesterday I believe and they described the social memory complex as, if I’m not mistaken, like a never ending wall of faces. I like the idea of maybe a geodesic sphere of stylized faces.
Maybe with some way to convey a picture of earth too, like the continents


Good ideas @Cubed_Cross

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If you can see this, this is how they looked in crystal form before I had an experience where I saw them. It basically looks like every face is apart of the next one, yet every face has different characteristics.

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Here’s something I whipped up. It’s the astrological symbol for Earth (an alternative one since the traditional one looks like a nazi symbol, yikes) with the UN-style peace wreath around it. Super simple. No allusion to Christianity intended; it’s like a female symbol inverted. Thoughts?

Did you know that the Venus astrological symbol and the female symbol are the same. Earth is the circle with the cross inside. I don’t see how the Earth symbol would be Nazi related unless there were gaps in certain areas. The wreath looks good.

Here’s another shot, this is just something I quickly sketched to prove out the idea. But it’s based on @anon58905096 's vision of a SMC as a wall of merging faces. Can’t tell if I did something cool or creepy lol.


Obviously another riff would be to put an eye in the middle of the intersection of circles lol

Also, I’ve finally completely replaced the dark header correctly

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:rofl: maybe we should leave the logo design to a design expert Jeremy. Good effort though :+1:


IMG_2098 (2)

This is an image I find to be inspiring. It’s actually art made by these people after they did Auyhusaca, and it’s appropriately called “The Wanderers.” I feel like it’s a very good reference to what I experienced.



Nah, that’s fine. Just trying to think of concepts.

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To much allusion to Christianity and to the WHO and UN.

Why the current symbol has been choosen?
My first thought is that it is part of the Tarot, but it isn’t.

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